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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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This episode is the turning point for HS and turning point for myself too... :wub:

just to commend uri KHN for carrying out very well this matured role... can't help but to fall for him still very time he would deliver a line on a low voice on a close up shots...! :rolleyes:

But my heart is now all for WS-HS...! 

How can you say no to a man who shows so much love and affection..? Right? 

Finally, i would like to be HS in my next life... a girl who got 2 marriage proposals in 3 episodes from 2 gorgeous man..! Agree? 

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14 hours ago, Immortal_Angel said:

I really wonder if the king knew all this time what the evil queen was doing then why didn't he put a stop to it? What kind of king he is when he can't even control his own wife from harming others?!? :angry: He knew she was behind the attacks on his concubines and his children and yet he cannot find any evidence to sentence her to death? like really what the crap king is he?!?! Why can't he touch her or dispose of her?? Is she blackmailing him or he's afraid of something that she has? 

He know...but the Yoo family is the strongest in Goryeo having them as the king enemy will backfire him at once. The second strong family is from Mo family but they now in trouble because the high tax case that make Mo position as CP in danger previously. The 3rd family is Yo marital family. Baek Ah family used to be the strongest his grandfather once is the King at Shilla dynasty (In this drama story) but since Shilla is collapsing they're now nothing, that's why Yo making fun of his family and So defend on him. The fourth maybe is Won marital family...then the general Park family.

Queen hwangbo family used to be strong but crazy eomma plotting to put the mistake on lady SG baby (the king baby with lady SG) on her, so Wook family once outcast from the palace and rise again even re enter the palace again when Wook marrying lady Hae.

That's if I'm not mistaken taken from my understanding of the drama...NOT the real history.

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Just finished the 11 eps. my eyes... poor my eyes, i think my tears stock has run out.. 

i have this thought of mine. Looking at the way WS love HS. How obsessive him toward her, i thought HS will be the reason why WS did his terrible act as Gwanjong. we know, HS will be dead at the end, and HJ will be transported back to the future, leaving WS in a big misery. My thought is HS's dead will not be caused by some diseases like the C version did, maybe the princes got involved in HS's death, and as soon as WS took the throne he just seeking revenge for HS death.

Even if that's not the cause of his action, the history has written WS as a tyrant king who killed his brothers. But we know that taejo has many sons, maybe the ones that WS killed are not among the princes who lived in the palace. I thought some of his sons lived faraway from the palace with their mothers and clans. And once Taejo dead, the fight for the throne officially began, not only between the princes who lived in palace, but the princes who lived out side the palace (if they are really exist) will take a part too..

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"I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!!!!" Was my reaction when Wook abandoned Soo for his sister. I believe this is the end of Soo/Wook's love story?? 


I really hope Soo wakes up and realize that So is a much better man than Wook. (I mean So-So not So-Gwangjong, cause we all know GJ is bad) 

I literally cried at the part where Court Lady Oh and Soo was saying goodbye. LIKE THE FEELS OMGGG WHYYYY. Lady Oh is like a mom to Soo, can't imagine how heartbroken Soo was when Lady Oh took the blame for her. I feel like after Lady Hae, it was Lady Oh who was always there for her, giving her advice. I really hope Soo takes her advice seriously though, "Don't trust anyone, walk as if you're walking on thin ice" which is true, the palace is a place where one needs to be very careful. Soo, I hope you don't let Lady Oh's effort be in vain omg!!!

Already excited for next week since So starts showing more affections for her already and MARRIAGE??? WOOHOO but we all know that a marriage between a prince and a maid is difficult. Really difficult.. sigh. 

Oh and Woohee appears again! Annnnnd kills the king???? WOAHHH

Next episode is super exciting, can't wait!!!!! 

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Seriously what a great episode...i dont know how many time i cried when watch ep11...so many sad scenes so many heart breaking scene,,,

this drama for sure isnt the bubbly happy saeguk drama, though the vibe that given in earlier episode is like this drama will be one of light drama, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO its all wrong, only 11episode, we already see the death of 2 beloved people. One lady Hee and last night Lady Oh, And i believe more death will following up as the story will go cruel from now on. Ep 11 just all the way on point...love the music bgm (ooohhh the chosen music really make a scene sadder and sadder)..especially when we sent off Lady Oh...that newest ost really elegant gorgeous though with just simple melody, but its already makes me cried since its start the melody...its really fit to that scene,one of saddest scene in this drama so far..

The palace really one of cruelest place back then. Every kind of betrayal happen here. Friend become enemy or enemy become friend or lover become enemy or family become enemy..its a place with so many twist, and we really cant trust ppl there. yeah a place isnt a place that can keep the words, in a flash speed every one can changed, Like what WW did, poor HS must feel like betrayal again by her lover in goryeo time, after being betrayed by his friend and boyfriend in future time. Its worse betrayal because happen when she in the weakest condition, in the saddest condition too with the lady Oh punishment, and at that time she really need someone to make her strong, so it would be difficult to forget and it can left a "scar" on her heart. i hope she still can trust WS (but i think WS will do the same too later, he cant keep his promise and yeah he changed....but at least at this weakest moment she can trust him and rely on him even just for a moment)



high five with many chingudeul here that wrote about wook character...wook is one of key player on last night episode. A change on wook last night really bring so many upcoming plot movement in this drama. and yeah he is become one of villain in this drama like @solelylurking said, villain not only someone who did bad things like WY YH or queen Yo, but the one who have different thought from a hero or the one that confront a hero in a drama,i call them villain too. But in WW case is different. If we watch a character like WW in other drama,it sometimes can fit a hero character, look how he conflicted to choose between family and love and in the end he choose family, its like noble idiocy in other dramas. Yeah that how special wook, he really written well by the writer and make many of us cant hate him.

Last night is like a big slap to him, he realize just he is just nothing..he cant do anything to protect someone he loved, He just a powerless man that still looking for the way to make win-win solution between love and family. And yeah there is no other way than sacrifice one of them love or family. and he choose to sacrifice his love to HS. I love the way KHN show how conflicted WW last night, his eyes speak a lot. I am a bit teary when see WW mom must kneel down in front of evil queen. How heart breaking a son to see his mother kneel down like that???  Its like another slap for him that he need power....how powerless he is in front of the queen yoo. After sacrifice his love now he need power to protect his beloved one. It. So every thing YH said is true. without power their family can be thrown away anytime. YH really braver than her brother, both WW and YH is smart, but YH a bit can think out of the box and fast thinker than WW. If YH was a man, she truly will confront CP right now, and maybe she can be a king.



i have love-hate relationship with Monday and Tuesday because of this drama....in other days i waiting impatiently to those both days like waiting the days of my own date. When those days comes, i love because i can watch this drama but also hate because at those two days time flies so fast and suddenly its already Wednesday again (like today) and must do another painful waiting again.. :(

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Ok...so I've watched episode 11 a few hours ago and let me tell you guys...

I do not cry prettily...tears and snot got all mixed up and I was babbling incoherently.

My throat got stuck up and my eyes got all puffy and I had no tissues to speak of!

My shirt sufficed for the tears and anguish that I felt for Hae So.


Anyway, I was initially in love with Wook and didn't mind his love story with Hae So.

In fact, I knew that they would part and Hae So and Wang So would start their epic love story arc.

But the way they parted really sank my ship for Wang Wook and Hae So.

Why did he have to show himself during the rain scene, just to back away?!

That was really the last nail on the coffin of their love affair. It died...right there and then!

Good thing Wang So was there, as he always has been, to support Hae So.

OMG! No words can describe my awe and tears when Wang So came and sheltered Hae So 

from the rain....just as Wang Wook turned his back on her and walked away.


Don't get me wrong...I totally understand why Wook let go of Hae So.  

At an early age, Wook has been the man of the house, protecting his mother and sister.

This is actually an admirable trait and something that we would hate him for if he threw them away but


It was like stabbing her and twisting the knife around!


Ok I am calm now....

I've seen the Cversion and I totally understand the story and I have my expectations of it.

This was never a happily ever after story...but this version really knows how to push my buttons

and make me cry and be hopeful for a happy ending.

Go ahead, show! Take more creative license and just flip history on its richard simmons.

Give Wang So and Hae So a happy ending please.

They have been through too much even now, middle part of the drama.  




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2 hours ago, pigsflyy said:

Episode 11 is my ugly crying episode...


HAHAHAHAHA :D Yes. It was for me too. I think it was for everyone! I swear I was doing Kim Kardashian's crying face on 75% of the episode. Maybe even more than that haha

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4 hours ago, ratgirlina said:

@shaeWook had no other choice but to protect his family and his entire households. He had to abandoned soo. Cant blame a guy for that.

But i believe he could've done something about it. Not then but before.

If he actually gathered enough power to block the queen's previous attack. If he actualy did something while still married to lady hae and her powerful family then. If he can control yeon hwa.

If he let his intention towards soo more open to the rest of the world early on, maybe so would back off? Or he could've married soo much earlier and none of this would happened.


I thought my post was Pro-Wook. Wook and So are the same prince grown under different lights to me. Office lighting with rich soil VS good 'ole fashioned sunlight with nutrient dead soil....you choose who is whom. But, those deprived of light seem to bend more strongly towards it once introduced. I was defending Wook choices and implying So was worse, by body count.

I have a less is more habit. Wook is not so Bad; So is so-so bad.

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The scene with Su and So in the prison was amazing. That conversation was the most romantic scene in the drama (which has had some swoon-worthy scenes.) I love how much they understand each other and find the right way to offer support to each other.

YeonHwa is either just not quite smart enough or extremely smart. If her goal is to be in total control of her life and her family's fate, pushing for Wook to take the throne is always going to be her second best option. As the sister of the king, she would have safety (assuming her husband didn't try to kill the King), but she would ultimately be in line behind the King's wives. If she really wants power, she needs to focus on being the first wife of a future King. She'd be better off staking her claim to So, BaekAh or even Jung, and then manipulating him into seizing the throne. If she's gotten herself wrapped up in this elaborate plot just to make Wook the king, that's not smart enough. But, if YeonHwa has done all of this plotting to set Wook up to knock out some rivals, then be knocked down himself, so she can pick the best contender for the throne to marry, then she's a genius.

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An episode of heartbreak. Wook ultimately abandons Soo but she is not alone – So is there for her every step of the way, her shelter in the midst of a storm. This episode is a turning point for Soo and So, and Soo and Wook, and Soo herself as she loses the gutsy Lady Oh, her staunchest support in the palace. Lee Jun Ki just won’t quit getting more fabulous with every scene, won’t quit getting increasingly, heartbreakingly handsome with every frame, and just won’t quit churning out such a well-rounded, consistent, powerful performance. I feel regretful for those who quit the show early on because the last three episodes have been falling into place nicely. Plus, they would be missing Lee Jun Ki’s exquisite, electrifying portrayal of So.

So drinks the poisoned tea and abruptly excuses himself as it kicks into his system. Yeon Hwa watches in shock as he leaves. So, with blood oozing from the mouth, stumbles after Soo, gazing at her back with desperate longing. Soo is oblivious until So coughs out blood nosily. She spins around and is horrified to see the bloodied So. He collapses and she rushes to him. She calls for help and he weakly orders her to keep quiet and leave before someone comes along. Awwwww… he planned to leave the party before anyone noticed he was poisoned to save her.




Back at the party, the manipulative Yeon Hwa coyly requests the king to grant her a favour – she wants him to allow Wook to marry again. Wook is shifty, mumbling to the king that he has someone in mind. Yeon Hwa, wanting to get Soo into trouble, pretends to drink the poisoned tea. As she dramatically collapses, she gasps that So drank the tea too. Baek Ah dashes off to find So. Love my So-Baek bromance.

Soo is still frantically screaming for help when Baek Ah rushes to her side, and tersely informs her that So has been poisoned. The Crown Prince arrives with Ji Mong, Jung and Won. So is carried off to be treated while Won accuses Soo of attempting to murder So and orders her arrest. Jung tries in vain to defend her.


Soo’s quarters in Damiwon is searched and Lady Oh knows Soo is being framed. The guards find poison and the necklace the Crown Prince had given Soo in gratitude for treating his ailment. Yeah, and we all know Yeon Hwa faked her poisoning – she bit her lip to make herself bleed.

So is being treated by the physician and well, he lives. Ji Mong divulges that General Park had taught So how to fend against poison and develop immunity to it. STILL… close call for our beautiful prince. Baek Ah wonders despondently why all things bad seem to happen to So only. He is always worried for his favourite hyung and thought this time So would definitely kick the bucket. The Crown Prince sighs heavily that So sacrificed his life for him, making feel unworthy in front of his younger brother.

Ji Mong and Baek Ah mull over the fact that So obviously did know the tea was poisoned and yet still drank it. Baek Ah adds that So even excused himself to prevent others from finding out he had been poisoned. The Crown Prince wonders who So is trying to protect – someone he cherishes so much that he would give up his life for the person.

The person, Soo, is thrown in a cell. Wook visits her and when she sees him, she rushes over. They link hands but when Soo’s first words comprise asking how So is, Wook’s hands fall away dejectedly. Someone is jealous. Wook stiffly assures Soo that So is fine and informs her she is suspected of attempted murder of So. He warns Soo that she will most probably be tortured during the investigation and urges her to stay strong and stay alive. They’ll be together after this ordeal. Soo bravely states she is prepared and asks Wook not to worry about her.

The Crown Prince is accused of bribing So to kill Soo. Wook interjects that poisoning So in daylight with so many people around is more suspicious than anything else and points out that the target was actually the Crown Prince. The king informs the Crown Prince that Soo is to be hanged. The Crown Prince pleads his father not to let innocent Soo die because of him. The anguished Crown Prince begs the king to denounce him as the heir as he is causing so much trouble to his father and the nation. But the king states he would never give his eldest son up – he is more than a son but also a comrade, who has fought beside him.

Despite Baek Ah’s pleas for him to rest, a deathly pale So who can barely walk is out of bed and is hell-bent on seeking out Soo in jail. He grits out that Soo is all alone there. Sigh. Swoon. He runs into Wook who tells him about the current conspiracy theory. Everyone knows that it is not true but no one can do anything about it. So asks Baek Ah to leave he and Wook alone to talk.


When they are alone, So tells Wook that his mom is behind the whole thing. She had wanted to kill the Crown Prince and pin the blame on Soo. So drank the poison to save Soo in hopes no one would notice what was at play. But Yeon Hwa complicated things by getting poisoned, too. So states Wook is the only one who can help both So and the Crown Prince. Wook promises that he won’t let anything else happen to Soo.

So visits Soo in prison and is devastated to see that she has been tortured. Lee Hi’s song!!!! LOVE. Anyway, So’s devastation is moving words – or LJK’s eyes are pure emotion in work. When Soo notices him, she struggles to sit up. She smiles, noting that he indeed did not die, he being who he is. So returns her smile, throat working, that being poisoned and surviving ain’t that big a feat to him.




Soo weakly chastises him for choosing to take poison to prevent others from suspecting her. Soo retorts that he isn’t such a fool to do such just for a woman…oh yes, you are and you know it. Soo resumes that did So think by doing this, her heart would change? So averts his gaze. But inwardly, Soo is agitated, discovering that it is getting harder to ignore So when he keeps doing things like that for her.

So tells her not to run away, he is sure they’ll get over this and see each other again outside the prison. Soo, even in her pain, is amused at his confidence and states he is beyond help. He replies she is the same. Soo begs him to listen to the physician and get himself treated well, and not run around. He doesn’t have to visit her. So mutters she is nagging again, but he is barely holding back his tears. He stands up to leave and determination sets in his features. OMO. Beautiful scene. I think it is the most heartfelt scene they have had so far. LJK was fantastic as usual and IU wasn’t that bad.



Wook finds out Yeon Hwa is part of the scheme to frame Soo and the Crown Prince. He is torn as he knows he is unable to abandon his sister and mother. Yeon Hwa claims she is doing it for him since she knows he does secretly harbour the desire to be king. Wook kills the only witness to Yeon Hwa’s involvement. He announces they are no longer siblings – just mutual creditors who owe respective debts to each other. Wook goes to the prison but is unable to bring himself to face Soo, knowing that he will never reveal the truth in order to protect his family.

So pleads with the King to call off Soo’s execution but to no avail. Meanwhile, Lady Oh watches over Soo in prison. Wook is waiting for her at Damiwon and he begs Lady Oh to use her influence to make the king change his mind about Soo’s execution. She counters that Wook can go and see king the instead and Wook falters. Lady Oh muses Wook must be holding back for a few reasons: his family could be involved and he is gunning for the throne. This is what turns princes into cowards. She warns him that he’ll forever regret abandoning Soo in this difficult time. Lady Oh states she will try her luck with the king because she wants to save Soo – and not because Wook asked her to. She adds derisively that Wook fundamentally failed to protect Soo.

Lady Oh seeks out the king and confesses she was the one who plotted to kill the Crown Prince – her revenge on the royal family who caused her to lose her unborn child years ago. She also says that Soo is like a daughter to her and admits she doesn’t have much longer to live so she is happy to die in Soo’s stead. When the king tries to dissuade her, she reprimands him for attempting to turn a blind eye again. Years ago, he did the same thing to her when her child died. He had not dared to accuse Yo’s mom of her misdeed and Lady Oh refuses to let the other woman take away her child twice. GAH. The king keeps awake from dusk to dawn, staring helplessly at the empty seat where Lady Oh had sat.

It is time for Soo to be executed and she wonders despairingly where Wook is. So dashes to the execution ground. Instead, it is So who comes to the rescue. He is all about fighting his way out with her when Ji Mong comes along, shouting that the king has called off the execution. Damn. I love a bad-richard simmons LJK and the sharp way he wields his sword.


Meanwhile, Lady Oh is arrested and Soo finds out. Soo refuses to let the older lady exchange her life for hers and drags her to the secret cave exit, rambling that she and Lady Oh can run away to Lady Oh’s hometown now. Soo is determined in her weakened state, trying to unblock the blocked exit. Soo finally breaks down and Lady Oh hugs her lovingly, saying she is doing it for the king and not for Soo, so she shouldn’t feel guilty about it. In a voiceover, she warns Soo tearfully never to completely trust anyone or she’ll end up like herself. I was crying at this scene. Such a heart-rendering scene between the two women.



Soo kneels in front of the king’s quarters, begging leniency for Lady Oh. Wook attempts to take her away but is stopped by his mother and sister. Yo’s mom comes along and she makes insinuating remarks about the relationship between Wook and Soo. Wook’s mom denies everything, begging the other woman on her knees not to hurt her children. Wook is shattered.

Soo continues to kneel and Baek Ah visits her. He gently rebukes her, saying the king won’t change his mind. Soo insists on continuing and he gives up, telling her he’ll let her be but will prepare the best medicines to treat her when she is done. What a good friend. Soo tentatively asks about Wook and Baek Ah shoots her an exasperated glare before stalking off.


Wook’s mom begs the king to reconsider Lady Oh’s execution – he would be so lonely without the latter. But the king insists he will push through his decision.

It starts to rain but Soo stubbornly stays on her knees. The Crown Prince, Jung, Baek Ah and Won watches her from the sidelines. Jung is all ready to shelter her with a brolly but is stopped. Frustrated, he decides to kneel in the rain too as a show of support to Soo. Baek Ah and the Crown Prince join him. Awwww….


Suddenly, Wook appears and Soo is happy and relieved to see him. But taking a few steps towards her, he turns away and walks off. OUCH. OUCH. Soo seems to lose all her strength at that…but a black robe comes into view. And shelters her from the rain. SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.



Soo instinctively knows who it is and a small smile flits across her features – her unruly prince had come for her again. Of course he would. His presence seems to recharge her somewhat and she pulls herself up to a firmer position, totally sheltered by his cloak as Wook walks away further and further from them. LJK here???? So wonderful I can’t find words…so gorgeous I can’t tear my eyes away…






Yo’s mom meets Lady Oh as the latter heads to be executed. As usual, the queen passes imperious remarks and claims she has beaten Lady Oh since the first person who dies is always deemed the loser. Lady Oh is unaffected and smiles that Yo’s mom has never beaten her at all. She says she will pray that the queen will live a long life and watch from above as she lives it lonelier than ever. The queen scoffs that no one will remember Lady Oh but Lady Oh is at peace as long that one important person remembers her.

The gong sounds, marking the time of execution for Lady Oh. The princes react with dread, the king is pained, and Soo loses it. She screams and tries to seek Lady Oh, but So holds her back. And cradles her in his arms protectively as she struggles and finally passes out. Soo muses that if she had known she would cause someone’s death, she wished she had not tried so hard to survive. She wishes everything was just a dream and she won’t recall anything when she wakes up. So gently strokes her cheek, hurting because she is hurting.







First, I appreciate that Soo started to appreciate So before Wook actually abandons her. She is increasingly finding it difficult to ignore him when he pulls all these selfless stunts on her. I would hate to think that So is Soo’s rebound from Wook. Even better, I loved it when she wasn’t too surprised that So was the one sheltering her from the rain and his presence renewed her strength. It was a poignant moment, especially with Wook walking off in the distance.

The relationship between Lady Oh and Soo is just precious and I applaud the writer for changing the original story where Ruo Xi pleads on her knees for mercy for 13th Prince. Lady Oh’s strength of character and elegant composure were such a lovely aspect of the show and I’m sad to see her go. But boy, did she leave in style, saving Soo in the process and also doing one last deed for the man she loved. I was cheering when she reprimanded Wook, saying that he should be the one saving Soo and not her, since he claims to love Soo.

Soo and Wook enjoyed a sweet romance but it could not withstand politics of the royal court. I understand why Wook can’t give up his family, but at the same time, his tentative nature prevents him from stepping out boldly when required. Yeon Hwa was right to call on his inner desire to become king. If he wants it so badly, he should do something about it and not convince himself that he doesn’t care.

As for So and Soo, they finally form that all important emotional connection when So visited her in prison. Soo realises So is willing up to give up everything, including his life, for her. And it dawns on So just how much Soo means to him as a person, as a woman. I would think he would do the same thing if it was Baek Ah in Soo’s position. His love for her has just crossed the line from friendship into something elemental between a man and woman. LJK was amazing here as usual.

And that last scene in the rain. I thought it was shot wonderfully and LJK just made the it so meaningful, so romantic, so pivotal. Wook had his chance but did not have the courage to follow through. He was waiting for opportunities while So is all about creating opportunities. And once So has Soo in his arms, we know he isn’t going to let go. As for Soo, I hope she becomes stronger, sharper and smarter – she owes it to the wonderful Lady Oh who died in her place.


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For those needing a bit of levity after the most recent ep...There's a new BTS making out - and it starts off with a parody that's been popping up in all the Korean forums lol ^ ^ I've included the links to the video being parodied as well, in case anyone's curious (or confused heh) - you can see a small version of it playing the the upper hand corner of the BTS video, too. ;)

BTS 17



The original Tooniverse cartoon being parodied


Bonus: The Korean SNL skit parody:


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I would just like to comment on the 9th Prince. He doesn't have a single redeeming quality for me to like him anymore! The fact that he sided with So's evil mother was the last straw for me. Well in the first place, I never liked him. I feel so bad for saying this but when I first saw him my reaction was "Who the heck is he??". I know I'm being biased here since I still like Hong Jong Hyun despite him being one of the antagonists in SH.


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3 hours ago, mamamya88 said:

This thread is on blazing fire!!!! Its hot in here...

I hate the king for being unwise and unjust just becoz he wanted to protect the throne...For him sacrifise a life is necessery to gain more...i am greatful if he did die in next episode..

I think they deleted the HS torturing scenes in episode 11..thats why IU clarified to her fan that episode 11 contained episode 12 scenes..becoz everything were too much already... enough already to slice our heart...adding the torturing scenes will eventually torture us too....

@mamamya88  Don't hate the King atleast he was man enough to bring his women to the palace with him even if he kept lady Oh as a court lady he had her beside him.. When your a King you have to make sacrifices and if killing HS could protect the CP he made the right choice even when Ldy Oh came and told him she will take SOO place he understood just what she meant he knew she was dying she told him she was dying but in her final days she would have had a lot of pain being killed by his orders is a swift and fast death and less painful to her..

2 hours ago, zi4r said:

My notification says that you quoted me in a post... but for some reason (Dunno whether it's me or Soompi screwing up), clicking on that doesn't send me to the post :mellow:. I'd love to read and respond, but there's no way I will be able to read through the backlog of posts anytime soon. So sorry, chingu. If you did quote me, can you send me the link to the page?

My bad @zi4r During my commenting on certain post I had wrote a comment to you and @bebebisous33 and some how when I went to the next page both comments said find me everything I had wrote completely disappeard.. So just overlook it it has something to do with a glitch with Soompi..

2 hours ago, SukBin said:

I am @SukBin you included @sukbin.... bear with the confusion since there are two of us ...:P

Anyways when I said I dont bregudge him .... I mean that he couldnt have exposed that his sister was involved to save Soo... in that ocassion....

My statement is only in that context.... 

Whether he could have stopped this calamity by actively holding her hand when his wife gave blessing.... He is  completely at fault....

he missed his opportunities every step of the way.... which had he taken Soo would not have this brought upon her so easily

My Bad I don't mean harm and happy to have so many people enjoying the twist on this gem, I do understand what your saying but he could have exposed his sister and the Queen, and saved HS but he choose to see things onesidely again and over analysing if he should report them.. He miss the best chance ever because the Queen was also involved.. The King couldn't just punish YH without the Queen being dethrone he even lost the chance to make his mom Queen only thing that would have happen to YH is she would have been exiled for a little while the King would have brought her back once things had quite down..  With his mom being King he would have a better chance at the throne but he would also have the queen after his life to.. Either way she will do any and everything to stop WW from taking the throne.. 

It was a bad move on mom to have sister helping brother fight for the throne when the Queen have three sons that can take the throne her children are first in line before the concubine kids unless that concubine has a very powerful family ands the uncle is the PM.. YH and WW wil be fighting two different battles from now on they are both fighting to wear a crown and YH can't wear that crown if her brother becomes King.. They will be against each other from now on..  

1 hour ago, skxz said:


Wook appears in the rain and walks towards Soo who sees him and a small smile appears on her face. But he stops in his tracks and starts to back away. WTF DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?!?!?! Okay lemme explain myself as I know not everyone will agree with me. Wook has a family which he needs to protect and yes that is completely understandable. There are more factors to deal with in his equation. If he knew he was going to do that he should NOT HAVE GONE AT ALL. He created false hope for her. He basically was like here you go oh wait sorry lemme take that away from you now. That's what did it for me.  OMG blood was boiling and face was covered in tears I just couldn't forgive him again. It was the final straw.

@skxz  I have to give the writer and the camera crew props for this scene it shows WW literally turning his back on her.. All she could ask was why..  I'm trying to figure out do she realize whats he's doing because she has always believe everything he told her and she held on to his every word..  Would this be the outcome of they breakup and she's throwing his bracelet..

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at this point i just feel super bad for HS..

WW promised marriage, will turn away

WS promised marriage, will turn away

And if spoilers are to be believed.. the one man who didn't promise marriage but did promise to protect her for one act of hers.. will be the only one to be by her side forever.. WJ(14th)


Which love is true? Or there is nothing like true love that exists..

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