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  1. I want to watch this which site has the better subs kocowa or Viki. Like in the first 5 mins of episode 1 stuff is already translated different. Like how can you take a son away from his mother on Kocowa but then its how can you do this to your mother on viki both have pretty big differences so not sure which is better subbed over all.
  2. Wheres ur DP pic from might have asked before. 

    1. leeminhosny


      sorry I answered but myself profile , Legend Of The Blue Sea

  3. The Story of Minglan editing wassss wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more better then what ever happened here.
  4. Eng sub for this and is it heavily connected to the other shows around this?
  5. I hope for a good ending but the editing for this show been the worst ive seen.
  6. Ensuring the quality is fine but the issue is they do block high quality shows.
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