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  1. When they get emotional like this i just love it so much<3 I love and prefer these kind of scenes more than kiss scenes actually >,<
  2. Did they just release an early preview and its almost 3 minute long?! They are lovely and emotional Love the way he asks the questions which ate his braın sınce that day.. The way she look so mature and just smiles with tears! it hurts me, I really want to see her side of view from that times already :c
  3. opening scene omg lol so awkward yet accurate and cute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4WRJdCmIgA lmao his mother seeing him walkıng around at night '' ahjumma who are you??? omma??'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8axFkVTPBQ
  4. its been long time i post something here! Really loved first episode and wanted to comment so many times in between episode while i was watching Usually I prefer to binge watch Asian dramas once they finish airing but looks like i got myself 2 currently going on dramas this season... I hope I wont regret it after some weeks lol For first thing, i was worried i might still see his last role/character on SKJ but I didnt even think of it once while watching this first ep it was amazing Reading character lead 4-5 character infos before starting helped me a lot to understand details & get into the story easier. My heart was beating so hard when their eyes meet after such a long time for first time! lol I cant believe i can fangirl on this level at this age Love her broken but little happy family, their rooftop house looks amazing at night with scenery! But cant say same thing for his family, esp his sister was tiresome to watch. Hope we wont get much screen time for her later on? lol Im sorry that she had such people called friends in high school I dont need to say anything on SKJ since i follow him/his works since Roommate days<3 But I need to add that I think i might found myself another fave actress she is so natural and lovable with her acting as this character.That perm felt awkward at first (for me) but then i start to like how fluffy and cute it looks on him in preview lol It will look even better after a day or so, if only they let curls gets free-style so it can look messy wavy hair..ps. I missed watching JTBC dramas. They really has another aura from other channel dramas.
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