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  1. @Lmangla ohh i wish to make gif in smaller size but m too busy with work
  2. and the ex husband for now but with reservation because I think he can't protect his wife before against his own mother. Though O think the reason why he said he is in love with another girl is that it is the only way he thought of in order for soo hyun to escape his mother. I love his loyalty and discreet effort. Loving her from the sidelines but I am also scared of him because he might be the worst person in the future. i love the anime art
  3. can we assume that the time loop exists cause of the former contract worker in the Marketing team who is in a coma?
  4. @Lmangla i will go with option 3 because sunny will be spending more time with rocky bear i love this name LOL basically looks like seven years ago there's a tragedy with the death of first empress because emperor already married before with his first wife seven years ago so oh sunny is his second wife. back from ep 1 when emperor being assassinated, the assassin asked about his missing brother, my guess is this assassin missing brother is the bodyguard of the ex first empress, also looks like about the death first empress is indicated with that grand empress (mother). That's why emperor looked sunny like his first wife. y3ah anime addition
  5. ohh Geum Of all the moments he had to watch them kiss each other. I wanted to break the fourth wall go inside the drama and close his eyes
  6. The revenge finally starts. I just hope this drama has a happy ending.or it wont too risky to hope for happy ending
  7. there's a chance that it's not going to be a romantic kiss, maybe something a bit childish like "take my germs!" or just to avoid her sunbae
  8. well what i understand I believe that Kim Geum is a "sleeping/unawakened" immortal/deity... In the beginning of episode 3, Fairy Seon was talking about how there are some immortals amongst people - some know who they are and some are not aware... I believe this fits the bill of Kim Geum being able to understand animals and also seeing Fairy Seon in her original younger fairy form.... He is exhibiting some of his powers; not all as he has yet to be "awakened" to his full status... This is an assumption
  9. the double date is jjangand the second couple are so cute i cant get over it this
  10. well my thought are joon young and Se Eun are gonna breakup, this is really breaking my heart , either SE is gonna know that JY is still in love with YJ and let him go or JY is gonna feel bad for SE for still having feeling for YJ and leave her.SLS
  11. this OMG LOL i cant stop laughing my theory is that she doesn't age it is just the human perception.
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