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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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3 hours ago, ohlalaw said:

i only read here and there but your words made me have to post here. which part did you mean he's not the good actor? please explain so i'd know a bit cause i watch all episodes and i didnt see  "lacks" you talked about. and He's not casted because of his handsome face or that smile. pbg is capable for his various roles and expressive eyes so to say he's not a good actor. seriously sounds bit too much for me (personally). i watch this drama just because of him and SHK and his role was the person who's clueless with the CSH world. so it's his character that he doesnt know the situation or how cruel of those chaebol society is and all he has was courage and kindness which contrast with others.

first two episode.. and his overzealous acting to come off as chirpy, cheerful and bubbly.. i think he got ok after the drunk scene and where he is not trying to impose upon audience that he is a cheerful character

8 hours ago, mellinadear said:


All I have to say is in spoiler.

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Normally, I always lurk but I had to delurk for this.

Gummy is a good actor.

I have been his fan for a few years, I have watched him grow into the young man that he's become.

I have followed all dramas he has acted in and I am impressed by all.

And I find it darning when anyone says he can't act.

All you have to do is watch his previous dramas and make a judgment on them.

When he was casted in LITM, he had problems getting into his role, he couldn't connect with his character and we his fans knew but once he became one with that role, he slayed.

Maybe he hasn't blended together with his role for this drama but to say he can't act, I disagree. Call me biased or whatever but I disagree. 

You don't judge an actor on just one role you see him/her in for the first time, you watch their previous works( if you have time) and then make your assumptions. That's what I do. 

However, knowing him as a fan, Bogum never stops trying to challenge himself with roles and if he "lacks" in any department, he will make sure to fulfill/exceed expectations that are beneficial to him being an actor.



I read this article (using google trans ofcourse) and it talked about this show not being the usual "Cinderella" story but more of Don Quixote. The writer talks about why jinhyuk's character may seem so unrealistic.

It's easier to believe in a cinderella story, than to believe that a man like don quixote exists (which I'm sure some of us have questioned on why JH's character has it so easy despite coming from a poor background and why he's all smiley and full of life. Some of us have even questioned how to relate to him).


I just hope the drama doesn't end in a sad note cuz Don Quixote had a sad ending.

lol.. why do you assume i haven't watched his previous drama.. and i think the comment is obvious enough that he is being compared to caliber shown in previous works

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Boyfriend is the no. 1 CABLE TV program (i.e. drama, entertainment show, etc.) in terms of household viewership and number of viewers from December 3-9, 2018.


Credit: Nielsen


P.S. I boldfaced it and increased its font size for our greater enjoyment. :D



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Yong Jun-hyung will participate in the third OST of TV drama tvN 'Boyfriend' and will be released at 6 pm on the 13th. 

Yong Jun-hyung's "Do not hesitate to say" is a song that lyrically captures the hearts of lovers who are beginning to love. Through this work, Yong Jun-hyung, who participated in the first solo, ost which is composed in the middle, will be combined with his deep sensitivity and drama atmosphere.




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Let the numbers do the talking :glasses:



Let’s just ignore the nega comments and let’s continue to hype this drama up to anywhere that shows KEnt and has the search function in it, like ig, naver. :D

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I just finished watching ep 4 and I look forward to the new episode tomorrow morning my time. 

Regarding PBG's acting, I thought his drunken acting was really good. That drunk scene with the zipper tie was very funny and I replayed that scenes multiple times. 

His character here in this drama is indeed very different from Moonlight or Reply 1988 and it seems that JH's character is written to be happy and smiley type. So, I think his acting is according to the character so far and we should wait until the end of the drama before casting our score on this drama or PBG's acting. 


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“The scriptwriter has written some hit movies but not dramas. Being a fan of Park Bogum, I know that he chooses his roles carefully. Still, I was hoping that he will team up with reliable scriptwriters. But I will trust Bogum in his decision to be in this project. In an interview, he says that he reads the script thoroughly before deciding on accepting or rejecting an offer. I also read that SHK is picky with her projects. There must be something really good then---I am deducing---with the script that we are not privy to, because with the uproar over the casting, thousands of downvotes over the pairing because of the age gap and the netizens' blurring of the real-reel situation of SHK and PBG (SHK being the wife of SJK and therefore the "sister in-law" of PBG who is a close dongsaeng of SJK :-)), the predictable move would be for them to turn it down...but they confirmed...so I will suspend my judgment and hope for the best.


..... I just did some backreading and @gumtaek, I must say that I felt the same way when it was announced SHK is accepting this drama. I’m sure many SHK fans must have felt/thought of this too. 


She’s very picky and is known to have hit dramas all across Asia because of how picky she is. She starts a new drama only every after 3-4 years ever since Full House. So I trusted her judgment and hoped for the best.


Back to my point, because of what you said, you have my respect! Bulls eye on the one I quoted :thumbsup:

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On 12/11/2018 at 1:11 PM, bohmi said:

I've found these comments on Naver,


"I am very grateful to Park Bo-gum Song Hye-kyo, who had a courageous adventure in attempting to break the existing drama pattern. I was a fan but I wondered why I saw 4 times and I saw why you chose it. We always wonder why movies and dramas only come out of that sort of thing, but they seem to have a strong resistance to new attempts. I too... The ending of the fourth episode suddenly broke that prejudice. I think it would have been hard to do without these two actors. These two actors are really cool."


"People said Boyfriend was stale, but they can not "see" implied material in drama, so I understand the resistance of those who are unfamiliar with it. But I think that if you understand the value of the 4th ending facing each other, you will know how special the drama is. I want to see this drama to the end together with such people. I think that Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo who have chosen this drama courageously are great actors." :thumbsup:

Source : NAVER



  Reveal hidden contents

Boyfriend's cinematographer is Kim


Indeed both of them are very brave to take up the role. unhappy people who keeps writing negative comments / unrealistic comments. ( mother / son pairing SHK acting is expressionless, flat) then bogum's manner yawning became a click bait for other drama's fan to promote their bias's drama.   Please ignore those negative comments in social media and let's enjoy the drama.  Today i feel like posting lots of gif / post that i kept it.


their acting




Look at his face


Cheer up ( who can act like this! LOL



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The version of the Snow White fairytale popular today is actually an amalgamation of two characters, in the original story there are two central characters - Snow White who has extremely light blond hair her personality traits are - quiet, keeps to herself and prefers to stay indoors. Rose Red has dark hair and prefers to be outside, speak her mind, and is more adventurous than her quieter sister. 


Through time various versions have written off the real Snow White’s character,visuals and personality traits but her name has been transferred to Rose Red. 





This most popular version of Snow White is actually RoseRed.


Similarly CSH is made up of two CSHs, before her dad joins politics(RoseRed) and after (SnowWhite). Over time RoseRed CSH is buried deep inside and the public only knows of SnowWhite CSH . Like the original fairytale , there are very few people who know the real CSH - this has been alluded several times during conversations between Driver Nam and Secretary. 


Using metaphors and symbology 

*in the last episode KJH gives CSH Sulwhasoo’s RoseRed lipstick.



*Driver Nam says that the only time CSH resembles her old (RoseRed CSH) self is when she’s with KJH.

* KJH gifts her a book entitled “I look at you how I look at flowers”. The rest of the world sees SnowWhite CSH but he sees her as RoseRed CSH. 


The drama therefore suggests that the birthday gift KJH is giving her isn’t actually the physical lipstick but the larger gift of helping RoseRed CSH who has been forced to live under the guise of Snow White CSH to finally come out and reveal her true self. 

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Park Bo Gum is currently hosting the 2018 MAMA Fans' Choice in Japan. When he was introduced clips of  him in the drama were shown....good advertisement for the drama. The event is being held in Saitama Super Arena Japan with a maximum capacity of 37,000.


Tweet Version



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I actually felt bogum's acting is natural



A big problem with Jinhyuk is his age. How could this guy look like 29 y.o?


Why make him older, when he actually look younger than his real age. 


Plus the script not helping him. 


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