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  1. I have been rewatching LCDF , my drama evaluation and merit are definitely tied in to the amount of times i clicked back to re watch a drama ...so i am up to 3....first was without subs, 2nd with subs as they came out ...and now i am in full possession of all the subbed episodes and i can savour and indulge .....and reading the book ...thanks to @themarchioness for reminding me that the book is on the first page link .
  2. @themarchioness not sure which episode, but who was the little chubby boy that called YM uncle ..he looked around 5 ..and he did not want to go to England because the men there are bald ? The scene seems to be from present timeline ?
  3. @themarchioness did i mention that your are our GodMother with this drama ...so just saying thank you is not enough. I went back to the first post and started reading the book .
  4. Ok i give in....thanks to @themarchioness providing subsequent forever home above, did this book have a "good" english translation and if available ??? As you can see i faithfully check back and last night i rewatched 34 and 35 again ...i forgot how he proposed lol
  5. I saw the last 2 in the episodes ...but i don't remember seeing the first 2 .. ..i am glad now that i checked
  6. I am going for that scene when QY changed her track suit to support WY , obvious pride from GC but i remember YM looking with almost a surprised look , like something clicked that this girl is amazing in her own way . For me every interaction between these two provided original action /communication , and its that unpredictability and nobody else could have come up with their lines , that created such beautiful entertainment for me throughout this drama . Every line was pure GEM and i feel very very happy that i had luck in finding and watching it.
  7. HE FINALLY LEARNED ABOUT HER TRIP TO ENGLAND (or Serbia, rather, haha)!!!!!!!! LOL @themarchioness I did recognize some scenes from Belgrade ,Serbia when i viewed ep 35 again especially at 18:57 when they get balloons and 21:41 when she has the same picture taken and lets her little secret out. I am impressed , because if you did not mentioned it i would have been totally oblivious LOL
  8. Merci Le Coup de Foudre ... you became one more on my list of very much loved c dramas . I became part of your family and you became part of mine . To the writer , to the drama team you simplified and shared so much ..again ordinary but completely extraordinary . Thank you Qiao Yi and Yan Mo you are so meant for each other , Zhao Guan Chao you are loved by all of us for being one gorgeous man , brother, son, and at the end beautiful husband . Ba and Ma, i loved every moment I spent seeing your amazing life choices and devotion to your children . Every actor delivered ...and even our teddy bear got love of his life at the end. Thank you Soompis , as always you all rock Merci
  9. Dear @themarchioness please let me know what continent you are on so i can come and learn Chinese with you ...i love the way you think and your translations are joy to read ...especially when you offer us specific phrases and their meaning in both languages...i love it you are our biao mei
  10. Dear friend you did so much for us with this summary , thank you , Merci, ...it was a pleasure reading up on these episodes until the subs come in.
  11. It's ok @mizv you have million of us to keep you company ...with @DontEatMyKimchi posting that LCDF has officially broke the 800 million mark!
  12. How did i forget to mention in ep 21 that German lesson scene ...our YM is really a genius ...what a good and totally practical lol way to teach Ich liebe dich Subs up to 24 ... Ba has not lost his police training whatsoever , still very observant .
  13. Ep 21 subbed The story of boyfriend came to light aw aw aw .... and our poor baby YM .."I was cold in England too" i just want to hug him . GC you are officially invited to my place and you can clean all you want...you are so good at it too . Glad to see parents working on their independence ..Ma getting a drivers licence at that age i really have to hand it to this woman, she is so typical Ma and yet so exceptional . Our Ba lost a bit of weight but has adjusted to his BMW and knowing him he would probably want to race if his wife ever gets a car lol.
  14. Thanks to you two @celebrianna & @themarchioness i am going back to re watch 13 and 14 again.
  15. LOL QY and YM are the same when it comes to alcoholic beverages ...she wants to be his sandwich awwwww LOL
  16. I inhaled ep 13 to 20 in one day when they became subbed. There were so many gems …QY’s and the whole situation when parents who dedicated 100% of their life to children are left on their own to create new lifestyle , new habits ..missing their children and as *Ma said , “I just want to listen to your voice “.
  17. Thank you @themarchioness there are so many times that i think to myself it's never too late to learn Chinese LOL . I will go back to my posting and change Pa to Ba . Thank you for the Hidden Content , i too was curious .
  18. Ep 12 has me viewing and reviewing ... Full Marks 100% to the Teacher " Don't bring bad practices into the school ...Listen carefully, if you have inferior virtues no matter how good college you go to , you'll graduate as a looser".... throughout the last 12 episodes he has been extremely present and influential in our young students' lives .. a truly salt of the earth man just like our Ba " If we can only be silent good person, that would be a convenience to bad people " Just as a matter of curiosity , in Chinese is it Pa and Ma or did they Anglicize it ..ie tata, pa, father , pop, dad ?
  19. @celebrianna I am sorry i was busy giving my heart to Guan Chao to comment, but in reality i was delaying my comments because my tummy did not like the angst of that episode , but i wanted to say Class = no class and Mates = no mates ...we can call something million times but if the actions do not match &%&#$ Your spot on description " It was an awful awful scene to see a hardworking man bring a box of full of noodle lunches to a classroom and not only was his labor wasted, he was disrespected, derided and uncompensated by these morons.Everybody else disappointed me" I felt like crying and i hoped that the Goddess would shove the whole box in his face.
  20. So what you are saying is that you can totally relate to all the girls smiling at him LOL.... I think that was the episode that I gave him my and re watching i am totally in agreement with you "Guan Chao J'Adore 100%"
  21. LOL now i have to go back and re watch ep 8 and join you in the fun
  22. Continuing with my appreciation medals after finishing ep 9 & 10 . Thank you drama team for giving us something so fresh and original and beautiful ...and smart and useful and and LOL . So in todays posting i honour both Mamas. One mama , that had courage at that time and age to walk away for the sake of her children , that was a 100% courage badge . And YM's mom, up till now i was not paying too much attention but seeing her wisdom and clarity in supporting her son's decision / options and improving it by her contribution, was so unexpected and beautiful. So both Mamas today get 100% hug. and our Comedy Duo , they really are a perfect couple ..."Be quick, my wife gets of at 5 pm " LOL
  23. Just finished watching 7 & 8. I got c-drama lucky 2019 . Two dramas that have my utmost attention and admiration and this is one of them . That state when there is not a single thing i would edit or change , nice big hug for the pleasure they are providing me. Brother Zhao Zhi-wei / Zhao Guanchao you get my in this episode LOL and a very happy 40th birthday to Tian Weimin / Yang Chao Ran - best step father (i wonder which vine you ended up drinking)
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