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  1. Yeah! We are now only 2 weeks out from the beginning of the series start. Seems like activity is starting to ramp up and looking forward to seeing more videos released and more people posting. Can't wait.
  2. Looking forward to this series. I thought WJA was really good in Just Between Lovers. Although a very tear filled series, she pulled off some genuinely funny moments. I loved JCW in Healer and Suspicious Partner. He seems to have the chops for both serious drama and comedy. I just finished up Hotel de Luna and Doctor John, so something a little lighter would be a nice change. @Ameera Ali, I loved your dance sequences. I just noticed that Yoon Se Ah is in this series as well. She is such a versatile actor. I loved her in Sky Castle, My Sassy Girl, Just Between Lovers, & Stranger. She has some fantastic acting skills.
  3. The fact that they focused on it during the scene seems to indicate that it has some significance. My theory is that each angel/fallen angel has some item directly connected to them and in some way represents them. In Kim_Dan's case, it is his handkerchief. In JKW's case, I was thinking it might be the ring. I am probably way overthinking this but there had to be a reason the director put it in. Otherwise, it would seem so random. My mind has gone into wild speculation mode so disregard if I am making no sense.
  4. I got to watch the subbed episodes this evening and these were two excellent episodes. I really feel for Ni Na and hope somehow she gets a happy ending. She looks like a genuinely good person in this series. What should be a delightfully uncomfortable scene, which I pray we get to see next week is Ms. Butler coming to the house the next day and notice the odd way that Yeon-Seo and Kim-Dan are completely avoiding any close contact with each other and trying to avoid Ms. Butler's eyes so that she does not catch on. This will immediately make her suspicious and set her radar on. These are the sort of scenes I live for because they can be so over the top. I am very curious regarding the meaning of Kim-Dan's handkerchief glowing as they kissed. I almost got the sense that it was a magic seal of some kind that somehow permanently bonded them together. I am wondering if the same thing would have happened with JKW's ring if JKW and YS would have kissed. It was interesting that the handkerchief did not glow when they first kissed but when they both gave into the subsequent kissing. It would be hilarious if they both woke up the next morning with chapped lips from an evening-long kissfest.
  5. I am not sure there is any reason one could pinpoint why they like something or not. For example, let's say you love chocolate. Frankly, I do not eat chocolate nor do I enjoy it. This is probably another unpopular opinion. You could site to me several reasons why chocolate is fabulous and why you enjoy it but in the end, none of those reasons will change my mind about how I feel about chocolate. Likewise, in this instance, I could site to you the reasons why I have enjoyed this series from the beginning but in the end, this about our own personal preferences and I doubt seriously my views would or should have any impact on whether you like something or not. I appreciate your honesty and the fact that you present a differing opinion in a respectful manner. In the end, this is a fantasy television series written by someone who wants to tell a story and directed by someone who wants it presented in a particular way. Like you, I have started watching particular KDramas in the past but stopped after viewing a few episodes because I just did not care for them. In some of those instances, I could not believe how people were raving about how good the series was, while it left me totally uninterested. Again, I chalk it up to each of us having things we like and don't like. I am not sure there is always an adequate reason beyond each of us being created differently and having set likes/dislikes. I enjoy the variety in us all and I have always liked your posts.
  6. Strictly speaking from a Catholic Christian perspective, once a human dies, they go to one of 3 places: heaven, purgatory or hell. Becoming an angel after death is not what happens to a person. Angels were made prior to the creation of men. Unlike humans, angels made the decision almost instantaneously after their creation to either follow God or not. Those that decided not to follow God, became the fallen angels or more commonly devils and demons. Angels are purely spiritual beings and are only given physical form rarely because they have been given a specific task to perform. If I saw correctly in the first episode, I think Kim Dan was an angel whose job was to specifically be an angel for animals. I think the portrayal that they are trying to achieve in this series is that Kim Dan is mischevious and fun loving, while the other angels are a little more serious. My belief is that Kim Dan is being punished not for being late but in intervening in human affairs. I do agree that writer-nim has taken some liberties in the whole angel concept and that we will most likely see that Kim-Dan was a human at some point. However, I do not think that it takes away from the enjoyment of this story. In the end, it illustrates what is the pinnacle of the Christian virtues, love.
  7. If we look at the Greek language from a classical philosophical standpoint, there are 4 different types of love: eros, storge, philia, and agape. Eros is pretty self-explanatory in that it is the sexual or passionate love between a couple. Storge is the love that members of family share between themselves like parents toward children and siblings toward each other. Philia love is brotherly love borne out of friendship and goodwill. Agape is the deepest sort of love which is a self-sacrificial love toward man in general or in the Christian religion, the love that Christ had for humanity. I would tend to agree with you that under normal circumstances, angels would most likely love either in a Philia or Agape way. However, given that Kim Dan has been made human, he is likely to be able to experience the other types of love as well. I think we could have a lot of fun in this series if they used Kim Dan's lack of experience in having and dealing with the types of love that angels don't normally experience. I can think of several hilarious scenes they could present in the show where he suddenly experiences these types of love but does not know how to express them appropriately.
  8. Just finished rewatching episode 4. As I watch the final scene, I wonder if perchance Kim Dan's wings coming out might be an early warning signal that LYS is in danger and that is role changes to that of being a guardian angel. It could be that in general, he is human but when LYS is facing a life-threatening situation, Kim Dan is given some of his angelic powers back to protect her. This would be the Deity's way of making sure Kim Dan is capable of completing his assignment, I think I am babbling. I have semester final exams tomorrow and should be studying but I just had to take a quick break. I love the OST that is playing at the end of episode 4. I hope it gets released soon.
  9. @thistle I hope so too. I wonder, however, if his wings are invisible to everyone except himself and other angels. It might be that she is only aware that he was shielding her with his body and not cognizant of the wings, especially since her eyesight is not 100% yet. Not sure how the PD-nim and writer-nim will handle this aspect. I thought I saw a rock on the floor, so wondering who set this up and who is trying to kill LYS. Let's be totally real about this, light fixtures used in stage productions and that particular chandelier are extremely heavy. Whomever, is setting up these staged accidents, is not just trying to hurt her, the intent is to remove her permanently.
  10. @selen4ever I agree completely. Their banter is really good. I hope something that they maintain in the series is Kim Dan actually speaking his thoughts allowed, forgetting that now as a human, people can actually hear him. This would be a great way to create so many arguments between our leads, other people and fights in places like bars. I also agree that this has a similar vibe as City of Angels. I hope though that it does not have a similar ending as that movie. I hated how that movie ended. The more I see of Kim Dan's character, the more hilarious he gets. As others have already pointed out SHS is an amazing actress with a phenomenal range of emotions that she can portray. they are already demonstrating great chemistry. Inevitably KD and LYS were fated from an early age to be out OTP. It seems like this is almost a legal requirement for KDramas. Of the past 7 series I have watched recently, I think 5 of them have been fated couples. However, I am curious to see who's memory is sparked during that particular scene. Looking forward to next week's episodes. DId anybody else get a slight 2nd OTP vibe between Ni Na and Kang Woo when he was rubbing her foot? The way she was looking at him near the end of that scene just sparked a feeling in me.
  11. The only change I would make is that when his wings get revealed, it would be nice if his entire body had a slight glow to it in that same lovely bluish white. I love the chandelier scene where the wings spread out to protect LYS. Their face to face encounter is just so powerful.
  12. Hi Folks, I got to see the first two episodes late last night. Like others, I am already addicted to this show. Powerful acting in this one, especially on the part of SHS. She brings everything she has to each of her performances. Love her range from super dramatic to hilarious comedy. Our angel Kim Dan is going to be a real scene stealer. His antics are just fun to watch. I can't wait for the subs to come out later today so I can watch this morning's two episodes.
  13. Wow, what a disappointing series this was. It had a lot of potential but I think they got overly ambitious on the plot, which created problems down the road in resolving the series in the allotted 16 one hours (32 half-hour episodes). The whole thing got so convoluted, it would have taken 2-3 seasons to do this justice. I found the ending particularly awful as it never fully explains how the main lead made it back.
  14. I agree that hand-holding is going to be the major element in this series. Ryan already mentioned his issue with it and her response. Now we have seen the beginnings of the flashback to them as children, which might be the incident that leads to issue surrounding hand holding. I think this will continue to be a major theme element in the remainder of the series.
  15. One of the issues with 16 one hour episode series is that they can't tell an overly complex story without taking some liberties in the total story. So decisions have to be made as to what scenes are essential, which scenes contribute significantly but are not essential, which scenes are nice to add flavor, etc. The director then has to prioritize these items and decide what is going into the series and what is going to be left out. There is just no way to make everyone happy so the director uses his best judgment. For any series, we will find scenes we felt would have added to the quality of the program. Overall, I tend to focus in on the relationship elements of my Kdramas. It can be irritating to see something that is clearly wrong or something critical that is left out but in general, as long as I like what is going on with our main OTP and second OTP, I won't complain too much. I will say I enjoy reading the posts that point out issues just because I love the eye to detail people spend in watching the Kdramas and the great logic they use in watching a series.
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