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13 minutes ago, Kooslee said:

No raw, no soft subs. I can't get my drama fix yet.:tears:

 I'll message you a link to a site with the raw.  This is one of those "other" sites but it's one that I use a lot and it has never let me down.  Subs are a little slow today but I'm hoping they will be up soon.

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Loving your opinion guys and welcoming all the new members keep sharing your thoughts  cr(macaron8841 twitter) Me while waiting for new previews and episode  cr DaumC  

CR -masterpiece twitter

Hi All,   Thank you for your posts, comments, and thoughts. I am always delighted reading them all, so insightful as well.   I just got carried away having watched the bright and s

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This drama makes me laugh then at one point, makes me cry. I so love the video call between eun u, JH, JI and jae in. I want to know what eun u said that made JI burst into laughter. Maybe she said why is dongsaeng not as pretty as teacher lol.


Those slaps are not enough. If I am SI's mother, i have picked something hard and hit him in the head. That scene was just satisfying. How painful it is to know that your precious daughter is getting hurt. No words can express her grief:tears:


Subs are now available yay

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3 hours ago, hushhh said:

Or she cosplaying Florence Nightengale.


Actually Florence wore dark colors which is more practical.

I think I saw an early interview in these outfits.  Does look a little "weddingey"

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9 minutes ago, richelle said:

I want to know what eun u said that made JI burst into laughter. Maybe she said why is dongsaeng not as pretty as teacher lol.

Eun-u is asking why Jae-In's face is so big. From what I gather, smaller faces are considered more ideal (prettier) than larger ones.


Later in the conversation Jeong-In tells Jae-In to sit back so she's not so close to the camera.

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57 minutes ago, INJINFAN said:

It is inconceivable in Western world


And that is why I wrote my annoyingly lengthy post about Filial Piety the other day.  We aren't watching Western drama, so it is not useful or even fair to judge by Western standards.  What we can and should do is try to learn about how a culture other than our own handles situations like this and then we can really understand the story that we are enjoying watching.


Quoting my previous post, if you have a few spare minutes to read:



Friends and family actually have an obligation to stop JI and JH if their relationship is considered to be an offense to societal virtues.


One of the vastly important issues in the relationships we are dealing with in Spring Night is the concept of Filial Piety.  We are about to hit that brick wall in the next episode as the families really begin to enter into JI and JH's relationship.


As a western person it is too easy to say "okay, she just won't talk to dad anymore."  While that can and certainly does happen in the UK or the US or in Europe or Aus, it is something that is very unlikely to happen in Asia.  When we watch dramas from another culture, we should understand that they will see things differently and we need to know that before what "we" judge what "they" do as incorrect.  As viewers, we are visiting another culture and we need to remember that so that we can try to understand why things happen.  We are looking in through the window that the internet offers us but we have no right to disrespect what we see by making generalizations based upon our own cultural expectations.


Westerners are generally taught to see things through the filter of individualism:  what a person wants is primary and it can take precedence over all others.  In the East, the opposite is true:  the family/community/country comes first; it is a matter of society being predominant.  This is the most basic aspect of Asian ethics.


Hyodo (Korean Filial Piety) is considered to be a primary fundamental duty that is expected of everyone.  The blood family is of first importance (hence why accepting a child from another family is extremely unusual).  Joining in marriage is more than two people getting together; it is the joining of two households--this includes not only the future but the past, and it is subject for serious judgment.


In Korea, good government for the country begins with good government at home:  basically this means that if dad isn't properly in charge, then the entire country is in jeopardy.  If a child (no matter what age) is not behaving as ordered, this is of great shame to the current family, to the ancestors of the past, and to the descendants in the future to come.  It's a lot of pressure--and it seems like JI's dad isn't exactly up to knowing how to manage his family appropriately.


When JI takes a stand against her father's wishes, it is a matter or great seriousness and not merely because it will enrage him.   She is breaking a relationship she was expected to maintain with a man who has her father's approval and who is the son of her father's boss; she is making a new relationship with a man who has not been properly introduced or approved by her father; and, most dangerous of all, her new man is the single father of a child out-of-wedlock.  This is a child who will have to be somehow grafted into JI's family; not only is his birth shameful but so is the fact that his own mother abandoned him.  


It is the the problem of Eun-U that has been causing JH's mom to insist that JH find a relationship with someone as "damaged" as he is so that he won't be judged as harshly by his new in-laws who would be likely to be grateful that someone take on their "damaged" daughter.  Since JI has not been married before, she hasn't got those scars but she is very likely to be rejected on a second matter by JH's parents:  she is in breach of filial piety and she has left her previous relationship without permission.


Our main couple is really walking a knife-edge when it comes to family relationships.  


Presumably someone can offer better information than I but, as I understand it, the basic nine tenets of Korean family piety are:

  • protecting the body your parents gave you
  • serving your parents 
  • respecting your parents
  • obediently listening to your parents
  • supporting your parents
  • remonstrating with your parents if they fall victim to evil influence
  • being successful
  • remembering your parents' virtue
  • offering sacrifice to parents in death rites 


I admit that it is really tempting to say "oh that is just wrong" and I also do that a lot sometimes.  But one of the important things about Spring Night (as @bebebisous33 pointed out the other day) is that it is speaking on behalf of change.  We have to see what isn't working and we have to confront it before we can do anything about it.

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Someone mentioned matching SI to junior banker.  I think she is older and too intimidating for him.  I match him with library friend who lives below JH.  She will keep him on a very tight leash.

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@annamchoi  i think the reason why she would accept the ring, its not real acceptance its like she would think what is the point in arguing hes not the type to listen so she just held on to it just to shut him up. You can tell by the histpry of their relationship, he always does what he wants and ignores her true feelings, and i think JI knows it so it'll be a "Eh why bother". But i know when the proper opportunity comes that ring will be given back to GS.

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It is another great episode. So many cute scenes from our OTP. I love the scene between mom and SI at least she has someone to share her pains.  I am glad the mom confronted her SIL. I'd hate to see what he would do in retaliation.  Can we  have the rest of her sisters know about it and support her. I want the women's in this family bonding scenes please.


No comment on GS why would he wants to continue to sail on a sinking ship is beyond me. He seems like humane and understanding person while talking to his brother. 


I think we might see JH's mom make a special trip to the library to check out "the teacher". I have high hope that our OTP's relationship remains strong till the end w/o any noble idiot break up.


@thistle  Thanks again.

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30 minutes ago, Kooslee said:

No comment on GS why would he wants to continue to sail on a sinking ship is beyond me.


I think that it's what JH says to him in the preview:  that GS does not want to lose to JH.


31 minutes ago, Kooslee said:

I think we might see JH's mom make a special trip to the library to check out "the teacher". I have high hope that our OTP's relationship remains strong till the end w/o any noble idiot break up.


That's what I thought, too, as soon as Eun-U said JI's name and JHMom looked at the library book.


31 minutes ago, Kooslee said:

@thistle  Thanks again.


Glad to help.  I was waiting around all day for the episode, too!  The subs were up just a couple of minutes after I sent you the link to the raw.

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Episode 11, Mama bear Lee is amazing, as a woman, wife and most of all a mother!

Here I go with the scene highlights:


JI and JI-Dad talking at the apartment


*JI is sitting diagonally across the room from her father at the dinning table whilst he is on the couch*


JI-D: What's with that attitude?

JI: Then what's with your attitude? Does being older give you power? Do you think young people hav no feelings or self-esteem? What if someone treated your child that way? How would you feel?

JI-D: Stop talking such nonsense.

JI:That's how Mr Kwon... treated me for four years.

*cu to JI-D who looks shocked by what she said...*


*Cut to scene of GS dad looking through stalker photos of GS alone, and telling his secretary to follow JI now*


*Cut to GS talking to his hyung in the US on the phone....*

This is extract of the conversation they had:

GS-Hyung: Don't drag it out. You should just marry her. WHat if some guy snatches her away from you? (LOOOL dude it's already happened)

Even if you're getting tired of her, other guys are bound to find her attractive. (What is wrong with the sons of this family? SERIOUSLY WTF?)

GS: You're right.


*Cut to a depressed looking JH gong to his parent house to see EU*


*Cut back to JI and JI-D conversing, they're now sitting on the couch together so she must have told her dad everything that has happened with GS-D treatment towards her*

JI: Anyway, it's stuff you didn't need to know. I guess I shouldn't have said it. *JI-D lets out a deep sigh* I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.

JI-D: Okay, fine. It's all cool. (THEEEEEE F****KKKKKK? mate where's your integrity? your love for your daughter?... I really wonder how he's going to act with SI divorce even after finding out that her daughter's been physically abuse)

Then what do you plan to do with GS now? 

JI looks at dad in confusion: I told you. We broke up.

JI-D: Who says you can do that? (who says they can't?) 

Has GS agreed? You unilaterally broke up with him.

JI: Dad.

JI-D: He still loves you. (No he doesn't, he doesn't want to lose her to JH)   

JI: So I have to stay with him because of that and act like I still love him too? 

JI-D turns his body to JI and softens his voice: Can't you do that?

*JI wide eyes SHOCKED*

Can't you do that and try to maintain the relationship?

JI: Dad.

JI-D: It's completely natural to get tired of each other in a relationship, but making a conscious effort to understand each other can help bring the spark back. That's what I think. (Mateee they actually aren't even married, nor have children together nor LIVE TOGETHER nor do the families know each other closely... so if they naturally get tired of each other I mean there' s nothing holding them back) 

Besides, you two were together for years. How could you call it quits and go cold turkey? 

That's so ruthless. And everyone, including our mum and me, wanted you guys to get married. (LIES) You can't let everyone down like this. (WTF IS MARRIAGE A F***KING FAMILY EFFORT?) Also, Mr Kwon may have disapproved of you before he met you, but he's very fond of you now that he has met you. Hey, he's not perfect either. He can misjudge others. 

*JI is annoyed and get up*

JI: Dad, I'm your daughter. I told you he mistreated me.

JI-D holds her hands and looks up at her pleadingly: JI. Change your mind, even if it's just for my sake. Please? (You selfish bastard!) *JI turns around but dad grabs both her hands and forces her to look at him* I can still work, you know.

JI: So this is about after your retirement?

JI-D: I'm embarrassed to admit it, but yes. Help me out, please. I'll prove it to you. I'll sho wyou what I can do.


*Jae-In comes back home interrupting the conversation*



JI going to JH apartment and waiting for him in there because he told her the passcode. 

The hesitation before she entered the house was interesting, it felt like it was a new experience for her... like someone trusting her enough to let "give her the keys" to their house. 


JH in the taxi looking rushed to get to JI then smiles like a freaking cute idiot when he receives a text from JI that says: Can I cook myself a bowl of ramen?


*JI outside his apartment and looks at JI-friend apartment light and acts all giddy rushing to inside to his partment because now he knows she lief about her friend being sleeping. Outside his door, he rings the doorbell instead of entering in his passcode - they're playing house HOW CUTE!*


JI sees it's JH from the doorbell camera and playful asks: Who is it? I said who is it?

JH: I'm LJI 's boyfriend. (SWOOON)

JI: You came to the wrong place. I do have a lover, but not a boyfriend.


JI smiles: You're upset again, aren't you? You're too easy.

*JH enters the door typing in his passcode - looks at JI and approaches her - JI gets her karate chopsticks out and playful threatens him & giggles*

JH: Go ahead and poke me. I'm still going to do it. (DO WHAT BABY, IS IT K-I-S-S?)

JI: Do what?

*JH GRABS HER FACE WITH BOTH HANDS AND KISSES HER - JI responding back to the kiss*

JH: You actually poked me. (Not sure if she poked him on his back or is that "poke" where she bit his lips, I prefer the latter cuz you know it's a bit HUBBA HUBBA :P)

JI giggles: Sorry. 

*JI GRABS HIM AND KISS HIM and they just have a kiss fest  and I'm like a peeping tom who is enjoying the moment*


*Cut scene to JI eating ramen and JH hurrying cleaning up his house - very reminiscent of when Jae-In invited JH over and JI was hurrying cleaning her house*

JI: I already saw everything (LOOOL ; during this scene, everything looked so natural from JI eating the ramen to JH giving her a cup of water to drink.)

JI: Thank you (for the water)

JH: YJ (librarian friend) isn't sleeping. *JI chokes on her water LOL* I'm happy you're here.

JI glances at the book on the table: I have this book too. Did you buy this?

JH: No, HJ (pharmacy-noona) got one fo rme and YS (pharmacy worker) because se enjoyed it so much.

JI: There are many memorable lines in this book.

 Well, let's see *flicking through the books*

Here, this part is nice too. Read it aloud in your lovely (*cough* SEXY *cough*) voice.

*JI leans against the nook of his shoulders and just snuggles* 

 When we fall in love, must we get into it knowing whether it will be fruitful or not?

Can we approach love in that manner?

We mustn't.

We cannot be calculating in any aspect... because, after all, we love who we love. When one falls in love, it just happens.

That's all there is to it.

Hence, let's not wallow in despair, restrain our feelings, or smother the light. Instead, let's try to keep a clear head. And --

JI: And simply say, "Thank you God. I'm in love."


Our OTP looks at each other and sweetly kiss one another - DON'T SPOIL US WITH KISSES PLZ WE WILL GET GREEDY LMAO. And how relevant is that quote to their love, I could not have put it in better words. 




Voice call between JI and JH & EW.

I just love JH-Dad walking away when he realised who the call was. He is amazing and knows how to give his grown-richard simmons adult son privacy and help!


EW excited: MS LEE!

*JH cover his son mouth LMAO*

JI: Hi, EW. How have you been?

EW: Ms Lee, you should come over and hand out with us at our place.

JI: What? Oh okay.

JH: Don't say that.

EW: Why not? What?

JI: Your daddy doesn't want me to come over. (LMAOO love this interaction)

JH: No, I was just kidding. He think you're being serious.

*JI giggles*

EW grabs the phone off his dad: Ms Lee. 

JI: Yes?

EW: At the kindergarten, we made pinwheels. I made two. 

JI: Oh, my. You made pinwheels? *giggles and you see Jae-In approaching and JI BLOODY KARATE KICK HER AWAY LMAOOOO OOOO that my friends is sisterly love*

Why did you make two, EW?

EW: One is for me, and the other one is ---

JH: It's for me, right?

JI: You made it for me, right?

EW: Yes, it's yours. *JI face just giggles like a child, all face all scrunched up -man just GET MARRIED Y'ALL*

JH: EW, you're a traitor.

JI: EW, next time we meet, don't forget to bring the pinwheel you made for me.

EW: Okay.

JI glances at her sister STILL THERE ON THE FLOOR LMAO: EW, do you want to meet my sister?

EW: Yes. Where is your sister?

Jae-in: Ta-da. HI!!!! You're so cute.

EW: Wow. Your sister is huge. (LMAOO KIDS HAVE NO FILTER)

*JI collapses in laughter and Jae-In lightly hits her sister in annoyance LMAOO*

JI: EW, gosh! *JI pulls her sister further back from hers* You should sit back.

Jae-In: Hi!!!!

*cut to EW and JH smiling*



These two are my favourite scenes from the episode. Mama Lee is just the best!

SI & Mama Lee (ML) at the apartment telling her mum she's pregnant but still wants the divorce and about the abuse 


SI: Mum, I can do this.

ML: What makes you so confident? You said the reporters will write about this. What if rumours of your separation start spreading?

SI: It will anyway, once the divorce process begins.

ML: Are you going to get one? What about the baby?

SI: I'll raise it myself without his involvement.

ML: That's because you don't know better. Raising a child alone isn't easy. It takes manual labour, not knowledge. Being smart won't help you one bit.

SI: I won't be able to raise the baby as long as he's around. I won't be able to take it.

ML: SI-ya~, you know very well that there are things about SH I'm not happy about. Still, how things are happening for you... proves that you're meant to be with him. Marriage is a union of two strangers so of course personalities will clash. Spouses can be your worse enemy at times. Bu if you hold out and endure the hardship, time will surely pass. Forget about everything else and do what's best for the baby. Do what's right for the baby and give SH another chance.

SI: If I do that, i'll die.  I will if I have to be in the same space with him.

ML: I understand that you've fallen out of love, but...

 SI: No, I'll really die. 

ML beginning to understand the gravity of what she is telling her:  SI-ya~...

SI: I need to live. I must live for the baby's sake.

ML: Is there something... you're not telling me?


*SI opens the safe and shows her mum the photos - ML in complete SHOCK - SI has her head down unable to face her mum*

ML: Since when? When did this begin?

SI: I'm sorry, mum. I'm sorry.

ML: Nam Si-Hoon... Where is this bastard? *gets up ready to beat the f***ker into pieces*

*SI grabs onto her mum*

SI: Mum, no. Please.

ML: Let go.

SI: Mum.

ML: Why are you stopping me? You expect me to do nothing after what's he's done to you?

You... You can stay put. I'm your mother. It's why I can't let this slide.:dissapointed_relieved:

SI *kneels down trying to stop her mother*: Mum, please don't. I'll handle this, so just be by my side, alright?

*SI crying* Mum. Mum, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry

*ML bends over and puts her head into SI arms REALLY upset*

ML: Oh, dear. *keels on the floor and holds SI face* My poor baby. My poor sweet baby.




ML visiting SH at his clinic 


*ML knocks on his door*

SH: Com in.

*ML enter and SH gets up in shock*

SH: Mother, this is a surprise. Are you in pain or something? I can take a look ---


SH: Mother?


ML *takes her phone out*: Report me to the police. Should I do it for you?

SH: Please hear me out first. 

SL: If you even lay a finger... on my daughter every again, I'll kill you. (CHEEERRRINNGGG OMG YES)

*SH smiles at what she says*

 ML: Are you smiling? *SMASHES HIM WITH HER HANDBAG* Are you seriously smiling? *STILL SMASHING HIM WITH HER BAG* How dare you smile!  *SMASHING HIM WITH HER HANDS* How dare you... *breathes hard in exhaustion* That's as far as I'll go today... because I'm too humiliated by the fact that I let my daughter marry a bastard.

*ML fixes her had, get her handbag and leaves LIEK A BOSS - SH in shock at the entire situation*


I love this next scene where ML is making side dishes and rice for her daughter and begins crying, upset that she didn't know what her daughters been going through.

Also love the scene where SI comes home to a cleaned apartment and flowers on her dining table from her mother. When she walks into her bedroom theres a bouquet of flower and a present for the unborn baby with a note that says:



With a mum like ML, these girls have a woman who would literally move mountains for them!



The episode ends with JI visiting GS dad, which is very fitting because GS is visiting JI dad behind her back. The preview well pissed me off to say the least, I wonder why she accepted the box of ring? Jae-In's right, I would have chucked it at his face. WHY ACCEPT THE BOX GIRL!?

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Finished ep11 :) 


  • I really thought JI would give her father hell after how he treated him, but it was even more beautiful that she went after JH. (She could have called him to wait or ask where he is :ph34r:)
  • I love how JI is in front of her dad, I love to finally see a korean daughter talk back heavily.
  • Did her own father really just ask her if he can pretend and maintain to love somebody she doesn't? What kind of monster is he? JI's facial expression was so on point. What a horrible thing to say. 
  • I wish his wife would give his richard simmons a whooping. Every word he said made me more angry. :D 
  • I loved the scene with her waiting in his apartment. For her it was the feeling of being home and waiting for the guy she loves, that was true home for her, safety and love. For JH it was the feeling of not only going into his own home, but rather coming home, knowing that someone is waiting for him. It actually made them feel like a real couple living together. 
  • That's what I call a real juicy kiss. Well done.
  • I really start to dislike JI's dad.
  • I think JI didn't realise that JH wasn't upset, he was trying to control his feelings because he was so happy, he wanted to cry. Finding a girl who accepts him as a single father AND loves Eun-U. And not only this, SHE wants to do something with him, she not only accepts his son, she actually likes him and wants to do stuff with him.
    That is the greatest gift he could ever imagine.
  • The phone call between Eun-U, JI and Jae-In was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen on a KDrama. JI will be the perfect mom.
  • Seo In mom's advice to her pretty much disqualified her this episode for being MVP. Gosh, they all have so twisted views on marriage. How can she say it?
    SI decision to show her mom the documentation of her bruises and telling her was so brave and SO necessary. You could see how her mom hit rock botton and felt angry and what do I know what feelings. "Where is this bastard?"....she was so ready to kill him.
    Mom will make sure they get the divorce, nothing will be able to stop her. She will even take down her own husband if necessary to protect her daughter.
  • I think as a guy I will never be able to feel what a mother must feel in this kind of situation. That must feel like real pain. 
  • Okay, I take my words back. OH HELL YEAH SI MOM IS MVP! THESE SLAPS IN HIS FACE!!! WOOHOOOOO!!! I LOVED IT! With all her hatred! (They really must have hurt, I would love to see BTS here, they seemed hurtful)
  • Even a death thread. OH glory MVP of the episode, you strike again. All hail MVP Mom.
  • ".....that I let my daughter marry a bastard." Oh sweet MVP Mom.
  • The way she cried making the side dishes was heartbreaking.
  • Seeing SI cry, make me cry. My good old SLS.
  • The usual comment each weak about the OST being perfect and Rachael Yamagato being the soundtrack queen.
  • Okay, I am really curious about JI's plan. Episode tomorrow will be interesting.
  • Well, based on the preview , I guess we will see a lot of failure from GS, JI will never accept or do anything anyway in this direction. But more importantly I think we see JH stop being defensive and go all out towards GS and attack him directly. 
    Goooood! :D 
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I love how JH is touched by little things JI says like saying she has a lover not a boyfriend and let's go out and have fun with EW. Give his life experience in the last few years, post EW's birth I think he now appreciates little things in life. He was so happy that JI was waiting for him at his apartment and even asked if she could make herself some ramen noodles. I am just a huge fan of this character !!! :wub:


Another tiny aspect that I enjoy is the relationship between the JI's younger sister and JH's friends. Them hanging out with each other and talking about random things like the rent in his building makes me happy. They seem to be dating now and YJ seems to have no problem with them being open about it. They ended up being one of my favorite characters together.


Also mom, JI's mom just took my breath away with how she made food for the pregnant daughter and left her gifts while her father just in denial of what is happening in his daughters' lives and turning his head away from reality, choosing to think doing that will change reality. 

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My thought for this episode

I know there are sweet things happend to our OTP but my mind for this episode only for SI and Mom. I loveeeee their acting so much! I feel hurt and sad with SI and the reaction mom when on of her daughter being abussed like that and top of that for years...(my guess the abuse start in early of their marriage), she collect many foto of them. The pain is real in mom eyes and her reaction too. Both of them are great actress!! I think this scene is needed, because from this even though mom will probably not agree with JH and JI relationship, she will support JH because JI love him. Because mom will never want what happen to SI will happen to her others daughter. Forcing her daughter to marry someone who her daughter not love will never happen for 2nd time. Coz after incident to SI...i think she will be the main protector from their father. And the condition being a single parent will often soft her heart to accept and understand JH situation. Wow this script is well written, but i hope it will not mess till the end. 

JI meeting with GS dad ? It unpredictable move. 

I still in 'grey' area about GS dad want...i still can't guess what he really up to. Is this some kind a therapy to make his unmature child grown up?? Or he sincerely want JI as daughter in law?? 

So GS has brother? I thought he a sole son?? His characters unfitted to be someone who have brother. But probably he change after his brother married. Probably his father attention only for his brother, that why his self esteem are low like that. And what ever happended  in past between his father and brother effect him so much so he become a person like this. 

Can't wait for tonight episode. 


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New from MBC. :blush:


Jeong In: Eun-u, do you want to meet my sister?

EU: Yes. Where is your sister?

Jeong In: Ta-da!

Jae In: Hi. You're so cute

EU: Wow. Your sister is huge.


Me: Rolling on the floor....:lol::D I love you EU! :wub:





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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤

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