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  1. So i started this drama and im living it but how is he able to return as a doctor if he has a criminal record/murdered someone..
  2. Im not sure if the anime is tuned down but So far its Novel >> Manga with Drama/Anime with me being unsure cause neither are very finished.
  3. Okay about to start this im into BL again.. lets see how it is.
  4. I prefer all the actors honestly i feel the chemistry alot more i prefer this Wayo dont hate me.. Also the new Phaha and Wayo have better chemistry because god was very wooden. yay
  5. So looks like part 3 is where Eunseom will get his time to shine but i feel its to late.
  6. I have got to catch up with this drama but i really like Eun Seom and it does seem like his character has lost alot of significance at least thats what it looks like to me. Love this song though.
  7. It does not have the obvious romance but still has a romance of some kind between the male leads.. its like Guardian. Regarding why he looks the same its the same for the anime as well i like it though and i think it helps and makes people less confused as it switches to past and present. Also this is Tencent that is always the possibility of season two if this first season gets to air without issues.
  8. If shes destined to die then let her die and end up as a angel with Dan.. together forever. Even though it would be sad that would still be a good ending for me.
  9. oh lord this thread is to fast i want to keep following it but i miss a few days and like 40 pages.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WTFFFFFFFF IS THAT KISS.
  10. Good fan edit already beware of spoilers.
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