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  1. This was recently uploaded on the KBS Archive Youtube channel! Castella! No subs, but way better quality than I have ever been able to find it before. I know I jumped through lots of hoops back in the day to find even a low quality version of this so I will definitely be rewatching this in all its (weird) glory
  2. I have a similar reasoning, but circa 2012, haha. I did Story of a Man (highly recommended if you can find it), straight to Gaksital (Shunji! So bad, but stole my heart anyway), to FH Take 2 right after. Whiplash! Those three characters are ridiculously different. My favorite is Gaksital. Close second is Story of a Man. I really liked Rookie Historian too, and FH Take 2 is such stupid fun that I've watched it more than once. Ah! Chuno was fantastic too even though his role is not a major one. Return was also pretty good but I don't think I would ever watch that drama again, h
  3. Hellooooo I am here! Kind of, anyway! I have not gotten around to Kkondae Intern. I will, though! I feel like a terrible fan, lol. What's your favorite of his dramas? Or movies? Or whatever?
  4. 박기웅 - Park Ki Woong Birthday: February 13, 1985 Height: 183cm Weight: 70kg Blood Type: O Education: Kyeong-an High School, Daejin University (Visual Design), Kyungpook National University (Chinese language) Religion: Christian Talent agency: Jellyfish Entertainment Twitter: woonggnoow Instagram: oopkwoo Old School Intern (MBC, 2020) Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (MBC, 2019) Return (SBS, 2018) Monster (MBC, 2016) MBC Drama Festival: Escaping Slavery/Swine Escape (MBC, 2013) Good Doctor (KBS2, 2013) - cameo, episode 20 Full House Take 2
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