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  1. I miss the drama. Really. There are lots of things I can take from it. Among them is the butterfly hug method to calm myself I am re watching the drama and actually realize details that I left out earlier.
  2. As I love the drama, I want it to have a cohesive plot so that people will not pinpoint the weak plot hole as the reason to ridicule it, aside from the drama's not so high rating. But personally, to hell with the mother plot hole. I don't care about her story line, how she survived. How can I personally bother by it when the drama have brought warmth and joy to me for the last two months? In terms of acting, I already said that I discovered Kim Soo Hyun through this drama. Never knew he can be this manly and sexy like this, honestly. And I am really moved by his acting - he is truly Kangtae. Oh Jung-se gives a masterclass in acting, as expected from a veteran. And Seo Ye-ji masters a very difficult female lead role - walking the line between social norms and moral standards while having to pull off so many types of outfit and hairstyles. Good acting from supporting cast too. The chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji is truly off the chart. - these two really give off couple vibe that so many people are rooting for them to be together in really life. I learnt my lesson through shipping Song-Song couple so I don't intent to jump on any ship anymore but I hope they at least can be close as friend in real life. They have natural chemistry and are good kissers, honestly. It's hard to top their collaboration in this drama but I really don't mind them working again in the future - in fact, I really look forward to it. One reason why I wasn't into Kim So Hyun's acting before is because his previous roles did not really resonate with me. But I really like Kangtae and his portrayal of the character. Now everytime I look at Kim So Hyun, I will think about Kangtae. It will take me a long time to take that image off my mind. In terms of story-line, the drama is so heart-warming. There are lessons people can learn or reflect throughout the drama, especially about the influence of parenthood on children's mental state. How it takes courage to find our true face in life and escape toxic relationships. How strangers can become family. How you don't need to be liked by everyone and it is ok to not be ok when you and people who care about you accept your abnormality. How you balance between loving yourself and giving priority to other people. How you learn to love a person for who he or she truly is. One scene that will stick in my head for a long time is the dinner scene in episode 16 when Sangtae uses the spoon to give MY the quail egg. Before, he complaint when MY had KT do that for her. This time, he helps MY even before KT but also gently lectures her like a true brother. KT may let her continue to act like a spoiled kid by giving her what she wants but ST - who really pay attention to manner - lecture her like how it should be. Family members may fight and bicker but to not give up on each other - this is exactly what happens between MY and ST. I love the drama. It is not a masterpiece because of certain plot hole but it has a special place in my heart. So many good scenes and good memories to treasure. It will stay with me for a long long time. So warm and fuzzy. P/S: Will we ever have the BTS of kiss scenes, honestly? If there is ever a director's cut version, I will pay even just for the BTS. Because honestly their kisses are really hot. Just the close-up of their kiss in Ep16 alone is...wow. Do they French kiss for real? Joke aside, I would like to see natural interaction between cast members ^^
  3. Love everything about the drama except for the plot hole about MY's mother. Really? How come there is no explanation of her survival? The reason why she is in hiding all those years and how she has watched over MY. That basically ropes the ending for me, no matter how sweet it is for our trio and other supporting characters. Because it is such a big hole that makes viewers question the drama's integrity - I want to it to be more complete than just this.
  4. I have never truly realized the extent of MY's suffering under her parent's upbringing until the last two episodes. Honestly, I am at a loss of word at how MY's mother treats her. How horrible it is to treat a child like one of your work, shaping her to be the one you want her to be without caring what that child truly wants and needs. Giving birth to a child doesn't automatically gives a mother the right to treat him or her the way MY's mother does. We already know the story of the zombie kid who longs for mom's affection rather than food. And now we learn about the story of a mom abandoning her child because the child is not perfect or as useful as she wants the child to be. Even though the child becomes like that because of the way the mother raises her. The mom never realizes her mistakes but takes it all out on the child. The child doesn't know what she does wrong and calls out for the mom to get her back. It is a short but cruel story of motherhood that really haunts me, seeing how the poor kid is treat. Put MY in that shoe and we can at least imagine how MY feels under her mom's hand. It is so suffocating how her mom thinks she does everything for her under the disguise of love. It is maybe love after all but a deformed kind of love from a true psychopath. Honestly, how exactly does she want her child to be? A psychopath like her who is talented but isolated from the real world, living like a zombie her whole life? Her dad loves her but stays silent to let her mom raise her the way she wants ; hence she resents him. He only takes it on her mom on a moment of rage. And twice he tries to strangle his daughter to death when he is not sane enough due to his illness. The only good memories he leaves behind for MY is the only happy memory of him she holds on to and what shapes her to become the famous children book writer she is now. He loves his daughter in his own way but it is true that being silent to a crime makes you no less guilty - even worse. How MY still can still retain the good in her , be able to express her pain and experience in her stories amazes me. She truly a gifted writer. She can see through the cruelty of the world without prejudice. Weak and lonely people are attracted to each other; no wonder why she can see though KT's loneliness and wish of being loved, pushing him to open up. Along with the drama's progress, many times I forget how MY is not normal. The way she dress is a cover-up, the way she talks and have no or little consideration of other's feeling are products of her upbringing. Inside, she wants to be loved as much as KT. After the last two episodes, I don't think I can forget that again. MY, ST, KT, they are still children trapped inside the bodies of adult in the beginning but gradually they mature. All of them experience indescribable pain but start facing and embracing it for the rights and opportunities to become happy, having a family of their own. I can't forget how ST hastily jumps the stairs to the castle's entrance to bring MY something to eat - he truly thinks of her as his family, like KT, now. There is a happy ending, I think we know that for sure, seeing BTS pictures of the dream van. But boy, the road to happiness is so rough for the three of them even though the pain and suffering make them who they are now.
  5. Sang Tae is a complicated character. He can have sudden and unexpected outburst that shocks people. He even beats up KT when he feels that KT does things wrong. But I don't get traits of violence from him. He does not intentionally cause injury to KT; I don't think he even knows how to control his force. I also don't get any hints of romantic feeling towards MY from him. Surely, he is a fan. He adores her and her works. As dark and sad her stories can be, they provoke deep thoughts and ST understands their meanings. Of course, the fact that MY is gorgeous does no harm; it may even help male fans get attracted to her but I believe ST adores MY in an innocent way. There's nothing wrong in him wanting MY to keep her long hair or thinking that she looks better with it. I do love MY with long hair much more. Her long hair is like a trademark that get associated with her for a long time. No one except for KT understands the meaning behind her haircut. Like a kid, he honestly tells her what he likes and doesn't like. ST loves and needs KT the most in his life. The two of them has stuck together since childhood. ST does not hesitate at all when he attacks MY for ripping up the doll. And then the way he says he hates her, she is vicious and is a good fighter. Even when ST has autism, it's not the way you treat someone you have desire towards. MY is someone he adores and wants to trust. Her stories have influence on him. He already envisions 3 of them having fun together in his dream van - because MY and KT lie to him, things take turn for the worse. . With time, when he sees how happy KT is around MY, he will accept that MY can play with KT. This will be such a warm sight to see
  6. At this stage, I am not sure if what MY and KT has is love. It is kinda hard to pinpoint exactly how they feel about each other but they have feelings for other for sure. For me, the turning point of their relationship is the night MY cries out for KT to go away but grabs his shirt for dear life. When KT comes get ST at the haunted mansion, he is ready to walk away from MY. He cares about her enough at that point to come get her during the pouring rain, drive her to his house for safety, catch her on the stair so that she will not fall. But he is already too tired taking care of ST and does not want to be needed by anyone else. At that time, it is hard to believe that MY truly needs KT like this. If I were KT, I wouldn't believe her either. But the way MY cries out helplessly during her sleep and grabs KT's shirt shows how vulnerable she is and how she truly needs KT to be by her side. Being a caretaker as he is and understanding how fragile she can be inside, KT is willing to stay for the girl who saved him when he was a child. Except for KT, no one else knows the real MY. Even ST, who claims to be a fan of MY, does not understand her. I bet KT starts to take MY's words and feeling seriously starting from that night. His ability to read between the lines is what makes him a empathetic person/ MY may have a complicated childhood but she is actually can be really simple-minded. She has a goal and she goes for it. She likes KT so she puts him in the center of everything. She fights with ST to keep the doll just because KT gives it to her. She is willing to show him her vulnerable side and starts listening to him, care about his feeling. She tries to cheer him up. She covers him from the rain when he covers ST. There are times when she is really just cheerful and bubbly like a spoiled kid but her words can simply cut deeps and makes KT re-thinks about his life. And she is not afraid to say her feeling or call out on KT's jealousy. She is impulsive and acts on the moment. She can be devil and sweet at the same time. Honestly, she is really a handful for KT to handle. I am happy to see that KT can see past her brash and blunt behavior to understand that she, just like him, simply wants to loved; I love how he protects her from harms, starts listening to her, gives her priority in his life and also re-evaluates his life for the first time.
  7. I don't watch a lot of healing movies or dramas. But this one really lives up to its description as healing. As the drama progresses, I take a look back at the poster where KT rests his head on MY's shoulder. In the beginning, it's MY who tags along KT and demands having him as her safety pin - but more like an object. Gradually, it's KT who needs her as well as he need someone to constantly push him out of comfort zone, make he acknowledge things he doesn't want to admit himself and help him open up what is penned up inside. He protects and comforts her with his back hug but he also seeks solace in her presence. MY's impulsive and volatile but she can see through people well. She has a way of helping people release their emotions without trying to be nice. Instead, she acts like a coldhearted psycho all the time. She helps the senator's son have what he called the best day of his life because he can now say what he truly wants to say. It's notlike she acts without a selfish motive but she does help ST realize his dream of becoming an illustrator by acknowledge his as the best one. She takes away the shawl to help the lady relieve of her burden and finally learn to let go. She is ready to fight even with just a rock in front of the abusive ex-husband. And she constantly makes KT realize what a suppressing life he has been living, wanting to break free and getting loved. I like how her character progress without losing its original color. She changes to the better without losing what makes her special to KT. She becomes more attentive of his feeling and finally admits to him that she is hurt, showing her vulnerable side to him without hiding anymore. I don't like the way she talks and behaves towards other, honestly. Her tone is harsh and impolite; her actions can be very rude. It can be interpreted as a defence mechanism, a mask that hide her vulnerable self or a product of her upbringing. Still, really out of norm. SJJ's voice really suits the character in this case. It is such a relief that KT sees through that and becomes more and more considerate of her. Honestly, he really puts up with her behaviour a lot and starts to think for her, from her POV much more. I am impressed with MY character but I am really looking forward to see the days she can soften her behavior towards other. So far, she kinda acts normal and sweet in front of KT only. It is ok even if she will not become completely normal because she is special in her own weird way but it doesn't hurt that she at least talks more polite to people who truly supports KT so far, right? (his "chicken friend" or his "landlord", for example).
  8. I simply love the drama too much. I don't really have high expectation for Kim So Huyn's acting in this drama. Personally I have never noticed his acting before; probably because his roles weren't what I was interested in while watching his drama. In this drama, however, for the first time I truly notice him. In the beginning, the character of MY attracted me because it was such a breath of fresh air. I couldn't help but be drawn to her character that I didn't really pay attention to Kim So Huyn's acting. But as the drama progress, I found what I always look for in acting: subtlety. Small changes in facial expression that can speak volume way more than words and the eyes that can act like windows to the show. The character of KT is someone who suppresses his desire; so far he basically has lived for other people, not himself. Even his smiles are not for himself. He even has to control his expressions for the sake of his brother. Without subtle acting, this character cannot be brought to life like this. How I love KT's smile towards MY, so genuine. MY is someone who is frank to tell her mind and do what she wants (and really loud in making herself heard); Seo ye ji does it very very well and has a commanding presence on screen but it takes a good companion who can help her shine and still make himself shine in his role. Because KT suppresses his feeling so much, when he finally lets it out, he is like an exploding bomb. Strangely, as much as I love Kim So Huyn's subtle acting, I love the scene where he basically screams at the manager equally the same. So natural in pouring out his emotion without going overboard (overacting). Kim So Huyn really balances it well here. Episode 7 and 8 actually seals the deal for me: I like Kim So Huyn's acting in this drama a lot.
  9. For me, this drama is really special. I am not an expert in medical field so I don't really understand about antisocial personality disorder. I am not going into the drama wanting to learn about it in details nor I am going to judge how the drama portrays such disorder correctly or not. Honestly, unless we are experts, it is complicated to be sure if Moon Young suffers from APD for real for not. All I care about is character development, to see how two "broken" people help each other heal. So far, the drama has done a good job about that., layer by layer, Moon Young is not normal for sure. But I never really feel that I dislike her action. It's not like I like the way she acts all the time - I just think that I can understand why she acts the way she does. All the trauma, her upbringing, her parental issues....everything makes her who she is. Deep down, she is still a person who can feel hurt like everybody else and wants to have sometimes who comfort her pain. She is bold, sharp-tongued and actually can be very perceptive at times. The chemistry between Moon Young and Kang Tae is off the chart. It's a rare drama where each and every hug so far is so especially warm and intimate, even much more then kiss and sex. Love the hug in Moon Young's sleep and the way Kang Tae comforts Moon Young in today's episode. How can Moon Young ever go on like she used to do without her safety pin?
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