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  1. Oh hell no what is this quad triangle.. i dont want Saya and Eunseom going after the game girl. Difference is i dont see Tagon surviving at the end and i got a feeling Saya dies to, your second point is what i think happened. I think its a 5 person triangle.. add Taealha for Eunseom in there ;p
  2. 3rd highest episode rating wise so not that bad for Sunday, was down 0.5 compared to last week. The June 16 episode enjoyed a substantial increase in viewership, the latest broadcast scored an average nationwide rating of 7.2% and a peak of 8.1%.
  3. I think he is arrogant and over confident he thinks everything is in the palms of his hands and will go his way. Arrogant because hes trying to make himself a god. I dont think the 3 are meant to bring the world to the end but the Arthdal Union under Tagon which i guess is their own world.
  4. I dont think Tagon is this way due to his upbringing i think that is a poor excuse but each to their own, yeah im sure he has insecurities and fears but those are not valid reasons for what hes doing and has done in the past.
  5. I disagree i dont think hes complex or compelling at all, maybe you didnt mean to give him a excuse but the way your worded it sounds like you are. I have no sympathy for a man who destroyed two races i dont care if hes hated or neglected by his father .. maybe its because his father saw what a disaster tagon will bring.
  6. I mean they been saying that since episode 1 and still hit a new high last week so it is weird to see a drop but yeah for how expensive this show is to make a profit would need to rely on selling it internationally. I do wish it focused more on Tanya/Eunseom a little more as well. Tagon really is a vile person because he wiped out the Igutus as well.. shows what a terrible disgusting man he is for wiping out his own people. Also agree regarding E and Tanya i wish we had more of them. I think its Tanya and Eunseom who will be the voices for Aramun and i agree that Tagons downfall will be his arrogance. He thinks hes some almighty god when hes really just arrogant and over confident. I just saw this comment on mydramalist and didnt even think about this.. I still think the missed such a big opportunity to expand early on with Eunseoms mother.. she should have been the one to tell him about his brother and what he is and what that means and who exactly she is.
  7. Eh i suppose they needed to make him have strength somehow and this was the easiest way even though does not make much sense to me. I still think its a little early to reveal everything does anyone else agree to me the drama seems a bit fast paced and they revealed the characters cards to fast.
  8. I have not watched the recent episode so its 100% confirmed hes a igutu if so as you said it takes away the meaning of Eunseom being one to me. I agree why would people ever want some random Igutu other Tagon they never to execute this really well for me to believe it at all.
  9. Tagon being an Ingtu or another being i really dislike.. how was he able to cover that up makes no sense. I suppose he needed some strength otherwise when EunSeom and him fight EunSeom would destroy him. SO hes never been injured once in his entire life.. seems unrealistic to me.
  10. Apparently now over the sea I come to you rumored to air on thursday at 10 pm which would be eagle flag time slot ;p
  11. You can make the argument against staff abuse for literally every Korean drama its not right but it does feel like this show was targeted from the start with the dumb GOT comparisons which lead to the show being ripped apart during the first two episodes in Korea. It already made a comeback for hitting a new peak in episode 4.
  12. They were planning to air another show there though.. wtf is going onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  13. I agree this at least deserves 10%+ i hope the ratings can rise. Tagons weakness is pretty obvious , hes arrogant and cocky and power hungry. Hes also not Eunseom or as strong as him.. well shouldn't be.
  14. There was an ad for “my robot boyfriend” on Zhejiang tv with an air date of June 11 at 10pm. It looks like Novoland Eagle flag won’t be airing this week or any time soon. Why are china such richard simmons idiots and love to sabotage their own scene.. how can you confirm a show then last minute take it off air?
  15. Thanks for the BTS really love Ragaz he is just captivating especially his eyes. Such a missed opportunity...Ragaz really is a scene stealer which you pointed out haha. I agree maybe a special episode.. we can only hope haha. Aww poor boy all alone and thinks hes the son of a monster when hes the son of a warrior who was brave and defended his family.. I think the twins will have a mark that shows they are brothers maybe their back?? Im also still not sure if they are twins or not but we shall find out.
  16. Excited for this weeks episodes i had no real faults with the first two episodes apart from wanting more development of Eun Seoms parents.
  17. Pretty sure they are airing another show in between and gives more time for special effects etc.. ALl scabs would be different and i dont think Tagon really noticed different scabs but just saw a igutu with scabs.
  18. Even these make me feel a bit better though cause it means it can still air.
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