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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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I feel as though every episode of this show is better than the one before it and that's so great. This episode packed such a great emotional punch for all the characters and the acting was excellent. 

Lady Oh was the undisputed change agent of this episode. In episode 10 she warned Hae Soo about Wook it didn't seem as dire as it did today, she said something along the lines of "if one of them changes their mind you will die" and that came so close to happening today. Her essentially calling out Wook for being cowardly in his love for Soo was such a great moment. In a way much like So she considers Soo to be her person, her surrogate child so it probably pained her to watch Soo make the same mistakes with Wook that she made with the king, knowing that no matter how much Wook claimed to love her he wanted the power of the throne more than he wanted to protect her. I wonder what would have happened had Wook taken her advice and gone to the king and told him that he loved Soo and that he wanted him to spare her life based on that. The conversation between Lady Oh and the King was so sad her pulling out tha single item of baby clothing had me in tears, when she proclaimed Soo her daughter and used her final wish to ask for the king to not let evil queen take another one of her children from her.:bawling: 

Oh Sangoong made such a great sacrifice to protect Hae Soo in the cave when she touches Soo's scar and repeats Soo's own lines back to her "I protected what I wanted to protect and now I must pay for it", I was sobbing. How lucky is Soo, to have two people who would protect her with their lives, who love her enough to ease her heart and mind by denying what she knows to be true. She also got her wish she will be remembered by not just one person but by many. So's face when he realized that she was taking the blame for something that he believed his mother had done to protect Soo indicates that he will remember her too. Woo Hee Jin was excellent in all scenes from being Soo's loving surrogate mother, to her defiance in the face of the evil queen's gloating. I do have to agree with her though I hope that evil queen Yoo lives a long lonely miserable life, I hope that she witnesses the purging of her clan by the son that she so cruelly threw away. Someone should tell SMS that stopping someone to gloat about winning means that you haven't won. 

I can appreciate that Wook is letting Soo go because he realizes that he can't have both her and his family/the throne, but did he really have to show up at her kneeling protest only to stop and walk away? No matter how I look at it, that was such a cruel thing to do. Soo had been waiting for him because he said that he was going to investigate to get the proof that was needed to free her, she was looking for him as she walked to the stockade, she had to stop herself from asking Baek Ah about him when he came to tell her to give up her kneeling protest, yet he shows up only to turn around and walk away without a word. It would have been better if he hadn't shown up at all. That said it was a great moment visually So standing protecting Soo from the rain, Wook with his back turned to them walking away, and Soo pulling herself together and gaining the strength to kneel in an upright position after having her faith in him shattered. 

Wang So stumbling down the hall to go to Soo because she was alone is such a great moment. One of the overarching beliefs about So is that he's a ruthless killer with no feelings but these two episodes proved differently, when he loves he loves hard and he will do anything to protect the people he loves. The conversation between Soo and So when he visits her while she is imprisoned was so layered and a great reminder of what I love about their relationship. On the surface it was very light but under the surface of the joking words was real worry that was also quite visible in both of their eyes. His conversation with Taejo was so indicative about the kind of leader that So would be while he's asking him to spare Soo's life Taejo makes an offhand comment about thinking that So was "a well-forged sword" and So replied that "the owner must be just to wield the sword properly" that line should come into play during Gwanjong's reign. 

A couple of moments this episode made me smh, Wook essentially accusing So of being the reason that Soo is in the position that she was in when in reality, he was the reason. YH orchestrating this entire thing because she wants Wook to be king so that they will never have to be fearful of the evil queen again yet her mom ended up on her knees begging evil queen to spare her children. 

Kinda side eyeing Wook for deriding So for wanting to marry a "maid", he can be jealous all he wants but he should not forget that he essentially threw Hae Soo away today, so while he may be jealous he has no one to blame but himself for not being the man in her life. This may sound mean but I hope that he has to suffer watching Soo fall in love with So and seeing their relationship and affection play out in front of him, breaking up with a girl and then getting mad/jealous when she moves on is so infuriating. It's not like he didn't know, Oh Sangoong warned him that he would regret turning his back on her.

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KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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4 hours ago, SukBin said:

SInce we established that So is the better choice for Soo...

Lets delve in to the next question...? Who is the better choice for the throne... ? Wook or So... ?

I believe that Wook is a reflection of Taejo... atleast in most of the aspects... the same throwing people under the bus for greater good... sam justification of pathetic actions as sacrifice... same waiting for his chance behind the scenes.... basically he is Taejo 2.0

Common people will be as powerless under his reign as they were under Taejo....

Whereas So is everything that Wook is not.... Passionate, Driven and Dynamic.... he is by no means a saint... but he doesnt care for manipulations and waiting game.... he is straightforward , go Get It kinda guy.... when he makes a objective for  himself whether it is strengthening Goryeo by weakening the Noble clans strength.... or strengthening common people by providing opportunities for them to join the government.... he can do everything with a single minded devotion... without caring to making excuses for his means to achieve that end....

Toi summarize Gwangjong was the King Goryeo needed and not Wook.. just like So was the person Doo needed and not Wook..... 

Oh @sukbin I'm still laughing at don't begrudge Wook, Ok I won't, I'll just throw stones at him the very stones that was thrown at WS, but getting back to the choice who would make a better King.. I choose WS and need I say more, WW can't ptrotect himself his family or his women now how will he protect a country he's to passive to be King always over analysing everything he likes to make simple complicated.. With him as King if they went to war he would be to busy thinking while soliders be knocking at the palace door..

3 hours ago, shae said:

Some of us are holding out for the misguided circumstantial coward villain title. I mean he is under the threat of his entire Clan of Hae being wiped out, this includes the cousins of cousin's dry cleaner's dog. But, 4th is supposed to be the heroic circumstantial super-villain for more than half of the series, that HS is supposed to spend some episodes trying to get way from. You gotta admit with the body count 4th has racked up so far by circumstance, 8th and his sad face (or 'I farted face' as my co-watching man claims) has some catching up to do. 

I'll add, for those who are disappointed in 8th by ep 11, be ready to be disappointed in just about all the male characters.

OK @shae This post just about rip my sides, Kudos to thew 4th who rack up bodies by circumstances.. LMAO And the *th with the farted face.. You Rocks..   

2 hours ago, ratgirlina said:

@shaeWook had no other choice but to protect his family and his entire households. He had to abandoned soo. Cant blame a guy for that.

But i believe he could've done something about it. Not then but before.

If he actually gathered enough power to block the queen's previous attack. If he actualy did something while still married to lady hae and her powerful family then. If he can control yeon hwa.

If he let his intention towards soo more open to the rest of the world early on, maybe so would back off? Or he could've married soo much earlier and none of this would happened.

@ratgirlina  I think WW could have saved HS had he told on his sister if he spoke privately with the King not only the King would have no choice but to spare YH life but the Queen also would need to be spared he couldn't punish one without punishing the other so in my opinion he miss the opportunity again to change the outcome of the situation.. He let YH flip the script on him, He should have known his sister wouldn't take such drastic measures if the Queen wasn't involved..

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In episode last night, we saw a brief scene with Chaeryung crying asking Wook to help Soo. It's been a while we not seeing Chaeryung. I wonder how or when will she back to Hae Soo. What will happen that can make her back with Hae Soo again. I love those duo. 

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I dont like that prince in the purple robe (confused his name, wang won isnt it?) He's kinda like a double agents thing.....its confusing....earlier he allied together with the brothers (except WY) to help HS ran away from the royal marriage...and now he's helping the bad side in plotting to frame HS and didnt ever care about HS being sentenced to death....i really hate hypocrite people

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Oh...I have just watched Ep 11.:bawling:  I have no words atm.  I cried - I haven't cried while watching a drama for a long time and I think only twice - Damo and Chuno.  All the acting was amazing and I thought IU's crying scenes were very real and of course Lee Joon Gi - what can I say really that you don't already know.  I won't comment on anything else - I need to watch it again and again to take it all in.

I haven't read any of your comments yet cos I wanted to watch the Episode first and I see you are now 42 pages ahead of me haha.  It's becoming a lost cause. :blink:

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4 hours ago, solelylurking said:


I'm sorry if my words later on might seem that I criticized you. I'm not. But people should start to separate the real history and this drama because even when it based on real history, this drama is a fiction. We don't know what the real WS feels toward the real YH. HS is not really there. It's a made up story, not a documentary.

In this drama, WS is in love with HS and my guess is he's the kind of man who is loyal and love only one woman in his life time as said in page one of this thread. Did he has affection toward YH here? Probably. He did say he was curios of how she grown up to be. But it safe to say, that's not love. 

But to be fair to your words, many people around the world can make babies without being in love with one another. 

I'm sorry again. 


Don't worry, I just like to joke around. I know very well you mean in the drama.

But your last remark is very true, many people around the world can make babies without being in love with one another. Sucks isn't it? Drama will only be a drama afterwards. Finding a true love as described in a drama is really hard. I'm really looking forward to the end of the story where Wang So and Hae Soo will meet again in the real world, would they air how real their dating style will be, such as quarrel, and such.

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Just finished watching ep 11. It's weird that throughout the whole seriesI only wait for scenes of  So  and almost skip some of Wook  because he is potrayed as such a goody two shoes in the first few eps and full of emty promises in the later. But in ep 11 , I actually feel sympathy for Wook . He has to choose between his family and Soo contrary to So who for long has already lost his bond with his family.(suddenly this becomes a good thing for So hehe) .He almost, i think, went out to help Haesoo in the rain and maybe just maybe by seeing Soo suffering like that Wook would actuallly change his mind and call out the name of the real culprit. But his family stood in the way , especially seeing his mom had to kneel to Queen Yo like that and with the personality of the family man like Wook, of course he couldn't turn away. The anger was boiling in him to have power to protect his famiy and his love .Some say that he could at least shelter  for Soo from the rain like So did but i dont think he can't bear the guilt  of knowing exactly how to stop Soo's suffering but have to turn a blind eye and seeing her suffering like that. Turn his back on her and walk away like that is painful but probably not as much as being useless next to her. Both options are indeed dead end for Wook .I never see Wook's desire for the throne is for his own but  for the one he loves. YH did said that he always has this deep-running desire for the throne but even before the poisioning event happened he almost asked the king to marry Soo and stayed away from the palace. He turns dark because of being pushed to dead end :P

No matter how twisted and dark the story ahead is waiting for us, the epic love between So and Soo has officially begun. Hooray :)


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1 hour ago, redfrommars said:

same here! I heard somewhere that Nae Saram (my person) is the title. I've been waiting for the release since episode 2 xD

me too.. always wondering when this song will release...

maybe they release it next week..

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2 hours ago, solelylurking said:


Babe, you know that you're being enchanted by a persona, right? Haha.. But he can be the most charming if he wants too, indeed. He is more like Young Lord Voldemort than Anakin Skywalker here. But as his fan, it's tough to read about him being a disappointment because he makes empty promises yet again, being deceive by YH and surrender to his need of power. It makes me sad. Hiks. But I understand and I'm sorry for my impatience. 

Would you join me to be the a fan of his evilness? There is a beauty in darkness, villain, and deceits, you know... :wub:

:blink: why do I reveal my self?? i'm in danger, pardon me please I'm loyal to WS ahahaha.... young voldemort will be too scary and sly for sweet WW...

beside I already have my own *ahem* sexy in darkness, my WS already like that, didn't he?? :wub:



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2 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

@larinalove ...Chingu , you aren't being hard at all and you are right. Everyone is always talking about WW can't risk everything because he is the head of his household and other stuff but they all forgot that WS wants what WW has. Acceptance for who he is, adoration and love from his brothers. His brothers still don't trust him completely. Whatever trust he is trying to build are still fragile meanwhile WW doesn't need to do any this. They go to him willingly trust him and working so hard to be accepted by everyone. He has gotten a some acceptance but even that is still fragile. Wang Wook is not someone you can trust because his mom and sister will always come first no matter matter. Look at his actions for protecting his sister. He killed the maid that worked for Queen Yoo without a second glance. Yeonhwa was shocked at her brothers action and seemed a bit scared at what she saw but Power and revenge will always be her first priority. Smh smh 

@UnniSarah  Yes Yh was shock to see WW kill because she never thought he could out right do it himself but I must admit YH has always seen WW for the many faces he has she just never seen the killer side of him and now she scared about what she has released.. Yh knows that WW and WY are very jealous of WS because the very persaon he is is what they want to be a free sprit able to do and say anything without fear of what others may think or feel..

I have to see the Queern face when the King dies which is shortly after Lady Oh death I bet she'll remember Lady Oh exact words that she still will remain even more lonely.. Because of her loniness she's going to go all out now who can stop her no one only one person who can go toe to toe with her and that her beloved enemy son WS..  I can't blame Yh for choosing WS just think about it who would you choose between WS and WY.. One has had a mom to guard him and the other had only himself to guard..

2 hours ago, ratgirlina said:

Can someone help explaining why yeon hwa chooses to side with evil queen mother?

She hides her poisoning plan from the queen. So she didnt have to side with her from the begining?

She's smart and cunning, knows how to play her cards. Yet she believes the queen will take her side, when the queen still sees wook as a rival for her sons to be king?

Did i missed something there?

@ratgirlina  How Yh became to form and allience with the Queen is when WW told his mom he's tired of fighting for the throne and he wanted to marry HS and mom gave her approval for him to marry HS.. YH got mad because she power more power then what they have She wants vengence for her mom being falsely accused of something she didn't do and WW gave up on seeking justice for mom.. Him becoming King would be the best payback to the Queen so she thinks.. So when the Queen told her back about 4 episodes ago to come tell her some interesting stories meaning come to me anytime you need help she'll listen and help so being that YH knows the Queen will try and get rid of the CP at the family gathering.. Yes she was smart to go in on the Queens scheme because no one would have ever expected her to form and allience with the Queen but being if she helps killing the CP WW can't also not turn his back on the throne because it will be open to any of the princes.. When Yh approach the King to speak it was the Queens motion telling her to drink the poision to she hadn't taken no antidote nor did she drink any of the poision she poor the most of it out on her sleeve.. YH got mad at WW for giving up the throne for HS a mere girl as she calls her so YH used the Queen to kill HS but she was behind the killing all along.. They was both doing each other a favor to try and reach they goal YH will poision the CP and the Queen will kill HS killing two birds with two very different stones but it's aiming at the same goal the throne..  

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9 hours ago, angelflower said:

Delurking here after such an intense episode... My eyes will be swollen tomorrow and there will be an ache in my chest...

The haunting song during the deaths of Myung Hee and Oh Sang Gong is the latest OST, Part 9. Had to look it up...



Well hello @angelflower ! *waving*

I remember you from Oh Hae Young thread, so glad that you could join our blazing hot convo here :)

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14 hours ago, Immortal_Angel said:

I really wonder if the king knew all this time what the evil queen was doing then why didn't he put a stop to it? What kind of king he is when he can't even control his own wife from harming others?!? :angry: He knew she was behind the attacks on his concubines and his children and yet he cannot find any evidence to sentence her to death? like really what the crap king is he?!?! Why can't he touch her or dispose of her?? Is she blackmailing him or he's afraid of something that she has? 

As for Wook we can finally see that he draw the line between family and his love. If he love her as much as he claim to do, he would have tried to plead for her or tried saving her but nope didn't do any of that and he didn't bother come to talk to her face to face when she was pleading in the rain cause the king said whoever joins HS will be punished and I guess he's one afraid or two afraid for his family cause knowing what his beloved sister did to create chaos. To him if he doesn't become king there is no way for his family to defeat the evil queen. To me, he believes that HS will "understand him" and that she will forgive him but hey, thanks to him for turning his back to HS she sees what kind of person he is and that she sees 4th who always stood by her thru her dark period. WS live up to his promise but WW his promises are all empty. 

I cannot wait for her to give him the bracelet back and cut ties with him

THIS!! OMGAAAWWD ..ALL THIS!  Thank you!  Dang :angry:, I really wanted to smack WW upside his head in this episode lol.  I'm "OMG"-ing throughout his scenes-making hand gestures and cussing at him in silence (it was 4:30 AM-shhh:vicx:)  Also, when Wang So (yes, imma spell out his whole name cause he deserves it.  unlike... the other one:confused: lol) came along and covered Our dear HaeSoo in the rain with his Black Vampire-ish attire...idky, but the movie, "Jeepers Creepers" came to mind lol.  But yet, I thought, that scene (even thought just seeing stills alone) was epic looking..like "wow!". Now we wait a whole week for kiss #2 and WW screaming...(cant believe dude literally turned his back on her when it counted the most..."oh f:vicx::vicx::vicx:k", i said to myself quietly then "like, seriously dude ..why'd u even start with her WW!?!?..."Wae???" like Haesoo faintly said as well).  

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To those that have watched, is it me or did HaeSoo had a tinge of smile when she saw WangSo beside her, sheltering her with his cloak under the rain? 

Sigh can I just say how swoon worthy Wang So is? He risked everything, including his life, to protect her, despite her telling him that she likes someone else. That is an unconditional love. :wub:

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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