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  1. Hello Chingus, I'm back here again today since I missed JH and SH Btw, I just watched PBG's interview at Arirang in 2016 and he mentioned that he typically selects movies/drama that has a good message. So, now I understand why he chose this "Encounter" drama despite the negative buzz in the beginning since this drama does have a very good message for the viewers. Hope you're all doing good and thank you for all the translation, recap, insights and analysis!
  2. @luvhollandlop I love what you said above. This drama has made me reflect and realize my unloving behaviors...gah, I need to repent...><
  3. @NongpeeP thanks for posting the translation. Wow...I'm even more excited to watch the episode after watching your translation. This drama totally sends a good message that we should cherish our loved ones. Even when they are being difficult (such as JH's mom or CSH's mom), we should at least give them a chance and we should still continue to love them. What a heart warming message. It's true that sometimes you don't need to argue viciously to change someone's hearts. JH wins his mom's approval through his consistent love... I already know all of these messages but to implement it I think it's very difficult, which is very obvious from the reactions of all of us in this forum to JH's mom. We suggested JH to cut off his relationship and move out from the house. We suggested JH to confront his mom directly and immediately... Should JH follow our suggestions, there will be more unnecessary drama ensued and his relationship with his mom is probably not going to be same...so Kudos to JH! You're indeed more mature than your age and I admit that you're more mature than me (even though I'm older) since I often react wrongly when those pressures arrive. You deserve to live happily with CSH.
  4. Thanks for the recap everyone! I look forward to watching the ep 15-16 tonite or this weekend. It's good that not only CSH and JH is able to protect their love but they are also able to reconcile with their respective family members.
  5. I wonder what will make JH's mom relent and let JH be with SH....is it because JH become so miserable for a long period of time? I actually have 2 friends whose parents disagreed to their relationship....the first couple takes 1 year to get approval from the dad and they are happily married with 2 kids now. The second couple takes 5 years to get approval from the mom and they just recently got married. I hope JH and SH don't have to wait for that long...these real life couples don't break up even though they have to wait that long for the approval. So, I think supposedly, SH doesn't have to break up with JH also...haiz...
  6. Thanks for the recap everyone. I was afraid that JH would resign and we get a time jump which doesn't solve anything. It's good to know that JH is not giving up. It sucks that SH is not able to hold on...but it's good that JH continues to persist.
  7. If there's a long separation, I'm not sure if we will have a wedding at the end....we would be lucky if we have them again together. I hope the writer doesn't just throw us another encounter at the last scene and we're left with an open ending. Oh really? That's good to hear....I become worried when I saw that ring... Did he has a CF using a ring also?
  8. Do you think we will see these scenes in the next 2 episodes? 1st pic - Long hair JH looking gloomy with the ring 2nd pic - Long hair JH looking gloomy at the train 2nd to last pic - Long hair JH looking gloomy but wearing the ring It seems that the separation is going to last months or years and not only weeks since JH's hair becomes long again. What I'm concerned with is that JH will quit his job after he breaks up from SH and wasted his talents and life...I hope the writer doesn't go that way since that wouldn't be aligned with the strong and honorable character that we have seen so far. If JH breaks up with SH, I hope JH would still be able to continue to mature himself, becoming even more financially stable, and becoming even more admirable as a person during the separation...
  9. I just finished ep 14 and the story, acting, and everything remains to be good... However, I'm frustrated with SH and JH....they don't share their burdens and that's the reason for their current problem. CSH said to the tea lady that JH will suffer by himself and hence, the reason why she can't mention to JH about his mom's request... JH's behavior seems to further confirmed this notion also since he doesn't tell SH the full truth of why JM got into a fight...while SH actually already knew it from Mi Jin. Gah! I hope the writer will show how this issue will be addressed and not just showing us how they live happily after all the problems are taken away from them since having your problems taken away from you is not realistic and sends the wrong message to the audience...
  10. Chingus, now that I have watched half of ep 14 with sub....I'm worried about CSH's dad. It seems that he may have done something not good in the past (in addition to receiving money from Taegyong maybe?). He mentioned that he's going to do a long term project and may not be able to visit the memorial of his friend for a while...omo...I hope he's not going to jail since that will make our CSH even more sad and make her life even more difficult...
  11. Oh my... Initially, I was in the camp that believes that there's a need for a time jump to mature JH. However, as their relationship progresses, I notice that JH is already very mature and dependable so I no longer think there's a need for a time jump for their relationship....unless obviously the writer is trying to milk the angst to make the audience tune to the drama... The thing with time jump (especially a long one), you would need to re-start the relationship coz a person's thoughts and perceptions and priority may have evolved/changed during those times...also, even if their initial problems were no longer there (ex: JH's mom passed away), they will still have new problems to deal with....bottom line is I don't think we need a time jump and CSH and JH should just face their problems head on.
  12. I'm curious to know what's the extent of CSH's dad involvement with Taegyong. All that we know at this point in time is only that his wife receives money from Taegyong so he agrees to let CSH married that family... I hope he's not doing anything that will make him deserves to go to jail...
  13. cheer-up @mads129 Since we have the conflict this week, hopefully it's HE next week! Hope nobody gets depressed over this drama! Go watch the happy scenes if you're sad
  14. In this drama, we are at the mercy of the writer...hahahaha But in real life, if this kind of situation happens, SH has to open up and communicate with JH on the issue. In real life, it would be better for JH to hear it directly from SH instead of from anybody else. JH is mature enough to be able to handle his own mom...he has been his son for 30 years so SH should trust that JH would be able to give guidance and convince his family. If SH doesn't trust that JH can handle the situation then they should not get married imo. In real life, relationship with in-laws is never easy and in order to have a good marriage, both partners need to be 100% open to each other in order to face whatever challenges that they may have. Relationship with in laws is tricky for many families so from the beginning of the relationship, there has to be an agreement between the couple on how to handle each side of the family and communication is key. Anyway, this is just a drama, so we're at the mercy of the logic of the writer.
  15. I appreciate your thinking but JH and SH are 100% responsible for their actions and reactions to whatever problems thrown at them. I think if they break-up then it's 100% SH and JH's fault even though JH's mom is the one who instigate it. Yes, JH's mom is at fault but now we all as an audience wants to know what would be SH's reaction to this problem. Again, JH and SH should have talked...inquiry, hint, or just old plain talk to each other...
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