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  1. Wow, what a disappointing series this was. It had a lot of potential but I think they got overly ambitious on the plot, which created problems down the road in resolving the series in the allotted 16 one hours (32 half-hour episodes). The whole thing got so convoluted, it would have taken 2-3 seasons to do this justice. I found the ending particularly awful as it never fully explains how the main lead made it back.
  2. I agree that hand-holding is going to be the major element in this series. Ryan already mentioned his issue with it and her response. Now we have seen the beginnings of the flashback to them as children, which might be the incident that leads to issue surrounding hand holding. I think this will continue to be a major theme element in the remainder of the series.
  3. One of the issues with 16 one hour episode series is that they can't tell an overly complex story without taking some liberties in the total story. So decisions have to be made as to what scenes are essential, which scenes contribute significantly but are not essential, which scenes are nice to add flavor, etc. The director then has to prioritize these items and decide what is going into the series and what is going to be left out. There is just no way to make everyone happy so the director uses his best judgment. For any series, we will find scenes we felt would have added to the quality of the program. Overall, I tend to focus in on the relationship elements of my Kdramas. It can be irritating to see something that is clearly wrong or something critical that is left out but in general, as long as I like what is going on with our main OTP and second OTP, I won't complain too much. I will say I enjoy reading the posts that point out issues just because I love the eye to detail people spend in watching the Kdramas and the great logic they use in watching a series.
  4. I did not notice the change at the beginning of the episode but I did notice the change in the end credits. In Episodes 1-8, they show an electronic silhouette of LA alone. In Episodes 9 & 10, it shows a silhouette of both LA and YJI. It is really neat to see these little Easter Eggs in the episodes.
  5. I'm watching Episode 9 without subs as well. OK, I just find it incredibly creepy that SM is shadowing LA and JI on their little date in the park. It seems so invasive, regardless of the reason. I can't tell a lot about what is going on but the music and the vibe that LA and JI give off is so cute. Kudos to the casting director, you finally get to see the interaction of SM, JS, and LA as children. The actors portraying them look remarkably like the actors as adults. Their facial features and expressions are spot on. Excellent work.
  6. I have a theory on why LA can't read SM. Throughout the episodes so far, they have made a point of showing SM taking medication. I seem to recall that in one of the earlier episodes they referenced that if a person has too much of a particular substance in their body, they cannot be read. My theory is that SM is consuming high quantities of this substance to prevent LA from reading him. That said, the question becomes why does SM not want LA to read him? SM referenced that he wants Jae-In to help LA get to the point where he can successfully read SM. This is where I get stuck in my theory. They will need to present more information before I can figure the rest out. Really enjoying this series. As others have stated it is different from a lot of the traditional, formulaic dramas out recently. I also like that the characters are quirky but not overly cartoonish.
  7. We will get Episode 5 today and excited to see what is in store. The preview looked a little scary. Can't tell if our hero actually gets stabbed or if he is having a psychometric memory. I will most likely need to wait until tomorrow to watch, unfortunately, because they won't have the English translation done by tonight.
  8. I watched Episode 4 and the story is now really starting to take off. I think the mystery is developing some legs as well as the desire for LA to develop his psychometric skills. Probably one of the best parts of Episode 4 is the development of the relationship between LA and YJI. I thought it was really cute the way the both fudged the truth because they were unsure of themselves in their current situation. I found it endearing that they were trying to make their circumstances look better than they actually were. It was also nice to see that the 2-year absence allowed them to gather some longing for each other. They were both clearly attracted to each other and although still shy, you could see that they were working to move closer to each other physically. In fact, for having been apart for so long, it seemed like they were much more intimate in their speaking and interaction with each other. I hope some additional folks begin to watch this series and join in posting on this thread. I think we will see more activity once we get to 6-8 episodes. I know for myself that I generally wait until I can watch several episodes before I actually start watching. This is one of the few I actually watched from the very beginning.
  9. Yes, it is still early in the series so not sure if those pieces are relevant. It would be unfortunate if they highlighted those items only to disregard them altogether. I did some research on the internet and could not find anything related to this being based on either a manga or webtoon. However, I can't say it is not, with any certainty.
  10. I just watched episode 3. We see it behind both KMS and LA. LA is more of an open book since he is the main lead, so I am thinking it might be more of a reference to KMS. I noticed the advertisement as well. It appeared to be for a restaurant. I thought it might be significant as well but apparently not. Time jump already! That's a little frustrating. I sometimes feel that time jumps are ways for the writer to get out of having to make coherent storytelling. Currently not impressed as they could have spent more time developing the main OTP's relationship. I am quickly becoming disenchanted. Let's hope things get better.
  11. I don't think he is into her in that way. I think he already knows the connection between LA and YJI regarding the original apartment fire and is driving them together to develop LA skills in Psychometry and work toward solving that crime. I believe he already suspects that YJI's Dad was a scapegoat for solving the crime. I also believe that the argument between the detective and her Dad, the police chief alludes to that investigation not being completely kosher.
  12. I have watched the first two episodes. I generally don't put much stock in the first episode only because, so much of it has to be spent on character introductions and premise development. That said the first episode was a little rough to get through. The main character was not someone that would have a good initial impression. I thought Lee Ahn was a bit of a perv just as Jae-in. He was, however, able to clear himself. The second episode was better since we start getting more into the relationship between LA and JI. I hope that they develop their relationship slowly because although Lee-Ahn would be open to a relationship, I think that Jae-In is much more guarded due to her family history. I don't think she would be very trusting and that is a crucial element in building a relationship. It is too early to say whether He Is Psychometric is going to be a good series or not. I will watch this week's episodes and then decide if I will continue to watch or not.
  13. I very much agree. I have noted that most directors and actors are loathe to do 2nd seasons. I don’t see it happening in this case. I wished there was a happy medium. In my mind, KDramas don’t flesh out the story enough, while US dramas over stay the storyline beyond reasonability. It seems like a 2 to 3 season run can fully tell a great tale that comes to a logical conclusion. Take note Korean and US director-nims and writer-nims. Tell a full story but don’t over stay your welcome.
  14. Hi All! I have not had a chance to be in Soompi for awhile as my wife had to undergo triple bypass and heart valve replacement surgery, and I have been busy taking care of her. However she is on the road to recovery. The ending for Encounter was very satisfying for our main OTP. I loved how the Mom complained about how she wished our couple would eat out more so she wouldn’t have to cook. My only unfulfilled wish is that Secretary Jang’s and Manager Nam’s Relationships did not progress a little further along. Otherwise writer-nim and director-nim, I am very happy. Overall this ranked as one of my favorites for both the story, acting, and cinematography. Hats off to the team for great work. Take care all and catch you in the next KDrama.
  15. Sorry I have not been able to keep with all the posts. My wife and I watched episode 15 last night and it was gut wrenching. We will watch episode 16 tonight. Unfortunately my wife has suffered a serious health issue and we have been going back and forth to doctors and the hospital. I am hoping for a good ending to Encounter to help lighten her mood and hopefully help her to feel a little better.
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