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  1. Soon - hm - maybe the will end with the start. I mean if that scene is really as I guess in 2019 than we have a gap of 7 years between the plane crush and the opening scene. My guess - but actually its way to early for a show like this to make wild guesses is - after CDG could finnished that case he became the (secret) hero who could change and works for this country - and lost contact with GHR. And like that he found her again. Damn - why is a week so long...
  2. And even with that weapon it needed a highly skilled game master to use it. Because of the fast switches... just to add this... I love the story behind that weapon and for me it was a blessing in disguis that the umbrella broke... I just wish I can watch the rest now...
  3. I know what they told us with that - even so not every coffee invitation I got leeds to something romantic I am fine with the ending too - just - I miss two persons - they seemed to be forgotten in the storyline (first coke partner - and the sister) - and i wished for a few more scenes for us not just a - now you have to imagine yourself ending. And I repeat - for everything what his esx did - i wanted to see her face longer -after she finally got the message. So - for me its just like a few scenes are missing - a few are too short - but all in all - its fine.
  4. Yes chingu - thats the finale. And I am not so happy at all too.... I kinda got what I guessed will happen - but not what I hoped will happen. Maybe subs will change it a bit - but I feel like there is so much missing. Is the queston to drink a coffee together enough for us as a happy end even it points out they will meet and be together in the end? Finaly she asked him out - thats nice - but we need a few more scenes after that. And where are the other coke guy and the wonderful sister of the witch? Speaking of the witch - i did´t get enough of her beeing shocked in the end.... One more episode could change a lot here. But sadly - it is the end.
  5. Uff - I am still a bit shooked. That was really not WWs best day. So much happend and so fast too. I need the subs to understand what they all said but I feel like everything what was ever needed to say - and more - is now on the plate. I hated 321 so much - trying to force WW to take the ring - in the office... Honestly - it could have been wonderful - if he had done THAT earlier. The idea with the computer was lovley - if not for a insane person. He really gave me bad vibes. KC tried to just hold him down but in the end he hit back - and I was not sure if I can trust 321 that he will never hit WW too. She looked shocked and scared. I loved it that WW finaly got angry and talked back and spoke for herself. And i can´t wait to find out what it was all about. I have my ideas - but I need the lines.
  6. THANK YOU!!!! Oh thats wonderful!!! I love that!!!!
  7. There real happy life will now start without us watching... but until the end they managed it to give me the most natural feeling it maybe ever had in a KDrama. There where times I felt first like - hey i would have done something else - but when i think twice - JI woudn´t and thats the most importend. A writer need there characters stay true. That can even change the direction on a story. I watched it on Air - and i was not happy in one scnee - need the subs for it of course - but she let him sign a paper and i believe it was about him not getting drunk again - because when she found out he had too much with his best buddies she was angry first and wanted to rip the paper and told him she will not marry him. He even got on his knees to say sorry. I did not liked her for that - i mean who was it first who used to drink a lot with her friends. Who came in the pharmacy in need of something to cure her hangover? So i was so happy and i loved the scene so much when it was just her a few scenes later who woke up in EW bed after drinking too much with his family. Gosh - I celebrated on my chair here. And he asked her to sign a note now too. That was adorable. And again - felt so real. Later they showed that note again and one line was changed - maybe to both are forbidden to dring too much - not sure - I will find out later. For me today was not wasted at all - the sisters together - wonderful. Even so we did not see the husband behind bars - and the divorce until the end - he finally signed the paper. Its like life is - actually in life there will never be a happy end - because it never ends - someone may die - but the other survive and it goes on - but it ends in a very wonderful time and let us believe the marriage will come next - they will be family - EW found his Mother by heart. I wonder what JH said that all woman around him started to cry. It was clear even without words that the mother and sisters like him a lot and they could see how deep in love JI is. Today was so much more - we - us - they together - and i hoped for it and liked it a lot. I smiled like crazy while watching. And i am very happy with the end.
  8. I wish for a Partner like JH - but can I have those sisters too? So happy with the ending!!!!!!
  9. I hate it sometimes when I am right... it was a dream... gosh - it felt weird.. and it was... and HELLO - we only asked for ten minutes in the end for them to be together again - is that too much????? That was not even one minute.... But they are together.... so do I have to be happy now - or angry???
  10. Not sure also - but I only found out about it now - thank you very much. I love it a lot. For me - i love it when they made fan videos with new songs.
  11. Same actress - two dramas - both times she has to lay in a coma ... one Drama started with it - the others ends... what else can i feel? And I love and loved both Dramas so much. (at least I don´t have to suffer from second lead syndrom this time - thats nice) I guess I need to rewatch both too - later - when i stopped crying over the final... the end will happy but i am sure they will not spare us from tears today too - so better prepare the tissues.
  12. Oh no - please no time jump - otherwise it will be difficult for her to go back to her viol.... a dancing .... just no time jump please. I don´t want to see him suffering for too long. I´m still very confident about our happy end.
  13. As I said - last string of hope - right I forgot the hankerchief.... just forgot it writers minds are strange sometimes - too many ideas - so forgive me.
  14. And if this will be just a dream I will flip a lot of tables... ... ähhh need some - mine are to heavy....
  15. Good timing - i just came back to soompi. And funny timing I just rewatched Healer. This time together with my girl and she - who needed my translation and never cried while watching films - cried a river. Good to have you back. How have you been - but for that we should use the messanger.
  16. After all that tragic today it would be really too much to give as a tragic ending too - the writer would mess up the Drama with that and I am sure they know that too. So - I was prepared for the cliffhanger today to be a really wringer for my heart. Okay I somehow more thought it wil be Dan - but that okay too. I don´t like that the stabbing card was played two times in one episode. But okay - I have to deal with it now. So is Dan now human because his wife nearly died for him - than we have a way to let them be happy in the end. And - i don´t know why but the way Angel Hu dissepeared was different from the other angel. Somehow I feel like if he really has gone they would have made it more tragic (yes - even more) we did not see him fall apart - he vanished - so - it may just be my last string of hope - maybe he was called back and was not destroyed already. Like that - maybe in the end he can save the day. Gosh - the moment when you desperatly waits for the final you never wanted really to come - because than we will not see them again....
  17. So - today looked like the calm before the last storm. I thought there would be more about the sister and her violent husband - but it all comes to an end tomorrow as it looks. Our wonderful couple needed one Episode to sort out there feelings - and thats fine with me. Like that we can say they are really ready now to start the future together. On the end they are back together - and now no doubts from them can disturb there happiness. They are ready to fight together now and I really hope that they do that tomorrow - not again much more only her. In the end we all will be happy with them. 'Can´t wait for the final... wait - that would mean I can´t see them again... i already start to miss them.
  18. I always loved to pay attention to the small things around me. I don´t like it to get a boquet of flowers on valentins day if that is the only day i get flowers. I love it a lot more when some nice stuff happens in my life without a big reasons behind - or a special date. And those trivial things are telling much more if someone really cares for you. 321 fails in all that ways... he don´t take WWs hand, he don´t check on her knowing she was not feeling well, he don´t look back... he don´t ask how was her day - he just kept telling about his wonderful life. He don´t look at her at all - the house brought tehm both happiness? No only him until now. I am fine with a guy who has a new job and need to work a lot - but leaving without even seeing WW? And that right after she told him the house had only her and he found her sleeping on the couch at his working place. Sorry - 321 don´t really love WW. He took care for the tux - and my only thought was KH would have bring her a glass of water and check if she took the medicine. Than he would place her on the couch again. He was the one caring that she worked the next day.
  19. Somehow i can´t forget that she said on one time that she had the feeling that she will run around and search for him everywhere... So maybe we have a time jump and he really was gone for a while or maybe he has to be the angel again he was in the start - the angel noone could see... I too believe Ni Na will do the Giselle Dance.. but why... Its still a long time to wait...
  20. I watched this part with subs... and the episode now too - only a few scenes are still unsubbed. But what i ment with as it looks until now - was more about the script. I woudn´t been surprised if we found out later that it was never really his child from the start but she lied about that. I was confused how cold her reaction was - for that you will punish me even after all those years. I coudn´t see any pain in her eyes or mimic about it. So if the child really was from him... and her love is so obsessive... i just wonder... Maybe she felt like it was in the way of the career back than.... but i think we will get to know more about that later. He acts coldblooded towards her now... right - but she don´t understand any other words. His ex is blind and deaf. We don´t know what he already tried. But he really gave up on her.
  21. I too hope and believe in a happy end... but the pictures of them growing old are not a sign for it. It was just a dream. They prepared something for us to be scared and sad again.. but i trust the writer to give us a happy end. Wait - who is the Writer... i need to check this...
  22. Countless times i wished to jump in the screen and tell a female lead to stand her ground and speak to her heart. Countless times I watched her beeing helpless in front of her parents. Even breaking up because they said so... Thank you writer for JI!!!!!!!
  23. Ohhhh - I need subs soon... So we will find out more about the baby background. The scene was today. And i really wonder what they where all talking - at least WW can´t think anymore that his relationship is just fine. I thought i found it with subs - but they are incomplete. Okay - I checked a few scenes but all in all its frustration to only read the half so i will wait for more and watch again. But one thing for sure - I love how KH becames stronger now and how honest he is. So it was his child (as is looks until now and as he believes it was) and it had already been years since that happen. He told her clearly that until than he was unable to love her but ZY is already crazy. I believe todays episode is full of importend scenes.
  24. Thank you ... I came a bit late and marathoned the serie - so i really thought i missed something.
  25. Waiting for next week feels way too long.... I rewatched a part... actually for me JI made one mistake... not really a mistake... but even I understand her well she fought all her fights alone and came later to JH - and for him I believe it would had been better if he could stand before her in one or two difficult situations. For me one scene today was the hug scene... he asked her to hug her but instead she hugged him. Thats a big difference. He didn´t wanted to be the one who got comfort - he wanted to give comfort. Like that she failed to let him feel like he can protect her - but instead she always protected him.
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