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  1. again no episode 23 today???...gosh this asian game is getting on my nerve lol...missing my daily fix of this drama ...how come kbs never update their schedule
  2. chingus ep23 is postponed again is it ...grrr i was waiting infront my laptop ..wanna watch it live...but they show some asian game fencing or something...how can they make us wait until monday ...
  3. lol i can't help laughing at your last sentence ....kdrama sure is weird when comes to secret.....sometimes the other party seems to have like a bionic ears they can hear 2 people talk about secrets altho the distance is far away hahahaha.... altho sometimes it sounds/look stupid for this mind boggling logic still i am pinning for more lol...and i am sure there will be more moments of weird and no sense logic in this drama...we just need to play along with the pd
  4. oh my why oh why they postpone tonight's episode ...last night episode ending was nail biting and i can't wait to see what will happen next....i enjoyed ep22 so much i love how JH went about with his plan catching the culprit ...sena was mighty dumb to bring along gayong hahahaha...her plan backfired and it makes matter worse on her side .... from the synopsis for ep23 JungHwan decided to postpone his trip to murano in order to help cell beauty from YB evil scheme...oh i wanna say this so much gayong's brother is super dumb and naive same goes to his father...the moment he gave access to sena of all his credit card he is gone case so dumb hahhahaa
  5. this drama make me want to pull my hair grrrr.....and its only at 22nd episode...pls jh wake up and be more firm with sena ...omg this faker is just too much ..i wanna smack her face...i am hook into this drama poor me...i can't wait for what instore next...
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