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Loving your opinion guys and welcoming all the new members keep sharing your thoughts  cr(macaron8841 twitter) Me while waiting for new previews and episode  cr DaumC  

CR -masterpiece twitter

Hi All,   Thank you for your posts, comments, and thoughts. I am always delighted reading them all, so insightful as well.   I just got carried away having watched the bright and s

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LTH is really something. I am watching it RAW and I think, he asked her to do him a favor. I can not speak Korean but after watching so many k-dramas, I can recognize some words. So I am not sure about this:



She should keep meeting GS. He told her that GS's father liked her. He tried to make her feel guilty, it is related to his future job as director at the foundation.


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I just couldn't resist and saw some clips and My goddddddddddd I am squealing :love::lol:




I fu*king loved the moment  when Seo in mom beat that jerk *Satisfactory* though he need more of this kind of public humiliation 


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Raw video is up on the shhhh! not legal sites.  That was super-speedy.  I'm gonna go have a quick scan through--I only know about 3 words in Korean so I haven't got patience for sitting through the whole raw but I can't stand not knowing what happened!  :D

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Thanks Chingus for the videos :love:


@thistle I found the Raw version too on those sites lol:lol::D. The only problem I have with the region I'm staying at is no Livestream link is working for me:tears:. The torture is real lol:sweatingbullets:. I have to wait for the Raw version to come out from these sites:sweat_smile:


@bebebisous33 What a scumbag. I can't believe he would ask his daughter. Wait until the mother finds out what he is up to. 


@0ly40 Seems like we are gonna get some sexy times:naughty:.

@Chellsee It's funny the way she pushed her sister lol:lol:. But I'm curious what EW said to her that JI was laughing like that lol:joy:.

@tok-soompi Thanks for posting those BTS lol. I'm absolutely repeating that kiss BTS :naughty:.

@Pmyonly The mom's scene was amazing. I think she hold back because SI said to her she wants to deal with him on her own. Otherwise she would have beaten him up more:rage:. SI and her mom's was the highlight today. They made me cry:bawling:.

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26 minutes ago, lu09 said:

I found the Raw version too on those sites lol


If it were not for "those" sites, I couldn't watch and I'm always grateful for them.....even though it's naughty to watch not legally.  ;)


28 minutes ago, lu09 said:

The mom's scene was amazing.


I have really liked the mom in Spring Night--this is such a dramatic contrast to the role the actress had in Something in the Rain; she is a powerhouse. 


The other scene that I just loved in this episode was when JH was in the taxi hurrying back to his apartment to see JI.  He was so purely happy that it was beautiful.


........................now waiting very impatiently for subs!  :sweatingbullets:

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤

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