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  1. Hee! They guess JHI saw Ji Min. If so, i love both of their greetings to her. Its so cute in their own way. credit to author
  2. Random CF Credit all the above to author
  3. Recap Ji Min shine in the variety show Credit to author
  4. Interview regarding MC Credit to author
  5. Jung Hae In Claims No One Can Recognize Him In Public If He Just Does This One Thing Jung Hae In recently sat down for an interview where he revealed that people don’t recognize him much in public! He claimed that with just an added accessory of a hat, he is nearly unrecognizable. He claims that when he goes out to eat, people don’t recognize him as Jung Hae In. They only think he looks similar to himself. He claimed that it was was because he doesn’t have “bold facial features“, but… "Maybe it’s because I don’t have bold facial features, but people don’t recognize me well in public if I wear a hat. I went to a restaurant with my parents recently, and someone told me, ‘You look similar to Jung Hae In.’ I replied, ‘I hear that a lot.’ When I went out to eat with the Spring Night staff, the employees looked at me and didn’t really recognize me either." — Jung Hae In Read full article at https://www.koreaboo.com/news/jung-haein-no-one-can-recognize-public/
  6. Kakao hairshop credit to author
  7. More about the audition Kakao M To Hold Large-Scale Acting Audition With 6 Entertainment Agencies Sep 5, 2019 by Y. Shin Kakao M will be teaming up with various agencies to find the next Hallyu star! On September 5, it was revealed that Kakao M will be holding the “Kakao M Actors Audition” with six management companies: Management SOOP, BH Entertainment, Awesome ENT, E&T Story Entertainment, J,Wide-Company, and King Kong by Starship, the acting division of Starship Entertainment. This will be the first time for large management companies housing the nation’s top actors to hold a combined audition to discover new actors. Read full article in https://www.soompi.com/article/1350391wpp/kakao-m-to-hold-large-scale-acting-audition-with-6-entertainment-agencies Cool jin min currently is the only other artiste in bh that is promoting this audition. I am still waiting for kakao m to make their original drama and video. Cos the management they enquired have big stars. The cross over to have them and im original stories will be something to look out for.
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