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  1. Thanks for the photos, guys. I haven't continued the translation, will do so this Friday. He looks a bit thin but otherwise okay. We'll never know but let's hope for the best.
  2. @jenappelle I will try to create a Lang8 after I finish the translations. Thanks for your suggestion.
  3. UPDATE I've translated four messages (three are finished, one is still unfinished). As you can see here, the sentences are much simplified, very stiffly formal, and very much shortened. Feel free to read. I took some liberty in adding Angie's nationality. I think everyone should say where they come from, like Heidi. I also didn't add the "fighting" word after the message since with formal language it sounds out of place. I addressed Kang Ji-hwan as Kang Ji-hwan ssi (the way reporters usually address actors and actresses), since "dangshin" (you) is very very improper for the time being. But I'm not sure how the other, newer kfans address him...maybe we should check it out first. @Heidi Seow 말레이시아에서 인사드림니다. 저는 강지환씨울 "빅맨"으로부터 알았지 만, "죽어도좋아"에 대해 더 좋아합니다. "뱈진상"은 매우 현실적인 인물이었다. "타임 루프"는 드라마에서 새로운 주제입니다. 도전에 나섰기 때문에 기쁩니다. 등급이 모든 것을 의미하는 것은 아닙니다. 강지환씨 는훌륭한 일을 해냈습니다. 잠시 쉬셔서 나중에 다시 오십시오. @angiedramadive 베트남아에서 인사드림니다. 요즘 시청자는 마음을 열어주는 의미있는 이야기를 찾습니다.세상은 점점 더 유물 론적으로 변하고 있습니다.많은 이야기가 공허를 채우기 위해 존재합니다. 단지 웃음을 위해, 그리고 명성을 위해서입니다.강지환씨는 진품이었고 드물었습니다. 저는 "뱈진상"가 단지 가상의 인물이라는 것을 잊었다.연기는 매우 미묘했습니다.자신을 믿으십시오. 강지환씨는 재능 있고 천재적입니다.이루다에 대한 그의 슬픔은 놀라웠습니다. 나는 너무 충격을 받았다. 회복하는데 몇 시간이 걸렸다. @Lawyerh 저는강지환씨는새로운 팬이다."뱈진상"는 강지환씨을위한 캐릭터이었습니다.캐릭터의 발전과 감정이 잘 묘사되었습니다.캐릭터의 발전과 감정이 잘 묘사되었습니다. "죽어도좋아은" 제 1 위의 드라마입니다.저는이 강지환씨을 당신의 최고의 업적으로 생각하기를 바랍니다. 강지환씨게서, 저는 최선을 다하는 법을 배웁니다. @phoenix24 "뱈진상"로 굉장했습니다. 시청자는이 캐릭터를 싫어했지만 나중에는 그를 좋아했습니다. 시청자의 마음을 바꿨습니다. 많은 시청자가 쇼에 다시 참여하고 있습니다. 일부 시청자는 시즌 2에 투표하고 있습니다. I will translate the rest tomorrow. Believe it or not, even these short messages have dried up my brain . I really need to take a proper course. You see here is my method: English--> simplifying it-->machine (grammar testing)--> dictionary-->machine 2-->Grammar blogs etc, dictionary--> translate. For each sentence.
  4. @jenappelle What about, instead of asking the kfans to translate, we use my messy translations and ask them to check the results? I'm asking you if it's wise.
  5. I hope he really is getting better and not just being there for appearances' sake. P.S. Once the translations are done I'm planning to rewatch Capital Scandal and Rough Cut.
  6. Yes I'm more active on Twitter, to be honest. Sorry I couldn't manage to translate faster, during my three day consecutive meetings it was easier for me to tweet than to look up dictionary and translate. I talked about this on Twitter So I might as well share it here. This was from the scene in Ep 10 (when Roo-da came to reproach Jin-sang after he reprimanded Park Yoo-deok harshly in public--the burning chicken costume scene). The word you see on the gif, and this was how Roo-da called Jin-sang during that scene: 꼰대 (kkondae) is a Korean slang that means "Older, patronizing upper class men who think that the younger generation are beneath them (in terms of working spirit, struggle, intelligence, etc etc)." Jin-sang actually belonged in the same social class as Roo-da: they were both middle class, with Jin-sang probably in the upper middle class, but the gap between them in terms of social class was certainly almost nonexistent. But he was certainly very educated and his attitude at that time was unbearable, not to mention that she was furious, so she had to say it.
  7. Yeoreobun, I'm going to start working on the messages translations today. I'm sorry but I think I might have to cut the messages. I'm sorry for the delay. @phoenix24 'You Are The Reason' is my OST for them too thanks for sharing. I also love the one that @Lawyerh posted. Also, sharing this funny gif from Twitter by my tlist @fxctional. I hope it makes you laugh too.
  8. I have to apologize for not having started translating due to my health. I'm afraid staying up late has taken its toll on me as I have to juggle between motherhood, work and fangirling. I'm afraid I have to somehow simplify your messages to suit my Korean grammar command level because I don't want any misunderstanding to happen. I have a poem and two fics that I will write after the big translation project is finished. EDIT I edited Kang Ji-hwan's message because there was a translation error. In case you might wonder why he tried to make peace with fans and his management team (he calls the latter "the operators"), it's because some of the staff quitted due to difference in opinions etc according to @jenappelle.
  9. Thanks for providing the link. Yes it's really sad. In a way that's the aspect of his character that reminds me of Baek Jin-sang: he's a perfectionist when it comes to work.
  10. UPDATE: Here is my translation (still with machine & dictionary help, and my limited skill): On The Messages Everyone, I'm not really good with translating, still, so please be patient with me as this is going to take days. Or maybe @nana.yahxd is willing to help? I had also prepared some stuff for my own message. If I may suggest, could you please mention a scene or two where you find his performance moved you? Thanks so much and sorry. @nohamahamoud2002 @selenette @angiedramadive @Heidi Seow @ashbelle@Nadia Muñoz @littlerain @xprosperity@ktcjdrama @dramaninja @vinhnguyen @Anuksanamun@jenappelle @erenst @Scribbles24 @rosemirror @nateko @phoenix24 @inna75@Tasia@weeinthailand @heartslined @gbrd@msaamia@philosophie@nana.yahxd @annelee28 @partyon @gm4queen
  11. Okay here is the translation of Kang Ji-hwan's message to his Daum fancafe. @annelee28 @angiedramadive @Lawyerh @phoenix24 @jenappelle @nohamahamoud2002 @gm4queen Original link: http://cafe.daum.net/withTG/Kjjr/141 Non FGTD related (1) After filming the drama, I've been really exhausted both mentally and physically. After a small year's end party with friends, I was sick for 3 days. I had hopes that filming romcom would be more fun than revenge stories, but I was wrong. The energy I spent [in filming it] were two times more [than what I spent in revenge stories]. A protagonist such as found in this drama [Baek Jin-sang] is a dream role for actors. On the other hand, the burden [to bring the character to life] is unbearable. Especially because I strongly believe that the entire responsibility is mine to bear. This job was particularly difficult, and for that I feel so sorry for the staff and the people around me. I couldn't express [the character's] emotions properly at many points. I fell sick. If only I acted a little better. If only there was something that could be done to change the [performance?] quality or fill in the gap in the ambience. I was worried [about it] all the time during filming, and I read the scripts again and again... Three months felt like three years... Thankfully, the press and the people around me only said good things, so whenever it was difficult for me, I read these biased articles. With my heart out in my hands...I was able to finish it with all my best till the end. Non FGTD-related (2) Until I could return with a great drama and a daesang-worthy performance, I wish that you'll all be together with me this year when I return with a cool work. Non FGTD related (3) *** [...] = my additions, for clarity Emphasis = mine
  12. As @jenappelle mentioned I had finished my translation, now waiting for a more Korean-fluent cnetz fans to read it. Kang Ji-hwan really needs more support, guys, he calls himself unskilled/talentless. I know it's supposed to be standard Korean humility but in light of his recent mindset he could do with more encouragement. I'm really sorry that it took me ages. I still have to rely on machine and dictionary a lot, because I get the gist of the grammar but I'm still learning the Hangul and the language itself. Cc: @ashbelle @nohamahamoud2002 @Lawyerh @angiedramadive @phoenix24 and the others (sorry can't remember all of you )
  13. Let me see if I can register to the fancafe, or just ask our friend @jenappelle to send the message on our behalf. The procedure is quite bothersome for someone unfamiliar with how fancafes are run. Kang Ji-hwan's message is quite long (he poured his heart out, the poor thing) and apparently we're not allowed to translate everything or screenshoot it. But I will summarize it for you later. Baek Jin-sang is his most engaging role to date and that's the hill that I'll die on. From his past roles, I like the ones in Capital Scandal and Children of a Lesser God the most. However, this role (Baek Jin-sang) requires another level of subtlety, not to mention the ability to tackle the shifts from fantasy, to slice of life, to office genres. So it's currently number one on my favorite list.
  14. @Lawyerh @jenappelleand me are still trying to get into his Daum fancafe. But as neither of us had visited that place we're a bit confused how to get membership of the cafe (not the Daum site itself) to be able to post cheering messages etc. She read the news from cnetz translation (summarized and taken from Kang Ji-hwan's message to the fan cafe). @gm4queenYes he did look sick and exhausted in the last episodes. In fact, what he told the fancafe (based on the cnetz translation) was that he blamed himself for the low ratings and that filming romcom was more exhausting than melo (perhaps especially so since the genre is partially a fantasy time loop). Still, he thanked us for watching, the PD for her good leadership and guidance, costars, crews. In other words he didn't blame anyone but himself. I still have to get his original message in Hangul to verify the parts about his feelings etc.
  15. @angiedramadive Why didn't you tag me? That's cheating tsk tsk Btw I have bad news from @jenappelle: Kang Ji-hwan is sick. He's also a bit down from the ratings and the exhaustion from filming. I hope he'll get better soon.
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