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  1. TI sending her off is what makes me angry . In fact he even gave that good bye smile in the end, his parents had no choice . His mom is grooms mom and his dad has brides dad heart . So what can he do , he must let them be happy and quietly stand in shadows . Why is show still going on episode 70 is like The End . Or say end of season 1 In Season 2 we will see TI being forced into marriiage with psycho SJ to save ED ( MH will use Ed to hang her daughter in his neck ) . ED playing dutiful DIL who will be sooner or later thrown out of the Hause . TI breaks up with SJ for her psychotic behavior . How I don’t know ? And the cycle will go on Untill they abruptly decide to end fixing the leads together !
  2. Do we really care .... it’s her body she can do whatever she wants . Girl is harmonally high , she has been devoid of any dating and kissing at peak of her age. Respectfully she offered herself first to TI her first love but got rejected so now she will do it with anybody who comes in her way first . @Ameera Ali am not gonna like those GIF , I hate that guy and ED is like all ready to be banged by him.Thanks to epic rejection from her Ajhoshi . I hate TI for serving her to that creepy crybaby . TI you must burn in hell
  3. Wait no no no ... I just wanted a fling ... I take even that back no ......No way I want TI SJ married ! Run TI Run ! Save yourself . I want you enjoy life. Gosh SJ is psycho how did I forget that Girl is bowing down to TI parents even trying to kill herself so that TI accept her !
  4. @Lmangla obviously I have still not given up on TI ED as I feel writers are planning to take a long route on them Have seen many shows where ML FL have different pairs and still have sort of strange relationship and finally end up together . In fact I love such drama with second chances . So I am all in for twists and turn. @Saja La their is nothing called left over dear . The life is long and you end up making strange choices . In long family drama writers make ML FL go through a lot till they get together . So we must take chill pill as @maribella says. Mean while I really really want TI to chill out with SJ and have a fling with her . Why should HW and ED have all fun. Let TI go to that hotel May B with SJ and have one night stand and MH get heart attack that her daughter is sleeping around with TI
  5. @maribella by no means I want that jailbird anywhere near my TI .I would prefer him celibate forever I don’t dislike SJ .TI is such a noble idiot , he needs somebody smart and shrewd by his side . SJ did love him , she even rebelled against her own mom for him . But TI just threw her away just like he threw away ED. If keeps on like this why will any girl ever marry him ED is an opportunist just like SJ . Her marrying other guy proves it . I don’t really care if she goes single or comes back to him . Want TI to date enjoy and be free and later meet someone who can love him unconditionally. EDit : is their one more time leap!
  6. @Lmangla TI was quit cool about marriage and HJH was like so proud saying now I am ED guardian , till now he was jealous why TI is her guardian while for TI it was like cool I got rid of an headache .... TI clapped and ED happily married another guy . TI actually just never romantically wanted to have ED. It was ED who liked him and got rejected so girl moved on and Ajushi clapped . Anyways I will be here to see how my TI gets rid of this guilt crap and happily move on with SJ . That girl is best for him since TI needs no pampering or a fangirl. @Saja La Kdrama FL always marry chebol for revenge ! I thought this drama was different since TI character has been strong . But seems like kdrama Writer can’t get rid of their old habit Well Ko Se Won really got me caught in this mess .
  7. So they married and now we will have MIL DIL SILsoccer at Hans. Obviously I am not interested in that , we already have better one going on in Brillient Inheritance. Now rich HJH and his super rich papa are going to get justice for ED right ! But then why TI is still busy digging around that man needs a break . He should go fishing or tracking or a trip to Jeju island . ED is a chebol DIL , more powerful then President of China right !!! Now she can put Choi behind bars and be happy ever after . @maribella you had said corporate does not promise happiness and this drama is about how middle class family can be far happier . Well I don’t see that here ! Moral we get from Fatal Promise till episode 70 : Middle class family like TI have always to suffer . Somebody like Mr Cha has to die extra to save a middle class family . Rich people get things anyways be it a kid from a poor mother or heart transplant ! Or you become like HW and ED and marry rich guy to get a higher position or to protect yourself ! Only rich can survive in Korea!! And middle class people have no life!! They just lick high class people shoes !!
  8. @brooksmom it’s in episode 6 where BH recognizes SK. She remembers her school days , a scene where she fell on him in a cycle accident and she thinks how come she did not recognize him till now . She also recognizes that the old lady is the same lady who gave her , her own daughters clothes to wear .
  9. So that old lady will be the fairy God mother that will turn BH into Cinderella and SK will be her prince and that truck will be the chariot OK OK so we have so many bad witches here . BH’s stepmom and stepsister are enjoying her dads Hause while BH is homeless right now ! BH Knows SK is her first love and SK feels BH is living a miserly life. It’s still funny and kids were happy munching macarons that their Fairy Godmother and prince Papa bought them.
  10. So they are going to have wedding and ED plans to move in with MH SJ and play MOther in law And Sister in law with them . May be call in HW her ABBA MIL and ghost mother too . So that they can play women’s soccer in Chairman Han living room. @chococarmela come see this is how ED is planning her revenge PS : MH is making it unregistered marriage so that things can be reset if she looses the match
  11. Well he had same reaction when TI SJ were getting married . He just hates TI and ED . He has no choice but to take EC coz HW cannot bear baby . He loves HW , it’s HW who makes him crazy going to TI begging to save her A.,?;($& which TI so coldly rejects. Plus she also acts on her own bringing him down even more. CJH fell in his chair when he was told by his secretary that it was TI who financially supported EC for seven years when ED was in jail. For him it’s like two people he hates most have actually been raising his son till now!
  12. Thank you for welcome dear . I love that Gannam Style Yeh things are going bad in Fatal Promise , it feels like my heart would blast for my TI . So I came Here to watch SYY and have some fun . I am here for her and her two loving kids , I love them . Yes my old DP was from Come and Hug me . It had a sad story with happy ending .
  13. I like it . Specially SYY and her kids . The way she tells them her high end stories and the way her little son listens them in awe is just wow . Her kids are living a miserly life but they her happy . It would be fun to watch when their Mom turns into overnight Cinderella .
  14. @Saja La just watched initial episodes of My wonderful Life.... yes let’s meet at it’s forum , I like it . Though Fatal promise will still be my favorite . I will wait to see TI smile really bright ........ TI bro whaaiting..... My wonderful Life has strong villainess and super funny FL. Contrast to Fatal promise where it’s war between villain and ML-FL . My wonderful life will be more about the villainess and FL and FL birth secret . It’s gonna be more woman oriented compared to Fatal promise where TI and CJH are real strong male characters . The ML ( handsome Oppa as you call him ) of My Wonderful life is not as strong as TI neither in acting nor in looks. Still I will manage . We cannot expect many good quality male actors in daily drama . So I will adjust . I will watch it for those two kids that FL has. There mother kids chemistry is strong unlike ED EC here. EC is more like chicken eating Maschine and ED a Noona always in Sad Mode ! ED EC chemistry is not at all good . Instead I feel TI EC have better chemistry . Well their I will say actress playing ED has limited acting skills. I did start watching Brilliant Heritage but it has no strong FL or ML or Villain unlike Fatal promise where we have TI ED and CJH kinda strong characters . It’s happy go lucky family drama . Well not my type.
  15. Goodbye dear , we too are planning a Himalaya trip , it’s me @Saja La and TI . Wanna join us ! @Ameera Ali do you have some thing to cheer us .