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  1. I think she intend to like this comment because the comment have meaning and long. Importantly, she made it to shipper that it was not just a coincidence only psj. Hahaha god woman pmy
  2. She has not come to update goodbye Deokmi character yet. maybe she will come or not. Hahaha happy when see her smile again.
  3. Pmy look very tired, she should sleep. Her eyes is black. Hpl make difficult to her. Hope psj take care her.
  4. Strange that she hasn't updated yet. She is very addicted social. What reason she hasn't updated until now? or there is a problem in a shooting. although will busy but if want to update, it easy expect don’t want to do.
  5. I think pmy know the steam rumor about ParkPark Couple still alive. she comment kjw’s IG because she wanted to create that she was close to other co-actors not just psj. But it made her suspicious because she had never done it before. It's just done she wants to stop dating rumors. Hope PPC happy and waiting.
  6. Do you think pmy hates psj? Why did she delete the tag him and her sister seem not like him? Or they are having a negative relationship. I scared
  7. Can’t move on for ParkPark couple Everything is too real. Have you ever seen pmy go to eat party a team with another team drama? Except Secretary kim team.
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