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1 hour ago, thistle said:

Fortunately JH tends to wear nice shirts (I liked the striped he wore recently), and he has not resorted to the current deplorable jacket-and-no-shirt look. 

Yikes - hopefully that won't happen in future episodes either. My guess is that that would be unlikely, the wardrobes have been fairly realistic rather than closely tied to runway looks. I'm not quite as offended as you by the short pants - it's really the loafers paired with the pants I don't like. I've also found his sweaters and button up shirt looks quite cute. Not as much of a fan of the oversized jackets, but they're not horrendous.


I would agree that Gi-Seok has normally worn generic work appropriate suits that are fine, I think that's why his casual look stood out more in contrast to anything else we seen him in. Comparatively more studly - but still a "colossal jerk".

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Loving your opinion guys and welcoming all the new members keep sharing your thoughts  cr(macaron8841 twitter) Me while waiting for new previews and episode  cr DaumC  

Our fav Lee sister'sLove them    @annamchoi as much as we don't like the way people judge single mom/dad but the truth is they are may be a lot harsher in real life    One mor

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@thistle I must have been really tired:huh: when I wrote my last post. I made a terrible mistake: forgot to put "not". I meant the opposite: Western societies shouldn't be considered as better which I explained why. Still full of prejudices and no real gender equity either. That's why I edited this post.


Besides, now children have even more "rights" than adults. As a teacher, I can tell you that the situation for teachers has worsened due to that. Students show less respect and have more protection than the teachers themselves. Teachers are now suspected if the grades of a student are not good. For bad grades, you need to write a long explanation. The students are really seldom punished for bad behavior. I really love my job but I am not sure if I would recommend it now. That's why I agree with you. Each society has its own flaws.


However, the right to criticize adults, parents and even authorities in Europe has a historical origin: Enlightenment, French Revolution and the consequence of the Third Reich where authorities and parents manipulated the children in order to support this terror system. In Germany, teachers have now the duty to help children to develop critical abilities: question the system, question the behavior/mentality of parents aso in order to prevent another dictatorship, where filial piety, school and obedience were abused.   

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Hi everyone. I have been following this thread discussions and delurking just to say I appreciate the enlightening posts on Korean culture specifically on Filial Piety. This is why I love this drama so much. After Mr Sunshine, no other drama has captivated me as much as this because of the way the female lead is portrayed as being strong willed and empowered. And yet, still keeping within respectful boundaries. As shown in the scene with Jung In talking to Ki Seok’s dad. She was firm and direct but still polite and respectful. I love how this balance is being shown here. 


The female leads from both shows had similar predicament of breaking away from traditional expectation.


Even though I am Asian and exposed to Asian culture, I must say that some parts of their tradition resonate with me, yet there is still a whole new layer to understanding another country’s way of life. I must say Korean culture runs so much deeper. Which is why I appreciate shows that depict this reality. And this show is way much more and really delivering from the way it was written and directed to the actors and actress portrayal. This is now on the top 2 of my drama list. I sincerely hope this will be good until the end.

No drama tropes, please. :sweatingbullets::D

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I so admire the writer for making GS a three dimensional character, and not a two dimensional villain.  The phone call with his father was heart breaking; it shows how deeply insecure he is, desperate for his father's approval.  He is an egotistical boyfriend, raised by an egotistical father, who has taught him to look down on others and overvalue his wealth and status.  Thank goodness JI has a different set of values and wants more than money and status.  But sadly, GS truly does not understand; he truly thinks that because he never cheated and offers her a step up, that should be enough.  He will have to be satisfied with a wife who wants wealth and status alone, and not love which he thinks is over in a month.   This whole situation brings out one of the main themes of this drama: is marriage a business to be arranged or is it founded on love and affection and "warm hearts"?  When is it acceptable to divorce?  Western culture would come down clearly on the side of love and affection, but we have a very high divorce rate.  Koreans may be in the middle of trying to figure this out and do not want to throw out all the stability the old system offered.  But this drama is coming down squarely on the side of marriage for love, and justified divorce in some circumstances.  SITR took on sexual harassment in the workplace; Spring Night takes on women's place in marriage and relationships.




Also, just a comment on JH's wardrobe.  The dark, plain drab overcoat and slacks look has to be intentional for his character. It plays down his attractiveness and makes him look more serious.  JH apparently does not care a lot about clothes, and like many men, just wears a uniform type of look.  In SITR, it was the opposite; he looked like a runway model and the clothes seemed pretty expensive for his occupation.  I think that was because his character was a young lady's man who enjoyed single life and spent more money on clothes.  JH is single, but has not been partying or spending much money on himself.

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Happy Sunday everyone:)


Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Share Sweet Moment In Behind-The-Scenes Stills Of “One Spring Night” Kiss

Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Share Sweet Moment In Behind-The-Scenes Stills Of “One Spring Night” Kiss

Jun 23, 2019
by J. Lim

MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” has shared new behind-the-scenes stills from Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In’s first kiss scene.

The stills show Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min) and Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) almost touching lips, making viewers’ hearts race with excitement and romance. Before and after the moment, the two actors are laughing and teasing each other. Jung Hae In seems to have a shy smile on his face and Han Ji Min smiles as she watches over him. The pair looked over their script together and had lively conversations about their upcoming scenes, but immediately jumped into sharing affectionate and longing glances once cameras started rolling.


Though Lee Jung In and Yoo Ji Ho continue to deepen their feelings for each other, they face another hurdle in the form of opposition from their parents. New tensions are set to arise as the pair return from a sweet date and run into Lee Tae Hak (Song Seung Hwan), Lee Jung IN’s father.

“One Spring Night” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 p.m. KST.



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I am actually digging JH ankle pants and shoes.:wub: I like JI's realistic fashion as well. 


In some shows the female characters is dressed to make her look less attractive (in a conventional way) so that she can transition into a pretty butterfly in the second half, making the male lead take notice of her. I still remember a drama I watched few years ago that had the male lead wearing long coats of all colors of the rainbow. I remember the coats but nothing else about the show. :lol:


I just love that this show is so low on style and focus is on the story and not what characters are wearing.

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Extract from 


Forbidden romance blooms in ‘One Spring Night’

Jung Hae-In is back on the small screen after his debut in Something In The Rain back in 2018, leading another romantic role in One Spring Night (봄밤), this time alongside actress, Han Ji-Min.

The show follows the lives, Yoo Ji-Ho (Jung Hae-In), a pharmacist who comes across Lee Jeong-In (Han Ji-Min) , who pays a visit to his pharmacy hoping to seek a solution for her hangover from the night before, instantly sparking hints of potential romance for both characters.


While Korean romance dramas have been known to go above and beyond to place their characters in the most ill-fated situation before presenting a happy ending, One Spring Night departs slightly away from unrealistic notions of forbidden romance.

Currently in its 9th episode, Yoo-Ji Ho is presented as a single dad who faces pressure from his doting mother to get married, however only to women who has been married before, on the notion that only married women would be able to understand Ji-Ho’s situation.

However, Ji-Ho’s pursuit of Jeong-In puts him in an even more complicated situation as he finds out she is in a relationship with an alumnus of his university, Kwon Ki-Seok (Kim Jun-Han), who happens to be basketball rivals with Ji-Ho.

Unbeknownst to Ji-Ho in the beginning, Jeong-In’s relationship with Ki-Seok is heading downhill, various scenes across the season presenting Jeong-In constantly on her nerves, having to tolerate Ki-Seok’s traditional comments as well as his dad’s initial disapproval of his fondness for Jeong-In.

While both lead characters have somewhat found themselves coming back to each other, after multiple attempts at it, they may just find themselves in a more complicated maze of potential problems.


With Gi-Seok lurking around, in denial of the predicament he is in, the couple will have to watch their backs for any potential backlash.

One Spring Night is also presented with an array of other characters; with Jeong-In’s sisters getting into sticky situations themselves.

The show explores themes of feminism and traditional Korean beliefs imposed onto the modern lives of the characters; with more vocal female characters on leading their lives without traditional marriage beliefs and Director Ahn Pan-Seok does an excellent job with the direction of the show, once again showcasing his repeated success on ‘Something in the Rain’.

Supporting role characters are given enough contexts to keep fans equally interested in the lives of others in the show without having the lead characters overshadow the roles of the supporting characters completely.

Rachel Yamagata returns to lend her vocals alongside Oscar Dunbar. Soundtracks, No Direction, Is It You, Spring Rain and We Could Still Be Happy sets the right tone at the right scene, further enhancing the chemistry between Hae-In and Ji-Min.


The show has continued to break personal records with their latest episode reaching newer heights. According to Nielsen Korea, the June 19 broadcast of “One Spring Night” recorded nationwide viewership of 5 and 8.1 percent. One Spring Night airs every Wednesday on Netflix.


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Below took from shipper thread the zaobao



And i have a simple translation summary:

The article mainly interviewed Ji Min only.  Most of the topic we heard before.


Regarding 5 years age gap, she responded that she thought of all her younger colleages as colleagues and the character in the drama and not about age or experience.  Moreover she finds JHI very man (not sure how to translate this) and has great leadership, therefore she does not find him younger than her.


As JHI worked with the team before and thus giving her lots of tips and make her working with them easier and smoother.  She wanted to thank him once again.


Question why she chose this drama: the drama demonstrates issues that her age group are dealing with in real life.  The character makes her rethink in real life, has she been truth to her own feelings.


She finds the story very realistic, reviewing the realistic challenge and issues of love and marriage.  Many conversation in the story can be heard in real life.  After working in this character makes her want to be more truthful and braver if she is going into a romantic relationship in future (me: sob sob!  Where are all the man??  Why is this angel still single?)


There is also the question whether is she worried being compared with sitr.  Which she gracefully responded this is a story that is suitable for her age to act in and it is totally different story to tell so not much comparisan to make.  She like SYJ and SITR.

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Dramabeans Recap: One Spring Night: Episodes 17-18




Most of the secrets are cleared away at last, allowing our pharmacist and librarian to start to kindle their love slowly but surely. And this slow burn is going from kindling to a steady blaze in the best way possible. But while Ji-ho and Jung-in get a chance to make some progress at last, the world around them starts to take sides. While Jung-in will always have her sisters and mothers on her side, everyone else seems to be stockpiling objections to the new love in her life, and Ji-ho’s parents have worries of their own about their son’s new relationship.




Read full article>>> http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/one-spring-night-episodes-17-18/

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I am reading dramabeans latest recap on ep 19 and 20 and like to highlight a few paragraphs that i have missed:



((Chairman Kwon interrupts, “You always twist things and let sarcasm take over…You’re not levelheaded enough to marry anyone.” Ki-seok vows to marry Jung-in, “…no matter what,” and hangs up.))


((Ha-rin has learned, “They (kids) don’t want you to hate them, so they don’t say anything even if they don’t like you.” Jung-in wonders aloud, “That means they can pretend they like you when they don’t.”))


((Shi-hoon doesn’t want the loan or Ki-seok’s money because Seo-in threatened to divorce him if he borrows any money. As the voice of experience, Shi-hoon advises Ki-seok, “When you’re married, you have to obey your wife.”))


Also i enjoys her 1st paragraph of her conclusion:


This drama! One minute I’m smiling like a fool and the next minute I want to fight with Ki-seok myself. I just want to savor the deepening relationship between Jung-in and Ji-ho, but Ki-seok won’t let me!

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤

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