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  1. Trying to patiently waiting for Ji Min to choose her next project Credit to author
  2. This is a korean wiki thus the translation is bad when requested English. https://namu.wiki/w/한지민 Got to know this wow: It is said that Chae Jeong-an and Yoon So -i , who were the same company at the time of their debut , are best friends. It is said that I have known it since I was in the second year of middle school.
  3. Interesting... does CF nowadays like to be in theme? The spring couple theme CF: JHI https://www.instagram.com/p/CCbGTEqpwIc/?igshid=1asqwq7zs4ofa HJM reposted https://www.instagram.com/p/CBmf4B0pihe/?igshid=1l6l1jgxjn5o3
  4. Hee!! Saw below in Korean's website with auto translate. It says Ji Min daily life photos feel like for CF. Credit to author
  5. Han Ji Min helping to promote the bracelets. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCYWubIhUYK/?igshid=1hytnkzdec1em
  6. Hee! Before JHI, Lee Junki has a long time crash with Ji Min, thus will like to see them working together. They used to confirmed a drama many years ago but later part Ji Min drop out. Will be interesting if they work together. Kim Nam Gil, Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Min Ki, Lee Seung Gi, Ha Jung Woo, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Sang Yoon etc. I also have a list of female actress too. Ha! I also want to see her reworking with Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Lee Seo Jin, Shin Sung Rok, Son Ho Jun, Lee Byung Hun, Park Jung Min, Jo Jung Suk, Choi Woo Shik etc ... Ji Sung, Jung Hae In and Nam Joo Hyuk maybe many more years later.
  7. Hmm... to me HJMe is still Ji Min acting but the writing of her character is really flat for her to protray her skills. Imagine, she is suppose to be a circus ringmaster. How many times we really see her work as ringmaster? Zero, except blowing bubbles on the stage. Unlike some who dislike her screaming crazily on the field after confession rejections, i thought it is hilarious. Yet following writing does not follow her sass and she is just moping around. 1st and 2nd episodes shows that she is daring (ringmaster vibe) and can do anything to get what she wants but this vibe disappeared as we continues. She is wrote to wait for her hero to save her multiple times instead of she save him in 1st episode. Even the idea of she may fall into two different HB is weak as we all know, the drama protray she loves Robin more... the writing does not really shows much of her internal conflict of two different love interest. Even HB's Seo Jin slowly feels like a plot device for Robin in later part of the drama. Thus i agree that this drama is more for HB to flex his acting muscle but the story unfortunately is not tightly written and thus even his Seo Jin character fizzed near the end. I felt she is put there as beautiful plot device character. Note, her FL character and storyline is still writte much better than HB's albahama's drama... the FL there is really poor thing... she feels literary a "vase". That FL does not even have any room to flex her acting skills which is such a shame.
  8. Wow! PHS has been liked on a roll. JHI has been hardworking liking too since he is not too over busy at the moment. Keke! I simply misses Ji Min and will take whatever news i can find.
  9. JHI is consistence in Netflix. he will be getting busy again 2nd half of the year for D.P Dogs Days. Release date will be next year on Netflix. Credit to author Looking forward to Ji Min support I followed Ji Min and thus when i visit JHI, i can see her liking the IG. You can also follow JHI to be able to see him liking her too. hope this help.
  10. @Chrc, keke fyi NJH is 12 years difference with Ji Min. I felt Ji Min is quite protective to herself and as she said so herself, she will take a long time... so her love interest be it celebrity or non celebrity will have to be really patience with her to wait for her to come to him. I think be it PYC, HB... at one point, they may have their crush. But they got "distracted". As for LSJ, if he is really interested in Ji Min, then he is one very patience once. Haha! But he is actually turning cold to relationship although we can still see his warm smile when he is with Ji Min. JHI is the new potential which definitely has his crush for a long time but we have to wait and see... cos it is only a year past after their work. Then we have non celebrities and possible back of house staff which we have no idea. Anyhow, she is precious in my eyes thus will wish that she will find a great husband that will love her and take care of her very very well.
  11. @hjm_osn, Its new. Delivered to her and she miss them alots. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-bMG00nGHF/?igshid=1ijy9oym5sxqa