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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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2 minutes ago, solelylurking said:

Just when I think you couldn't been any more stupid, this is what you've done!!! Mwo??? Not trusting Wang So??? He drank the poison for you, stood in the rain when he's not recovered yet for you, he even kneel in front of Yo for you. 

HAE SOO!!! I can't take it anymore.. I'm not even going to kidnap you and ditched you in the amazon jungle and let destiny decide. You deserve a slow and painful death.

Prepare to die in a very painful way now. No Wang So can save you from us ( @dhia205 already secure him for us). 

My method of choice:

Being drown by placing head in the bucket while being burn from the chest down or being steam alive like CR in c vers. 

What say you my dear fellow:









Please tag me in your posts thank you..

HS already too much...yeah its just too obvious in this episode that many ppl can see who HS truly is...(thank, i already know it before so dont that shock today) and yes i can list so many things that makes HS looks so stupid in this drama, like i can list so many things that WS already did to HS in this drama, in the end she still didnt trust him???still???what???and where is your promise to never lie to each other????

first i wanna slap her, with my own hand, (can i add with kimchi slap too???like makjang drama did???) and i threw rock to her head so maybe she will become a bit smarter...and i will drowning her in the lake or in the bath pool in damiwon (thats already contain with colder or hotter water than usual) and let her drowning slowly...and back to future FASTER!!!!! thats my humanist side to punish her...my evil side will punish her with:  i will call legollas to shoot HS with his arrow and i will borrow tessaiga (inuyasha's sword) to finish it..(upsss..hahahahahaha)

ps: the kiss preview didnt make me excited again...they already give me the kiss in preview that makes my anticipation high last week (my heart fluttered when waiting...i cant stop replaying the preview since last week) but the execution of this week just below my expectation (and its really big slap to me)...so for now i wont expect anything,i wont be disappointed too much like this week. its better give me preview that full of battle or angst things...because the most interesting part left is only the angst the battle or whatever it is and the ending...yeah i wonder how they will finish this story...

in the end,  so my concern always be you wangso, only you wangso ya,,,내 신경은 온통 너였어 너 wangso yaaaa (junghwanaaaaa!!gae jungpal i borrow your line today ~~~) himnaeseyo wangso!!!!!!


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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

Posted Images

It’s so obvious how they’re making a parallel between Haesoo - Wangso - Yeonhwa and Taejo -Lady Oh - Queen Yoo.

Many people are complaining because the writers are making Haesoo and Yeonhwa rivals and there’s no need for that because Yeonhwa can just become Wangso’s ally and marry him.. and Haesoo will just be the one whom he truly loves. Now, I do agree that there is absolutely no need for them to hate each other in this drama, but I don’t think the writers are writing Yeonhwa like this to  villainize her. I believe they’re making a parallel between Haesoo, Wangso, Yeonhwa and Taejo, Lady Oh, Queen Yoo. From last episodes we can tell Queen Yoo loved Taejo and she hated Lady Oh because he only loved her. She even caused Lady Oh to lose her child. Before Lady Oh died, she told the queen that she has never won, although she is queen. 

Now, I don’t think Yeonhwa is so evil, not yet at least, but she also has feelings for Wangso. Plus, because Wangso refused her due to him being in love with Haesoo, she ended up in a difficult situation. She is to be married off by Wangyo who doesn’t want her anymore. Her hatred towards Haesoo is justified in this situation. I don’t think she is bad just to be the villain of the drama, she is hurt, scared, afraid of losing everything. Besides that, she is a strong and ambitious woman and the connection Wangso and Haesoo have is hindering her from becoming queen.


I believe the end of Wangso and Haesoo will be very similar to the end of Taejo and Lady Oh. We already know Yeonhwa will become Wangso’s wife, so she will be queen. Haesoo will die, just like Lady Oh did. But Wangso will always love Haesoo and he’ll probably die saying her name.

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LOL I understand why we frustated with HS, her blind trust and faithfulness to her lover/friends is both admirable and frustating at the same time. If she is a real person, HS will be a good friend that support you in sickness and health but on the other hand, her good intentions  sometimes harm to those she want to protect.:dissapointed_relieved:

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6 minutes ago, berny said:

Stress ! much stress.....what is thizzz? :confused: ?

Anyway...it seems HS is getting the brunt tonight...for her wrong decisions, we know WS is the love of her life...and just maybe she doesn't want Eun and SD to be anywhere near him because she saw that "vision" that it was WS sword that ended Eun's life...

All of this i guess later on...will take a toll on her..

  Hide contents

Was it not implied that the emotional trauma of all of this...the pain...the burden of guilt?? ...the heartbreak ...... eventually led to her death. :tears: cruel retribution... it was not even her choice to be transported in this god-forsaken era.

I was also wondering how can they even think of hurting the general's daughter...the general who leads their army..

And again..i'm sorry i couldn't understand why on earth is Eun a threat to Yo...even if Eun's family is the most powerful on all of Goryeo...that boy has no interest in the throne...he's just an innocent sprite...who still likes adventures...to play and now just found young love with his young wife...he is so not into that throne zone...

YO should be more wary of snakes around him...like...well Hello ...Wook...and that moron Won.

And had they not noticed that the throne seems cursed - the king who sits there either die of loneliness, get inflicted with  psychosis, paranoia, and goes mad.

For consolation, i just lose myself counting how many kisses (LJK and LJE ) did in this drama...yezzzz...more of these instead please ^_^


And I also wonder why that damn Yo did not kill wook as soon as he stepped on the palace again. He surely knew that wook was the one who betrayed him in the past that made him fall from the cliff? Why the hell did he blame on So, Eun, and other innocent like Soon Duk? Also, Won, the 9th prince. He was once close to Eun. How can he be so mean for not convincing Yo to keep Eun alive? 

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21 minutes ago, MoOnLoVeRz said:
Tracing his writing

After HaeSoo finds out about So’s marriage, Baek Ah delivers a letter written by So to her. 
She then mentions how much she does not know about So even though they’ve known each other for so long and So has always been like an open book to her.
HaeSoo then starts to trace his letter repeatedly because at that moment, she thought that she will never belong to him nor will he belong to her. To feel his presence,HaeSoo repeatedly traces the letter. HaeSoo is so in love with So that even if it’s just his handwriting, she wants to be able to leave a little trace of him on her.

yes , I wanted to post this. 

She is the ultimate fan girl :)




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13 hours ago, ShinRaeMi said:

True. I was even a little disappointed at first when I learned that she didn't know who among the princes King Gwangjong is. 

But come to think of it...Rouxi is far too good with history...that why she got more burden on her shoulder, resulting of her poor health...she cant even sleep well..C version make Rouxi like a history machine...

As for Soo...she is more closer to reality...a 21st century girl, after her school days, she return all her school work to teacher, only manage to remember bit and piece, here and there, and she even thanks her history teacher for making her to remember all the history that she clearly hate most. She love makeup but not history kekekekeke

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53 minutes ago, sunshinefate said:

And wangso aka junki's killing gaze while saying that OMG. He really deserves the daesang this year which I know will not go to him because of this drama's low ratings:bawling:


Is there any chance LJG still win the award even though SHR rating is low? Can't they consider his outstanding acting skill as Wang So?

God, this is really frustrating. I really hope LJG get the award he deserve :bawling:

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7 minutes ago, riuenu said:

Sorry to cut short your post chingu ya, been trying to find your quote as well, and finally found it..

I think..healing..and I guess that voice over of Soo, saying you havent forgotten me yet right is before the kiss..and it will link to bed scene! See how passionately So kiss Soo, before that, Soo eyes is with tears if I not wrong....

Credit to @cuteLJG



Can we just bring wang so home? Lol. He's one of the most perfect male lead character in the history of kdramas. After already watched more than 200 kdramas since I was just in the first year of junior high school 9 years ago, Wang So is one of my all time favorite kdramas' male lead character

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3 minutes ago, dwookie said:


I AGREE! But they probably have a reason why they didn't make HS smart in the "court politics" department :) I really hope Eun and SD survived. I can't take the emotions already :(  


Ruoxi had 1-2 years of her sister training her in palace rules because they knew it was likely she would enter the palace. HS didn't have any training at all. Also, in the C-drama, the princes had more influence in the palace, so they had people watching over Ruoxi.

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7 minutes ago, berny said:

And again..i'm sorry i couldn't understand why on earth is Eun a threat to Yo...even if Eun's family is the most powerful on all of Goryeo...that boy has no interest in the throne...he's just an innocent sprite...who still likes adventures...to play and now just found young love with his young wife...he is so not into that throne zone...


Remember, people change. Even So has no interest in the throne, but he will change in the next episode. Well, thanks to Yo and Wook. I also remember SD telling Eun when King Taejo died that they must escape because they will be the one to be killed first when the new King will be installed. In the ancient times, if a King wants to protect his throne, he will eliminate all possible threats he might face in the future. Eun's family is powerful that they can make him King if they want to.

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24 minutes ago, dhia205 said:

stand? not lying? beside WS? you know what i mean dear lololo....

but she already show that she STILL don't believe him... aigo this is the first time i'm so frustrated over the heroin Lol...

@solelylurking Lol ok then... do i need to prepare some sharp knife or the dull one? in case you'll need it

 Dull one. Hurts more. 

The positive side about HS in this drama: she is useful in the kissing scene and the 'probably' bed scene. I doubt they will show it though. I think they will kiss and skip to the morning after. Pfftttt. I hope they still show her lying beside him.

Oh God, just kill her fast and make her return to the future already. I only have a little bit of patience left. Stab her, arrowed her, burn her, drown her. Anything will do. 

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Thanks for the roll call! I was at school and once 9pm started, I was secretly browsing the live recap non stop.

saw many people scolding soo. Can't comment for now until I saw the sub ver. I really feel for So and really wish the bed scene occurred next week! The writer-nim and editors better redeem themselves

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I am sorry chingu, I just don't understand why Soo can't trust So? WHY GIRL?

and based on the preview, I assume So will block arrow shot by Yo towards Soo, he will be hurt and she will nurse him and we'll get our kiss scene. Just one question to our heroine : is it need for So to block an arrow, for you to trust him completely? HE ALREADY DRINK 3 DAMN CUPS OF POISONOUS TEA FOR YOU!! please get your head together, I'm losing my patience

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