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  1. I usually try to find his video from his fan. some old fan made video for you @Sakurafairy. its worth rewatching . The below is my all time favorite video .
  2. @agenth i think 2 different production happens to be in same location. My screen caps for that scene could not paste here. you can see their conversation around 1:13:11 "There is another shoot" About ending, still see lots of different opinions online will post a few. Fan relate to entertainment industry from their idol to recent broke up news.
  3. RecordOfYouth's plot is not our typical korea drama Fluffy /dramatic conflicts/ fatansy land / funny Non of the above Instead, shows us how normal people deal with issues in real life. It’s a inspiring and realistic story that tackles the hardships of achieving your dream. Realistic portaral of the entertainment industry stories 1st ever relatable kdrama about entertainment industy / really out there exposing how privilege can create shortcuts to success. meanwhile, a nobody have to either be lucky or spend X
  4. After the drama ends only, i am plainning to post some different opinion tweets from internet about yesterday episode (not to have hard feelings )
  5. Happy ending ? or i am afraid it will be open ending ??? After watching preview, my reaction https://twitter.com/BOGUMMYCAP/status/1320726723298684928?s=20
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