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  1. I never felt anxious about the ending because in my heart I know it would be a happy ending. And I am so glad that people whom I believe and see the good side in them do not disappoint me: WS does not go the evil way - he is never a real threat to SH to begin with because he really cares about her; HI does not betray JH and chooses to support him; his mom accepts changes in her life because of her son's happiness and she is really not selfish or too sneaky like people may think. SH never resorts to suicide or whatever because she is strong enough to withstand the pain. JH does not choose love over family; he respect both sides and get the best of both worlds. Thank you, Encounter, for giving my smile and good memories for the past few months.
  2. Surprisingly, I sympathize with JH's mom. Since the beginning, we already know her view about how a woman's life should be. She doesn't want anything complicated and she believes a woman's life should revolve around her family, aka the husband and children. There is nothing right or wrong in this. People simply should just choose to live the way they feel comfortable with and this works for JH's mom. She is wrong in deciding for her son how his life should be. That is wrong for sure because JH is an adult who can take responsibility for the choices he makes and he is willing to sacrifice and work out things to be with SH. But her reaction is, well, quite normal for me, given the real-life situation. SH's life is complicated; she is older than JH and is a divorced woman; even though she is rich and famous, this is not what JH or his family pursues anyway. Tell me, if you are in mom's shoe, are you happy with such a future daughter-in-law? Are you happy when everything around that daughter-in-law seems to go straight to the press, when people point fingers and talk bad about your son and family? When you son gets his job based on his own ability but is deemed as someone who relies on a woman to get it and get transferred to a remote area; what is next, a foreign country or somewhere much further? She knows her action hurts SH and JH but she hopes in the long term, it is the right thing to do to protect her son. I love how JH does not confront his mother right away because he understands why she does such things. He is about to lose SH; he can't lose his mom also; SH can take the pain but mom doesn't. They are after all two women he loves most in the whole world and he can't choose only one of them. There is a crack in his relationship with mom for sure and these two really need to sit down and talk frankly with each other for one. What JH's mom does is no different than what IH and MJ does; just that the consequence is more severe. The happiness JH feels when falling in love with SH, it is not something people can understand overnight. It is a process that takes time to observe and comprehend; JH and SH's friends finally stand by their love even though they protest at first. JH's dad is more understanding; plus JH confides in him and asks for his support. Mom's reaction is partly because how JH keeps things from her. If he also sincerely asks for her support in the beginning and gradually lets her know how happy and blessed he is when he is in love, maybe things will be better. In real life, we can find mothers with much worse reactions than JH's mom. She is also miserable with her action; when she sees her son suffer and realizes how SH means to him, she will back down. Because after all, what she does is based on her motherly instinct.
  3. Damn. It has been a long time since I saw a male lead broke down totally like this. It is JH's first love and his love is so pure that is so heart-breaking to see him cry like he loses everything. But we should still feel positive because this is what happens in episode 15, not 16. There is no way this drama has sad ending for our couple
  4. I am not sure about him leaving Taekyung though I sincerely hope he can start over in a new place. But I also trust that he will let SH have the biggest say in the hotel. The percentage of share so far (thanks to dramamilk's recap) Hwa-Jin (WS' mother) – 17.6 Soo-hyun – 26.42 Woo-seok – 37.29 Others: the remaining percentage The combined shares of SH and WS will make SH the biggest shareholders with more than 50% of the hotel's shares. WS brought these shares with his own money so he can give it to SH without any connection to Taekyung. There are lots of negative comments surrounding WS but I always have faith in his character. He means well but he just don't know the right way to express himself as he is someone who lives in a cage for so long; that's why his behavior hurts people. But he hurt himself also in that process. Just as he was too weak to stand up against his mother for SH, I believed he also blamed himself for her suffering and had to resort to fake affair., leaving scars for both himself and SH. Just as SH is labelled as a divorced woman, he is also publicly known as a cheater. When he realizes how much he hurt SH and how he has the chance to make himself a person who makes sense to her, though just not as a husband, he will be able to let go. The ending of Boyfriend will be a happy one, I have no doubt about it It can be bittersweet for some , though. But our couple will get what they deserved
  5. WS for me is an interesting character. He is not the man for SH, yes. He probably never understands SH the way JH does in a short time, despite being her husband for 2 years. He has a tendency to do things from behind, whether for good or bad intention. He is not good at expressing himself so he uses expensive gifts instead. And he seems to not yet learnt from his mistake. For the first time since watching the drama, in episode 12, I felt really angry at WS for concerning SH into making decision, making her feel so depressed and helpless in her own director room, in her own hotel which she brought back to life from the brink of bankruptcy. If JH is not such a strong support for her, she will be "bullied" into feeling scared and using sleeping pills everyday again. And yet, I can't bring myself to hate WS. Because he is fighting for a losing battle which he doesn't even know he can win despite his social status and money but he has to try anyway. He is clinging on to something that is already gone. I said before that WS's ego would stand in his way and he couldn't be able to accept that SH would fall for someone ordinary. And that he would cause troubles for the couple. But I also believed that he is not evil. That's why he doesn't do anything to harm JH. There are people who misunderstood his actions at first when watching raw, that he is behind JH's transfer or he is the one who leaks JH's identity to the press. WS does none of that. When he warned Director Choi about not harming SH, he did send someone to follow him - even now when WS has that man in his palm, he still doesn't trust him and keep an eyes on him. I believe WS meant what he said, that none deserves Donghwa hotel besides SH, not even him. Sure, WS is now using the Cuba incident for his advantage. That's a selfish move, no excuse for that. But again, I also trust him when he says he gets in the hotel to protect SH. People think his co-CEO is a sign of Taekyung trying to take over Donghwa. In fact, WS brought the shares with his own money. It is a sign of him defying his mother to do things his own way. He even protests when his mom wants SH to appear at his dad's funeral (he just purposely tell that to his rival). Like usual, he never tells SH this. WS doesn't understand SH, who will stay by JH's side with or without the hotel. And he is putting so much pressure on SH, making her fight back and make his image in her eyes hit rock bottom. But in the end, when he finally realizes SH truly needs JH and can give up the hotel, he can help her get back her hotel and be independent from Taekyung. Man, you need to have a frank talk with her and sincerely wish her happiness.
  6. Yah I know I have a little complaint about the final ending hug yesterday but everything about our couple today is spot-on The back hug is not too loose - not too tight and it is not just about wrapping arms around SH. It has the perfect amount of intimacy. About the kisses, damn. JH is surely taking the lead. He goes from a light smooth to gentle kissing, then deep kissing and become "hungry" as desire takes over. He really wants SH at that moment, as a man (you know what I mean) I am very impressed with the balcony kiss - oh not because it is steamy but because of the emotion conveyed: JH holds SH so tightly and leans forwards to deepen his kiss with his hands around her waist (and butt) while SH holds on to him dearly with her hands around his neck. A very realistic and intimate kiss scene - I don't even need a close-up version of it to feel their passion and how they don't want to let go of each other (of course, it is not like I object to such a scene or BTS - take note of that, TvN ). When I watch a kiss scene, I care about the feeling, the passion more than whether it is, for example, a french kiss. Now that's what love for people at 30s should be: not PG light, safe kisses. The drama itself is beautiful, it doesn't need to reply on kiss scenes or bed scene to prove its worth. But at least passionate kiss scenes are necessary for the drama's flow and character development. So glad the director and scriptwriter do not shy from such scene despite the age gap between PBG and SHK and the fact that she is a married woman. I understand very clearly now why the director says viewers will forget about the age gap as the drama progresses because we come to invest in characters - their stories and their feelings. When I saw episode 1, the scene where SH woke up and sleepily looked straight in JH's eyes, I told myself back then: boy, you are already in trouble. A beautiful woman looking at a man with pretty eyes like this, with her head on his shoulder - can bring him down. People says eyes are windows to the soul and here we have two people looking at each other at such a close distance in a very (unintended) intimate manner - poor guy looked like he held his breath and was bewitched. Such a bold guy to ask the woman whom he has good feeling towards just after the first meeting whether she has a boyfriend, despite the fact that she is older than him. So here you go boy, kissing the woman you love and picking up the story which was left off in Cuba.
  7. My thought about WS and HI in episode 9 1. About WS We already saw him by gifts to his fake mistress or dresses to the saleswoman as a way to say thank you. And obviously he wasn't a protective husband to SH, that's why the marriage ended in a very bad shape. So there is nothing new to me when SH told WS about he stood there with weak eyes, doing nothing when his mom punished her and later showered her with gifts. WS has a serious communication problem, that's for sure. He simply doesn't know how to express himself. All of these, however, make him a weak character rather than someone who is not worth being sympathized at all (I am not talking about sympathizing with his failed marriage because I have no second lead syndrome for him; just that as a human being he still has the chance to be better). He was able to let SH go once, he can still do it again and protect her from his mom, once and for all, for everyone's sake. "I hope we can start greeting each other with a smile" - well, I consider this the ending for WS and SH, in a near future. I do have a problem with the script regarding WS. It is OK that WS has not been able to move on but it is absurd to try to come back to your ex-wife after not treat ing her well without any prior moves. It looks like WS does nothing in particular to get on SH's good sides again and suddenly he mentions getting back together without any reason, just because he feels threatened by JH. Of course he gets a no - what is there to expect because he, more than anyone, knows how SH suffered as a daughter-in-law in his family and (as she took nothing but a nearly bankrupt hotel as alimony) she doesn't care about wealth. And SH doesn't even think of him as a man who makes senses - he knows that too. WS has trouble in expressing himself, yes; a weak character, yes; but he is not a crazy, lunatic man. I get it that the writer may want to make a stark contrast between WS and JH just to show that JH is the man that WS can never be to SH. But really, WS is made to look so pathetic and unable to comprehend even simple issues. 2. About HI Before SH announced being in a pre-relationship, HI voiced her concern to JH what SH would choose - to save her hotel or JH. By admitting to JH that SH is really cool and telling SH about JH's transfer, it is a sign that HI at least temporarily cast aside her worry about SH's sincere feeling towards JH. She expected that SH would protect JH by revoking the transfer to let JH stay. I notice HI's change in facial expression when JH said he had to go so that SH could keep her hotel. I guess that it is not just HI but everyone around JH and SH understand Taegyeong won't just let them be. And it is true JH is suffering alone in a remote place, away from his family and friend. "I know this may sound rude, but can you just stop seeing him now?" It is not like HI directly asks to meet SH and tells her to stop seeing JH. She had to muster her courage to talk like that to her boss when she has the chance and she also says she is sorry. I don't consider it as sabotaging SH-JH relationship - it is just something SH is already scared of and someone voices it out loud for her - someone who does care about JH. HI is stepping the line of friendship in this case - yes; even when she means well. But I just don't hold it against her because she does not do it to be able to replace SH in JH's heart. Even MJ voices the same concern to SH, only the use of her words is different. "It's excruciating to watch someone you care about go through the wringer because of you. We're used to being under the public eye, but he's led a normal life so far. Having that normality shattered is painful too.No one knows that better than you" - said SH's father. People like HI and MJ have not truly realized how SH and JH love and need each other. And they are still young so there are things they don't understand yet about happiness, like Mr Nam or tea-lady friend. In time, they will
  8. The first time I saw the scene live, I absolute have no issue because I only cared about the character's feeling at that time. In fact, for the first time watching, the scene is gorgeous. Because I love it, I re-watched it over and over, hence my own little complaint But that's ok because it is just the strict me ^^ I believe almost everyone has no problem with the scene at all.
  9. Oh I don't blame them for sure when they have to film in very cold weather near the sea like this. Especially when the filming schedule is very tight. Just that if only the scene is a little bit more emotional, the episode would be perfect. I am a very strict viewer, I know that The scene where JH runs towards SH, I remember asking myself how many times did PBG have to run like that to film? Poor boy.
  10. Watch the episode live and all I can say is: wow, it is surely worth the wait. For those who want to see HD clips (really, naver have most of the best moments in this episode), go to https://tv.naver.com and search the korean name of the drama (or in this case of episode 9: https://tv.naver.com/v/4940447/list/294323). Those outside Korean may not be able to watch clips so you can use intermediary site like /qdownloader.net to download clips. A whole episode filled with lovely couple moments whether they are together or separated. I am really impressed with PGB when he plays a sad, lonely JH. He really looks like he is 30 with all the loneliness and burden on his shoulder. The scene where JH read the greeting card from SH and touch the letter like he is touching her, it is really emotional. And the look in SH's eyes when taking picture of the painting (Where, in What Form, Shall We Meet Again) is so sad. Poor JH, he missed SH so much that he hurriedly runs towards to hug her. I have one little complain: the hugging scene by the end - something is missing and I can't pinpoint exactly. Is it because he doesn't hug her tightly at first or pulls her to him- with the hand gesture, it is more like the hands are placed behind her back latter in a separate shot. Or her hands are still in her pocket while he runs towards her rather than take it out and holds him at the same time - it may look better than she takes her hands out of her pocket to hug him latter?. I mean, the visuals of PBG and SHK are good, the scenery is beautiful but the hug scene does not really look as intimate as I thought - it is just safe. I love the scene leading to that, when they look at each other and JH runs towards SH their expressions are on-point but after that, I feel the hug is quite like technical acting; even the facial expression. It is compensated by the final scene with the book though. About HI and WS in this episode, I reserve my comment until I watch with sub so that I don't judge them in haste
  11. Watching K-drama for so many years, I grow tired of male leads who are in denial of their feelings, being rude to mask their true intention, forcing themselves on female leads (like forced kiss) or being damaged by their upbringing and social injustice. So JH is really a breath of fresh air. We already know how he is an amazing son, a hardworking person and someone who knows how to appreciate life with conviction. What I love about JH most is probably his way of saying things. Very poetic but not cheesy as he truly means and understands what he says, many of which are very deep, meaningful and thought-provoking. (to his dad) I believe I was born rich. Some kids had trouble paying for tuition. There were many friends who had to pay back student loans. They're still paying back their loan today. You paid for my tuition while I attended university, made me food, and provided a house to sleep in. I'm a very fortunate son. (to MJ) I realized that we really do live in different worlds. It's surprising. I'll make sure not to cause more trouble with my feelings, but my feelings aren't based on curiosity. Letting a person come into your heart, even if it's for a brief moment, I believe such a thing is meaningful. (to his tea-lady friend) His friend: She's a privileged woman. HJ: I don't care about that at all. She smiles every now and then. That really makes my day. (To SH) There are paintings. And there's you who likes paintings. And there's me who likes you who likes paintings. (from "Where, in What Form, Shall We Meet Again?") Among a multitude of stars One stares down at me Among a multitude of people I stare up at that one star Where, when, and as what will the two of us You, one so warm, and me, one so tender, meet again? (the last two sentences are read by SH but JH will say them out lout if she doesn't) Having interest in someone is a fight between the certainty and doubt of liking someone. And that certainty and doubt cross with each other like tides. When that doubt fades away and all that's left is certainty, that's when love begins. What if we leave these emotions of certainty and doubt to fight with each other and find out if we like each other? Why don't we say that we're now in a pre-relationship stage and met here again? A poet named Rainer Maria Rilke once said only the people who hold hands as they walk in the cold city are the ones who will get to see spring. We rode a bike together, and we're drinking coffee together. It's already spring or us. I sometimes come to take pictures of the wind. If I shoot the reeds, then I can see the wind. I learned what love is through a book. Right. So this is what love is. This is what happens when I fall in love. It's clear to me now. Thanks to you, it's so clear to me what love is. My greed has no limit. I want to have tea with that person But once I do, I want to enjoy a meal with her. I want to tell her my stories. I want to tell her how I feel. I want to hold her delicate hands. I want to hold her in my arms. "If we follow the way determined by others, we become miserable. There is no such thing in my life". When these words are said with PBG's facial expression, warm voice and sweet eye gaze, I can't help but feel the sincerity in each and every word. Seriously, how can we find another character like JH in K-drama? He is not perfect but so endearing.
  12. Saw the preview and I still don't think WS leaked JH's information. Probably someone else see these two and posts the picture. Judging from the still, the look on WS's face is not someone who is furious - it is quite heart-breaking instead like he realizes he loses his chance. His mom will be the one who pushes the issue to the press. "If we follow the way determined by others, we become miserable. There is no such thing in my life". That is one of the best lines I ever heard in K-drama. Here we have a male lead who is very determined to pursue what he believes is right despite what others think. JH may look naive and in fact he doesn't really understand all the complications that come along with his relationships but he is someone with very strong conviction. I never think JH tries to break up or stay away from SH under pressure; at this point she is more likely to give up than him, given all things she has gone through so far and how she wishes the best for JH. It is not about who loves who more but JH is truly a strong pillar in this relationship. He always takes the lead and encourages SH to take bold steps with him; this time, even though she hesitates, together they will also find a way . I remember reading the drama description as it is about two people who are willing to abandon what they have to be together. Here we have JH who is willing to be demoted from a good PR position in the head office to a mere receptionist in a branch, hoping that he can work his way back to Seoul with his own ability in God knows how long, even though it means a long-distance relationship just so that he can protect the woman in his heart. When his life is turned upside down under the media coverage as his identity is revealed, he even comforts SH despite troubles. JH is officially one of my favorite male leads ever in K-drama land
  13. I can't help but rewatch the kiss scene in episode 8 again and again Such great acting by PBG and SHK. The facial expression and eye gazes are perfect. How tears well up in SHK's eyes so beautifully. When she smiles thinking about the memories in Cuba, she looks so young, happy, lovely and elegant. I remember thinking to myself when I watched this scene the first time: Song Jong Ki, you are such a lucky man to have her - she is the whole package. I know that thought is not related to Encounter at all, but really, as a woman I truly admire SHK's beauty and acting at the same time. One of the key element to create chemistry is being able to step back and let the co-star be the focus of a scene instead of grabbing attention to oneself only - this is something I notice that SHK always does. No wonder why she has great chemistry with all of her co-stars. In this drama, I love all the scenes where PBG's face turns serious or deep in thought. Before the kiss, he looks at her both longingly and seriously, his eyes fixated firmly on her face. Because of his expression, his action and probably partly because of his new hairstyle, in that scene, for the first time I completely feel he is a man who is nearly 30 years old like in the drama description, so mature, manly and confident - it is like everything finally clicks perfectly for me. Like I said before, I forgot about the age difference The kiss is not exactly close-up. But what I care about most is the feeling it conveys. It is actually quite passionate from JH's side but not too hungry - exactly like how their first kiss should be. He initiates quite a long kiss and ends it with nice smooch. And PBG's face during the kiss is really daebak - you look at his face and you clearly see a man in love. Even the gestures are lovely. It is true JH pulls SH close to him and then leans in for a kiss but neither of his actions are done too abruptly or forcefully; it is without hesitation but giving SH enough space to response. This time, he holds her confidently and his hand strokes her hair too, even more affectionately than the last time in her apartment. Is it too much to ask if next time we have a more close-up kiss?
  14. There is no way SH will end up with WS again I have been defending WS a lot but I absolutely see no reason for them to get back together. Rather, I believe WS will be able to let go of SH completely and support her business; he needs to find his own life and freedom like SH. He also deserves having someone who whole-heatedly loves him - WS is someone who is capable of loving but the way he expressed himself is confusing - it is not good or clear enough. SH wasn't even herself before she met and married WS. That SH accepted living according to her mother's rule but the present SH doesn't. And once she experience love with JH, she can never go back. SH and WS had their chance but it didn't work out - their timing is over. I just want SH to know what WS did so that she will not resent him or no longer think she wasn't good enough for him so he cheated. Obviously, WS is not the one for SH and doesn't really know how to make her happy. I used to think PBG look so young compared to SHK even though I love them as JH and SH in this drama and feel the chemistry. Probably because JH was such a sunny boy in the first 4 episodes. But from the scene where JH was alone in this room, thinking about his feeling towards SH and grabbed a coat, took his bike out in episode 5, I started to notice how JH has such a serious, mature side to him. He gets even more manly and understanding as the story progresses from episode 6 to 8. In episode 8, I completely forget the age difference between them I wasn't familiar with PBG's acting before; in fact I was a fan of SHK but I start to really appreciate PBG's acting from episode 4 onward. As for SHK, I feel her acting is underrated. Many care about her age and beauty, what type of makeup, clothing, hairstyle she has because she is herself is a brand. But I really love her subtle acting and how she always creates great chemistry with her co-stars. And how come she manages to be so beautiful in every angle? The scene where she and PBG have coffee in episode 5, looking straight to the sea is like a great picture. In fact, these two have great visual that each shot of them together is beautiful. About previous for upcoming episodes, I am not worry about JH going missing. If it happens in final episodes, it is a huge sign of trouble. But it is only mid-way so I believe JH will be fine; plus previews can be misleading And I am ready for more kisses; the next one'd better be more passionate than the first But no bed scene, please, I hope ^^
  15. I have to wait for sub. But I doubt the person behind JH's transfer is WS though he is capable of doing so. To be more accurate, I hope it is not him. (Edit: from recap of dramamilk, WS's mom order director Choi to transfer JH) It is not hard to see WS never forgets SH even after the divorce and keeps loving her. Just a glimpse of SH's marriage life during the meal and she looked so miserable enough. She is labeled as a divorce now and has to face pressure from all sides but at least she has more freedom than when she was in his house. He acted carelessly in front of SH and his mom when asking for a divorce but his sad face when walking out betrayed that - it is not a face of a man who said this to test if his wife loves him or not, it is a face of a man who is trying to let go of something he treasures. With JH's appearance, seem like WS wants to be more active now in trying to get back with SH. He feels threatened, I guess. It is like he wants to have a second chance but just can't find a way to have SH without having to abandon everything like his family, his status, his inheritance; plus he knows he can't make her happy in the suffocating environment of his house. After his dad died, his mom took over the chairman role so she is still in control of everything. The only thing he can threaten his mom with is that he will not live the life of this family's member if she continues trying to hurt SH. Of course I don't like how WS approached JH and made him feel comfortable. As an ex-husband, he has no rights to put pressure on JH or decides how SH should be happy. I just say that from WS's point of view, because he has not let go of his feeling for SH, it is not easy for him to see her happy with JH. And even though she seems happy to be with JH now, her CEO position is in danger so who knows if her relationship with JH will bring her happiness or trouble. So far, his reaction is at least better than I think: it is more about reminiscing the past and regret it rather than drastic actions like throwing things around, getting really angry, destroying the business of JH's parents or having JH beaten up. In real life, people with power and money can do way worse things than that. If he really wants to get back with SH now, he should know full well how he has to let her and his mom stay away from each other - it probably means he will finally have to fight back for his own freedom. Human's nature is selfish. I already said I can't expect WS to be able to let go of his feeling or feel happy for SH when she is with JH now. How can it even possible now? It takes time for him and other to realize how SH and JH make each other happy. He will make things difficult for the couple, I guess. But in the end, I believe he will be able to sincerely wish her happiness with someone else and have a frank talk with her once and for all. Because he truly cares about her, even though not in the correct way to move her heart. I love JH and SH together for sure. And I never says I fancy WS or he is a noble guy or whatever. I am not defending his action but I can see from his point of view why he does the things he does. He is losing to someone ordinary and his jealousy/ego of a rich man may stand in his way for a while. You can say whatever you want about him not being the right man for SH, how he doesn't truly understand SH and how JH is the totally opposite, it is fine - he totally loses to JH when it comes to love and understanding people or expressing his feeling but his nature is not evil. And it is unfair to say he only cares about himself. Then he let SH go for his sake only? He helped with the painting or celebrity issue only for selfish motive? What about his angry talks with his mom regarding SH? WS has a lot of issues in his characters that he has to deal with if he wants to let go and be happy himself - but he is someone who can redeem himself too. It is only him who can finally stop his mom. P/S: In this episode, I like how HI reacts. She thinks SH is really cool for admitting her relationship - it is a step of acknowledgement from HI about SH's sincere feeling for JH. . She even told JH about someone asking her to write about him on the bulletin board. So far her reaction is grounded and she truly cares about JH that she even dares to call SH directly - she knows SH can stop the unfair treatment towards JH. She has guts
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