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  1. Writer is bringing out all this drama to officially start Bora-Deora track. Till now it was more of Junsoo Bora Sunny Ahri. Now it will be JS- AR, BR-DR in love track. Though I am all here from day one only for cute JS and fierce Ahri. Yes I find JS really cute in all scenes specially his emotional scenes are super cute. It always feels like he would cry anytime . Actress playing Ahri is more kind of plain Jane . But some how she grew upon me . May be coz her character has been through a lot and still comes out so strong. Where as Bora is beautiful but so whiny and at
  2. Fatal promise. Lead was supposed to be seeing the girl since seven years in Amerika(a rumour which lead never clarified ! ) ....got engaged .....later broke ....got hulk slap from her Mom ....spoke very same words like JS .It very much reminded me of Bora-Jinsu case. Still here JS was never engaged to Bora!
  3. Just saw episode. All is going nice nice. But I wanted a twist . When that rich granny came with so much money . Ahri should have cooly raised the bid and asked for 20 percent shares in company That way Ahri and Byuri would be richy rich and untouchable . Ahri is no marraige material anyways . So she can be kickass single mom . As for JS he won't marry Sunny that guy would prefer dying . As for Bora he can say baby you are so pure you deserve better ! He could remain single forever. His child he can always visit and care as he is it's rightful father. Ahri JS can always get dru
  4. Recently Yura has turned so funny. Her psychotic behaviour added with her ghostly look is super entertainment .I normally watch youtube clips and it often has this scary Yura thumbnail. I got confused if it were some clip of some horror show
  5. I think that's new of rejecting girls in Korea. ......You say I am not worth you. You deserve better......That way you reject a girl but girl herself does not feel rejected .....and you are out of a big mess like a cool guy!! Well recently I watched one more Korean show . Their too lead broke his engagement, got slapped by her Mom and then said the same things as JS said to BR. I was like wait they have same writers or is it recent trend in Korea. Fact is if you want to cling on you will find n reasons to do so. Bora is just one of them.
  6. @miraliyana90 agree JS was cutest and chicest thing in today's episode . Him thrashed up by AhriPapa was damn funny . Such a tall and strong guy just headlocked and suffocating made me laugh (Sorry for this health condition though ! ). I mean we are used to heroes fist fighting and doing kung fu and here we have a tall and chic hero being thrashed by old Papa Still he followed them after being dumped by the road side. And the way he sneaked out with Ahri, avoiding her Dad was funny too. It was like let's elope and Ahri too followed his lead. Even the taxi sc
  7. Agree @Mocharel...that headlock scene was do funny...poor JS could not breath ...he would had surely fainted if Ahri did not mediate....she knows his condition ...that's why silently followed her father ....even locked car door to keep JS away. I am Ahri fan now .She knows her father as well father of her coming child l @Naty828...am really not sure whether to laugh or cry for the craziness JS is showing right now. He said he came to protect Ahri. But wait , it's gonna be other way round. It will Ahri and Byuri taking care of him. Specially as we very well see how STRO
  8. Poor JS his anxiety is a big problem.....he can only make babies but cannot fist fight ....... .may be that's why he went for Ahri...coz that girl has no quealms breaking others bone.
  9. Waaooow..all my friends are here @maribella @Ameera Ali @LmanglaHappy new year guys . I am watching it on and off . Actually TP YJ just don't impress me! Plus here i like second ML equally. So really dont know whom to ship for ! Yj has been so frustrating that even Though she has come in revenge mode , I just can't identify with her. That Papa love story with first love is more interesting then TP YJ. @Mocharel you are here too! I am more into No matter what anyone says (KBS). Recently started watching it from episode 50 . And then binge watched back episodes
  10. What's wrong with people around ? Are all mad in this drama . Sorry that not so funny youtube party of Deora and group cannot lighten my mood ! Ahri father and that shitty granny and her rich investor . All have so much power that they can make a woman abort her child against her will ! That father needs to rot in hell. Ahri did everything to disappear from their life. Still they hunt her down. It leaves her no choice but to hold JS even if she does not want. Bora and Sunny I put a hex on them. May they always remain unhappy and die out of
  11. Are Korean rich people so bully ! The very word Chebol gives me a cring. That bully Grandmother and her granddaughter I want them rote in a stinky ditch. Granddaughter sabotaged JS image and grandmother is going for his business! That granny needs to know how crap her granddaughter has been. Just waiting the reporter reveals her name and granny business goes downhill as all her projects fail . I really pity JS right now.He is losing his business and even that competition coz people are to possessive of him. His parents are his own enemies. They just want to sell him fo
  12. Finally a marriage proposal out of blue. Now all will be hell bent to stop this marriage. But I am all in for it. Will be interesting to see Ahri JS and Byori together . They will make a happy four. Mama Papa Baby and a doting little Aunt !
  13. Agree. What I have seen is that Deora has quit lot of prejudices . Also against Jesoo.Plus that cross dresser halmoni, even though she may be funny she does add to his biases. She is always hating everybody except Beyori and Deora. Even Deora is myopic when it comes to Bora.Being lead I expect his character to be more mature . But it seems writer has decided to keep leads immature and childish ! The second couple has better story and are way too mature . Right from episode 2 , I am looking forward to see how JS and Ahri come together . Rather then Deora and Bora . Coz t
  14. Waah ....a typical kdrama twist....but i am liking it....since i really like Junsu and Ahri What next PD Uhm will go on another power trip and force Junsu to marry her! And Jeesu will have to do coz his Dad is in debts and his own investors will push him into it. Now his only way out is Ahri. Scandal with Bora and now with Sunny. This tall guy is going places. Bring it on . If Ahri decides, her scandal can save Junsu once and for all . Sunny and her grandmother will be in real RickRoll'D .
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