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2 hours ago, chasen8888 said:


It depends on how you define "graphic", because in my opinion the scenes are clear but not graphic to the point that its tasteless, if I am to compare it to other country's dramas namely US/South America - its fairly clean, not explicit explicit, therefore watchable.  I also think those scenes are a bit necessary so the viewer would have a a better understanding as to the characteristics/personality of the suspects in how they live their lives with extreme arrogance knowing that because of their "family, power, money and connections" they are above the law and reproach.  In addition you are getting a background as to the story of Mi Jung and her connection to these men.  For the first part of the show, one was under the impression that she's a bright decent person only later to find out that is not the case at all.  Mi Jung was for all intent and purposes was/is a serious troublemaker.


You also get to see the duality in the sense that Na Ra is living this life as a wife along with these people, yet somehow she has remained clean as a person and in a way she is In Ho's saving grace.   He claims to love his family etc, yet he is willing to have a "mad" mistress and friends with questionable morals because its also part of his life as they are his longtime friends, you cannot cut ties like that due the bonding, they were there before Na Ra.  Na Ra and their child is a harbor from all of that once he comes home as he can be the "good" husband.  The words exchanged in the drama are good.  


If you are into mysteries, thrillers I suggest you try the show the first batch anyway.  Personally I do not think you would be disappointed, but if otherwise I'll see your post along with other somewhere in soompi.


Take care

I just watched episode 1 (1/2). figure out i wanted to form my own opinion.  agree about it not having very graphic scene (to me graphic scene is those in show like CSI, or game of throne). expect for the one scene where Hak-beom smashed that bottle on the girl they did not show a lot of bloody scene, and that one bed scene where not very vulgar. remind me a litte about ms marple and other of agatha christie`s novel in that it is not a lot of gore and introduce a world where a crime  happen and we get to know the people in it and the mysterie is who did it. I like Na Ra, she seems to be kind but also smart in her own way and have her moral compass. I guess we gonna see her arch in takin up her law book and start working again. agree about her being In Ho saving grace and also his relationship with his "friend". yes that mistress was a nut case, but still she did not deserve killed that way.


all in all I enjoyed it and gonna be interesting figuring out who kille MI Jung and maybe other crime that the rich people did. SO I am inn for the long runn.


take care you to :) 

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Go Hyun Jung And Yoon Jong Hoon Have A Mysterious Face-Off In “Return”



It looks like a tense situation will break out between the lawyer and one of her suspects!


The new SBS drama “Return” premiered last week, starring Go Hyun Jung as a lawyer from a poor background and her own secrets to hide, Lee Jin Wook as a rough-around-the-edges police detective, and Shin Sung Rok, Bong Tae Kyu, Park Ki Woong, and Yoon Jong Hoon as the four wealthy suspects.

Go Hyun Jung showed no mercy while interrogating these suspects in last week’s episode, with Yoon Jong Hoon’s character emerging as a strongly suspicious candidate to the audience due to his drug abuse.

In stills released ahead of the January 24 episode, Go Hyun Jung and Yoon Jong Hoon face off at the hospital where Yoon Jong Hoon works (his family owns the hospital). Although Go Hyun Jung looks at her ease, in total control of the situation, Yoon Jong Hoon looks both apprehensive and suspicious.

he scene was filmed on December 10 at a hospital in Gyunggi-do and both actors arrived early to rehearse the script, as the scene was a dialogue-heavy one. The scene was filmed from multiple angles to ensure maximum tension, so the actors had to know their lines by heart.

more https://www.soompi.com/2018/01/24/go-hyun-jung-yoon-jong-hoon-mysterious-face-off-return/

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I was so glad to finally get started on the backstory, but then Joon Hee!  Gosh, what terrible friends. 


He's not really, dead, right?  (again, haha)

So who's going to pick up the telling of the backstory next, I wonder?  There's clearly more to tell.


Also, I like that we're getting more depth from our terrible foursome, but they're still terrible :D  As it should be.  I'm curious now what made Inho say what he supposedly said about Joon Hee, that he thinks of him like a little brother?  Some traumatic event in the past?


My favorite scene from the latest set of episodes was the face to face between Nara and Inho.  Fantastic dialogue and acting.  Love Nara <3  Good job, girl - tell him what scum he is to his face, just like that.


Also loved when Ja Hye oh-so-casually mentioned the giant fridge in earshot of Joon Hee's coworkers, lol.


I did think it was extremely odd that there were clearly witnesses (gawkers, even) when that "accident" happened in front of the police station.  How did no one think to go inside and say, "hey, you guys might want to know...".  How did the cops not know anything about what happened right outside the window??  Ha...

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wow this drama getting more interesting with the plot ?? i wonder who actually killed min jung...love epi 7 & 8 ...cant wait for the next episodes....those 4 friends omg they are so digusting especially hap beom gosh i really wanna smack his face pathetic crazy chaebol son...taesok is the most cunning manipulative among the 4 friends...its so weird how come nothing is being done  after the detective was attack and beaten and almost dead....i wonder why the police is so slack ...


can't wait for the sub version to come out ....

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Naver - heraldpop: 'Return' Shin Sung Rok found Han Eun Jung's body and buried with Bong Tae Gyu and Yoon Jong Hoon
1. [+4905, -56] Everyone is seriously good at acting, I keep getting goosebumps because of Bong Tae Gyu, Isn't he crazy??? Oh seeing them moving the corpse was creepy;;
2. [+4532, -44] The drama itself is creepy ㅋㅋㅋ Shin Sung Rom is more scary 
3. [+3676, -47] Bong Tae Gyu is scary ㅠ
4. [+3157, -44] I don't think he died after falling from the cliff
5. [+2124, -36] Who is the killer ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I feel sorry for Joon Hee
6. [+1205, -12] Wa Bong Yae Gyu is really good at acting
7. [+1116, -16] Is he coming back alive? But Bong Tae Gyu acting is good. I defiantly feel like I'm watching a movie because of the actors
8. [+936, -4] Why did you hit him with a stone if you are going to cry now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's the best acting for anger disorder
9. [+686, -20] Save Joon Hee, He is the most handsome among them
10. [+669, -7] Kakao Dog is the scariest ㄷㄷ till the end he didn't let Bong Tae Gyu see that Joon Hee was alive...


Naver - sports chosun: 'Return' Shin Sung Rok x Bong Tae Gyu, the creepiest ones
1. [+1636, -32] Bong Tae Gyu's acting is really creepy
2. [+1343, -53] This drama is good because it doesn't have any idols...
3. [+1044, -18] Someone was buried 9 years ago...Joon Hee is alive...Return
4. [+925, -21] His eyes gave me goosebumps...
5. [+851, -16] I get frightened and nervous when I watch it but I keep falling for it, It has charms. I can't even guess who the killer is.
6. [+319, -6] I don't think there is a lead, everyone is so good at acting
7. [+294, -2] They seriously look like crazy people, I didn't feel the time passing  
8. [+285, -3] Bong Tae Gyu and Shin Sung Rok's acting is so good, I keep falling for them. You don't know if it's real or acting, that's how good they are
9. [+280, -8] Bong Tae Gyu's acting is seriously scary....
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This is really a good drama..all acting are superb. It deserves the rating

 It reminds me of murder on the orient express that everyone has reason to kill and they do it collectively. 

These four ‘sick’ men have reasons to kill MJ but how about if they are not really the killer? But they entangled themselves to the crime one way or another. Murderer or not they all deserve to be put in jail.

There is also a reason why this drama is being called Return. Whose return is it?, the detective who might return to make what happened 9-10 yrs ago right?, or the return of the lawyer back as judge?, the return of those supposed to die like YJ?, return of Na-ra to the law field?, or return of IH to set the things right with his sickened friends?

I love the mystery element of this drama.


Will wait for ep 9-10 

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On 1/23/2018 at 2:01 PM, titania1000 said:

Thanks@larus and @ellesina for the recommendations! 

I will definitely check her other works, she's too good to be ignored! I wish i could find Sandglass somewhere:bawling:  It looked the most interesting of her old dramas to me. I'm not a fan of sageuk and romcom com but i'll give it a try.:)

But it's been a while since Dear my friend is on my watchlist, it's more likely i'll start by this one!



"Dear My Friends" is on my to-watch list too! I've heard nothing but praises for it. The only reason I've put it off for so long is I think I need to be in a certain mental state to watch it? I know the story centers around a group of friends who are all elderly men and women. I will 100% be overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions, I just know it :cry:

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First Impressions: “Return,” A High Society Drama With A Chilling Case Of Murder

Return” is a thrilling, “Great Gatsby” style K-drama that mixes high society with the classic whodunit story — and they go so well together, don’t they? Throw in elements of a law firm that has its own TV program and a cutely quirky detective (plus some budding enemy-turned-friends romance), and you have a K-drama that’s impossible to miss.


The relationships in this show are, arguably, even more important than the characters themselves. Our high society friends weave a very tangled web with quite some skill, and it’s what makes the storyline so dynamic and volatile.



The relationship with In Ho and his friends is just as strange. While each one of them might keep the other’s secrets, they’re not above laughing at their friends’ mistakes or sufferings — or orchestrating a situation to create such an occurrence. It’s a bitter circle of relationships, perhaps because of the deceptions that partly tie them together.

We also have a mysterious connection between Min Jung and Joon Hee (Yoon Jong Hoon), part of In Ho’s clique: Min Jung seems to be connected to the drug supply currently being withheld from him, creating vicious symptoms that compel him to do drastic things like stab his arm with a fork.


read more https://www.soompi.com/2018/01/25/first-impressions-return-high-society-drama-chilling-case-murder/



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Now I have watched the 7th - 8th episodes. Gee...this drama really excites me and after Forest of Secret, this definitely the one to reckon and goes to the list of my fave dramas. Hope it remain its consistency of good writing plot till the end. And I am also fine if this drama has no romantic development, I enjoy the drama enough as is.


What I like of this drama is that each character have their own story and reasons and somehow I feel each of the character are related to the case 9 years ago, the young cop who saved JH, perhaps he was the brother/bb of the girl being raped? if not, there is also a possibility that our lawyer may be connected to the case, when she was the judge or perhaps even have a relationship with the raped girl?. It is interesting that she is haunted with a nightmare which most likely has something to do with her past.


I like the one who play Nara, last drama I see her was Dr. Frost. But somehow I can't void the possibility that she has a hand on these mess (hopefully I am wrong). If she is not, then, please don't accept that In Ho again.



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