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  1. Chinese Title: 三生三世宸汐缘 English Title: Love and Destiny ~ Filming Period: 2018 Air Date: JULY 15 2019 Episode Count: 60 ~ Viki Request Link Director: 林玉芬 Lin Yu Feng Chief Costume Director: 张叔平 Zhang Shu Ping Costume Director:张世平 Zhang Shi Ping Art Design Director: 区丁平 Qu Ding Ping Graphic Director: 李昭桦 Lee Zhao Hua Producer: 苏里 Su Li Executive Producer:江陆艳 Jiang Liu Yan Broadcast Platform: IQIYI Production Company: ᠅ ᠅ Synopsis One day, God of War Jiu Chen, who fell deeply asl
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