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  1. Ooooooo I really hope this is it... I can't wait to watch Bo Gum in cinema. How to make your neck muscle pop out like that
  2. Happy New Year, everyone~ I hope 2021 will be a great year for Bogummy and all of us @gumtaek I use the Vogue HK quote from your twitter for the first page. I definitely need to appreciate every moment more and not let time fly away wastefully ( I love this emoji, she looks hilarious ) The picture is a screen shot of the navy video from twitter, but I forgot which one
  3. BWS on working with Bo Gum https://www.soompi.com/article/1434539wpp/byun-woo-seok-talks-about-working-with-park-bo-gum-park-so-dam-and-more-in-record-of-youth
  4. Byun Woo Seok talks about working with Shin Ae Ra, Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam in RoY. https://www.soompi.com/article/1434539wpp/byun-woo-seok-talks-about-working-with-park-bo-gum-park-so-dam-and-more-in-record-of-youth
  5. I have a mixed feeling about the last two episodes of RoY. I agree that the ending is written like there's going to be a season 2. There are many plot points that I felt weren't given a satisfying resolution... -The whole TS/reporter/Park Do Ha was totally unresolved. Even a brief mention about them after the time skip would have been great (like maybe HJ reading the news of TS/reporter being sued). -HH secretly coveting his BFF's GF deserves at least a punch or two, but that was totally swept under the rug. -I think the story would have been better if the writer sk
  6. I don't understand why even introduce JH's mother last episode? That felt unnecessary to the larger plot... @Dj272 it does look like an open ending with a hint of them getting together or something... but didn't seem like the writer resolved any of the issues that caused the break up in the first place But I shouldn't comment before watching with sub
  7. Some things never change reunion Will come back with my thoughts of the series after watching the final with sub. @gumtaek yes that's the ending.
  8. Time skip So happy for Grandpa I have been waiting for this father-son moment...
  9. @gumtaek yes I agree with you 100% that it was HH who was using JH as an "emotional outlet" rather than HJ. I think you are spot on about JH's stable-biased personality. There's a pattern of JH changing her mind when faced with troubles. When she faced bullying from her senior in the salon, she decided to open up her own shop even though she was just promoted to designer and still didn't have a steady list of clients. Her father noted that she just did her life review (quitting job and buying house) recently. She said she didn't want to depend on HJ and HH for work, but
  10. I posted this in Seobok thread, but I think I'll post this here too For Indonesian Cinema CGV... Malaysian Cinema GSC Singapore Cinema GVC
  11. For Indonesian Cinema CGV... Hope to see more from other countries cinemas too Malaysian Cinema GSC Singapore Cinema GVC Ps: I've edited the first post with poster and trailer from youtube.. is it better to use the original CJ Ent trailer or the one from GSC with English sub?
  12. I'm still confused as to why she wanted to break up. Because of the "scandals" written by reporter Kim and she's trying to protect his career? (but then she did ask him if he's happy and even criticized him for working too much) Because she feels burdened by the relationship and she's disappointed with how their relationship went (HJ's not there enough for her)? She feels HJ is burdened by their relationship and it's turning HJ into someone that he's not? (all his apologies) Because she's actually starting to feel something for HH? (According to her, a man a
  13. Stills from CJ Ent So excited for this movie... I can't wait to see Bo Gum in cinemas. It'll be my first experience watching him in the big screen and for it to be my favourite genre, sci-fi... Be still my heart~
  14. There might be a romance manual for K-drama writers somewhere The break up there was also in episode 14 right? From Seol In Ah's instagram @_seorina
  15. We end the episode with HJ going to JH Did HJ said the tired cliche of "Love means never having to say you're sorry" in the episode along with cuts of him saying a hundred sorry to JH?
  16. Looks like CJ's last message is revealed... The reporter writing an article on Park Do ha lol I guess this is the wrap up with ex GF
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