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  1. @Ss79 Ep. 8 is basically the force of the fathers: Ep. 8 is also the start of melodrama. SJ's character and his motivation / reasoning: The most touching scene is definitely the ending: AND ANOTHER 7 DAYS FOR 2 MORE EPs, THEN 2 WEEKS OF WAITING. AAAAAH.
  2. @dftio @hibiscus23 The casting director did a really good job at evaluating the chemistry between the leads. Not only are they visually compatible, but (and if the second leads are to be together) their personalities and mannerisms match. I am looking forward to more on-screen moments of Dan and GSJ. But how likely is that RJH can get out of N. Korea (based on the behind the scenes photos we saw when they were filming in S. Korea) and so does Dan? @frozentundra you know what, I expected the kiss but I did not expect RJH to be so frank and so upfront with Dan. In a way he's trying to make sure he's responsible and is kind to Dan to let her know it's him that's letting down the side of the agreement and it's nothing to do with her. The writer is good at lacing comical moments even in difficult conditions, she's able to give heart-warming scenes when everything else is bleak. Without the chatty North korean doctor/nurse, he wouldn't have known his 'lover' donated blood and had worried about him. They have now saved each other at least once. RJH and the song he dedicated his brother has saved her life once, her blood runs in his veins. There's more nuances than I expected as well - especially how they have crossed paths more than once before and that the writer has created this layered narrative that needed to be filmed at the beginning in Switzerland. Nothing is funnier than Pyongyang-ers' reactions to what the peripheral villagers do with their apartments. Doesn't matter if the flat is furnished with the newest fridge - they're able to reuse it with a different purpose. Dan's mother is the one comic relief that juxtaposes how rational and stoic Dan is. @RanP You took the words out of my mouth! The kiss was so sweet, innocent and pure. I thought RJH was going to swoop in and give her one of those dramatic kdrama kisses but this kiss was his first request to overstep her boundaries. It was so befitting a relationship where they have been caught up in their own feelings yet never dared to admit. I am also taken aback about SJ. I agree, his actions are so creepy! It's like full on taking SR as hostage, lying to her face about how he has contacted her family and make her believe him fully and utterly. Little does she know he still has deep feelings for her and that she has to trust him in order to get them both out. He's definitely going to be double crossed by either his tour guide or CCG. I am a little worried about pacing though, like what are they going to do for another 8 eps?! I am worried that there is another opportunity which SR needs to sacrifice for RJH's safety since the writer was alluding to it in ep. 7. @m i s z CHEN I did not expect them to put cute scenes post-traumatic events. The writer knows how to balance the tone without it going ridiculous or absurd. I'd wish JH comes out of his shell a bit more so we can see a bit more fluff - but their body language and how JH comes as her knight in shining amour works for me too.
  3. I'm not going to lie, they can make such a cute couple. Is anyone else shipping Seo Jin Hye & Kim Jung Hyun? If JunHee can preoccupy Dan, it'll give my RJH & SeRi more time together. Can totally see Kim Jung Hyun as a playful guy who makes his costar laugh all the time. This drama is not lacking chemistry at all!
  4. I'm blaming tvN for not releasing ep 7-8 so I can only focus on these 'minute' details All jokes aside, nothing is more important than crew and actors' safety and health - we'll wait for you PD-nim...just release it already @justamom the beauty of korean dramas / east asian language, the ambiguity has always been implied and acknowledged - how else can we enjoy the flirtationships between RJH & SeRi, they're not quite a couple but they have gone beyond friendship with their intimacy. A huge reason to why we all love kdramas is the non-verbal signs of unconfessed love - why do we do this to ourselves? Seriously English needs to come up a word for 애매 / 曖昧.
  5. ahem ahem our minds are really in the gutter aren't we. Poor HB must be thinking 'keep it together, don't be jealous, she's too cute aish' Stonedface.exe
  6. I'm trying to keep this as PG as possible but....did HB adjust after SYJ pulled the blankets off him.....
  7. @KimSooHanMoo Your husband is a pro! That makes a lot of sense to why Dan's mother was saying this relationship was sustained by money and yet they're fobbing Dan off. @luvcrabbieshinhwa I don't know about Dan's father having a higher position - but it seems like those who own/have more USD have even more power than those who hold political positions in this society (at least in Dan Omma's eyes). @campanulah omg SYJ is too obvious with her skinship with HB, you can't even pass this off as 'being friendly'
  8. @sharluvsenergy I think SeRi mentioned Romeo & Juliet to start but the North Koreans didn't understand so she equated to a very famous folktale that exists in both Korea / China. The tale of the cowherd (symbolising the star altair) and the weaver girl (symbolising the star vega) - their forbidden love led to them banished to the opposite sides of heavenly river (the milky way). The version that Koreans know it revolves around Jingnyeo (the weaver girl) that falls in love with Gyeonu the herder. Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day. This is also why Chinese valentines day is on 7th July in the lunar calendar month. This is why SeRi insinuated the help she gets from Yeong Ae Eonnie is equivalent to the bridge that allows the lovers to meet. From this, it seems like they're insinuated these star-cross lovers won't die at tragic death like Romeo and Juliette, but they're torn apart and only to meet very sparsely, once a year - in perhaps Switzerland?
  9. @justamom Oh dear, I thought it was weird when they kept screen capping ep 2 and 3 on the schedule. K-Netz are fuming aren't they and worried about the ratings! May I get you to translate something for me please? Some BTS for now I cannot stop laughing when I'm with you~~ This scene would have been perfect with petals falling to the ground
  10. More trailers for tonight's BTS, please release it soon! SYJ's eyes are so expressive, her tears are moving in her eyes You two are seriously killing me with your mannerism - aish you're on camera! Cannot waiiiit~~~~`
  11. I love how they're giggling and smiling in every scene that's meant to be serious! They're too obvious, omo.
  12. @hibiscus23 I just cannot stop checking this forum for the latest theories and news! The best thing about the chats we have here are all the speculations and fan material. @INeedAFan I love your analysis - Indeed, SeRi has the most complex relationship in this drama. want to know about the episode where SeRi was abandoned by the sea, where her being lost in the sea of people conjured up those pangs of fear and feelings of shame. It's interesting that the narrative retells how she was the beloved daughter of her dad's yet she was abandoned and made to defend herself. She is sure of herself and she has built her company from absolute scratch, yet she sought for euthanasia once in Switzerland. SeRi may be cheeky and bubbly in front of F4 (ducklings) but inside, she may not be as fearless as she seems. She is by far the most multidimensional character, and I really hope that the character development in the later episodes will not let us down! I do want to know if Dan is as strong as her character or it's a farce that she has to put on due to her mother being a widow (maybe very early on) and her being as self-sufficient as possible. That would humanise her and make me like her a bit more, which only complexes this narrative further. @KimSooHanMoo I just want more fluff moments, stop giving me heart-breaking, drama induced moments where we all speculate on this forum about how she's going to make it out of N. Korea. I agree with you I think Seo Dan has a cold and calculating nature about how she sets up the dinner for both parents, one that she created on the spot when she was in that hair salon chair. But you can see that kind of longing that she wishes it was her. It only occurs to me that the photo of RJH and Dan the visual representation of the love triangle that's going on - both women are looking towards RJH and yet JH has never once gone for Dan. This is the very beginning of the fate/destiny - as cliche as it sounds, this better not descend into a full blown melooooodrama. @Ameera Ali I love your edit haha, you have a gift - your talent must go on and supply us more memes! The BTS shows how everything gravitates to Hyunbin and how even the rock that was meant to hit the extra has instead moved towards him. On D.C. the netizens analysed RJH's small but significant actions toward SeRi He hastens his pace and keeps close behind her when the car was driving towards them, making sure she's within reach Alert and observant, RJH checks the number plate to make sure it's not a posing threat And once he knows it's safe, he falls back to as her personal bodyguard - which he vehemently denies Credits
  13. @liltash85 Thank you for the stats Ratings aren't too important to overseas fans but at the same time HB wanted 20+% or more to break records, that'll be sweet. Especially how hard they have worked on this series, the crew and the whole team deserve amazing raatings. I was wondering more about broadcasting over the Christmas - Lunar New Year period, what is like historically for other dramas that broadcated around then? @INeedAFan I watched 3 eps of Sky Castle then it got too competitive for me to continue. The allure of HB should be enough for you to be hooked on ASAP! Welcome new fans, love fangirling with you all and chatting about absolutely everything about this drama with all of you! Fans on this forum are too funny, from bra straps to bra purchasing to determined North Korean hairstyles That inquisitive look RJH has the first time he laid eyes on her (Well who knows maybe they met at one of his recitals luncheons before) Credits The ambiance Will you just kiss already?! Making out with their eyes makes me think I'm the third wheel of it all! What do you guys think when SeRi realises RJH is actually a well connected soldier with a background to match? Something tells me the dad is not as powerful as we think....so maybe, just maybe he won't come dow as harsh onto RJH than we think?! But then again, his brother died and he needs to seek vegenance and he alone carries all the expectations of his parents. 9 more days..... Knetizens are now speculating and making up their versions of the kiss that's bound to happen in ep 7. Could we get competent korean speakers (not me) to translate this. I get the gist of it but cannot translate it properly. KISS SCENE From: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=bulsichak&no=6625&page=2 By Black Sword Tomato 기다리다가 미쳐 궁예질이라도 해본다.일단 서사 궁예1도 안되는 지경이라 모르겠고담주분에서병원에서 깨어난 정혁.드디어 마음을 제대로 각성.옆에서 뜬눈으로 간호중인 세리에게 왜 가지 않았냐고 울먹이며 키스 포텐 터트린다.이때 옆에있던 세리를 힘으로 끌어올려 침대위에서...격정적으로 길게.이건 세리가 안잡혀 갔을때 얘기고철강이한테 잡혀가서 세리 얼굴에 기스라도 있거나 눈이 빨갛기라도 한다면 정혁바로 출동.팔뚝 힘줄에 꽂힌 링거 클로즈업.정혁 링거 확 뜯으며1화에 나왔던 날라차기+정혁아빠 지위로 철강이 짜르고 혁명화시킴.돌아오는길에 눈물글썽.그리고 항상 서로 차지하려던 정혁 방 침대.그 침대위에서 절절격정키수그리고 드라마는 한층 더 재밌어진다 ㅋㅋㅋ마지막회쯤 시그리스빌 다리위에서 절절키스 한번더벽반이 다가온다다들 상상의 나래를 펴보라우
  14. @hibiscus23 I haven’t watched millionaire but may need to since im struggling to get by a week without watching hyun bin. I’m replying at work - this is how obsessed I have turned. @stroppyse you’re right! I do prefer him after military - I feel like his roles are more mature but also because his shoulders are broader and he’s fitter post-military. He was too skinny in SG since he needed to be “feminine” when he body swapped. @m i s z CHEN If we have learnt anything pride is so important in kdrama - imagine conservative North Korea and their norms and ideals , Dan would never live it down or accept such a tarnish to her name. Even if her husband doesn’t love her, she is still going through with the wedding. Even with the other village ajumma, their words to SeRi truly emphasises the need to marry for practicality and love is only something that remains in your mind. Ouch I don’t want this for our protagonist but we shall seeeee! @liltash85 this is too accurate. It’s actually hurting me to say this but I think you’re 85% there. Cliche as it is I don’t think the author would go too far from what she’s used to. @justamom oooh I need to study more. yes wuri two riiiii!! D.C. has the best kinds of commentary , have you seen the ones where they said the reason why RJH didn’t return his 100 dollars is because it’s worth 880,000! Haha had me in tears! @INeedAFan Oh my god what are we going to do - also historically, what has their rating been like for drama that aired during this time ?! Is this bad timing will it ruin everything ?? This better not be a flashback to his pianist days in Swiss!!!!
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