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  1. Instagram lovers comeback!!!! Caption make me happy and emoji (denim jacket ) make me more happy. Ideal woman of PSJ : T-shirt and jeans
  2. PMY’s stylish update on her IG story that 4 days left (D-4) for end shooting film drama IFY. mean pmy is free and someone who neighbor is free now. Perfect time!!!!!
  3. It's suspicious and surprising that she have pics in front of food truck all expect car’s tinkerbell not appear. Tinkerbell so special so she don’t show it (I really remember for qf7d.)
  4. I wonder Her clothes style is Haewon or Minyoung????? Pics that bring to post on IG is herself right.
  5. I mean big problem about privacy of pp. These things will be cause inconvenience for them. And their hardship means our problems because we love them
  6. Very stressed about what will happen. Afraid that there would be no hint from PPC to be a our happiness.
  7. I think so. We should to make a delulu by quiet. Afraid they will not to show some hints again .
  8. Maybe some account tagged delulu between simba and leon. She deleted it only left ‘ParkLeon’ lol
  9. The action of pps maybe not correct perhaps but comparing us with other ships is also something shouldn't do. I think pps not make problems to anyone. Don’t mentions other ships in here, even if it's you or someone who hacked you, I don't know. Thank you
  10. Seem pmy get sick but now she update. I think my beautiful rachel is ok. PPC still same day update again and again !!!!!
  11. Yes, I've been following pmy for years. These shoes are not her style. But now I think she really like it a lot. loli
  12. Pmy look tried and not happy.Her eyes with tears always I think because about sister’s news. poor minyoung
  13. Yeah I think so. Pmy so close than I think. All action is the best definition of ParkPark that 1000000% ppc is real.
  14. Japanese ver. so sweet ttttttttt ~ very close about ppc. really no space I wonder why Korean version not have sweet scenes!!!!!!!!!
  15. Did you heard about psj get injury while shooting Itaewon class? News is released but now deleted. worried him
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