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[Drama 2016] W-Two Worlds 더블유

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MBC Presents  W-Two Worlds     PROFILE Title : W-Two Worlds Hangul :  더블유 Romanization : W (deobeul-yu) Genre : Romance, Drama    Director Jung Dae


Okay, so a few days ago I promised to share some thoughts/ theories...here's some of what I've been thinking... Did you all watch Queen In Hyun's Man by the same writer? The theme of that drama -

Posted Images


I´m sorry - I somehow feel like a newbie right now - have just read and answered too long... back in acting - but must learn again new. Sorry... to old for this. :D


The broken Family


Thats Sung Moo after he draw Kang Chul falling in the Water - as he planned the last Chapter from W.



And thats what was on his Screen when he woke up again...









... [/ spoiler]


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ahhhhhhh i died a little inside when he hold her closer to his neck when police officer tried to look at her face!:dizzy:







cant wait until someone upload the bts ep 3 on yt because i cant seem to play vids on official korean channel T_T 

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Netizens for ‘W’ Ep3

‘W’ Lee Jong Suk, started to have self-will in 2009 ‘changing his fate’

Comments: 921

(+3485, -71) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Oh Yeonjoo became a webtoon female lead ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And it’s ‘W’ that is read by the whole nation ㅋㅋㅋ Kim Eui-jong’s monologue is so goosebump-inducing (thumgs up) Cannot predict what’s going to happen… W daebak

(+3085, -68) (thumbs up) goosebumps… the webtoon writer must be getting goosebumps

(+2386, -80) Ah why has it been 30 minutes already T_T I’m just so immersed in it that the time runs too fast…

(+2157, -66) So interesting, the time is just speeding by T_T

(+1954, -80) Really writer Song Jae-jung just has a story unlike any other… casting is also completely to my taste <3

(+587, -11) The drama itself is so unique… The director must have used so much effort to think about how to film this, how much must his head have hurt when he received the script? I am really grateful that we get this new challenge to the fantasy genre

(+551, -2) When he was talking about all the irrational actions she took to get back to her own world, I burst out laughing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(+568, -13) There’s probably no one who can look so chic in all-denim fashion

(+553, -9) Wow Lee Jong Sukㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The last part where he said ‘are you married?’ and when she said no, he answered ‘that’s good’ T_T so heart fluttering

(+586, -26) UF is gone… compared to old-hat love stories, W is much more interesting

(+509, -13) It’s like Truman Show… just goosebumps (thumbs up)

(+455, -6) But in the end, doesn’t that mean the person who killed Lee Jong Suk is Han Hyo Joo’s dad anyway? Because he’s the one who just kept making up people to kill Kang Chul in the manhwa…

(+451, -13) What’s up with Lee Jong Suk’s face? He’s really like a main character from inside a manhwa

(+415, -2) Ya this crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You must be the first female lead to go to jail in the 4th episode ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(+434, -9) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ No, when the female lead kept doing ridiculous things, even I got embarrassed for her ㅋㅋㅋ T_T

(+416, -11) Whenever Lee Jong Suk got a one-shot, I start to get confused if I am watching him in real life or in a drama

(+430, -18) W is really the first satisfying drama in awhile. Now let’s go to number 1 in ratings

(+390, -8) So interesting… Lee Jong Suk’s way of speech, I’m addicted to it

(+340, -4) I love you! That line was too funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(+337, -12) I was wondering why Lee Shi On looked so familiar and I realised he was one of the leads in Reply 1997 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ sorry for not recognising you ㅋㅋㅋ 


source: http://hitoritabi.tumblr.com/

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The WebToon is everywhere



No Place to hide...



Yeon Joon collapsed.



Kang Chul has the Key in his Arms now





Yes - I love his Car!



Kang Chul remember in his Dream how he woke up in the Water - the Moment his Will to live was born!






Faceless Enemy







[/ spoiler]

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Ok ,my live streaming did not work ,so saw episode in bits and pieces on naver

so we have two team

Killer team

1. Real Killer ,who killed KC family and wants to kill KC too but is waiting for right time !!!

2. OYJ's father ,who wants to kill KC for sme XZY secret KC knows ofhim


Saviour Team

1. Dr Oh or say or crazy heroine OYZ coz she is KC fan and wants her hero to have a happy ending and not murder.

2. Mr. X  ,identity unknown .But this X is really powerful and does not want KC dead . This X is actually who and why of this drama. Now this X can be  : 

              a. Killer himself ,who is enjoying the W game and want to see how KC reaches him . So does not want KC dead by hands of some crazy writer

              b. It can be KC himself , who created W comic with OYJ's father to find the killer. So does not want comic to end which means KC must not die

              c. some person who knows killer , OYJ's father as well as KC . Is KC sympathiser and so does not want KC dead before he knows truth

I still need to see whole drama with subtitles to get the actual feel of W , waiting for subs .



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Kang Chul carried Yeon Joo to the Hotel Penthouse Suite - where Do Yoon waits for him with Guests. The Police is there - asking if KC had heart anything about the Witness...

No - Never - of course not - who is the Woman in your arms.... just noone ... :D



Sorry that Scene was ealrier - but it somehow mixed up in my list...

so back to the Storyline..

After the Attack - Sung Moo freaked out and destroyed his Drayboard - I still believe it is somehow linked





My importend Scene from today - Kang Chul knew there is someone who interfere with his Life - he remember that he was in the Water - but then he was not... he knows as much as Sung Moo that his Life is messed up by someone. Who are you? The Eyes not on Yeon Joo but on the Reader - Viewer.





Time to wash and dress - but wait - what if Mad Doc can see me like this... I guess Yeon Joo is searching for something again to end the Episode - so what have the deeper Impact...



Boys are back in Town



Do Yoon saw someone.. naked...


Kang Chul is not so impressed



You will not go in there right now



now Yeon Joo has Kang Chuls Attention


but it would be better to know how to use it


you need bullets


than it will work


I admit - I forgot to shoot when he shot ... shoked that he really did it ...


[/ spoiler]

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I don't know why I have this crazy theory that maybe it's because YJ's dad started drinking (because his marriage fell apart and he lost everything he wanted in a marriage?) that it caused KC to come to life.. it almost feels like KC is YJ's dad inner demons coming out.. I'm not sure if that makes any sense.. 

YJ's dad's marriage fell apart.. his webtoon became a hit.. but he wasn't happy because he didn't have his family. What is fame when there's no one to share that fame with? So he starts drinking.. and we all know that drinking turns you into a monster! Maybe metaphorically, KC is his demon.. or maybe KC is his savior.. who's here to save YJ's dad from self-destruction (if he's not going insane himself already, lol).

To me, I feel like YJ's dad was so depressed and stressed with all the fame (also not having a family to go home to) that he decided to put an end to his webtoon hit.. he had given up on everything that night he decided that he was going to kill KC by making him jump into the Han River.. but KC has a mind of his own and came to life.. kind of like saying.. "you're giving up on your life.. but I'm not! I will continue to fight.."

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watched gun shot scene right now and wow i feel more angry than recap -_- hope she remembers in future that he can be that ruthless if he wants and maybe thats why her dad is scared of him too.

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Kang Chul lookes way to good in black - if you ask me




So - you kissed me to dissapear - lets see if you said the truth


You are still here - than you lied ... thats how I understood the Scene...



So He - she was shocked too and seems to care for Yeon Joo the first time.. .are you crazy...





totaly in shock after she was shot ... who would not be




and second time - collapsed..








... [/ spoiler]

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Daebak once again my heart is fluttering :wub:



Can't sleep tonight, I really want to know what is happening!!!

Tomorrow 1 more episode and another week of waiting. I'm seriously going krazy :lol:

Thanks All for the recaps ^_^

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My two favourite Pictures from my Screenshots:



and extremly





Kang Chul knows how to get a woman in his bed...









at least he said he was sorry - honestly











This last Smile!



and Yeon Joo lost ...






[/ spoiler]


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Awww, I'm melting!:wub::wub::wub:

Oh Yeon Joo's *Be Careful* touched his heart even more than a hundred of *I Love You*'s can.

I bet no one ever said it to him like she did. My OTP :heart:!!!

I think today was the first time KC actually started to consider/want a happy ending for himself. I'm happy and sad at the same time.

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Wow finished watching the raw video, and I squealed almost for an hour because of it!

So basically it's true, that YJ's dad wanted to end the story earlier in 2009. The reason was because YJ left and YJ's dad was depressed thus he relied to alcohol. The time YJ's dad wanted to kill KC was the same time when KC started to have the power, to make the story of the manhwa as he wants. If YJ's dad makes story that doesn't match with KC's wish, then KC can revert the story. Meanwhile actually, YJ's dad is also taking the profit from KC because if the manhwa ended earlier, YJ's dad would not reach his achievement as he is now. He gets recognized by the public and loved, thus the manhwa is YJ's dad way to overcome his depression.

I was so upset the moment KC bombarded YJ with questions, with the gun pointed at her! :angry: He asked how YJ disappeared from the store, why she slapped and kissed him, even threatened her that he would call the police if she does not answer! I know that KC is frustrated enough as he could not find his family murderer. So, meeting YJ that knows a lot about him (thanks to YJ blabbering on her sleep what she knows about KC based on the manhwa she read LMAO she even said that she saw him back then enough making KC confused) gives him a high hope that she can help him to find at least a clue. 

At least finally KC understands, that there is another world where YJ live in, and he knows that YJ only can back to her world by making him to meet an event that considered as "surprising". I'm not satisfied enough even though KC had asked for apology to YJ for their earlier event even though he is earnestly saying that he is sorry, but I'm hoping he will regret it badly later!!! Meanwhile YJ is really a sweetheart, still worrying about KC who is going as she does not know anything what will happen to KC because "If I'm here, I won't know", but she will know if she is in "that place". KC confused why she does not want to tell him anything yet she worries about him being dead LOL. YJ, saying that she's a person that hopes KC will have a happy ending life, because she is his fan. AND THE MOMENT HE ASKED YJ HER AGE LOL I CANT CONTAIN THE FEELS!!! HE ALSO ASKED HER IF SHE'S MARRIED OR NOT!! KNOWING SHE IS SINGLE HE SAID "IT'S GOOD THEN" OMG AND THEN THAT WINK....... I........

From the preview, I think it is SH who tries to make YJ to be arrested by the police, as SH asked her to drink wine in the hotel where YJ saved KC. No wonder, SH was furious when she knew that KC and YJ kissed from the store manager. I smell somethin burnin here. 

The last part... did YJ say that she automatically becomes the main character of the manhwa now? correct me if I'm wrong. This episode feels so short... can't wait for tomorrow!

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