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  1. @shimshimae lol i am trying to finish it but yeah couldn't control myself from logging in . i read you guys discussion about our *sexy uncle* and laying eggs
  2. Lmaooo i am back reading and saw this pic on weibo and some scenes Looks like some egg will be produced todayas said by plant fairy
  3. ahh this thread is on fire and you girls seems to be enjoying a lot lmao i am here struck with project work urghhh i hate it(result of my procrastination )
  4. Share the same sentiments about 51-52 coz there was so much anticipation about them meeting again and since I watched 4 episodes in one go 49-50 totally broke my heart so I wanted to see otp moments but sigh and I think they will be separated for one more time while dealing with demon lord more intense scenes to come. @shimshimae I am watching his movies one by one so far no comedy lol. Mv is nice and I think it's from the movie brotherhood of blades part 2 where he worked with yang mi(cecilia Liu in part-1) P.s poor jiu Chen totally love sick
  5. @shimshimae yes the director was also involved with them specially with Nini jokingly slapping on her arm loland then showing love .Chang Chen is completely opposite of the characters that he had played onscreen a complete goofball yet he easily manages to slip into the character in seconds and i will join you as I am also blinded by him lol but Chang Chen is indeed a charming man . Don't know when we will see him and Nini in dramas as they are mostly involved in movies specially Chang Chen (his next project I believe is a Hollywood one) @crispachu ahh you don't have to be sorry take your time and thanku for the link! P.s I didn't knew Ethan li(Jing Xiu ) and Chang Chen worked together before in movie and he is quite good looking too
  6. I did find one which I had already posted few pages back. I am waiting for that YouTube channel to upload more(I followed her/him when ruyi royal love was broadcasted they uploaded all the bgm scores) @Vals Stor
  7. This is one of the scenes among many that shows the strong chemistry between Nini and Chang chen. I am thankful to the team for wonderful direction. NO over the top shocked expressions from female lead and man do i need to say anything about male lead. I would have melted lmao by seeing those eyes as if its staring my soul!
  8. Lmao true i am watching his projects(after finishing "three times"next i watched - "The hand" )my god the scenes were so explicit and No one could have directed those moments so beautifully beside this man - Wong kar wai his way of storytelling is on different level.Beside his main muse - tony leung, chang chen is indeed a part of his magnificent filmmaking journey. Agree about the intimate scenes (specially kisses)in asian dramas sometimes it look superficial to me so I am glad its not the case with love and destiny cause man the way he stopped amo questioning by kissing her was done with so much emotions with the expressions of longingness in his eyes. Like everyone else loving the new sides of both jiu chen and linxi tables has now turned lol our GOW is love sick
  9. @CatWhiskers I think she wrote it by mistake. @vintage_chutzpah lmao that CGI-ed tears word cracked me up
  10. lol I am loving this side of jiu chen all being clingy and yearning for linxi though we already saw in mortal world . Reposting this part - Jiu Chen said that all his life he never felt lonely even those years frozen but Ling Xi had awaken him and therefore she need to be responsible for him now Aiyoooooo so sweet can't wait to see thanku @jacquelinetan for trans! @shimshimae She is definitely not avenging her family yuan tong just want to blame everyone for wrongdoings except her ownself. Considering how her family was spared she should be just thankful for that but what triggered her was jiu chen liking for linxi
  11. @BaiZiHua thanks for the trans! Oh dear I am happy seeing linxi coming back but it's hurting me to see amo misunderstood that jiu Chen only loved linxi and is wanting her to die so that linxi could come back however it was in her fate .It's sad that amo will never know the whole reason sigh!
  12. @skibbies really appreciate your effort for explaining about douban rating thanku so much! @crispachu I may have missed seeing that bts please share if you have the link.As for that scene he really did a great job. @BaiZiHua I guess by end of 50 episode she will come back to immortal world I hope so otherwise will have to wait for 2 more days.Thanks for Wu wan wallpaper @jacquelinetan that make sense specially the thing about qing hai husband thanks for explaining!
  13. Yun feng -Qing yao don't think i will be able to watch tomorrow episode
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