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  1. Yaa I just saw that I edited my original post and apologized already. I read it as I agree with abc thus misunderstanding the whole post. My bad sorry for creating the confusion
  2. I said now a days and in my opinion it is. As someone who follows this thread regularly this thread has become toxic be it because if trolls or regular shippers. One day syj is disrespected next day hyun bin and some keep bringing up their exes when their are so many precious Binjin goodies that can be discussed about. The proof that some of the regulars and mature shippers left this places proves my point. Anyways I don't wish to discuss this further. I hope mods takes necessary action towards that harmful post. Peace
  3. This is the most toxic threads on soompi now a days. Defaming other actress again shippers here defame son ye jin and Hyun bin so I'm not surprised. This person is clearly disrespecting the other actress. I'm more astonished to see some people reacting with laughter and heart emojis. This post was totally uncalled for and the joke about corona virus isn't funny at all. I can't believe some find it okay. This behavior makes binjin and Binjin shippers look bad. @Hanyeoun @LavelyShai @stroppyse @angelangie
  4. Your post disgusts me on so many levels. @mods please take action against such posts that can be harmful to the repuatation of the involved artists
  5. Me: aah finally I think I have moved on from EY DanHaru: Hold our fanmeet, award shows,variety shows, photoshoots,pictorials, interviews
  6. Manner Hands Hyun Bin behaving like a 38 year old daepyonim as usual Hyun Bin behaving like he behaves in his every interview. I don't know what makes y'all think she brings out the different side in him. It's time to open your eyes and face reality I don't understand why shoppers think they are dating just because they went grocery shopping that doesn't mean they will goof around even after the director says cut. Y'all need to wake up and see the sun
  7. Extraordinary You fandom still stays as the luckiest fandom among all the fandoms. Just when you think this will be the last post drama activity of them together they bless us with something new again
  8. Oh you mean the one where he was spinning her around even after he gained control over his body and also after the director said cut and later in same bts he was caught giving her a massage with his thumb . I think boy tried hard but failed he is a goner
  9. Shippers thread should be a peaceful Heaven but after back reading few pages this place feels like a downer. Also I don't know about others but when I ship two actors together I respect them individually first and then ship them. I just wanted to let this out. Peace
  10. Haha Bin-sshi why so cute? Has Daepyonim previously given such cute childlike expressions in his interviews with his previous co stars? I watched almost all the available solo interviews of his on YouTube and he as always maintained a calm demeanor in his interviews.
  11. Bye bye Bin-sshi be like "as if I care about what you think. It's not like you are her omma or appa. In the end it's me with whom she does her grocery shopping with " I find it hilarious how some fans act like parents of their favorites or pretend to know about their life better than them. She is an adult she knows better than you what's good and bad for her. Till then this is a shipper thread and refrain from making such ridiculous posts. I have had enough of people trying to bring the atmosphere down here. Can people for once stop being over sensitive and ship in peace. Shipping is supposed to be fun stop making it so stressful. If it's meant to be it will sail and if it's not it will sink. I mean it's not even that deep. But some really need to educate themselves on what to and what not to post on shippers thread.
  12. I'm sorry but I think BinJin has got a strong competition here. We were so busy in our groceries and stuff that we didn't notice this other ship sailing silently by the side ottkoke??
  13. Agreed not sure if many of you know but many people read the soompi binjin thread it's popular among twitter fans and it's only matter of time before things go out of hand. Let's not just speculate about such sensitive things openly when we don't even know them personally. I seriously don't understand how people can speculate about such things so easily. This can lead to some serious reputation damage you know.
  14. Also I read an article that stated the drama crew flew to swiss on 22nd august and filming began on 26th august. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/08/hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-cast-and-crew-of-loves-crash-landing-to-begin-filming-in-switzerland-next-week
  15. I'm sorry guys but I think Hb sees Yj just as a friend I think we should believe them when they say they are just friends
  16. hahah CLOY is so popular it's being mentioned in blue house too *feels proud* and I cracked up when the president joked about the first lady watching it for Hyun Bin He indeed is loved by everyone from young girls to ahjummas
  17. I love how they praise each other in their interviews shows how much they respect each other as actors. I love how obvious they are being with all the flirting Those care-free days were really golden I will miss seeing them like this.
  18. I think it's better to move on from the denial article for our own good if we want to ship happily. I'm pretty sure they will deny if they are caught grocery shopping again too because now is not the right time. As for hand holding I'm glad they denied it soon because first of all they were not holding hands and second their professionalism would have been questioned. I have read so many translations of the denial article that I don't know which one to believe but there was indeed one article translation that sounded a bit harsh but what has hb got to do with it?? I don't think he has so much free time on his hands to go though every statement made by his PR team. Anyways let's move on and focus on good things.
  19. Done backreading and just want to ask is this anti Binjin thread? I thought this was Binjin shippers thread Please lemme know if I'm at a wrong place. I would love to ship them rationally in peace. Also the day I feel this ship isn't going to sail I would exit peacefully and I hope others do so too without creating much drama. Peace
  20. I think it was a smart and strategic move by VAST to deny hand holding rumours so fast. Had the speculation spread more they would have been attacked by K-netz for being unprofessional so I think they did a great job not letting the situation go out of control. Also I noticed how this statement is making people talk as if they denied dating when clearly in all the articles translations I read nowhere VAST addressed dating they just said they are not holding hands that's syj's hands clasped together. It's like killing two birds with one stone. They denied one rumour but people are also thinking they denied dating when they clearly didn't. So this doesn't give media more chance to speculate because they themselves are saying that VAST denied rumours again. I also love how so far VAST is doing all the work and protecting both the actors.After all we all love protective NAMJA CHINGU (deluluuuuuu)
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