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[Drama 2018] Happy If You Died/ Feel Good to Die, 죽어도 좋아


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@Lawyerh But I like Jin-sang's current style more than his previous one. It makes him look more approachable and trendier, like those young bosses of Silicon Valley startups. ;)

Yes I keep wondering why they don't make Roo-da more attentive to Joon-ho's moods. Her webtoon twin is certainly very perceptive about him. 


Regarding Roo-da and Jin-sang (providing that they're the endgame), in my opinion the best way to end this is with hints of a future relationship instead of sudden lovey-dovey scenes that are wedged in the middle and in the finale. 




TRANSLATION OF THE PREVIEW (inaccurate at some points) @nohamahamoud2002


News anchor: So are all the contract workers going to be recruited into permanent positions (?)

Director Kang In-han: Yes it was my call (to change) the contracts

Lee Jung-hwa: Permanent positions?

Choi Min-joo: Daebak!

Director of HR: The fake hero, that one. 

Baek Jin-sang: (I'm) not a hero, just a human being. 

Director of HR:  How dare you said that to me?

Baek Jin-sang: "Dare"?

Head of Security Team: Yes, I will protect you whatever happens. 

Director of HR: Hyun-jung-ssi's father?

Kang Joon-ho: Team jang-nim, is it possible that... you like Roo-da-ssi?

Baek Jin-sang: If I do, what you're gonna do about it? 






P.S. "I'm not a hero just a human being" got me bursting into tears. 

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Just love all the wise sayings from BJS....

He is a very good person. He just lacks the tact in expressing his opinions. A diamond in the rough... He's saved the employees in that company more than once, although he berates the way they work or their attitude. He is principled and has a righteous outlook for work/responsibilities, which is why he demands the same from others.

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53 minutes ago, angiedramadive said:


He did win lots of awards in the past ;)Hopefully a more harvested year would come to him for this drama too.

I am not sure, I think he won best new male actor twice. But in later years he was nominated only (acc. to wikipedia)


@angiedramadive join us on KJH's thread. We are having fun there 



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@Lawyerh I'm not sure what the picture is about. The article from News.Chosun that accompanies it only states that the picture shows them sitting together, but doesn't clarify anything else. 


Okay as promised...








The webtoon:

  • Is in her late 20s
  • Is very much a feminist in terms of ideology, criticizes culture especially Korean
  • Is a fangirl, when she speaks it's full of foreign pop culture references (Game of Thrones, and other films)
  • Loathes Mr Baek up until she loses her memory (due to the time loop reversal),
  • Treats him as an annoying elder but changes her behavior after the reversal
  • Is very passionate about Kang, likes Kang since the beginning
  • Is not afraid to resort to violence 
  • Is the novelist Hyun-jung's best friend since they were university students
  • Has family, perhaps her dad is still alive
  • Cooks, but only when she has to (to impress Kang)
  • Is in her late(?) 20s
  • Is now Kang Mi-ro's wife


The drama

  • Is 30
  • Is somewhat a feminist, but especially in terms of workplace gender equality
  • Is not really passionate about her relationship with Kang (more like a crush on her part?)
  • Really cares about Baek Jin-sang, but can't name whether it's hatred or something else
  • Only once thinks to treat Baek Jin-sang as an elder
  • Only twice resorts to violence
  • Only a former co-worker of Hyun-jung (no other background of their connection has been explained)
  • Has an elder sister who lives with her
  • Doesn't cook. Period. Rarely cleans.
  • Has a passion for advocacy
  • Remembers the previous time loops after deja vus
  • Realizes her feelings for Baek Jin-sang after she remembers
  • Is now Baek Jin-sang's girlfriend









The webtoon

  • Is 50
  • Dresses in a mixture of casual and formal
  • Misogynistic to a T
  • Is irrationally afraid of being stalked, had several female admirers before (according to him)
  • Hates office politics because he is always bypassed by his peers and juniors in promotions
  • Incompetent, and so pressures his subordinates (he covers up his lack of self confidence by pressuring these people)
  • Often criticizes people based on their appearances, educational background, or his outdated views
  • Never sexually harasses anyone (because he thinks he's too handsome for them and is afraid of being harassed)
  • His willingness to learn comes too late (after Roo-da's death)
  • Has a fan, a female university student with whom he saved a stranger in a railway track
  • Doesn't cook but is very particular about his foods
  • Tells Rooda to shop, etc to appease his ego
  • Learning about his mistakes on his own (sometimes helped by Kang and Hyun-jung, after Roo-da's death)
  • Remains single in the end


The drama

  • Is 40
  • Dresses in a mixture of casual and formal
  • Wears glasses
  • Hates office politics because these are against his principles
  • Hates corruption and other underhanded practices
  • Is a blunt but fair critic
  • Hates and combats sexual harassment 
  • Slightly misogynistic, but not overly so (he at least reads and learns about it to mansplain--which he never repeats)
  • Highly rational and competent
  • He's realized that he still has a lot to learn and admits it
  • Has many fans and is popular on the social media because he reprimands a customer who sexually harassed one of an outlet's employees
  • Is a great cook (always has full breakfast), doesn't hesitate to offer Rooda his foods
  • The only thing he does that is to tease Rooda is to have her carry heavy boxes when they shop together for the outlet
  • Is terrorized and harmed by Kim Hyun-jung's father, a security guard in the company.
  • Is saved by Roo-da, and she dies in his place
  • Revives her by a selfless act of saving a child from an accident
  • Works hard in the reversal to earn everybody's respect, by forming the labor union, disclosing unfair policy
  • Is now Roo-da's boyfriend








The webtoon 

  • Is 30 something
  • Serious and quiet
  • Has an educational background in quantum(?) physics
  • Is a genius
  • Lives in a warm, middle class family
  • Used to find it hard to socialize, then trains with the help of his family
  • Is told about the time loop in a story form
  • Cares a lot, an altruist to a T
  • Is an assistant, has no family connection, used to work two jobs
  • Has a sister, who is close to him and is married


The drama

  • Is in his late 20s (28)
  • Has an educational background in business from an American university
  • Is very outgoing
  • Loves to joke
  • Is patient but sometimes doesn't care about others as much as Rooda expects him to be
  • Has a troubled familial background (his father), his family is chaebol
  • Has never been told about the time loop
  • Climbs the company ladder quickly because of connections
  • Has a grandfather (who is close to him), and an uncle (who hates him)
  • Was Roo-da's boyfriend for a while.
  • In the reversal, is placed in the Marketing Team for spying on Baek Jin-sang (and learning from him)
  • Finally respects Baek Jin-sang, and decides not to pursue a relationship with Roo-da
  • Has residual feelings from the past time loops







1. ASSISTANT CHOI (The Webtoon)/CHOI MIN-JOO (The Drama)




The webtoon

  • Young, single, has self confidence issues
  • Has a grudge on Mr Baek
  • Yells at Junghwa once (catching up Mr Baek's bad mood)
  • Lacking in customer service responses


The drama

  • Is married, older than Roo-da
  • Is pregnant with her second child
  • Used to have a grudge on Mr Baek
  • Her husband is selfish 
  • Capable but is too busy with her family life to stay focused
  • Respects Jin-sang after he saves the company from AI Capital, and then after he forms a labor union
  • Firm and brave
  • Really cares for Junghwa
  • Is now a leader of the labor union



2. JUNG-HWA (The Webtoon)/LEE JUNG-HWA (The Drama)




The webtoon

  • Is single
  • Was a contract worker at the start of the webtoon, then is suddenly recruited
  • Reads a lot during breaks
  • Has a funny chopstick form
  • Friends with Mr Baek (after the time loop reversal)

The drama

  • Is capable and diligent
  • Worries about her contract a lot, is involved in activism because of it
  • Doesn't read during breaks
  • Used to have a funny chopstick form, then tries to correct it
  • Would probably sympathize with Mr Baek for fighting for contract workers' rights
  • In the reversal, begins to respect Mr Baek after he proves that he can work hard and after he forms the labor union






The webtoon

  • The character is unnamed and is female


The drama

  • Is naive and is therefore gullible
  • Has a grudge on Baek Jin-sang
  • Is married, has a wife and two kids
  • Cares for his coworkers but is unable to stand up for them
  • Begs Baek Jin-sang to come back as team leader later on
  • In the reversal, he is still a manager but he's grown more capable and confident
  • Is a member of the labor union



4. AHN SEON-NYO (The Drama)





The webtoon

  • The character doesn't exist


The drama

  • Is married, with several kids
  • Struggles for financial stability
  • Used to steal from the franchise outlet where she worked
  • Is motivated to change her path after meeting Baek Jin-sanng (as an intern in the company)
  • In the reversal, still works at an outlet but is more motivated after Baek Jin-sang meets her and asks her to join the labor union
  • Is now a member of the labor union









The webtoon

  • Male
  • Belittles and bullies Mr Baek because his rank is higher (although they started their days in the company together)
  • Is an old colleague of Mr Baek
  • Only appears twice


The drama

  • Female
  • Has a grudge on Baek Jin-sang since their intern days that ended badly for her
  • Is an old colleague of Baek Jin-sang
  • Hates him so maneuvers to fire him, to no avail so far
  • Conspires with a foreign company, but she's later betrayed by them and nearly goes to jail, then returns to the U.S.
  • Forgives Jin-sang after he sincerely apologizes and then both of them drive away AI Capital from MW Chicken
  • In the reversal, she forgives Jin-sang after he struggles with her to save the company from Kang In-han's mistakes (the problem related to the labor union), he convinces her that he understands her dreams
  • Is a supporting character



Other company people do not exist in the webtoon. 




HYUN-JUNG (The Webtoon) vs KIM HYUN-JUNG (The Drama)





The webtoon

  • Is in her late 20s
  • A novelist, leaving the company after Mr Baek tells her that she won't be needed anywhere and will bother many
  • Helps Jin-sang untangle the time loop that kills Roo-da and is Mr Baek's friend in one of the time frames
  • The curse on Mr Baek begins when she writes her first novel
  • Roo-da's friend since they were university students (which is why Roo-da is entangled in the time loop, she is the person Hyun-jung trusts the most)


The drama

  • Is 32 (based on her CV)
  • Has a dad
  • The curse on Baek Jin-sang begins when she is trapped in her room during a fire (was it a suicide attempt?), where she's been pouring her heart out by writing her diary
  • Is in a coma before the reversal, and after the reversal, is saved by Baek Jin-sang from the fire
  • Used to envy Roo-da when they worked together, because she is braver than Hyun-jung



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Kang Ji Hwan Somberly Stares Down At Baek Jin Hee In “Feel Good To Die”

Kang Ji Hwan Somberly Stares Down At Baek Jin Hee In “Feel Good To Die”

Dec 12, 2018
by Y. Shin

KBS 2TV’s “Feel Good to Die” has revealed new stills of Kang Ji Hwan and Baek Jin Hee!

“Feel Good to Die” is about a horrible boss Baek Jin Sang (played by Kang Ji Hwan) and his employee Lee Luda (played by Baek Jin Hee) who tries to reform him.

During the previous episode, Baek Jin Sang began to realize his special feelings towards Lee Luda. Furthermore, he also saved Lee Luda from falling into danger after being openly threatened himself by a mysterious character.

In the released stills, Baek Jin Sang and Lee Luda sit side-by-side, the atmosphere quite complex. Lee Luda, who is fast asleep, leans her head against Baek Jin Sang’s shoulder while he stares down at her with nostalgic eyes. His expressions brings forth a heartbreaking mood. Viewers are curious to know the cause behind his painful gaze.


The next episodes of “Feel Good To Die” will air on December 12 at 10 p.m. KST.

cr: soompi

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My heart is fluttering now. They look cool together  but BJS looks sad. I think it is Kang that is hurt. (If Ruda is worried about Kang, BJS will be heartbroken ).


But it may also be the security guard's daughter. 


The writer will kill me soon. Oh my heart. I don't want Kang to end up with Ruda


But there is an optimistic view. Remember Lovely Horribly?

SJ was hurt. Eulsoon stayed by his side till he recovered then was reunited with Yu Philip at the end.

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I find it’s funny that every skinship they had so far were all initiated by RD. The only JS did was the hug at Garibong (when he thought she would love it :sweatingbullets:), yet RD found it awkward and kind of gross, lol 


poor JS, he’s been ‘harassed’ all along but can never get even lol

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I think the security guard is trying to push BJS (in the written preview he thought of killing him but was stopped by something ).  The HR manager knows about the security guard too. He is another enemy because of the TV broadcast. He has 4 main enemies now: Kang Junhoo's uncle, Yu Sibaek, the security guard and the HR manager.


Do you think that Ruda was trying to save BJS and Kang interfered to save her but got hurt instead?


Or are they at the hospital because of the security guard's daughter? 

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the whole list :) 


wait, is the last part confession of love???


preview chingus




진상의 진심 어린 고백이 루다는 당황스럽고, 난데없는 타임루프 이야기에 준호는 마음이 심란하다. 한편, 회사에서 이사회가 소집되고 회장의 해임 논의가 진행되는 가운데, 진상에 대한 충격적인 제보도 동시에 들어오는데..!


google translation

Ji Sang's true confession of truth to Luda is embarrassing, and in the story of Time Loop which does not exist, Junho is disturbed. Meanwhile, as the board of directors convenes and discusses the dismissal of the chairman, a shocking report on the truth comes in at the same time ...!


I don't know Korean like most of the chingus here :( but I used the cc button in youtube and translated the last video :)  (it is not accurate, but it worked :) press (cc) then press "settings" (choose autotranslate, then choose English ) :)  (I attached the photos in another post :) ) 


Ruda says people at the company started to suspect there is something between her and BJS, on TV he says he wanted to do something good for someone he cared for, that person is her :) He calls her Ruda :) . then he says "I like you"






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I'm trying, but sorry not all the words in the trailer are familiar to me and the inaccuracies may be too many. 





Director of HR: For a person like him, we have to find out what his fears are. That's why we have to use the outlets.


Head of Security Team: Please leave everything to me, Sir.


Lee Roo-da: Teamjang-nim! Teamjang-nim!


Protesters: BAEK JIN-SANG!!


Baek Jin-sang: After this, no matter what happens, don't deter me. 


Director Kang In-han: Please pay attention to what (I'm) show(ing) you, everyone. (These are photos of) my hyung, Kang Myung-han.(?) 


Old CEO: Damn you!


Director Kang In-han: (To Kang Joon-ho): That's your dad, you know.


Kang Joon-ho: Stay beside me, Rooda-ssi. Don't go anywhere.


Lee Roo-da: Wait, Joon-ho-ssi. There's something I want to say to you. 


Baek Jin-sang: Don't come to me. 







P.S. I cried again. Jin-sang's love can be so selfless. :( 나한테  오지 마 니까. 




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