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  1. I remember you asking about the Manila FM... I'm glad to hear that you're fine. I hope you can attend the June 22 FM Stay safe everyone Japanese fans are receiving their Polaroid photo (lottery) giveaways from the Bloomin' pop up store @lover37829732 Cr: Logo Cr: @ku_min88
  2. From Philstar Global https://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2019/04/24/1912204/park-bo-gums-fan-meet-postponed-due-earthquake-blossom-entertainment-releases-statement I know there are a few posters here who are from the Philippines, I hope you and your family stay safe Sending my thoughts and best wishes, hopefully the Philippines makes a quick recovery. I hope everything is alright with you @dukesa1122
  3. I will take a look soon @gumtaek The wall of text is looking rather intimidating Bo Gum's songs - "Bloomin'", "Kagayaki Mirai" and "Itoshii Hito" are available for Karaoke...
  4. Cr: Logo He treasures his school days so much, I hope his schoolmates won't bother him too much while he's in school... I hope he does Knowing Bros or Running Man
  5. I guess Bo Gum is attending Sangmyung University - will update first page... He signed for so many people yesterday New photos from Let it Be
  6. I'm crossing all my toes and fingers that he'll do one after filming Seobok or maybe for Seobok promotion... He did say he wanted to do a variety of different things this year... He's studying music composition right? Is it graduate school or is he just taking extra classes? Who uploaded this? Bo Gum's friend? @Boj Thank you for the magazine photos
  7. Thanks @thadora, I'll continue to work on it Styling the hair differently work wonders too... I think this is the same hair cut, styled by TNGT?
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