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  1. Minyoung performance in these scenesI love this drama so much https://youtu.be/1amhhiBtqlc
  2. )Cr-masterpiece) (Cr-Purplelights) Hope you all have a great day ahead
  3. My pumpkin has already snatched the title of "cutest baby" in the k drama world The way he copied jung in tone here when she asked him to sleep early sooooo cute Cr uploader @Hui Fang Ng i think most of the sites have uploaded it with ads may be after sometime they will re upload it with adv.
  4. While waiting for Wednesday enjoy these goodies CR -Masterpiece Twitter @Lawyerh that whole conversation lol
  5. I was just going to mention how gorgeous she is looking wherever pmy is I hope she is enjoying to the fullest! I watch a lot of dramas hahaha not just k drama but Japanese,Chinese,American series too but I tend to pick 1-2 dramas at a time. YESS a mother role if backed by a strong writing it would be a breakthrough role for her.
  6. @lu09 hahaha another headache for their dad the girls of his family are on different level but I adore them As @richelle mentioned about the subtle movements of their feet, undoubtedly dir. Aps knows how to capture those unspoken gestures in a beautiful way CR uploader
  7. @Chellsee so cute them playing with their thumbs their bond behind is good too like how she patted his head . @lu09 lol and when he got to know that seo in is unnie of jae in i would like to see if his rel with jae in will progress or not.
  8. Beautiful moment no dialogues exchanged between them.Jung in silent confession of accepting eunwoo and that she won't hurt him. As Jung in said in preview - I am in trouble,I love jiho.Well we are also in trouble for loving jiho and Jung in
  9. I love how the writer showed Jung in being so much affected by eunwoo cause it was probably due to reason that jiho was mad seeing his child too dragged in this hiding things and then eunwoo giving her that sticker was the final call.Jung in did what she said -She won't hurt him anymore. Even when she got to knew that GS is going to see jiho her first concern was jiho and I am so so glad that jiho told her it's his problem now.I am ready to see rebellious Jung in. How seo in didn't reacted in a shocking way when jae in mentioned jiho showed that sisters know each other so well as seo in already sensed when she talked with Jung in last time.Their mother would be bit shocked with jiho having a child but will eventually support her. I know it's too early to guess but if seo in is pregnant then why do I think the writer wants to show the parallelism specially to make Jung in father realise cause he will definitely create drama and may be her mother too to see there is no flaw being a single parent.Moreover I feel it will make her bolder and that she has to protect the child from this abusive relationship.But at the same time I do wish her not be pregnant .
  10. Yes movie would be a better choice for this end year project,I want her to try out of box characters kinda greyish,she can try indie movies too,women centric movie there are so many director n writer team that I want for her lol as I first look out for the team behind the drama.My least favorite genre is romcom and believe me I watched wwwsk and hpl just cause of pmy,main characters chemistry otherwise I would have dropped both.My favorite pmy dramas are 7 days of queen,remember,healer,city hunter even though they ruined the original manga.Wishing her new project would be something that she never tried cause it will be challenging to see her nailing it.
  11. And how.did I forget to mention about my munchkin .Another favorite moment when jiho asked -Are you fond of Jung in?,EW-Yes jiho- why? EW- She is nice.Then our smart eunwoo asked his dad the same question and bless this child and he got scared that his dad will abandon him he probably never says but he must have known about his mother abandoning him poor baby!
  12. My most favorite part of today's episode was when Jiho confessed that he will LOVE HER without the thought whether he deserves her or not and then Jung in showing that dinasour sticker given to her by eunwoo pasted on her cellphoneJiho being emotional in the end even though he first called her out that she is crying again .Both of them are really scared of loosing each other and I hope they will be firm together cause their journey won't be easy! Ohh please no I don't want seo-in to be pregnant but you know at the same time even if she is I think seo in will move out as a single parent for the sake of her child I really hope so. Thanks Jung in for choosing jiho and for not hiding cause this was the break point moreover anyone in the place of Jiho would have gotten mad even though she didn't mean to harm eunwoo and as Jung in had said she will not hurt jiho anymore that's why she ran after him,I did felt bad for gs but I guess he has changed considering how he is behaving in preview his words saying "you are wreaking havoc on a woman's life and I am simply trying to stop it "As Giseok said he is gonna make scene he is doing worse than it,despite knowing that women isn't in love with him anyone he is trying everything to tie her down and can he stop mentioning about getting married .Which guy will talk like this - oh you will tell him about us?What about jiho?You will tell him all about that too.(in the preview he is probably telling that to Jung in)is he trying to threat her now. Now as we know Jung in will tell about jiho to her parents it's time that jiho will stand up with her.And even though I know that jiho mother is trying to say that he shouldn't be selfish but jiho you have already entered into it so please no turning back thankfully his noona and his father told him to do what he want as it's his life And the preview even though I am bit scared for them going all in open I am excited about their lovely scenes ehemmmm @lu09 thanks dear for updating @Phoenix26 thanku for your lovely gifs
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