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  1. Ji Min new still in spring night Credit to author Hee! We know it will not be something like this: Credit to author
  2. Oh well... we never know as she is super low profile in her private relationship. We only hear from her when it is over. Repost: Credit to author Credit to author @richelle, i also hope her stylist change something. Her award dress is usually black or white. Can she wear something with colour? Example Credit to author
  3. Hi @Mafrosht, thank you for breaking the silence. i agree the sofa kiss scene at HJMe. Actually Ji Min is quite embarass after the kiss as she said her lipstick had smeared on his lips. But his response is: i am hungry. Haha! End up got a hit on his head. Haha! More pics from High Cut: Credit to @neih212
  4. I agree with your observation. I think even she has boyfriend in real life, she might be conservative too. That is why i think it is the inside joke when Gong Yoo suggested her to act in the remake of Kim Jee Woon movie as someone being rape and killed. It is maybe to tell her to loosen up a little. But it is just extra funny from one of the best kisser in korea entertainment industry who did not get the chance to kiss the girl whom suppose to be his love interest in the film.
  5. Hellokpop translated the high cut interview: FASHION Han Ji Min Opens Up About Her Projects With High Cut Magazine By Angela Patricia Suacillo | April 17, 2019 IN A DAZZLING PHOTOSHOOT WITH HIGH CUT MAGAZINE, HAN JI MIN FLAUNTS HER WARMTH AND GETS REAL ABOUT HER RECENT PROJECTS. Han Ji Min exudes the warmth of spring sunshine as she graces the cover of High Cut Magazine! The actress’ elegant charm shines through as she dons a suede skirt and a silk blouse. Han Ji Min truly dazzled in her photoshoot with the magazine. She flaunts her charm elegantly as she dons an all-black ensemble, highlighting her vitality with rounded sunglasses. Han Ji Min also opened up about working with her senior, Kim Hye Ja. “She always lived like an actor even when the camera wasn’t on her,” the actress notes. “After the work is done, I like to talk to her as my friend. Talking to her is fun, and there are many things to learn.” To conclude the interview, Han Ji Min opened up about the various challenges she faces with her current project, MBC’s Spring Night. “It’s a real melodrama,” she notes. “The character has to spit out the most realistic dialogue possible in a given situation so they feel bad. In fact, it is much harder not to make it a work that reveals feelings like Mitsuba.” full images with articles can go to link https://www.hellokpop.com/fashion/han-ji-min-high-cut-magazine/
  6. Food truck support to ji min and team for spring night Credit to author Out of topic, ji sung just accepted the genius doctor drama.
  7. Keke! I think so that she needs to embrace herself. But somehow i have a feeling it will tone down to maybe a level up than padam padam. Sometimes I feel all directors seem to want to protect Ji Min in some way. Cos the last time when Ji Min work with Hur Jin-ho, it is just a peck! But make sense because it is a lengthy CF. Then working with Kim Jee Woon (he is not known for kissing genre movie) and Gong Yoo did not even get to peck her. Hahaha! if they have alots of make out will be good. Something different from ji min again. But we must remember this is mbc and not cable so it will tone down. Hee!
  8. Hee! For Hyun Bin, Jung Hae In, Lee Joon Gi and many others celebrities to say that she is pretty must really mean something. Cos these men have many pretty women to see too.
  9. Haha i need translators for the first interview. No idea what are they talking about. Ji Min seems like not too close to Jung Hae In yet cos his bday cake celebration looks awkward. Hee!
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