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  1. @Jillia ROFL! Look at the shocked look on those girls faces as he approaches their lunch table. I cant wait for this scene to materialize during the next episode. SA's face shows shock, excitement, and fear all in a single glance. JY equally unsure of himself as he approaches. After 36 years of marriage, I sometimes forget how about all those wonderful, scary feelings one experiences during first love. The acting in this series is just so wonderful.
  2. @Jillia LOL, I confessed to my wife in a bowling alley. I was as smooth as broken glass and I think I sweated about a quart of perspiration in about 5 minutes during that confession. What was I even thinking? However, kudos to SA for plucking up the courage to confess. I agree Park Eun Bin is a phenomenal actress.
  3. Yikes, episode 6 was a train wreck. Both of them share an inexperience with love that almost set them up for disaster from the get go. The type of sharing that they committed to during the pinky swear was way too premature, especially for JY. Speaking as a man and generalizing from the male perspective, we generally are not the best at sharing to begin with. Women use three times as many words in a day as men and so generally the expectation is that the woman will share more. Based upon how long they had known each other, not sure many men would be that trusting to share all the trouble h
  4. Hi All, I just started watching this series and loved it from the first few moments. There have been some super great series this year so I was not expecting a whole lot from this one. However, DYLB is great because it is not focused on great confrontation and hugely fated love, but more about dealing with life's disappointments and finding someone that accepts you as you are and forming a real life relationship. I loved in one of the first couple of episodes where JY and SA are walking down the sidewalk together. Very subtly, they show that their hands are close to
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