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  1. Making fake granny pitiful by bringing back his illness and Deora a wronged hero is something I am really disliking. Writers I hate such storylines ! Yes Ahri s dad needs anger management . But his anger is absolutely justified. It's history repeat for him. Fake granny sold his pitiful story with pitiful stepson to his first wife , got money from her and even slept with her to have a kid ! Now again after 12 years he turns up . Faking as granny lives at his in law hause , his step son and friend basically occupy his father in law house first in name of business th
  2. The voice over of killer is of Choi Jin Hyuk. I can recognise his voice as I have seen almost all his dramas . He is that thick hoarse voice . So one thing is sure killer has not yet been shown . I think he will be shown in last episodes The drama may have more then one killers as well . But the Cross murder is the boy Jae hoon that I am sure. Coz he has ended up hating God Ajhushi and his cross coz his prayers were not answered ! Whether he killed his own family or is just a suspect , I am not sure. Plus i have a general question. Why do most of Korean psychopath
  3. So killer is the boy who killed his whole family cold bloodedly . Am still waiting to see how the head hunter's son is doing as doctor. Is he also into psychopathic killing business like his dad or is just happy operating people in OR. Let's see how our Police Hero's psychic abilities get triggered after accident and how Detective Hero finds his peace by avenging his parents death.
  4. Gift from PD Uhm is doing wonders. Heaviness level of Ahri task reached to a level where she can have miscarriage any time !
  5. Finally we see fake granny in pants . He looks fine without wig. Still I want him to be in jail. Nothing interesting left in show now . It's all about DR Fighting goons and clearing name of his fake granny. Ermmm It's boring now .
  6. Wait did SJ really die ? I mean I liked him in contrast to JH of Fatal promise. This drama is extremely Gray . First that little kid now SJ! Why writer nim why ? I so much wanted JH killed in fatal promise but that guy lived happily and here want SJ to survive but he died ! What a bad logic ? Good parent's children live on ,bad parent's children die ! Here sons paid for their mother's crime! Still those shameless mothers are defending themselves in court ! They must simply suicide . Don't you dare kill TP? By logic he deserves a long life .
  7. Today all three gifts of JunSu were well used by Byuri and Ahri. Loan shark was pepper sprayed , tased and whistled down by our super girls Now JS mom knows why they needed those gifts and she did not ! JS is cool and smart guy. He may not be around to protect but made sure his girls could protect themselves. Rather then be like DR who just nods at fake granny who does nothing but curses people and keeps claiming to be father for nothing ! Hopefully writers will bring out JS kidnapping case too and make fake granny realise how much he traumatised JS.(To
  8. Don't they have dish washer in Korea. I mean the whole problem of who will wash the dishes in Na family would be solved by that. Only they will have to plan is who will arrange the dishes after they are washed
  9. Every time I hear that fake granny talking of taking Byuri my blood boils. I really dislike her. I just don't feel pitiful about her situation. He seems to think he is the only well wisher for his daughter while all are her enemy ! Are JS Ahri fools . They are so invested in Byuri and Byuri is so happy to find a family in her sister and brother in law. Now suddenly that fake granny will throw away her wig and say Byuri I am your father ! And all love of JS Ahri will go in drain and Byuri will pick her father ! No way ! I want Byuri to stay with JS Ahri and Organic. They four are
  10. After seeing those GIF Now I realise I liked JS more when he was a a jerk and sickly . Specially when he had real angry face with PD um. I know I am sounding psycho while saying that but that's how I feel ! In photo shoot he is looking way too charming and cute . It's like too much suger ! Plus that gummy smile of his would make me faint . I like him but don't know why I keep finding ways to criticise him . Like he is too tall and while kissing he had to bent so much and camera angle was so bad that his back looked crooked and his face ! Well you guys better see tha
  11. It's 120 episode with 50 percent gurenteed crap I got hooked coz of Ahri JS. They can be called black sheep of the show . They started with focus on first couple BR DR. But I loved way Ahri story developed. She is just no-one in the beginning with all focus on BR. But slowly you find plain Jane Ahri far more lovable. She is always bashed and is considered a worthless child of the house.Her life is never ending tale of troubles ! Her bio mom suddenly dies ! She gets little sister out of nowhere and that was not enough she ends up pragnent with one night stand . Still that was not enough ! Th
  12. Aww @Ameera Ali I love you dear Have been missing you since Fatal Promise. Actually I visit Man in vail forum for you and @maribella. Thanks for the GIF darling ,your one liners are cherry on cake. I really really want more JS Ahri GIF. One when they first meet , one when she holds him when he faints , one when she tips on him while helping sin in car and one where he helps her out of mud swamp.....my list is sòoooooo long. Make them when you have time . I will cherish them just the way i cherish Fatal Promis GIF of ED and TI Ori JS and Ahri look so cu
  13. Then Ahri will be bashed even more coz she caused hurt to super baby sister Bora! ...writer better not do that ...let Bora make another vedio and get her Papa in jail......I see Ahri Byuri getting hospital trip for sure ......coz only then Ahri papa will get chance to flabgast that fake Halmoni ....actually I really want that fake Halmoni get thrashed by Ahri Papa. He is having happy time with that sunny aunt , left Ahri mom to die alone , Deora Mom died and we don't even know how ? This fake Halmoni survived and is going around cussing others !
  14. I think they will show happy ending rather then miscarriage. The whole marriage is happening around it . Plus writer seem more focused on after marriage life of JS and Ahri with funny in laws rather then giving it a tragic twist ! But yes Ahri dad will get chance to prove his point and blame Byuri if Ahri is put in danger.
  15. Where is it shown that Cross dresser kidnapped JS in childhood !! Which episode ? Did I miss it ?
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