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  1. Keke the reason why we find Ji Sung chemistry more on par because he is a veteran actor himself same as Ji Min. NJH and JHI are good but still have huge learning curve. If we put GY with HJM, i am sure they will emit great chemistry too. Hee!! So maybe that is why all of us want to see her with veteran actress. (Btw her chemistry with her bf in Miss Baek is also great). I am curious with her chemistry with good friends SSR and JJS too as they are great actors. I have my own share of love for OSN. I like the pd make everything looks so natural and i like the intimate scene. They are sexy but it fits Ji Min character.
  2. @edlan17 ((wave)). Hi! JHI already finished filming the movie awhile ago but the movie is only going to premier this August. So fans of JHI will be delighted to see non stop JHI and his 10 million dollar smile (describe by KGE). Hee! I am just hoping Ji Min will attend their special screening or vip premier cos one is her very good friend in BH and the other is her on screen fiance and hopefully they continue as good friend. Keke!
  3. Hi @Carmarie, welcome to the thread. Totally agree with your view of how JI feels. Although she is very sure she is not ready to marry GS but with this total new feelings, she most likely feel like she is cheating on her long term relationship. Well wishes to your drama watching. I am rewatching again just like the comments from dramabeans. Many here even rewatched many times during the week waiting for the next episode.
  4. I also hope she can work with similar age or older co stars. But seems like the trend of veteran actress are with younger male. And veteran actor with very young actress. ((Shrug)) If the dramagod willing to reshuffle there are plenty of veteran actor actress pairing. Maybe its the fees.
  5. Keke we cannot blame poor JHI. He has already gone swooning of her since their team dinner for salute d armour film when he is relatively new and only join as cameo. From then he mentioned twice in an interview article that he really wanted to work with her. In their promo interview he admitted he finds it unreal and check with production many times that it is indeed ji min as the female lead. Haha! Also it is not helping when he gets to know her more. Cos she is also very beautiful inside.
  6. Talk about younger male lead NJH always taking care of Ji Min... i think it is all the male born natural instinct when they see Ji Min. Haha! credit to author
  7. @richelle, there is some news i think but no otp yet.
  8. I am not sure about Ji Min as she is always very nice to everyone. But i am thinking what is going through JHI mind? When he is still new, he has already admired Ji Min and openly said she is very beautiful. Then now he gotten to work with her in the project and am sure he realised she is not only beautiful like a doll, she has beautiful great personalities too. I am sure he will have a hard time not to think of her. credit to author
  9. For the past 3 dramas last scene recap credit all the above to author So happy Ji Min is involved in all these projects and all her chemistry with her co star is great regardless they are older, 12 years younger or a few years younger.
  10. Thank you @YuukiH ((hug)) for the lovely translations. They are all really comfortable with each other. and of cos our dear couple. Omg when haein said: *Haein : Thank you for loving One Spring Night. And please continue to support LeeYoo couple. *laugh* Thank you very much i cant help to be delusional. Haha! Credit to author
  11. Apology gy team here... i have been missing awhile as GY has been quiet, HJM has been really active. But we know we will be seeing him soon as he is already doing 2 movies. Hope he involved more projects and able to see him soon.
  12. Collection of making films of the final episode. credit all the above to author
  13. The PD must be really happy to trust the writer and have such amazing team of cast. The no msg dialogues and the most natural chemistry between all cast and the camera directions that we looked like peeping into someone's life is amazing. credit to author The show style no need to wrap everything up in a neat bow. As to me it feels like we just happens to passby and peep into people's life and fell in love together with them... but we have to move on and we trusted that they will end up well as what we seen them. Hugging all of you here whether have you contribute or just a silence reader. credit to author
  14. They are really cute! credit to author Misses them and another great project chosen by Ji Min. She outshine each drama with the co star chemistry.
  15. Making film and end interview credit all the above to author
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