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  1. i really hope that Min Ki and Hyun Jin make appearance at knowing brother, because the other JTBC drama lead like gangnam beauty (Eun Woo and Soo Hyang) and upcoming drama clean with passion (Yoo Jung and Kyun Sang) make guest appearance at that show.
  2. http:// http://weibo-talk.blogspot.com/2018/09/netizens-want-deng-lun-and-yang-zi-to.html?m=1 How do you all think about this article? I'm happily in!!!
  3. Everyone, make your heart at ease with this scene. After XF died, my heart really hurt
  4. can anyone make a recap about episode 34 and 35? Really doesn't Understand anything. So what happened with XF and JM after their trial at mortal realm? Is JM still remember her love for XF? What's about the unfeeling pill? Please help me, I just can't wait subtitle for that episode to come.
  5. found another clip! this scene probably will air at monday episode. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av29637980?from=search&seid=15371337283029509352
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