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  1. I think this is one of the winner who submitted Ji Min contest to find her wearing spectacle. Credit to author
  2. Discussion of spring night and its going to be more exciting https://www.instagram.com/p/BytwC94DH84/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link credit to author
  3. Father and son https://www.instagram.com/p/BytdaYzDMjx/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link credit to author
  4. I strongly believe that mbc will also hoping this drama is good enough to attract audience. Old news before spring night is premiere. credit to author
  5. what is the genre of this drama? credit to author The answer is romantic thriller.
  6. Just have to keep visit soompi forum and wait for wed..... credit to bh entertainment ig
  7. Kekeke no worries Ji Ho is a devil. But if really happen my heart.... hold still hold still. I scared i will scream and run around the room... Must tell myself this is mbc at 9pm. Haha!
  8. @razledgoose & @Lawyerh, the following ig show the link of where to get the article. credit to @neih212
  9. JH is living alone anyway. Just that JI friend is living just downstairs. So far i still do not find GS as a bad person. He is just a man with flaws. Which all the characters here have them. It is even normal for him to feel angst because his girlfriend indeed fell in love with someone. He will be saint if he is not upset or angry at all.
  10. I have watched many ji min drama and those kiss scene. The hottest she had should be with hyun bin. But i am so surprise that i really fluttered when she is kissing jung hae in and it is only a preview!! Spring Night PD and the writer really doing very well, make me feel that the kiss is super anticipated and i find myself squeal for excitement. My heart be still. credit to author I really enjoys Ji Min drama choices so far, they are all relatable character and thus alots of after thoughts after watching the drama.
  11. I am wondering how does Jung Hae In feels when he is kissing the angel, someone he admired a long time and really want to work together. credit to author
  12. @Lily_Lovly Hi owner of hyunbin_hanjimin! It is honour to have you here. Sometimes i visited your ig and share your upload here. Thank you for dropping by here and keep it up to your great ig.
  13. Hmm... what is this?? credit to author I cannot find it in ji min ig. Btw i love her netflix jenga. She is really very quick witted to promote her drama and movie. credit to author
  14. Omg i come here and squealing here too!! Fluttering hearts Someone commented that she is dying of heart failure.
  15. I think IG also gone crazy!! There are so many versions and below is hi res version. Haha! credit to author
  16. Omg when i see the kiss in preview me = squeal. I seen many kiss scene and i know there will definitely be one. But still i cant keep my heart still when seeing them kiss. SQUEAL with delight!!!
  17. Amazing! She does not even attend alots of wedding compare to park shin hye and choi ji woo.
  18. Nam Joo hyun and someone sending food truck to Ji Min! credit to author
  19. Before JI has any concrete feelings for JH, she is already very clear to her dad that she is not marrying GS. Now she also admitted to GS dad that they started dating without much thoughts for their future. She admitted she yearn for the kind of relationship @xXMzSmilesXx has recapped: A relationship that I'm not the only passionate one and the kind of love where I don't get hurt. But she does not know how to like she said. I think she started her relationship because she is attracted by the good person vibes of GS... but when they continue, she gotten hurt along the way. She mentioned before they are nevwr lovey dovey in the beginning.
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