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[Drama 2019] Abyss, 어비스


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2 hours ago, stargazer187 said:


You see I keep posting more than ever. LOL. These two are magnets!

Ha ha ha...I feel you there! When it comes to OTP moments, no one can resist :P. Oohh...a double kiss would be such a treat coz why SY covered herself after cupping his face..meaning she did something to embarass her and so CM removed the cover and kiss her. Aahhh..I just hope this won't just be a dream :D.


Btw, I like the color of their clothes in that still....I always think their stylist seems to match also their dressing codes most of the time :).

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10 hours ago, lingx2 said:


So sad:tears:  I was worried because a new drama with senior actors started on JTBC yesterday and looks like it did impact the ratings.  I really liked episode 7 too - the drama is improving IMO and finally delivering on the character development, romance and comedy but this should have happened earlier and I'm scared they might have lost too much audience now after the last few disappointing weeks :(


9 hours ago, taeunfighting said:

Definitely! The glimpse into their childhood friendship was pleasant to watch :)! Gave a better understanding of how CM's crush on SY could have been 20 years. I'm glad it's looking more obvious that they're totally feeling each other :wub:.

Totally but am really disappointed to find from a PBY fan Twitter this scene was deleted on the TV version and only shown on the Netflix version.  Sad most people people missed out on sucha  cute, pivotal scene.


5 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

Example : Mi-Do - I find that the new/original Mi-Do is not so pretty or cute (I am female so maybe I have different perception of attractive). Would the Detective love the Mi-Do as she is now? Or does he like Mi-do/SY in the physical form?

It is an interesting idea.

I agree with you and no shade to the new actress who is cute but I think PBY is prettier and cuter. The new Mi Do with a totally different face expected Dong Cheol to just believe her without explaining that she had plastic surgery?  I thought Lee Si Eon as Dong Cheol was so funny in this episode but I also feel sorry for heartbroken Dong Cheol


Hee jin is just a snake. I don't like her tagging along with them all the time and after everything SY and CM have done for her she is still lying and deceiving. Also did anyone find it weird they didn't even ask or wonder about about the Abyss marble the whole episode? I thought that was one of the things they were going to get HJ to ask about when they went to visit but they just wanted to know about the accomplice and it looks like HJ deleted the stuff about the abyss from the video. Also I did't get the part where CM guessed where her mother's hospital was?  I thought it was weird she didn't recognise Seo but I thought it was just because she was focused and didn't notice him.  Or maybe she hasn't seen him since she was young but he has kept tabs on her?

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7 hours ago, greezlybee said:


One more thing that makes me go "awwww": CM unwrapping a sandwich and gave it to SY. Unwrapping another but for him, not HJ. I can't with how gentle yet sassy CM is ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I love how the subtle ways he cares for her ^_^

7 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

With the latest episode, my interest is back 110%.

Looks like they are not so focused on the violence now that PsychoDoctorResurrectedOldMan is in jail.

The heart fluttering moment which got me interested again..


How he protects her head in that fall. :wub:

And I have to love this detective. He really loves Mi-Do.


I agree. I enjoyed this episode so much more now PsychoDoctorResurrectedOldMan  (lol!) is locked away.  I hope he stays in there.

Thanks for the gifs.  I love how his first instinct was to protect her head:wub:


6 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

Okay before I start commemting about the episode of last night. I better tell you how this scene distracts me a lot. LOL


Should he stand in that pose,  like that? Did he do it intendedly? Did he know that he is so hawt like that. Hahahaha. Goshh... *blushing*


Well.. enough with that one. 

Yes! He looked sooo hot in this scene giphy.gif

I used to be #teambangs but I have to say #freetheforehead company president CM is pretty damn handsome and has won me over:wub:


6 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

I am so happy with the slow burn romance between SY and CM. I like the flashback of their childhood two. But what happened to the subtitle? Even I understand somehow I still need the subs for those scene. The flashback made the feels of their friendship from the past strengthen as time goes on. I love how teen SY annoyed since Min beats her grades to the first place. And Min brought her bread while consoling her with his explanations. That is sweet. Rival love! 


There's quite a lot sweet scene from the OTP. The-I take you to sleep-scene is just too adorable. And it would end up even sweeter if it wasn't that dumb ringtone disturbing. LOL


Also I like how CM looked pretty assured when SY told him how she like about him all this time. She did care for him after all but her ego or idk made it vague to him. I wonder why she mumbled her heart beat skips?? Did she confess her feeling inderectly to him? LOL

I wish the drama had started developing this earlier but I did love the romance development this episode. We also saw a bit of jealousy from CM when SY was going to see Dong Cheol and bragging about her oppa skills lol.  The flashback was one of my favourite scenes too as it gave us some insight to their 20 year relationship  So it wasn't just my translation that was missing some of the subtitles during the flashback?


I also loved SY assuring CM and telling him how she liked that he was kind and cared for people...before she went back to her usual brash self.  It was very sweet and you could tell CM appreciated it.


6 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

Actually, the idea is very interesting here.

Do you like/love the person because of their exterior or is it the soul you love?


I think that SY did find CM geekily cute in the past but maybe due to teenage pride (or something similar), she never said anything. He has always been there for her and I admit it's hard to find a guy devoted to you for 20 years!


It is definitely an interesting idea and one that I would have liked the drama to explore a bit more.  The flashback gave us a lovely insight into their relationship and shows that SY always kind of liked him even if she didn't admit it to herself.


5 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

I do love this too. Actually it a bit bothered me that SY start liking Min just now. But the flashback shows something deep between their friendship.  Since all we got before is their flashback of adult GSY was followed by so many guys who likes her. And Min is just one of them on the side. 


Yup. 20 years. I wonder why would SY introduced CM to HJ in the first place?  I dislike that she keeps tagging along with them. 


Subway PPL won't miss any dramas! LOL. I am not complaining tho. I love that scene. It made me want that burger too. 

I agree about the flashback showing that the feeling has always been there and not just because Min suddenly became handsome was important. That's why I'm disappointed they cut it from the TV broadcast but hopefully we will see more flashbacks from their younger selves.

LOL @ the ever present Subway PPL.  I'm glad they at least  managed to throw a bit of cuteness in there with Min unwrapping SY's sandwich for her.


47 minutes ago, Dramanoona said:


The production crew stated, “Starting from episode 8, the two will end their 20-year-old friendship and officially start their new romance. Please look forward to tonight’s [May 28] episode.”

Ooooo!!!!  I'm probably in the minority in that I think I would like to wait a few more episodes for the romance to start in earnest as the drama only really started to develop this part in the last couple of episodes but I'm still very excited for today's episode :w00t:

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49 minutes ago, Dramanoona said:


The production crew stated, “Starting from episode 8, the two will end their 20-year-old friendship and officially start their new romance. Please look forward to tonight’s [May 28] episode.”



 I transferred the whole article here :D

Park Bo Young And Ahn Hyo Seop Get Sweet And Cozy In “Abyss”

May 28, 2019
by L. Kim

tvN’s “Abyss” has unveiled sweet new stills of Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop from its upcoming episode!

“Abyss” is a fantasy drama about a magical marble that reincarnates the souls of the dead as entirely different people. Park Bo Young stars as Go Se Yeon, a breathtakingly beautiful prosecutor who is murdered and then brought back to life as an ordinary-looking woman, while Ahn Hyo Seop plays Cha Min, Go Se Yeon’s best friend of over 20 years who is magically transformed into a stunningly handsome man. After their mysterious reincarnations, the two lifelong best friends embark on a quest to find Go Se Yeon’s killer.

Previously in episode seven, the 20-year friendship between Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop started blossoming into something more, causing viewers to anticipate what their future holds.

In the new stills, Park Bo Young is touching Ahn Hyo Seop’s cheeks affectionately to silently thank him for always being with her for the past 20 years. Ahn Hyo Seop raises questions by approaching Park Bo Young whose face is half covered by a blanket. Their gazes are dripping with sweetness, and attention is drawn to whether the romance between the two will begin.




During the rehearsal, the two actors showed off their teamwork by working with director Yoo Jae Won to meticulously align their lines and check even the most detailed gestures. It is said that their passion for acting and the crew’s efforts helped achieve a beautiful, romantic scene.

The production crew stated, “Starting from episode 8, the two will end their 20-year-old friendship and officially start their new romance. Please look forward to tonight’s [May 28] episode.”

“Abyss” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.


link : https://www.soompi.com/article/1328070wpp/park-bo-young-and-ahn-hyo-seop-get-sweet-and-cozy-in-abyss


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Thanks @lingx2 


I like that still :D

3 hours ago, lightbringer06 said:

Btw, I like the color of their clothes in that still....I always think their stylist seems to match also their dressing codes most of the time :).

I noticed that too! Their clothes always compliment each other.

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10 minutes ago, Dramanoona said:

I have no access to the live stream....sigh


Same!  I have the day off and I can watch live for once but the link I have used before isn't working today of all days *sigh*

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13 hours ago, greezlybee said:

Three things that makes me go wild:

1. Real MD shows up. I really can't predict with what will happen to SY...

2. The chief prosecutor visiting his son that looks like Seo. Okay.

Yes. I thought the same thing as well. A lot of possibility went through my mind but there's this one thought that may sound so crazy: Seo was revived with abyss and gain a face of chief prosecutor's son. Because somehow, Seo and the chief prosecutor's conversation seems like they know something. MAYBE, the ones who were revived aren't just the four. This is giving me a headache.


3. The preview y'all. The fact that MD and SY are together is epic I know I said I can't predict MD and SY, but I guess when MD learns everything, she may be of help.


One more thing that makes me go "awwww": CM unwrapping a sandwich and gave it to SY. Unwrapping another but for him, not HJ. I can't with how gentle yet sassy CM is ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

@taeunfighting Right from the episode 3, it became clear to me that there was a third person helping OYC. Why? Because of this scene... (episode 3; 42:45)


SJU visits the place where OYC's father used to live. There, we hear from the villagers that the father was proud of his son because OYC became a doctor. Secondly, the father got upset, when OYC became the murder suspect of his wife. These remarks underline that the father would do anything for his son as he was his pride. Finally, we also hear that the father passed away 5 years ago.


Yet, from what we saw, the person revived by the abyss take the appearance of their soul. And here is my supposition: OYC took the form of his father. However, from what we saw, GSY took the appearance of LMD, although the latter is not dead. It is the same case for SJU. All this leads me to the conclusion that the body of OYC's father, GSY and CM are still alive, hidden somewhere... 


Strangely, SJU had no idea about the existence of the father, although he knew that OYC was his father. Another clue that SJU was linked to abyss appeared very early. Remember that the glass shone, when SJU came closer to CM at the hospital. The abyss recognized that SJU had been revived by the abyss and took the appearance of the chief prosecutor's son. That's why HJ can not recognize him as he doesn't look like her older brother, while HJ hasn't changed much. SJU has been observing HJ for a long time and knew who she was. 


In my opinion, the chief prosecutor is well aware that the actual prosecutor is not his son but he has been forced to acknowledged him as his son. I suspect that the chief prosecutor has been blackmailed. Remember OYC's words to the detective: he killed the husband who was abusing his wife. So maybe the chief prosecutor hurt his son and out of fear (scandal), he was proposed this deal: OYC's son would take the appearance of his own son. But the deal can not come from SJU nor from OYC. It looks like SJU has no idea how he came back to life, just like his father OYC. The latter only discovered its existence and power much later. Furthermore, SJU received a message about GSY and visited her grave where he discovered that it was empty. Back then, he had no idea and the sender of this message can not be OYC.


As conclusion, there is someone else working with OYC. Another clue for this theory is this scene from the episode 4: image.png The doctor makes the call and I doubt that it was SJU's phone number. image.png "You made a mistake which is very unusual of you". This is what the person over the phone said. The person seems to be well informed about the discovery: the fingerprint doesn't change. It happened right after the murder of CM therefore this person is working for the police or the prosecutor office. Then right after, the supposed body of CM was found. The DNA, the picture and the comparison of CM's jaw were quickly delivered. I doubt that SJU could have been able to have access to it. Besides, SJU declared to his official father that he never leaked any info to the media and this time, I have the impression that he was definitely telling the truth. From my point of view, all these evidences prove that this third person is pretty powerful and must be close to CM's family/business. OYC treats his daughter as a tool and this third person is acting like him, using people like his pawns. My theory is that the mastermind is OYC's father who is living under a different identity.  


On the other hand, OYC knew all along that SJU was his son hence he felt protected. Nevertheless, I doubt that SJU protected him as he loved him, I think, he was asked to take care of him (SJU's grandfather would be the perfect answer). But since OYC disliked his father (he claimed to be an orphan), this would explain why the other person never revealed his true identity. From my perspective, there has been a competition between OYC and SJU created by the grandfather/father: who will be the perfect murderer? Don't forget that both, father and son, are talking about murder as if it was a battle, a game: winning/losing.


To summarize, the third person is the mastermind and I have the impression that this person had two goals in mind: he wanted to find his true heir and secondly to become rich/powerful through his relatives (SJU/HJ). Furthermore, we shouldn't forget that there must be another abyss and the owner of the second abyss was the one who revived OYC's son.


And his original target was CM: the heir of Lan cosmetics... HJ got a new identity and was asked to marry CM. But because she feared for CM's life, she decided to run away and OYC was sent there to catch her before leaving the country.


Let me know what you think... 


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