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  1. Cr: jshine_fc_leejongsuk 收到了无可替代的演员李钟硕 给我们联合餐车应援的签名认证啦,欧巴用留言与我们告别:好像不能好好地打个招呼,心里觉得好可惜..很感谢,演着恩浩我好像更幸福了..托福!!会好好回来的.要一直幸福哦!❤️翻译:李夫人 Cr: 鍾愛唯碩李钟硕FanClub Brief trans: 『 Actor Lee Jong Suk's 9th Debut Anniversary Charity Event Report/ Postscript 』 First of all, a total of 9 teams, the Korea official fanclub withJS, Japan CLUB-J, China JSHINE, China 辣妈, Hong Kong, Macau, Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines, and also not to miss out, the name of our Actor Lee Jong Suk, participated in this donation activity. After the fanclub approximate the donation sum of $7.6 million won, the fc communicated this to @ amanproject2018; through the agency, Actor Lee Jong Suk also conveyed his wish to do charity together with fans. Perhaps it is because the original donation sum mentioned to the agency was $7.6 million won, he transferred a $2.4 million won to the fc (to raise $10 million won for the event) with the message "Thank you, I love you" on the remittance note. Together with overseas fans who raised a higher amount than expected, the donation for this anniversary project totalled $12 million won. The donations all goes to Yongin City; it will be used to buy sports shoes as Children's Day gift for children from low income family. Aside, Actor Lee Jong Suk left a message for fans (with his autograph) through the official fanclub before his enlistment. He wrote "It seems that I cannot greet you properly, it's a pity.. I am very thankful, I became happier after acting as Eun Ho.. Thanks to you!! I will come back well. Be happy always! ❤️"
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