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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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1 hour ago, fasiou said:

@twoparkcoupleand my dear, the people who are talking about ppc in DC , how many are they? There are so many or not? And are all comments about ppc negative? sorry for asking too many q , andThanks in advance, a lottt.


기타 국내 드라마 갤러리 is a major top gallery in dc. most rumor about k-celebs cames out from there.

it's just simple that k-netzns in dc(some of them are any celebs' fans, some are antis, some are just ppl) write about celebs, rumors freely. if someone writes about any celeb's rumor, the celebs' fans reported it to dc. then dc deleted it.

it happens everyday...lol.. 


for instance,

https://m.dcinside.com/board/drama_new2/10986039 https://m.dcinside.com/board/drama_new2/10985316

those are posts about recent ppc ig post and dog bd foods uploded today in dc.

but maybe it will be deleted tomorrow. cuz psj, pmy solid fans reported it already.(so many posts about ppc was uploaded in dc today. but most posts were deleted in this way. this is the way dc is run..lol..)

dc is the war place where knetzns and celebs' fans fight each other. 

so don't think this too seriously. 

in dc, they blame and badmouth to all celeb couples...even after the couples got married.:expressionless: 

i think they don't want to see celebs so happy. yep k-netzns are sooo jealous type. ;)



(i think I shouldn't have said about that.:sweatingbullets: i just wanted to share that knetzns are paying attention to ppc again these days.)

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You guys need not to worry about what were said by others. Some people give bad comments... not evryone loves waht we love. Some find it cute, some dont. Thats just how things are. Why focus on what were said? Again.. twoparkcouple just shared what knetz noticed. 

Dont worry about random comments of random people. Its an unnecessary stress you are giving to yourself.:tounge_wink:

Just be happy on what PPC gives. 


Its ok dear @twoparkcouple... we appreciate what you share.. always.:glasses:

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@twoparkcouplethanks dear for your explanation and thank you so much for sharing news about ppc in korea, I hope this badmouthing celebs ends soon in korea. God bless ppc and all their fans.  Im always waiting for big hints of ppc:wub: Im always waiting for your good informations, youre  a gem in our fandom and I should say all ppc fans are. 

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Guys... Min-young turned the comments on her last post off. I know you guys said not to freak out over all this but I really can’t help it. I really didn’t know the comment section was that bad (?), I thought shippers stopped commenting/tagging her after she changed the caption. I’m so confused...

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Im sorry to say this... but i think you guys are overthinking way too much. So.. she turned it off.. she has evry right to. Did she delete it? No. Were there fighting or bad comments? I didnt really see any.

Why is that a "big problem"? 

It could be because some is calling her dog Olaf instead of Leon.

It could be anything really.


It seems like you guys doubt every move. If people dont write here that much... you assume people stopped believing about PPC. She made some changesbon social media, you still doubt it.


You can choose to believe anything.. thats your call. But I think others have pretty much explained or helped.. but still you have doubts. 

But you are kinda putting down the mood here.. the past days have been happy to be honest. I dont really understand why some choose to worry about things.


But please, this is a happy place.. or should be. So can we keep it that way? 

If you dont believe them anymore.. just stop posting here I guess.. not everyone can give answers. 


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1 hour ago, Eve Vii'eve said:

Comment IG was turn off post and on dc also was deleted. Seems to be a big problem for us.:bawling:

why is this a big problem?  i said already that dc deleted the posts today. this is the rule and the way dc is run.

remember this. if there is nothing, k-netzns don't even mention anything about celebs. the reason why ppc is being brought up by k-netzns again these days because they also believe ppc is a real couple.B)

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PmY spotted filming with SKJ. :lol:




Stop overthinking. Stop over reacting.

PPS celebrate and share PPC moments here. 

Kind of doubtful to some if they are actually pps when they just keep posting about "doubts" "worry".. when theres nothing to be really. :smirk:

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i dunno y u guys like to overthink sometimes... :sweatingbullets:


if anything, im glad she turned off the comments coz some shippers were shamelessly commenting about olaf and simba~ such a turn off.. yess we all love the hints but everything has a place and time.. y invade their personal spaces like that.. 


and about knets, we all know how bitter they are. and im sure PPC know it too..

so lets not focus too much on negative stuffs.. jst look at the bright side. it means we are not the only one who think they are a couple.. apparently knets think the same thing too.. :lol:

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i like this article:lol:




i translated only pmy part. 


roco queen is an attractive title to an actress.

SYJ and PMY are representative actresses for that and they gained more popularity through the roco queen title.

pmy, enjoying her 2nd renaissance she got from tvn WWWSK, will come back next month with jtbc IFY. she is highly anticipated that she will display her potential as a roco queen again in this drama.




 i'm looking foward to seeing roco queen pmy in ify again.:kiss_wink:

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