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[Drama 2018] Your House Helper, 당신의 하우스헬퍼

Go Seung Ji

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Ha Seok Jin Shares How His New Drama “Your House Helper” Differs From Original Webtoon Series

Actor Ha Seok Jin participated in a photo spread and interview with Singles magazine to talk about his upcoming drama “Your House Helper.”

KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Your House Helper” is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. When asked about the upcoming production, Ha Seok Jin stated, “There are quite a lot of things we changed to differ from the original webtoon. I think it will actually be fun to compare the drama and webtoon as you watch the series.”

He also added, “I hope that people who watch the drama will find it soothing. Comparing one’s own life to those shown in the drama can be a moment of reflection. Picking up little hints along the way, it can be an opportunity to declutter one’s mind.”



In the upcoming drama, Ha Seok Jin will play a softer and warmer character than in his previous works such as “Drinking Solo” and “Radiant Office.” He stated, “When I really get into my characters, I find that their traits naturally start seeping into my day-to-day life. So these days, I’m trying to be more tidy and clean like my character.”

The actor concluded his interview by stating that he is always eager to try out new roles and concepts as he loves acting and wants to expand his horizons.

“Your House Helper” is set to begin airing in July and will also be available on Viki!

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Hello @USAFarmgirl @dotonly!! Happy you guys are here. 

Like these women, think we could all do with a house helper like him :P. Starts next Wednesday 4th July  on kbs2 & 5th July on kbsworld.

Compilation of the teasers

Script reading with cast greeting


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@triplem Glad you made it!!!  Looking forward to what lies ahead!!


26 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

I notice webtoon dramas alot of the time are good.


Also is this show going to be a love octagon?


I don't know about the show...  LOL :w00t: But on this thread there will be a lot of love going on and much larger than an octagon!!!





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@USAFarmgirl  @dramaninja


The main cast are made up of two guys and 4 gals with Ha Seok Jin and Bona headlining the show. I am not sure if there will be any crossed love lines but oh well if About Time can have 3 women loving one man, let's have all 4 doing the same here :w00t:


What's funny is that they were specific with the men's ages - 36 and 34 . But for the women they are all in their late 20s....are they saying only women in that age group needs a house helper? Don't women of all ages need one??? :lol:


Calling some fellow HSJ fans... @gladys57 @jellybellymonster @mrdimples @bella1025 @Nodame 


pssttt @USAFarmgirl on special request , he might be able to fix and stay for breakfast....




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1 hour ago, triplem said:

pssttt @USAFarmgirl on special request , he might be able to fix and stay for breakfast....


And lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, midnight snack....

  I don't know it's going to be rough watching him week after week .  But I guess we might as well be the brave ones to make the ultimate sacrifice...  Don't forget your shades...B)B)  Our eyes can only handle so much....


pssttt @triplem right back at you:glasses:...




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KBS WORLD have given english translation of character introduction for the main leads. seems like we gonna have two separated love line! 



Kim Jiun (cast. Ha Seokjin)

He is truly a likeable person. Whenever he is shopping at the supermarket, people would wonder, "Is he a model? Or maybe a new actor?" Most people think that he's just a young single man doing grocery shopping. But when he opens his mouth... you'd be surprised to find out that he is the master of housekeeping. He doesn't miss the chance to hand out his business card. He has been a "male housekeeper" and "professional organizing consultant" for 5 years.

Im Dayeong (cast. Bona)

She is in her late 20s and is an intern at an advertising agency. She is full of ideas, is flexible and has a reasonable amount of patience. But the reality is merciless. It's hard enough for her to survive a day. Naturally, it has been a while since she ate at home or cleaned her house. Her greatest life goal is keeping the house that her father has left her. However, after 2 months of living as an intern, her bank balance becomes close to zero, and her future is in jeopardy.

Gwon Jinguk (cast. Lee Ji Hoon)

He is a 34-year-old lawyer. When he had just started his job, he met Dayeong. She had come to get legal advice from him about the debt repayment of her father's company, and they still keep in touch time to time. He gets to know a woman named Yun Sanga at a friend's engagement party. He learns that Dayeong and Sanga are friends and that they live together. The more he looks at Sanga, who hides her true self behind many cloaks, the more he feels bad for her.

Yun Sanga (cast. Go Won Hee)

She is a jewelry designer, and she is best friends with Dayeong and Somi. When she was a university student, she started from the bottom and worked for an online shopping mall. As a result of her tenacious work, she successfully launched her own brand. After the launch, she has been everywhere promoting her brand. However, now she lives at the apartment of her boyfriend, who has been transferred to New York, alone with his dog.


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6 hours ago, feelbora said:

@dotonly When I first watched official teaser videos, I felt like a CF selling cleaning products. :lol:


Well...it does seem like that, kkk.


(I hope you understand my poor English).

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“Your House Helper” Cast Talks About How The Drama’s Different From The Webtoon, Makes Ratings Promise, And More

Two days before the premiere of KBS 2TV’s “Your House Helper,” Ha Seok Jin, WJSN’s Bona, Lee Ji Hoon, and more from the cast and crew spoke with reporters at a press conference about their characters, the unique angle of the drama, and what they will do if the drama performs well.
KBS 2TV’s latest drama adapts a webtoon of the same name, and is a ‘life healing’ story about the perfect male helper (Ha Seok Jin) who helps organize a woman’s (Bona’s) crazy life, her chaotic home, and her complicated mind.

Producing director Jung Sung Hyo said, “The drama is based on a webtoon, and for the first time ever, we are making a drama about a ‘house helper.’ […] Our drama is about a house helper and four of his clients. You can call it a healing drama because through the organization of the characters’ homes, they find a way to heal and grow. And in that process, they find love and rekindle friendships. There is no classic villain; everyone is bright, warm, and healthy.”

The drama plot keeps a certain distance from the webtoon, explained PD Jung Sung Hyo. “The webtoon easily takes leaps beyond reality, but it’s not as easy for dramas, so if we made it the same way, we thought it could be hard for viewers to follow. More than anything, Ha Seok Jin’s character has elements of fantasy, so making his character the same as the webtoon could be strange. We decided it was important to make the character someone you could believe really existed, so we were very careful with the details of the house helper.”


Ha Seok Jin said that even during filming, they made various versions, from which they would choose the one that was the best fit for the overall story.

In order to better play a house helper, Ha Seok Jin became a “cleaner” of sorts in his personal life, as well. “I thought that my life would have to in order for me to be able to play [a house helper] on set, so I’m making an effort to be very neat.”


WJSN’s Bona, who plays the role of Im Da Young, one of the characters in need of the house helper’s skills, said she was really worried, but she was able to put it behind her, not to mention her fellow WJSN members have also been a huge support.

PD Jung Sung Hyo also explained that the drama actors are a couple of years younger than those in the webtoon. “The tone of the drama could very easily become serious. Because we want the drama to be very lively and bright, we deliberately cast actors that were three to four years younger than the characters in the drama. We want viewers to be able to relate to the drama, as if were their story.”

“Your House Helper” will be airing at the same time as “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” also a drama based on a webtoon. PD Jun Woo Sung said, “It’s difficult to compare ourselves to another drama and say we’re going to do better. We’re confident that even for fans of another drama, [‘Your House Helper’] will be a touching drama that’s a source of laughs and healing. The cast is made up of great actors, and they are really bringing their characters to life.”

For a ratings promise, Ha Seok Jin suggested going to clean houses, and actress Go Won Hee said, “If our ratings are good, we’ll choose 10 people’s houses to clean.”

“Your House Helper” airs on July 4 at 10 p.m. KST.

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@triplem OMOMOMOM Thanks for the summons for Ha Seok Jin. YESH! He is sizzling hot and we are having a heat wave in Boston now 90's hot and humid. He is adding to the heat. Thanks , I cannot wait to watch!!!!!!!!

Hope you are well. Just been crazy at work and barely able to keep up with my current drama rotation. The teasers look cute and good. I am agreeing the current crop of webtoons turned dramas have been enjoyable. I am enjoying What is Wrong with Secretary Kim alot!

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