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[Drama 2016] W-Two Worlds 더블유

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MBC Presents  W-Two Worlds     PROFILE Title : W-Two Worlds Hangul :  더블유 Romanization : W (deobeul-yu) Genre : Romance, Drama    Director Jung Dae

Okay, so a few days ago I promised to share some thoughts/ theories...here's some of what I've been thinking... Did you all watch Queen In Hyun's Man by the same writer? The theme of that drama -


Posted Images

I watched it without subtitles and I STILL had goosebumps!! And now I'm making myself stay awake because I ABSOLUTELY have to see what I missed!!

Ggggaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! How can this drama be so good!! Oh Lord... !! Subtitles come fast!! 

Rewatching the raw thing for the third time now!! 

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LOL, Shoot him or seduce him. Tough choice. 


But you've made the right one, girl! If you not kill him with this scanty piece:kiss_wink:

 Finish him off with a gun!:glasses:

Who could have thought that our Yeon Joo is such a seductress.:kiss_wink:



Ok, one down!:scream: :flushed:


One more to go!:smirk::kiss_closed:



I must admit, I kind of happy that her Daddy smashed his drawing tablet.:joy:


P.s. Thank you guys all for the screencaps! i borrowed some of it for the post but all the credit goes to the owners!

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1 hour ago, Harukogirl said:


My korean is limited as well, but I agree


KC: Are you married?

OYJ: No...

KC: That's good.



Me; *DIES*


OMG! Seriously?!
I thought he asked if she would propose him marriage at their next meeting at the speed she is progressing their relationship:joy:

LoL, but it actually the other way around?

 ME DIES ALONG WITH YOU!:wub::wub::wub:

That KILLER WINK at the end melts my bones. :love:

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Doea anyone think- just like me - that after tomorrow's ep the story is gonna begin for real ... i mean i know it already started and it's so soooo freaking good .. but we've seen almost the whole thing in the previews and i feel like when he's gonna cross over to the real world that's when the story is gonna kick in for real and i'm worried because this much i'm already dead what if they bring more and more !!!!! 

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Strange Family...

Have you noticed - the smashed Picture is a rare shot with all three in it. Before - there where Pictures with Father and Daughter - and in YJ Room - Pictures with her and her Mom. But not many. And someone only those importend Moments. No happy together Shots and I must check it again to be sure - no Picture from Husband and Wife. And even on this Family Picture - somehow Sung Moo looked isolated. Like he was put in the Picture later - Mother hugged her Daugher - but no contact to the Man.



But when the Family left Sung Moo he wrote in his Notes that his Daughter left him - now he is alone. Seems she is really very importend to him. Maybe because she loved what he did - and understood him.

We just found out that Sung Mo was already working on W - so everything what happend before the Bridgescene was already out as a WebToon - but it did not get the Attention. STill - YJ liked KC from the Start - so she should be the one Person suporting her Father. Mother and FAther seemed to be on distance for a while back than.


I believed before knowing it better - that Sung Moo started the WebToon when he was left behind.. but now we know that was wrong - he wanted to kill KC - maybe that was because he made this Character for his DAughter - seeing how she liked him - and so he found a way to get closer to her - but when she left him he might felt like he don´t need KC anymore. So it was the right time for him to die. The WebToon did not even get Attention - so just jump. I can believe he chose this death because a part of him wish to jump too.

But the Moment KC was in the Water his own will was born. So maybe he was created after YJ liking - out of love for the DAugher - and he was supposed to die because YJ left. So his whole life is enwined with YJ.

I still like the Idea that loving her can bring him to be alive. But hey - I´m the kind of romantic Person - so please just endure it.



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6 hours ago, Yongzura said:


It is quite funny when OYJ said "Saranghae" and then "No" right after that ..:D

Lol, I half expected she would say * I take my words back!* and at moment and stick a tongue at him.:P

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6 hours ago, ohnoitscindy said:

So did Sung Moo draw the hooded figure to kill KC? Or is hooded figure his own person? I couldn't tell cause when he disappeared in the elevator they cut to Sung Moo destroying his tablet thing.

Most likely Sung Moo was the one to draw him but this killing attempt failed again. I kind of think this hooded man has no identity. he is just a tool, like the van or potasium, a man without a name created as one of the murder methods. 

@i.am.bugz.funny,hmm, I don't think he travels between the worlds. he was just erased as soon as he failed what he was created for. The story re-written the scene again, that's why Sung Moo was so pissed.

@moomooz, yeah, i bet the biggest part of us was taken aback by his action. I mean I know he's genius but what if he miscalculated something? That was risky! And it could have left a bitter taste between them but I was surprised and glad that YJ accepted his apology sincerely and this scene didn't make a dent in her faith in KC.

Also i don't think it as simple as not being able to die in the manhwa world. There should be a catch in here. Maybe this ability changes with the number of her travel or the influence she has on the story. Maybe as soon as she is accepted as the main heroine she could be harmed in W for real.

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I kind of like in the previews how she tells KC that he will regret it... 

I think that will be her ticket out right? SB can help her erase the police memories and all that :) 

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Hoooly crap that 3rd ep.

I knew this writer was good, QIHM is my favourite drama, but this seems once again like a perfect blend of writing, acting and directing. So glad we got to see more of KC's character this time, and wow LJS is really good at being charming but also turning on the dangerous vibe in a second. When he shot OYJ I almost screamed, because what a scene to have between the two main leads. Granted, she wasn't going to die, since the story would be over, but since KC was aware of that this scene wasn't just something to shock the viewer with it actually furthered the plot, which is nice.

I also love how this ep already answered a whole host of questions (When did KC start ~influencing his story, how self-aware he was etc), and but asked a lot more too. What are the rules for OYJ to be called over into the W world? Why can't she die? Is she invulnerable in general? Or just unable to die via gun/knife/whathaveyou? 

I can't wait for ep 4 now, the preview looks amazing and the speed at which the plot moves makes guessing games fun, because both our main characters are smart enough to figure stuff out on their own really quickly, so we as viewers don't have to watch them trying to suss out information we as viewers are privilege to for an overly long time. Really the way KC and OYJ are smart (and almost ruthless) about gathering information is so great for me. 

And once again the writer seems to make very quick headway into the romance, which I approve of, hopefully we'll have more kissing scenes (preferably with both of them being into it :D), KC being very direct with his flirting and OYJ being clearly not that averse - who could say no to that wink though, let's be fair - is really making me enjoy this ride. I can't wait to see what else the story has in store for us!

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15 minutes ago, juju84 said:

Most likely Sung Moo was the one to draw him but this killing attempt failed again. I kind of think this hooded man has no identity. he is just a tool, like the van or potasium, a man without a name created as one of the murder methods. 



Thank you - someone feel about him like i did and do - this Person never had a Face - pitchblack - and he is way to skilled... but the most importend for me - it really looks like the Bridgescene was the first Scene KC act on his own and the Comic changed - so everything was happend before was just drawn by Sung Moo. So the Murder KC despereatly tries to find is indeed the Father - and his tool was the faceless Man.

Back than of course it was just draw to create a tragic Person - but when Sung Moo found out that KC started to live on his own and his desire which kept him alive was to find the murder - it became dangerous to him. My Meaning...



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5 hours ago, moomooz said:


I can see everyone is kinda disappointed and frustrated that he shot her. It shows that he loaded two bullets in total. Not sure if he did shot her with the real bullet or just blank... 

If he shot YJ and the bullet hit the vase.. It doesn't make sense as YJ is still considered as a human.. Not ghost.. Hmmmm not sure how the logic works...

He shot her. You could see like the bullet went trough her chest and hit the mirror. Later he said he knew the bullet won't harm her (he kind of knows she is not from here). But still I didn't expect he would actually shot her and not the mirror behind her. It's apparent that he has no intention of hurting her otherwise he wouldn't shield her from the hooded killer so the guy won't see her in his bedroom. He was blocking his gun-arm and view till the doors have closed. So i was also shocked and upset when he pulled the trigger. 'Cause no matter the logic he couldn't be 100% sure and YJ didn't know as well and was really scared. But I'm glad the writer didn't make such a big deal out of it. It just goes to show what an imazing person YJ is and how deep is her faith in KC, She was a bit pissed and grumpy about the whole thing but never really recentful and she let him explain his reasons and accepted his apology 'cause she still believes he would not do something like this without good reason. She is the a true treasure. You remeber that Kang Chul-shi!

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1 hour ago, Mau_Cherry said:

I read about the elevator Scene that she tried to tell him "to be careful" she can´t know how he would be killed... 

so poor KC knows thanx to her now that he must be prepared there is really someone who will not stop trying to kill him.

YJ told him that she can´t help him when she is now here (the W World). And KC asked if she where "there" - you can know?

She said yes....

So  she already told him about the two worlds... I´m a bit confused - from the Preview it felt like she will tell him tomorrow.

But when she already told him that she will go to her world when something big happen - as the ending of an episode - than that could not only be the reason for the kiss but too for the shot.

Great - first a slap and a kiss

now a kiss and a shot....

when that goes on like this ... what will they do next...


Right now KC don´t believe her... or he don´t mind to date a Woman from another World. A crazy Person - thats for sure. But hey - it will not become boring when she is around.




i agree with u , right now KC is just taking her words like a ramling of a crazy prson. Since he has seen that she appears out of blue and disappears ,So he knows that there is sure some secret which she is reluctent to tell even if he shoots her . So he is just going her way, . listening to her and giving her time and mean while flirting :wub:

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Sorry - I have to bother you with one more writing - I guess than I will stop for today...





Those Scenes from the long Preview still made me think a lot...

I wonder if KC hanging between life and death was able to reach to the other world but the first Person he grap was Sung Moo. He tried to make him help him. And the Blood on Sung Moo can be from Kang Chul. But SM left him to die on the roof. He had to struggle with him so KC let him go - but he left him in the end. Only - it was hard for him to come back - have no idea how. Is the to be continue working for him too? Don´t think so. He was not in the WebToon.

But YJ - she became a WebToon Person - but she just adjusted to the Story - she helped and so he acts with the Lead.

I remember clearly that YJ told his FAther - you saw him too - his Blood is Warm...

Maybe that was a hint for us - SM was there before YJ arrived. Gladly KC had the last strengh to bring her to his World too. So she at least could rescue him.

@Sarang21 - if I remember it right it was you I was discussing that issue.. so thats my answer. :D



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