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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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@os168 couldn't agree more, thank you for saying so. How I wish this comment fill the comment section in an article or video about encounter, so sad to read negative one which if I paid attention only from several people but, very "vocal" 

Let's wait to another episode wednesday is becoming closer. Yeay!!!

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How I wish we had a resident English translator of Korean articles about the drama! There are many insightful reviews about the drama. If these were written in journalistic style, google translate helps but unfortunately for those who don't read Korean and that's many of us, they're not.




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50 minutes ago, gumtaek said:

So aside from Cha Soo Hyun's red dress and lipstick, her earrings also enjoy  "explosive popularity.




So, where can I find the earrings? She actually had two variations of that earrings. One is shorter (as shown in the above picture) and another pair which is slightly longer which she wore on episode 3. 

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1 hour ago, Jemrie said:

How to make a girl fall for you? Don't give her clothes! Instead, give her food. Feed her!:kiss_wink:


I was a little worried about those rice/potato things.  Sorry but I fail to recall what the name of them is.  Surely they must be tasty but I'm generally a little put-off by gray-color food and even more so by something that seems gummy.  I'm still curious, though:  Does anyone know what they taste like?  And what are they called?

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11 hours ago, NongpeeP said:

Could anyone please answer my question what is the score/melody without lyrics in the ep.4 after KJH called CSH's name in front of everybody on the office lobby to implicitly correct rumor that the ramyeon man at the rest stop has been forced to go with CSH by authority. 

I have curiosity for a while but I can't  find the answer.


Thank you so much in advance.


@NongpeeP adding another version for your listening pleasure :wub:

it's simpler with just a piano playing (usually the versions are with stringed instruments)

and i think not too much reinterpretation from the artist

but still powerful and pretty uplifting


ah this masterpiece by Johann Pachelbel

popular during its time (late 17thC) then became obscure until 1968

and has since been very popular as entrance music for wedding ceremonies (*wink*)


happy that even classical music has figured into this drama

(a drama that i dare say  is bound to be a classic by itself)


still wishing and hoping the version in the sequence gets included in the OST

and praying even more we get to hear Bogum play it one of these days.

i miss seeing him on the piano


(and i miss my piano)



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11 minutes ago, caileysmiley said:


From Aino:)


Pretty earrings!  And the design is so simple.....can't afford to buy them, though, so now I've just gotta see if I have some silver wire on hand and find out if I still have fuel in my blow torch.  A little skill (and I really only have just a very little) is a dangerous thing.  :D

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I came into the show for SHK but stayed for the compelling leads, as well as the beautiful, beautiful cinematography, the drawings (and looooove all your analysis of them!!!) and the poem. 


I love dramas like these which have symbolic hints here and there and everywhere in the movie! What is better is that this forum is filled with so many observant viewers. Salute!


My 2 cents on some things that were brought up. 



Having gone through 4 episodes, I can't imagine the marriage both of them had. It seemed the husband was more willing than SH to the marriage. But from what I see, SH is the kind of person who has grown accustomed to being forced to do things. She would do without too much resistance but she wouldn't do it with much passion. So I can understand throughout the marriage, she's like a dead fish. While the ex-husband did like her and might have tried to win her over, he just didn't know the way to her heart, as shown in the gestures he made. 



After spending a day in Cuba together, there's no doubt SH is also attracted to JH, so I believe there was some jealousy when she caught JH talking happily on the phone. And that's also why she brought up 'his girlfriend' again after wrongfully thinking that JH had talked to his girlfriend. And because she's accustomed to not doing or having things she likes, she didn't think there was going to be any consequences to her jealousy anyway.

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2 hours ago, madinked said:


So, where can I find the earrings? She actually had two variations of that earrings. One is shorter (as shown in the above picture) and another pair which is slightly longer which she wore on episode 3. 

@madinked: @caileysmiley posted the info. I can easily search for KNews but I am quite a dunce when it comes to searching for fashion items that were worn in Kdramas. :lol:


Thanks @caileysmiley!


Kim Jin Hyuk's Appa and Dongsaeng






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