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  1. I don't think anyone cornered or scolded anyone in this thread. But if you post your opinions you can't expect not to be challenged on them if someone disagrees? Especially if you try to underline them with facts and concepts.
  2. @kara_mella I've read your posts and I guess I'll never be able to agree with you, because every example you cite (grabbing the hand etc) are all SB, the only one I would grant you is when CJ visits SB at her home. But again, that's at the very beginning of their relationship and pretty much the only point when the drama acknowledges that SY's feelings influence SB, but I don't think anyone in this thread is denying the fact that SY's feelings have influence over SB, just that it's clear that it's not *just* SY and in fact less and less so as the drama goes along.
  3. I'm sorry, but I have to rebutt here: First of all, the reaction from the korean audience that I've seen is also mixed, with people being sad (like we are) that Bong Hwan is alone now in the future and how they wanted Cheolbong! Secondly it's not like there haven't been gay characters, even main characters in kdramas before. Secondly I don't see how you can say that it was only SY's feelings regarding seeing CJ's chest, when the whole episode had been about how SB/BH was feeling about having slept with CJ and coming to the realisation that it was great. Also why would
  4. Yeah I'm sorry, but this is the worst way this could have ended. Not just for Bong Hwan and Cheoljeong, but also So Young? Because she never got to have any closure for herself. Yes SB got colsure for her and i guess they're trying to justify it by saying So Young never left the body, but everything SB achieved as revenge was not done by So Young herself. If that's the kind of character I'm supposed to root for to be together with CJ, who apparently forgot his own lecture to his former concubine that the connection they had as kids were not why he loved her, but everything they ex
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