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  1. Just wanna ask about the blueray dvd, is it canceled or not?
  2. (sorry to cut) OMG, lucky you ❤️ Wish you will meet them again soon. Btw, hope they have enough sleep and enough time to edit all the scene smoothly.
  3. There is no need to add more angst like breakup or something (since as i remember the genre is still rocom, not makjang ) i think they already gave us the “breakup phase” on episode 8. So with 4 episodes left, i hope they will just explore about the history behind RG-DK when they were kids and how they will handle the event gallery with Si An. Hope PDnim will gives us a generous amount of sweetness between LaBitt ❤️
  4. HIS EYES ARE DEADLY Okay, i can’t help but to share this with u guys, LOL
  5. OMG lucky you, hopefully you will see our Labitt couple soon when they are filming on site.
  6. Does anybody know the name of the song that sung in English?!? i’m watching HPL using Viu and they use this song for opening. Been looking for it but i can’t find it please help...
  7. Yeah me too, i love watching drama when it still airing. Maybe if the writer have another good review for her drama, i will watch this writer’s work after it complete.
  8. This is a post production drama, they filmed it for 7 months and they give us this open ending with A LOT OF FLASHBACK AND NOT NECESSARY SCENE about ex wives. So everyone who involved in this drama already knows this shitty ending far before we watch this drama right?
  9. I want to cry, i hate open ending, it’s better if it sad or happy, not open ending. I hate it, i really really want to cry.
  10. Seriously, what’s the point of killing Prof Cha????? It will only make Jinwoo’s life harder... I mean if Prof Cha still alive, at least he could take all the blame, not Jinwoo. Then how they will solved it? Suspecting Jinwoo all over again? Gosh i’m so stressed out.
  11. IMO, there is a tiny reason they had to kill Seo. The reason is to develop love between JW and HJ. After Seo dead JW felt so sad and had no one to rely on but there was HJ coming to his side and said she believed him. It’s a classic reason.
  12. I think because he was log in into the game all day long so he can reach Level 100. He wasn’t limping whenever he log into the game. (Remember when he was with Prof Cha to make him an ally? he threw his stick right?)
  13. Still wondering how it will end with 2 episodes.??? I wish they will shoot another scene in Granada/Alhambra again (on a happy scene of course, not fighting with NPCs) Just to wrap up there and shoot a beautiful landscape.
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