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On 19/01/2018 at 4:31 PM, nj90 said:

I gonna watch this drama soon. I like the genre and the plot seem promising.

The female lead just caught my eye but i don't find any her tread. I want to know more about her.

You can go to this page :



“Return” Takes First Place In Its Time Slot Just One Night After Premiere


SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Return” has claimed first place in its time slot!


Just one night after its premiere, the mystery thriller drama has already managed to surpass KBS 2TV’s “Black Knight.”


According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 4 of “Return,” which aired on January 18, recorded average viewership ratings of 9 percent. On the same night, “Black Knight” scored ratings of 8.3 percent.


Additionally, “Return” showed an increase in ratings from its premiere the previous night, while “Black Knight” saw a slight decrease in ratings from the night before.


Meanwhile, MBC’s “I Am Not a Robot” scored ratings of 2.5 and 3.2 percent for its 27th and 28th episodes, which both aired on January 18 as well.


Credit : https://www.soompi.com/2018/01/18/return-takes-first-place-time-slot/

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i am so glad i stumbled upon this drama ...i was changing channel and tis drama was playing  epi 1 halfway...really caught my attention...my kind of drama... i luv this kind of genre....


really can't wait for the next episode...the  female lawyer the lead character looks interesting ....

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I watched the first two (4 mini episodes) and I want to see more. It is better to watch the whole series at once but since I have started this drama I will continue to watch it every week.


The four friends are weird but  Kim Hak-Beom takes the cake. Every time he is in a scene I cringe as I think he will beat someone really bad.  They know each other from younger days. In the picture it was Yeom Mi Jung( the victim) in the background? Kim Hak-Beom is  sleeping with Oh Tae-Seok`s wife and he knows it (they all know), Oh Tae Seok likes Na-Ra ( Kang In-Ho`s wife).  Seo Joon-Hee is a doctor but he is addicted to drugs.  Kang In-Ho is a cheater. He did not kill Yeom Mi Jung but he put himself in this akward position. 


We saw that Tae-Seok,  Hak-Beom and Joon-Hee wanted to hide the body. One of them caused Yeom Mi Jung harm (intentionally or not) and the other two friends helped to hide the body.From the preview we saw that they wanted to bury her how come the body appeared on the road? The fact that she was in the refrigerator and come up later on the road,  it tells me that somebody wanted to impicate Kang In-Ho in the murder.


My favorite characters are the lawyer, Choi Ja-Hye and her assistant. I just love that Ja Hye`s investigator is a woman too.  I can`t wait to see more of them working on the case. I can`t wait to watch the next episodes.


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I like this drama and was expecting more soompiers to join the thread:).


it is still too early to guess who the murderer is, it can be collective or somehow it could also be the wives. I know that we were presented as if Nara just found out but what if she knowsn from early on?, and/or what if Tae Sok’s wive is not as ‘dumb’ as she is being portrayed?. 


I like the plot, and wow what a sicken friendship these men have, the marriage seems like a social status only.


Like the lawyer, cool and charming, solid acting too as expected from this A-list actress.


Can”t wait for the next episodes.


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Finished watching ep1 - 4.

Liking it so far, pace is good. Will definitely be following this drama.

Besides the leading actress, the supporting cast are great! Each played their respective roles well.

Can't wait for next week episodes!


Image result for pictures of k-drama Return Go Hyun Jung





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This show is A+ quality acting.  I became hooked from the first episode and marathon watched the rest.  Of late none of the kdramas has been having any appeal to me so this is the first one that I have watched in awhile and I am very pleased with it.  


They really are a nasty bunch of friends, with the matching partners as well.  What I do not want is for Nara to be corrupted by it and branches out in the end.  In Ho like his friends is so hypocritical where "his family" is concerned, he claims wanting to protect it yet he does such underhanded things.  When Nara suggested wanting to go back to work - he rejects it because Nara gives a good traditional stay at home wife private & public image who can take care of the family unlike his friends' wives who just gossip saying nasty things about other people and its matter of control/ego for him.  The mistress is just plain "mad person" and seems to have a lot of dirt on all men so her death does not surprise me.  In Ho's description of what she is to him in the car was wickedly cruel, it would be strange if a woman does not react to that.


I also have to say that they give some good slap/burn lines in the show it was like "da_n that one was good".  I am addicted, looking forward to the next episode and knowing the truth.  Who is the real killer would be interesting to see.


I definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for something new, thrilling, interesting and just good.


Gone for now.

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2 hours ago, titania1000 said:

She's a true Godess: charismatic, brilliant, independent, taking no nonsense from men in her personal life as much in her professional life, extremely competent. And her wardrobe and general look is to die for.  She's everything that i want from an heroine, and i pray that drama gods won't hurt her because her poster tagline : "memento mori" sure makes me worry a lot for her!. 

I have never seen Go Hyun Jung in anything before but i'm a fan now! 


Go Hyun Jung was the first Korean actress who made an impact on me. I watched her for the first time in Queen Seondeok (my second kdrama that I watched) and Lady Mishil and Bidam (Kim Nam Gil) became memorable characters for me. :tongue:

She was the first reason to be interested in this drama and then, the genre.  I think they cast very well the four friends too. I am really interested to see more about their story, their dinamic, their history.


2 hours ago, titania1000 said:

I literally jumped from excitation when she went on investigation with her female assistant and both made great progress in the case.

This kind of interactions where woman lead are so rare and not only in k-drama, the last time i saw a scene similar that was in the english tv show Happy Valley, that it seems  progressist, almost feminist!  


 I was "craving" to see a female duo in a kdrama, investigating crimes. Hope that`s the drama I was looking for. I know that the male detective will play a big part in the investigation but I hope Choi Ja Hye and her assistent will continue to solve the mystery and be one step ahead of him. :wink:



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14 hours ago, titania1000 said:

 I have never seen Go Hyun Jung in anything before but i'm a fan now! 


On 1/19/2018 at 3:31 AM, nj90 said:

The female lead just caught my eye but i don't find any her tread. I want to know more about her.


Although I have not watched all her works, she has starred in two of my all time favorite kdramas that I always recommend to everyone. 


1. "What's Up, Fox?" (2006) - Trailer/OST. One of the very first kdramas I watched back in 2007. It's a rom-com noona romance from the writer of "My Name Is Kim Samsoon". She plays a 33 y/o virgin who is, ironically, a writer and reporter of a men's adult magazine. Basically, she publishes smut stories lol. And I believe she also writes a love advice column? LOL. This character is one of my top favorite female drama characters. So relatable. Her chemistry with the male lead (24 y/o neighbor and younger brother of her best friend; they all grew up together) is funny, cute, sweet, and sexy. And the OST album is to this day my top favorite of all dramas I have ever watched. GHJ is absolutely hilarious in this. Really a must watch to see her comedic side! (I don't typically rewatch kdramas. But this one and another rom-com from this time called "9 Ins, 2 Outs" I have watched more than twice; they are my top feel-good dramas :)) (Viki /Dramafever)


2. "Queen Seon Deok" (2009) - Trailer. A historical drama starring Lee Yowon (recently in the drama Avengers Social Club), Go Hyunjung, and Kim Namgil. They played the amazing roles of Deokman, Mishil and Bidam, respectively. (Did anyone not fall in love with Bidam??) Almost anyone will tell you the character of Mishil stole the drama even though she is not the titular character. Yes, GHJ's was THAT good. For me, seeing GJH in this drama after watching her in "What's Up, Fox" was unforgettable haha. In WUF, she is a mess lol (in a funny, relatable way, of course!). But as Mishil...Just wow. A legend. She actually plays the antagonist, but she absolutely owns her role and commands the screen like the queen she aspired to be in the show. Mishil is beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, dangerous and just overall brilliant. This drama also has an excellent OST. (Although I have not rewatched the entire drama (too long!) I did rewatch the first half. It's really good!) (Viki / Dramafever)


I hope new fans of GHJ will check her out in these great dramas! 


Other notable dramas that she starred in: Sandglass, Daemul, Dear My Friends.


She has won many awards for her roles in Queen Seon Deok, Daemul and other dramas. And a fun fact: she was Miss Korea runner-up in 1989.


(It might interest you, too, to read about her personal life. She has experienced some very unfortunate events (things you would only expect to see in a drama), all of which make me root for her even harder.)


Now, as for this drama, I'm enjoying it very much. Although I'm a bit confused. I thought this would be a whodunnit kind of drama, and that it would take all 16 episodes to reveal the killer's identity. But in the preview for next week, we already see that all 3 of Inho's friends carried out the murder activities together? (Or, at least, we're led to believe they are hiding Mijung's body?) And it's only week 2! So, what's going on? Will this case be resolved, and there will be a new one? Or will this case turn out to be more complex than we think? But I don't see how...? Anyway! The friends are despicable, and I love to hate them haha. Though from the preview for next week, it seems we might see Joonhee (doctor friend) in a more sympathetic light? I hope so because he seems like someone with the potential to be redeemable, and I want more characters to root for? I'm only rooting for three characters right now and that's Jahye, Nara and Inho (who I also hope will be redeemed). Police detective is growing on me. I want to see more of him with his colleague (because their scenes make me chuckle, lol). I also want to see more of the teamwork between Jahye and her employee/assistant(?). Add Nara to their team, and we will probably have an invincible trio :). I also want to know more about Jahye in general. What's her backstory? Does she have a family? Friends? What is her life like outside of work? What motivates her? Etc!

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First Impressions: Longing Heart, Return



Network: SBS
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Legal
No. of Episodes: 32 episodes (35 minutes per episode)

If Longing Heart turned out to be one big disappointment, Return was really a pleasant surprise. I came to watch it with no expectations, but this one proved to be very promising. The drama is about popular lawyer Choi Ja-hye (Go Hyun-jung) and detective Dokgo Young (Lee Jin-wook) who got dragged into a mystery murder case which involved children from rich upper-class families. Choi Ja-hye and Dokgo Young both managed to be very interesting characters (despite us not yet having insights on their backstories), thanks to the portrayal of Go Hyun-jung and Lee Jin-wook, respectively. The high society, as portrayed by the four friends (Shin Sung-rok, Park Ki-woong, Bong Tae-gyu and Yoon Jong-hoon) and the people around them, is really dirty and scandalous. There’s extramarital affairs, drug use, and dark secrets waiting to be exposed. This set-up is also what I think made Jung Eun-chae’s meek character stood out. She’s pure and naturally kind, which sets a great contrast from the rest of the mix. I’m very thrilled with the mystery around who really killed the mistress, Yeom Mi-jung (Han Eun-jung) not because I feel sympathy towards her, but because I want to find out who among the guys was the real murderer.

I’m also enjoying Ja-hye and Kang Young-eun (Kim Hee-jung)’s team-up. It’s rare to see in dramaland, two capable and brave women going out and about to investigate a crime.

Verdict: Whodunit dramas can be really effective in keeping their audience hooked as long as there’s excellent writing–which I think is the greatest strength of Return. 



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Lee Jin Wook Endures Frustrating Circumstances On “Return”



“Return” tells the story of a lawyer and a detective who fight to find out the truth behind a murder case in which all suspects are privileged members of the upper class. With the latest two episodes, “Return” claimed the first place in its time slot, surpassing KBS 2TV’s “Black Knight.”

In the drama, Lee Jin Wook plays the troublemaker detective Dok Go Young who is known for his determination and recklessness. Dok Go Young acts first and thinks later, but never stops in fighting for the right cause.

The released pictures show Lee Jin Wook struggling against big men in suits in front of a funeral hall. As he attempts to enter the hall, the men pull him out and throw him on the floor. In spite of this, Lee Jin Wook repeatedly tries to go in, confronting the men again and again. The pictures raise the question of whose funeral it is, why Lee Jin Wook is trying to get in so hard, and why he is banned from doing so.






“Return” Denies Plagiarism Of Belgium Film



On January 22, the production crew of “Return” stated, “The setting and storyline of  ‘Return’ is one that is common throughout thrillers. It is merely a plot device. To say that it is plagiarism is wrong. The story that will be told in the drama is also exhaustless. When looking at the big picture, viewers will be able to see that it is not plagiarism.”

“Return” aired its first episode last week and achieved first in its time slot for viewership ratings with its immersive and intense story. Its strong content in sexuality and violence may have been rough on the eyes but its strong cast brought the story to life.

The work that is being compared to “Return” is the 2014 Belgian film “The Loft: The Room of Secrets.” The film is about five middle-aged friends who have it all, whether it is family background, honor, money, etc. The men each hold a key to a secret penthouse they built, where they enjoy their own secret love affairs. However, one day the corpse of one man’s mistress is found and it is later revealed that the other four conspired to kill the mistress and place the blame on the other man.


The plot of the last four episodes of “Return” is similar to that of the film. Kang In Ho (played by Park Ki Woong), Oh Tae Suk (played by Shin Sung Rok), Kim Hak Bum (played by Bong Tae Kyu), and Seo Joon Hee (played by Yoon Jong Hoon) are respected members of society who have family background, honor, and money. They establish a base at a penthouse, where entrance is only granted with fingerprints belonging to the men and Yeom Mi Jung (played by Han Eun Jung). Han Eun Jung is in a secret affair with Park Ki Woong, who is married to Geum Na Ra (played by Jung Eun Chae). One day, Han Eun Jung is found dead and suspicions are on Park Ki Woong. The most recent episode ended with the other three men meeting at the penthouse, revealing their betrayal.

more https://www.soompi.com/2018/01/22/return-denies-plagiarism-belgium-film/



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I was thinking about starting this drama since I love mystery story, but hearing about  "Its strong content in sexuality and violence" make me take a pause. I am not fan of graphic scenes, and more interested in how the main lead solve the crime then showing the life of the suspect in the fullest... It is to me just as much I can handle of despicable behavior before I turn away from the movie or tv show.  


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7 hours ago, sal2 said:

I was thinking about starting this drama since I love mystery story, but hearing about  "Its strong content in sexuality and violence" make me take a pause. I am not fan of graphic scenes, and more interested in how the main lead solve the crime then showing the life of the suspect in the fullest... It is to me just as much I can handle of despicable behavior before I turn away from the movie or tv show.  



It depends on how you define "graphic", because in my opinion the scenes are clear but not graphic to the point that its tasteless, if I am to compare it to other country's dramas namely US/South America - its fairly clean, not explicit explicit, therefore watchable.  I also think those scenes are a bit necessary so the viewer would have a a better understanding as to the characteristics/personality of the suspects in how they live their lives with extreme arrogance knowing that because of their "family, power, money and connections" they are above the law and reproach.  In addition you are getting a background as to the story of Mi Jung and her connection to these men.  For the first part of the show, one was under the impression that she's a bright decent person only later to find out that is not the case at all.  Mi Jung was for all intent and purposes was/is a serious troublemaker.


You also get to see the duality in the sense that Na Ra is living this life as a wife along with these people, yet somehow she has remained clean as a person and in a way she is In Ho's saving grace.   He claims to love his family etc, yet he is willing to have a "mad" mistress and friends with questionable morals because its also part of his life as they are his longtime friends, you cannot cut ties like that due the bonding, they were there before Na Ra.  Na Ra and their child is a harbor from all of that once he comes home as he can be the "good" husband.  The words exchanged in the drama are good.  


If you are into mysteries, thrillers I suggest you try the show the first batch anyway.  Personally I do not think you would be disappointed, but if otherwise I'll see your post along with other somewhere in soompi.


Take care

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