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  1. Im just nervous how it will end... still worried. That clip gives me some hope in regards to SB and the possible ending.
  2. I agree I hope they didnt consumate also I want her to be more sober and it being a special moment. I think it would be a very sketchy area if they consumate while shes drunk.
  3. Interesting theory but I sort of dont want bong hwan to ever return to his body I hope it goes the Chinese route but what you said seems like a likely route.
  4. Its not based on history and is not following history btw it says so at the start of the drama. After watching KJH in a few dramas I think he has the best eye and facial expressions I have seen honestly. Yeo Jin Goo is someone else whose eyes and facial expressions impress me.
  5. I hope you are right I want it to go this route. I want a drama where he gets praised and wins awards I think he deserves I think Shin Hye Sun would win them all over him even though his acting espically in the eyes is something amazing.
  6. [Naver TV] ‘Mr Queen’ Episode 6 Comments and Reactions Netizenkore / December 29, 2020 Shin Hyesun who wants to return to modern society VS Kim Junghyun who wants to save Shin Hyesun! Misunderstood ‘No Touch’! 1. [+1020][-10] Today’s episode was hella entertaining as well ㅋㅋ Soyong’s ‘No Touch’ meant for him to not touch her but the King’s ‘No Touch’ meant them living together happily ㅋㅋ In the midst of this, her saying ‘I’m not going to do ‘No Touch’ so get lost’ is so funny ㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+914][-11] Even during this comedic scene, I’m in awe of how good-
  7. I think this is the obvious and expected route which im not a fan of but which I think will happen. BH will make the king realise that he loved the queen and once SY switches back they will realise their true feelings for each other. I also think they will go the route of flashback and showing that they liked each other years ago or something its a easy cop out honestly. Even if they show flashbacks of them connecting my opinion wont really change because before she and the king and queen were not on good terms at all the king didnt really care about her when she tried to kill her
  8. Kim Jung Hyun is acting super well but the female lead is acting super well and is more popular so over shadowing him but glad both are super good. Im also rooting for the king. Im not sure I want this but its most likely what safe conserative Korea will do.
  9. Yeah maybe the ones who cursed her and Hwa Jin exposed thats the justice this drama has so many routes it can go. The one I want is Chef and King to be a thing its selfish but I hope So yong is gone because otherwise will be very complicated if King falls for Chef then So yong returns and then they fall in love? What if Chef was feeling something for the King also then he returns? It would just be a mess overall. So basically original chef body would die and hes stuck in the queens body and has to live as her then falls for the king or something? Im not sure that would
  10. Then those people can stop watching and the uproar was over blown it says at the start of the drama its not based on historical events.
  11. There cant be justice for SO Yong if people want it to go the route above the only way for Justice is if So yong returns and like leaves or something which Im not a fan of but yeah you cant really want Chef and King together yet want Justice. I wont get too excited over that spoiler picture could also mean original So Yong and King leave or something. I mean there is such a thing as bisexual and its not forcing anything if said "straight" man likes the king and if the king knows that the person inside the body is male? I agree im not
  12. Even if they are the same soul they are basically still different people I still wouldnt be very happy if he falls for Bong Hwan but then SO Yong takes over again.. Even if they are the same soul not happy with that. If he returns and So Yong returns then the whole drama is basically pointless honestly. I agree makes 0 sense people want So Yong with the king when the King will love the current one. Of course I feel sorry for So Yong but if the drama goes the typical route of them both returning to each others body's and the king a
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