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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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My every moment was you When I loved and also when I was in pain Even at our moment of farewell You were the whole world to me and every moment was you Without you, I don't think I can explain

I must say that I'm at awe with her Chinese. She spoke in Chinese throughout the interview. Her Chinese is really good. In one of the games, she was asked to guess PSJ's lips on a tablet that had 9 pi

I'm sorry but this is driving me insane! Anyone who is on a different ship and is reading this....   July 27: Media Reports the two are in a 3 year relationship, Same day, Agencies respond w

9 minutes ago, quietobserver said:

same day update :lol::heart:



She looks lovely:love: been waiting for Compagna new release photoshoot.

She looks beautiful even lying down..life seems...unfair seeing her beauty LMAO

And PSJ is like... "i am a lucky man..." With his pose on his latest update  :lol:

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Hi and nice to meet you all PPS here! 


I have been secretly reading all the posts in this forum and this is my first time posting here :) 

I am so into park park since I finished WWWSK last year. They are just too perfect being together!  :heart:

While I saw that both of them have denied about their dating news when it came out, I thought everything might just because their chemistry was too good on screen. But after a year and a half, their "coincidence game" are still going strong...(e.g: same dog food, same shoes, Leon and Matilda...etc) and seems that k-media (news topic mentioned KMS and PSJ) / Knetizen are still can't get rid of park park relationship which I think is also a hint that makes me believed they are real couple. 

I hope to hear any exciting "news" of PPC come out in 2020! :wub: haha! 

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both ppc had filming at jtbc studio today. and they got a coffee truck from fans. :lol:

it seems that pmy really likes mint. the owner said she drank peppermint tea.:D(and maybe ice americano she is holding in the pic)

and psj drank strawberry milk and ice americano.:lol:

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On 1/21/2020 at 8:59 AM, minmangfan said:

I wonder if it's just me, but in the teasers PPC suddenly look a bit too old to play high school roles?


On 1/21/2020 at 8:59 AM, minmangfan said:

They still look beautiful, but I feel like it might bother some viewers


i agree they kinda look a bit mature for HS students but it's common for actors in late 20s/early 30s to play HS students in kdramas so im used to it.. Bae Young Joon and Choi Ji Woo also acted as HS students in Winter Sonata and they looked older than PSJ and PMY at that time lol..:phew: (but they nailed their characters ofc. my mom cried so hard when Kang Jun Sang died).... and dont forget LMH and KWB in 'the heirs'..i mean they looked wayy more mature than HS students but i guess the viewers enjoyed their characters nonetheless coz that drama was really famous... and it's not like PSJ and PMY will be HS students all the time, maybe jst in 1-2 episodes or in some flashback scenes so i think it wont bother ppl.... :blush:

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Itaewon Class 5 mins highlights:glasses:

Looks super amazing B)

Chemistry with all casts, the tension between the ladies and foremost the crying ParkSaeroy :bawling: so much emotion seojun! And theres so many variety of emotions. I feel good abt this drama. 31st please be hurry!

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