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  1. OMG, what a really awesome episode. I am glad that Lee Gon is not a hero afraid to protect his kingdom. To some this must seem really blood thirsty but historically speaking this fight for the throne is relatively mild. I think he realizes that if he loses this war, his people will suffer horribly under Lee Lim. I have class tomorrow so won't be able to watch until the late evening but I can't wait to see the next episode. Amazing ending to today's episode. This series just keeps getting better and better.
  2. Is it possible that Maximus is a gelding? He would have started out as a male but now not so much.
  3. August seems so far away right now. I wished this would have come out in late May. August puts it at the same time as me going back to classes for the Fall semester. Oh well, I will need to figure it out because I am not missing this series. Season 1 was so good.
  4. @mamabear That is an interesting point and I think you are correct. I think it will really play out in the rest of the series in terms of how LR will use the parallel worlds to infiltrate KOC and attempt to take the throne. Facing each other shows the opposition of the two worlds. However, I think they have done an excellent job of portraying how in the end Prince LG will thwart LR's plans. Notice that the most powerful scenes between JTE and LG are not when they are facing each other but when they are side by side i.e. their first kiss, his head on her shoulder, his arm around her as they walk in LU bldg, sitting together on the helicopter. I think this speaks to how working together side by side, the two worlds will prevent LR from succeeding.
  5. This drama has a slow burn quality to it. I did enjoy both leads very much in their previous performances and I am starting to warm up to them in this series. Chae Soo Bin is really good at portraying oddball characters and in this series she does not disappoint. I am hoping that the transition in their relationship will bring out more of their chemistry together. I am enjoying this series so far.
  6. Can I say that the final end credit scene was just super delightful. Due to their age, their interaction would seem a little juvenile. However, they both in fact have never been in a serious relationship and their exchange was perfect. Even though JYS is very brave when it comes to all things business and sports, it was super cute to see her be so bashful with SRY. She has a beautiful smile and we barely got to see it at all during the series. I am glad we got to see her truly happy with SRY. Likewise the peace on SRY's face was really nice to see. They have good chemistry together and I hope they get to play opposite each other again some day Thanks to all of you for enjoying this series via Soompi. I have enjoyed reading all of you posts and pictures. Be well.
  7. WOW! Episode 13 was amazing. The acting in this episode is super good. If this show does not win a bunch of awards, there is something wrong. What happened to KT? I did not see him at all in this episode after the cooking competition and aftermath.
  8. @greenwatch08 Thanks so much for the photos. I love the shot where PSR and YSA are talking in the office. The background makes me think that they are in some sort of government battle bunker. LOL. If the red boxes represent operational franchises, they have about 46 locations across the world. including four locations in North America. That would be really impressive growth.
  9. I am the first to admit that JYS is making much more progression making changes to herself. OSA is a more fearful person and so I think her movements and changes are much less noticeable. Her actions are more about not saying or doing things that would definitely help Jangga as opposed to actively helping PSR. I sense there is a lot of conflict within her and indecisiveness. Lastly, I will say that I was making an attempt to explain their behavior in light of their personalities. It was in no way meant to be a justification of any of their behaviors. In the end, as all have pointed out, each person has free will to make choices and in the end that is the true determination of that person. Rewatching episode 7. This is a question for those her our knowledgeable about Korean customs and mores between men and women. In the scene where JYS grabs PSR's arm and asks about the scars, followed by her grabbing onto his arm while she cried. It is quite an intimate scene and very romantic. My question is, would JYS's action have been considered overly forward or overly intimate based upon their then relationship. From other KDramas, I just got the impression that this type of physical contact would be considered a bit risque or rude since physical contact seems a bit more guarded in South Korean culture. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.
  10. As I am waiting excitedly to watch Episodes 13 & 14, I decided to rewatch all the previous episodes. One thing I noticed in this most recent viewing is something that I have missed up until now. Throwing this out as a theory, not promoting any particular ship. It seems to me that both JYS and OSA are two sides of the same coin. They are both self absorbed individuals focused on obtaining their own interests above anyone else's. The only real difference is what brought about their personality. In the case of JYS, it is brought about by Nature. Because of her sociopathy, her brain thinks physically in this way. While in the case of OSA, it is brought about by Nurture. Based upon her being placed in and orphanage and having to look out for herself, she developed the skills and personality necessary to survive with her disadvantages. What I have noticed is that both of them are trying in their own ways to make a connection with PSR. They are both trying to overcome their Nature/Nurture disadvantage in order to establish that special loving relationship. More than anything I feel compassion for them both. It's just too bad that PSR is not actually a pair fo twins. It would have been nice if both JYS and OSA were able to find their special person. Obviously my theory could go down the tubes, depending on how JYS and OSA act in the remaining 4 episodes. However, looking forward to the time jump and the progression of our characters.
  11. @greenwatch08 Thank you for your thoughts. I have a transgender sibling and so my sibling and I have experienced so many issues for the past several years. I think what many folks forget is that transgenderism is the result of gender dysphoria, which is a health issue. What MHY did for gender reassignment surgery is one of the medical treatments available to a person with gender dysphoria. Many people who I have dealt with have expressed to me that transgenderism is something sexual or an alternative lifestyle. Hence why the episode demonstrated so many negative comments and stereotypes by the various characters on the cooking contest set. Obviously everyone has a right to their own opinion, but we should never forget the circumstances under which someone is a transgender and what they suffer. I agree with you that what GS did was reprehensible. What GS, did was not only a very wrong thing to do to someone he claims to be a friend, it also violated her rights to privacy relating to a medical condition. One of the things I have really liked about Itaewon Class is that it is not afraid to bring up controversial issues.
  12. @serenilmauve Hi, not sure if anyone helped you with your question yet as I am still working through the thread of emails over the last couple of days. JYS was making a joke to the fact that she was in PSR's head now. Her reference was that he would be thinking of her and that those thoughts would carry over into his dreams. Here in America it is a way for couples to say to each other that they are constantly on each other's minds to the point that they even see and interact with each other in their dreams at night. I am sorry if that was more explanation than what you needed.
  13. @greenwatch08 You are absolutely correct. When I met the lovely lady that would eventually become my wife, we started out as co-workers where I worked as an intern and she was a caseworker. We would talk over coffee in the mornings about many things and eventually became friends. A little later in time we began working together as part of the same team and she was my supervisor. By working together and forming a friendship, we both realized there was a lot more to our relationship than just being coworkers and friends. Now we have been married for 36 years. I believe the road that SRY and JYS are traveling on together will eventually bring them to realize how important they are to each other and why they should be together. Having challenges to go through generally makes the relationship stronger if they work as a team. I think this is where the show will eventually take us in the end.