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[Drama 2019] The Fiery Priest, 열혈사제 - "WE WILL BE BACK !"

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Really Astonishing           .. why everyone is so adorable 

@triplem OMG     ..  

Cult leader arrived at the orphanage facility, bearing gifts for the children. The sisters asked the children not to accept, but cult leader and assistant ignored them. Sisters told them to leave because it is still under the care of the church.


Kim is followed by Gu on the way back to the church. They did a Tom & Jerry chase around the church, until they both ran out of breath. As they're arguing, the Sister responsible for the orphanage came to Kim with a concerned look. They all then gathered indoor and she reported about the visit from the cult leader. Gu was there too and listened in. When he made a comment, Sister Kim started yelling at him, which shocked him. Kim decided to check the cult out. Gu followed him.


Seo is summoned by Park to her office. She asked where she got the information of Little France from. Seo just answered from an informant. Park asked her to keep an eye contact because she thinks Seo is lying and not wanting to have eye contact.


At the cult place, leader and Hwang talking. He assured Hwang he has stuff under control. Then it's worship time. He's trying to heal someone who is crippled, just then Kim and Gu walked in standing at the back. Hwang is watching with a smile from behind the stage. Noticed by Kim though, Gu saw Kim noticed him. Just as Kim wanted to chase him, someone in the room noticed the presence of a priest so he was held back a bit. He managed to catch up with Hwang in the parking basement though. He threw Hwang a piece of food that Gu grabbed on their way out. Gu quickly dumped the whole plate away when Hwang turned around in anger. They decided to have a duel, handing each of their coats to Gu. So far both are of equal level and they were surprised. End of episode.

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 I was not surprised that he was injured during the shooting. We have seen many action scenes. That he had to do it himself He used his body too much. The drama ended in almost every episode of his fight.:(





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43 minutes ago, triplem said:

@ktcjdrama thanks for the recaps...Is Park finally developing some conscience???

Not sure. Have to wait for subs. But in preview, she was still yelling at Seo for info on the informant.


Btw, does anyone know the position ranking of the foursome? Are they all of the same level? Or someone is above another?

Representative Park, Police Chief Nam, Prosecutor Chief Kang, and Jung Dong Ja (what is her position anyway??)

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 Now, people who watch this drama Getting bored with walking a story that is too slow I'm not sure if the story is too slow. They may not be able to watch it anymore. Will the ratings result have an impact on the next episode? Also, the main actor of the story KNG was injured during the shooting The situation in this drama is worrisome.:(


The Fiery Priest] Eps 9 & 10 spoilers, Kim Nam Gil & Lee Honey

Posted on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Article: Naver 'The Fiery Priest' Kim Nam Gil to Go Joon, "Let me hit you once." ..a warning message 

1. [+367,-7]
His drunk acting is so cute^^ 

2. [+311,-30]
How many times have they aired the flashback? The development is slowing down. 

3. [+218,-21]
Why do I have to see the same scene so many times?? They are reusing scenes again.. There's no development today too. The episode ended with just him getting drunk and looking ugly. 

4. [+183,-4]
Father Michael's anger disappears whenever he drinks. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+61,-1]
Kim Nam Gil is so cool when he turns around and kicks~!!

6. [+64,-9]
We need a breakthrough. I'm tired of the draggy story. I'm a fan of actor Kim Nam Gil.. What a pity. 

7. [+51,-8]
To be honest, after the priest died, the story didn't move much. 

8. [+41,-3]
"If you hit women, you're going to hell." He flies and kicks him. Bbak!! How cool. 

9. [+35,-0]
He made my heart flutter when he was a oriental physician. But even as a priest too. 

Article: Naver 'The Fiery Priest' Kim Nam Gil and Kim Sang Kyun start working together.. looks for Keum Sae Rok and the witness 

1. [+895,-19]
The actors have good acting skills. Kim Nam Gil's character is refreshing, Lee Honey is a charismatic and ambitious prosecutor, I like that character too. And I like that detective who's righteous and cool. I'm enjoying this, but aren't there too many repeating scenes..? Can't they do something about it..? Don't ruin such a well-made drama by dragging it out. 

2. [+472,-14]
Kim Nam Gil turning around and kicking was cool. 

3. [+440,-16]
He was cute during the mandu scene. 

4. [+208,-15]
Will Lee Honey turn from an ambitious prosecutor to a kind one? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+172,-11]
It's interesting, but the development is frustrating. ㅠㅠ They kept making it funny, but there is no development on the story. 

6. [+136,-2]
For me, I like the sister. She's funny. 

7. [+135,-9]
The development is too slow. How many times are they going to show the flashbacks...

8. [+128,-9]
Why are there so many unnecessary scenes..? The story couldn't develop.. The explosion scene.. Ganjanggongjang.. [t/n: Gangster Jang Ryong punishes Ssongsak for not say the rhyme properly.] The scene where he gets angry at the police station... Are they necessary? 

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I can understand how some people feel it's slow but I agree with what someone said earlier. The showing the flaws and the obstacles before people like Gu and the lawyer come good. Things are coming together nicely. 

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Poor citizens ...to have the leaders like that no wonder the men  lost their b...s and the poor women are trying to fight any which way they can to survive .   A bit depressing episodes this week . :weary:

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To be fair, I'm frustrated that the baddies are getting the upper hand and nothing seems to be going Father Kim's way.


And the police all being blind to what they have swear to and not upholding justice?

It irked me badly and I do feel like Father Kim.

The urge to smash anything that I see.



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Kim Nam Gil Resumes Filming For “The Fiery Priest” Despite Injuries

by E. Cha

In spite of his multiple injuries, actor Kim Nam Gil has decided to resume filming his drama “The Fiery Priest.”

Last week, filming for SBS’s “The Fiery Priest” was put on hold after star Kim Nam Gil suffered a rib fracture while shooting a group action scene for the drama. The actor had previously also suffered injuries to his fingers and wrists during filming. Due to Kim Nam Gil’s hospitalization, filming was cancelled for two days, though the drama’s broadcast schedule was not affected.

On March 7, Kim Nam Gil’s agency C-JeS Entertainment announced that the actor had personally decided to return to filming earlier than required, in order to prevent any changes to the drama’s broadcast schedule.

A representative of the agency explained, “Kim Nam Gil participated in this morning’s shoot for ‘The Fiery Priest.’ Although SBS postponed Kim Nam Gil’s shoot until this weekend out of consideration for the actor’s safety, the actor was determined to prevent a hiatus, so he left the hospital yesterday and returned [to filming].”

C-JeS Entertainment added, “[Kim Nam Gil] will continue to receive treatment at a hospital while filming [for the drama], so that he can make a complete recovery. The support shown by many people has been a huge source of strength. We will do our utmost to prevent another such accident in the future.”



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Hi Chingus... Love to see familiar IDs.


Hope KNG is ok now. As a professional actor, he didnot want to delay everyone. But I dont want him to rely on painkiller so much. Not good for his body. 


This man is stubborn, he will go the extreme to perfect his act. Hope he know when to stop and listen his body.

I think there will some changes for his parts.


Cant wait for tomorrow episode.:)





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I love Songssak & Yo Han's scenes, they are so good w/each other and their friendship it's so cute, sincere and about those small things/gestures... their scenes feels like a cut of warm tea just when you need it.  :blush:

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