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  1. A little late, but CONGRATZ! LCDF has officially broke pass 1 billion views!!
  2. Prop Stills Location Stills 汪卓成 as 江澄 Jiang Cheng 于斌 as 温宁 Wen Ning 纪李 as 聂怀桑 Nie Huai Sang 漆培鑫 as 金凌 Jin Ling 郑繁星 as 蓝思追 Lan Si Zhui 郭丞 as 蓝景仪 Lan Jing Yi 宋继扬 as 晓星尘 Xiao Xing Chen 王皓轩 as 薛洋 Xue Yang 李泊文 as 宋岚 Song Lan 刘海宽 as 蓝曦臣 Lan Xi Chen 朱赞锦 as 金光瑶 Jin Guang Yao 王翌舟 as 聂明玦 Nie Ming Jue (Big Bro) 孟子义 as 温情 Wen Qing (Wen Ning's sister) 宣璐 as 江厌离 Jiang Yan Li (Jiang Cheng's sister, aka Jin Ling's Ma) Other side characters Mascots ALL the actors are (or look) so young! I was expecting the characters of Xiao Xing Chen, Xue Yang and Song Lan to be more mature looking. I am so glad this is a web drama since there are less restrictions and censorships. MORE BROMANCE! I know it's impossible to hope for a pristine plot, but please script writers do not change the contents too much.
  3. It is confirmed for this summer of 2019, along with Tecent's other drama adaption for grandmaster of demonic cultivation (The Untamed 陈情令). Most likely in July or August which corresponds to student's summer vacation.
  4. New still updates from the drama producer. #waiting for the day the drama's official weibo awakes up from slumber#
  5. During a recent interview, ZYJ said he owns a nokia phone so he has to borrow his assistant's phone to post on weibo. LOL Only one weekend left before Monday arrives with the finale.
  6. NEW STILLS From the NEW side story, this girl is absolutely ADORABLE. InStyle Magazine photoshoot with ZGC and HWY a while back on 05/19/2019 A Little off topic but the actor of ZGC, Eden 赵志伟 surpassed 8mill subscribers and posted a dance vid.
  7. new stills SIDE STORY #3 + 4 +5 (posted on 05/18, 19, 20 on weibo) Special clip released for May 20th or 5.20 (Chinese for I love you) LCDF has officially broke the 800 million mark!
  8. Im looking forward to the future episodes, seeing from the MV, it only gets sweeter and sweeter. 朱主爱 藏不住的心跳 (Love at First Sight) 胡夏 我只喜欢你 (I Only Like You) SIDE STORY #1 + 2 (05/17 posted on weibo) QY's excuse: Teacher, my period hurts too much. I am going home. GC's excuse for QY: She sprained her ankle during GYM. MY's excuse for QY: She has a fever. Teacher: You should match up your lies before telling them. She MUST have gone to see Jay Chou, RIGHT? MY LEGENDARY REPLY: No sir. QY got a fever while she was on her period. She fell during gym class and now her mom is picking her up to go to the hospital.
  9. Taiwan version of 3 min promotion video. The mainland china version focused on the youth period but the promotional video for taiwan's Line TV has abundant of scenes from the 2018 period. SO SWEET. Here's another promotional video but I dont think there are scenes from the drama itself, I think this is more like a concept video. New stills New BTS (youtube will probably post within a day or two)
  10. BTS 14 (only 1 bts update today T_T) [Tencent QQ Video] [Weibo Post- Video Input] [[tumblr] I think that's their dog dollar at the end of the video.
  11. ”言默老奸巨猾大坏蛋“ 老奸巨猾- English equivalent would be along the lines of old sly fox 大坏蛋- big bad egg meaning a jerk SO the entire the sentence is "YAN MO is an old sly [fox and a] jerk".
  12. As expected, I failed to step on the brakes and watched all 6 episodes for this week. In order to calm my withdrawal symptom I started to look around the promotion videos. So I came across this MV where MY said "ZQY, I never plan to leave your side since the day I met you. I will always be yours". It's not the typical possessive trait "You will always be mine" that male characters have all the time but a firm will to "give up my entire self to you". It's simple swap between the pronouns "you" and "I", yet it leaves a heavy favourable aftertaste. This is an incredible drama, I cant keep myself from smiling. Thoughts on ep 13-18: Behind The Scenes Preview for ep 19-25 Preview Ep 21 and 25 are highlights for next week. We finally get to see the 'because of you' classic scene. The plot diverged a bit from the novel but I LOVE IT. Another live with Wu Qian & Zhang Yu Jian on 5/08 at 20:00PM (Beijing time). [Tencent QQ Live Link]
  13. I never keep up with the view counts, so I dont know. However, I do know that the drama frequently comes up on the weibo's top 50 hashtags trends. New BTS posted on weibo (It was already shown in the fan meeting) The way he is tugging her hair it's just too precious. ^^
  14. On weibo Producer 于正 revealed he is in the middle of a discussion regarding the colours adjustment for the drama with the editor. Bai Lu replied to the post and confirmed it, IT IS REALLY COMING. T^T I predict the drama will air by mid summer. Fingers crossed.
  15. Full Video of the fan meeting: [TENCENT QQ VIDEO] [BILIBILI] @gracebkkMC was terrible so it was very awkward for the entire duration of the fan meeting. Besides that I have to point out how insanely adorable Zhang Yu Jian was. No wonder they picked him for Yan Mo, HE'S PERFECT FOR THE ROLE! He didnt know what to say half of the time so Wu Qian kept telling him to say something. LOL ! BTS:
  16. What is this? The setup is like like a wedding! @gracebkk The fan meeting starts at 2pm (beijing time), I thought Ill be asleep by now guess not. So YES I will be watching it. [V.QQ.com Live Link]
  17. XUKAI RECENTLY POSTED 顾燕帧 photos on his Weibo. Does that mean we can FINALLY get an update on the air date?
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