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[Drama 2018] Happy If You Died/ Feel Good to Die, 죽어도 좋아


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Kang Ji Hwan is an amazing actor, look how he expresses different emotions. in the new stills, he is crying in anguish. OMG. In the first episodes he was totally different. I am watching him for the first time, but I am smitten.


I was so sad at the scene of BJS eating ginseng and crying with the love song. :( But I am glad they put this scene about his loneliness here, not at the end. Because at least he may not end alone in the final episode.


in the webtoon


in the webtoon, I think the lonely scene was in the final chapter.


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@Lawyerh I am watching mainly to see Kang Ji Hwan's brilliant performance. He is an amazing actor. I don't know why I didn't know about him before :) 


But really I believe here he is far better in performance than in his other dramas, which I started looking for these days. His looks are better, he is far mature than before too. In other dramas he was such an excellent actor, but the roles themselves were not as difficult as this one.


btw Gong Myong is not that bad :) He seems a good singer too :) . His looks are far better without the Junhoo hairstyle :D


Image result for gong myung



I like comparing this drama with the love triangle of Lovely Horribly. Only Gikwang was cuter :D



Image result for gikwang park si hoo


another unfair comparison 




with Seo Kang Joon :) 


Image result for gong myung seo kang joon


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8 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

That Yoo Si Baek had to come and ruin the heart pounding moment between BJS and LRD :angry::lol:

I was like BJS waiting in anticipation of what RD will say to him...


Still only halfway through last night's episode.

Haha I watched the  youtube raw short videos then the whole episode with subs yesterday. I couldn't wait :D


I will try watching again in kbs world as usual :D

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At first I am not sure whether I will like this drama or not..

But I like Baek Jin Hee.. So I gave a try...

And here I am hooked to this drama now...


I somewhat supporting LRD with KJH...

But the last 2 episodes... IDK... I think BJS had slowly changed to the better....



I haven't watched last night's episode.. Hope to catch it soon! :heart:

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Yes of course please translate them! I'd love to learn from your translation. I'm still polishing my Korean and I know I still lack a lot. 


We both love redemption stories haha. 




@nohamahamoud2002 Yes Kang Ji-hwan's versatility is admirable. I've been his fan for some time and I can tell you that for this character he changes his gait a bit. The way he stands and walks.


For example: I've noticed how Jin-sang opens his palms when he stands up (after his transformation). That shows how unsure he is. I love that kind of effort by an actor. 

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54 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

I am creating new genre for this drama.  Provocative infuriating exasperating romance

The webtoon actually belongs to "one sided love" genre, according to the writer. They had to slap this information on the printed editions' covers because readers kept mistaking the story as romance. :lol::sweatingbullets::lol:

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I have been okay with Kang's character, but last night I wasn't happy with him when he tried to "guilt-trap" BJS into not confessing to RD because she just might leave the company, and he still want to see her everyday.... seriously?

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"I don't know how and why I came to like you, Lee dae-ri. But I'm really sure that I do (like you)."


"I understand it. I know how difficult it is to explain the context and reasons behind a person's feeling for another person. I also know that you're being earnest, Team Jang-nim.


"So I'll give you an earnest answer:

I'm sorry."



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7 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

Oh my, my predict is right :cold_sweat:

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14 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

Very interesting everything is totally different

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"Please let me meet Hyun-jung ssi. Please let me meet her and apologize to her sincerely. I will visit her often. I won't let her (go through all of that) alone."


"This is your last chance."



"Why is it not me, but Lee dae-ri?"



"If only I could turn back (time), I'd do everything differently. So please save Lee dae-ri's life."



"Patient Lee Roo-da ssi's guardian?" 


"How is it? Do you think she's going to be okay? She is, right?" 


"It was too late for the surgery. The patient has passed away. Our condolences."







Thanks for the videos @ashbelle, they helped me translate better. 

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Ruda recorded a voice call to BJS, what did she tell him??


Are we to wait till next week :( I am going to die


@philosophie I think it is a term of respect meaning Ms Lee


Now we are all sure that BJS will try to activate the time loop, since the girl is still in coma, I think, it won't be impossible to activate it. But then who will Ruda choose???? Junhoo or BJS????


Junhoo can manage alone, he has his own life, but poor BJS is so lonely. I don't want him to end up eating ginseng and crying to love songs, as one of the chingus said above :(

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