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  1. @rahma92 I totally relate to mel post ( the post that you brought up). Reply 88, choi taek fan never disrepect JH ( and not RJY too, only defend for taeki when JH's fan too much keep bullying / loud to him). Bogum's fan are usually ignore the haters. we know he got talent/ good looking/ well manner/ more popular compare to other actors in his age. media do not write about their bias but they write many article about bogum, media knows people will read it. so not surprise that people wants to bring him down and make their bias look better or take this chance to promote their bias in some article about bogum. they should not denied Reply 1988 is more popular because of bogum. drama popularity could reach to all household and all age groups compare to movie popularity as u know. When MDBC, airing, bogum was loved by many fans . then they started looking for bogum's earlier drama and lots of people watch reply88. even bogum was promoting both dramas in his fan meeting after MDBC. so some countries bought it due to bogum's popularity in 2016. So reply fan who donot like bogum should have thankful heart that drama became well-known due to bogum ( Many international fan because of MC in oversea, MDBC popularity). some countries even bought his youth over flowers and i remember you too recently. Do u know that even----'s drama has not sold to 100 countries after --------- completed airing in korea about 3 mths or so( got very good results -15%?). Encounter was sold to 100 countries before completing and followed by encounter, TVN sold ----drama's to the countries that sold to encounter. one of the actor's fan tweeted it. sames goes to some tvn drama. No need to surprise that bogum got lots of scripts. ( i delete the name of the actor ) Sometimes, i feel so bad for bogum that getting jealously after all drama ( one way or the other). He don't deserve to gets it. But most of us bogum fan lay low, humble, do not wish to argue with anyone. my post so long. I usually donot write unless someone brought up or i felt upset. LOL
  2. @rahma92 Seobok was offered to bogum once he completed MDBC. Actually two movies ( Anci city) and seobok. he declined Ansi City ( JIS and NJH) an seobok was still pending for quite some times. I saw GY took the offer last month. I hope he should accept it as Director really wants him to appear and even change the script for him. If soompi could able to retrieve the info, some of us post the news ( a few site including kdrama news post it) about seobok news. It was offered to bogum first in 2016 Dec or 2017. @Glycie Manongsong bogum is versatile actor. He really looks like in his 30 when he acts with SHK.
  3. @rosiepeonie188 can you give us ( roshzanna and some of us ) the address of Encounter filming site that you visited your recent trip to korea since i am planning to visit in April. Have you visited to Jeju Island too ? eventhough we saw a lot of kfan post pictures, i got no clue as we do not understand korean. If possible, how to go there as well. Thanks. On 1/27/2019 at 3:00 PM, bebebisous33 said: Your remark made me laugh!! Yes, I have still more to say! Don't forget this: - analysis from the drawings (episode 14 and 16) - the final comment "the significance of hands and feet" - courage - the final scene from the episode 14 - the painting from SA: the bride - CSH, KJH and the little prince part two That's why I'll write one analysis per day. But maybe you have an idea and I could work on it. @bebebisous33 will you still post your remaining analysis ( alice in wonderland) in this thread right since i will take a few months to move on from this drama.
  4. bogum's fan is visiting encounter filming places in cuba. will post a few pictures first not to cover bebecisus33 post.
  5. @rahma92 some might become his fan because of great acting and good look, most are because of his good manner, upright personality so he got many more loyal fans who are 30 -50. i am glad to see adjumma so we can be actively support bogum like them when we reach their age.
  6. i am in anger state because of double standard people outhere. Are they shipper ( do not count shipper from this thread ) that who do not like SHK, or are they troll or are they jealous of this 2 top star pairing. whatever the reason, our drama rating should be higher than this.. because of those negative people writing negative comments ( either bring up SJK or boring) , our rating could not increase. even some translator site purposely write negative to m from the first place why keep asking or mentioning him in all article. i think even some of kfan really upset like us. Won Bin is super good looking and famous movie and drama actor. how come nobody mention/ belittle his wife's drama , where is won bin picture in their article. i never jealous or write or watch their drama but i feel very sad for my leads had to go through all those nonsense they both filming under such cold weather and all the negative mr.s comments and picture out there. i saw one of the tweets from melohwa translate current airing drama. even kfan did mention in their article for having double standards. 8. [+31,-1] People are strange. They think of Song Joong Ki whenever they see Song Hye Gyo, so they can't get immersed in her romance drama. But it's Lee Na Young, why isn't anyone talking about Won Bin? bogum is quite mature handling all those nonsense questions. If i were him, i could not answer this way. sometimes i feel regret both bogum and Hey kyo being in this drama. bogum takes the offer first then he realised heykyo took the offer too. it means married actres like SHK should act as mother or stay at home. they really not happy for her to pair with popular young actor! we all should make this drama success for those working woman out there( especially those who married to famous actor). i will not rant anymore and support them. The only place could make me happy for encounter is this thread. thank you once again for all chingus. Anyway we should give positive comments for those who has not watched the drama
  7. @NongpeeP seems like Mnet makes full use of bogum Fan meeting in japan to promote Encounter in Japan before it airs. Save cost for them. for MDBC, they invited bogum to fly over to japan and promote the drama. His japan fan meeting is the biggest among all his FM. ( 2017 FM - 10,000 pax) @aiyumestranger If you can back read, i noticed one chingu wrote fanfiction after ep 8 or 10 if i am not mistaken.. or get helps from @avondale16
  8. He could not do hi touch for his japan fan meeting and seoul FM as over 5,000 people. Last year Japan FM, we saw him waving hand to his fan. He did hi touch for FM with around 3,000-4,000 fans but still
  9. @bebebisous33 and all chingus that i encounter in this thread, thanks for your post and Please take your time and keep posting. As i said earier, i still read this thread daily without fail. I could not react to your post most of the time unless i use desktop . ( auto log out from soompi with my phone) @stroppyse thank you for being here and love all of your post. this drama is not only beautiful romance melo drama but also give us ( guide us) a positive message how should we react / solve problems . i think some chingus here did mentioned in their post too but i wish someone could emphasize how should we treat our parents with love and respect like KJH even though we do not agree their decision . He gets what he want it after all.
  10. yes. we all did it @gumtaek @ilmare He really is talented and hardworking actor. Ofcourse good looking namja too. He takes the various roles for his drama ( it took us 2 years to see him in drama . Always thankful to his fan is never changed.
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