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  1. I've just caught up to episode 12 and I gotta say Joon Seok's parents.....are ummm....I can't even call them parents...they only care about themselves pretty much...hypocrites Poor Joon Seok he's being raised as someone that will think the wrong things are the right things to do I would like Joon Seok to redeem himself, but by the looks of it so far Secretly hoping for Seon Ho's parents to adopt Dong Hee and Dong Ho...maybe even Jook Seok as well to raise him properly lol
  2. Hi I just started watching this and am loving the music choices so far in the drama
  3. I just started watching this after seeing some reviews and I am not regretting it. I love this, it is a pretty common storyline but the cast and characters are really doing it for me. They have more depth so far than other dramas I've seen similar The leading and second-lead characters are all very good. Loving Bosong's character more than I would have. JC and Xiaoxi have such a cuteeee height different, it's just so cute hahaha
  4. Wow - a very late post but I just started watching this and I LOVING the characters. The setting in 1988 is really cool too and shows how things worked those ways such as certain laws not existing, unknown terms, and a very small number of females in this field. I love miss yoon and how she is totally kicking her role. The scenes with TJ flashing back to 2018, hearing voices, seeing people etc are really well done. I didn't expect for the characters to grow on me especially TJ and ms yoon haha..all the character's relationship growth it feel very natural to watch
  5. So after watching the first two episodes I feel like I kind of understand what the drama is trying to make us feel but I don’t think its been executed the right way. It’s a bit messy too. Like right now I don’t mind the drama, its not bad. But I don’t feel super connected to the characters. I think there wasn’t enough build up between the current/past relationships. I’m a fan of OCN dramas and JKY. From having watched other OCN dramas, it isn’t dark/grungy as I thought it would be too. It’s only 12 episodes so I’m wondering how it will go. I’m a bit disappointed but I’ll keep watching until I can’t haha.
  6. Hi guys! New here and watched al 8 episodes from midnight til 5am then some while going to work and after work XD Does anyone have a live streaming link? My link isn't working
  7. ohhh myyy that epilogue - i did not expect that & still thinking about that last scene, 'if we had met under different circumstances...as two regular people...' cry tbh SSR and JNA have really good chemistry (such nice voices too) - i really enjoyed it despite with most of it being more of the angry-type throughout the drama i also want too see them work together again hahaaah
  8. I so agree with what you've written. I'm getting a bad feeling about the direction with the last episode. With NWS departing, and all the theories about LH dying. Far out...if ED kills her own son....ugh (could this be one of the reasons why they showed that super cute family scene T___T) & also so annoyed about how MYR's actions have also been just brushed to the side by everyone. Although I have also softened up with her character to be honest, but yeah. Just because LH is in the 'spotlight' everything is pointed at him when there were also other people involved. I love LH's character and also find it the most interesting/complex. His many faults, desperation, craze, wanting-to-be-loved but is always being deceived kind of vibe. I like how he is slowly learning how to not be a coward in his own way, learn what is right/wrong and stand up for him self (not sure if we have enough time or if he will die :() NWS is alright but he is immersed in his plan on revenge. I feel that he will never be able to accept it, think about his future and continue on with his life. His character seems that he is basically living for revenge.
  9. Just started watching this drama and am ep 35 lol. My fav characters are probably LH, Hel Ro, Yoon and Grandma lol. I hope Sunny doesn't end up with either of the guys. They are both mentally unfit for a relationship and have many issues in themselves that need professional help. I hope LH stays alive and actually learns how to a better person (it's nice to see glimpses of him in awe/smiling in some scenes with ari/sunny..too bad they're only glimpses lol). I hope WS can find peace and look at the picture to continue his life. I hope Sunny makes the royal family fall and go back to her life in a new and improved version lol. Sad to see that LH turned out like that because of the people who he was surrounded with. He trusts too easily and is easily pushed around. h that scene where the mum lit up his pet bird...seriously she is heartless. I like how he's realising that he doesn't need to be controlled but still needs work on it lol. IMO not sure if he's actually starting to like her or it's more of, 'what i can't get...i want more', and a feeling that he's indebted towards her. Maybe a mix of all with a lot on feeling indebted. It's nice to see Princess Ari learning good characteristics from Sunny, which is needed. The people you spend time most with really do shape your personality and values. Never liked YR, she had caring people around her but was always wanted more, was tempted and succumbed to greed. Also, those closeup shots of those expressions the characters do to each other is annoying when they're planning something and it goes well, with the person they're targeting in the same room together lol (like wouldn't the other person notice that??!)
  10. Watching episode 6 again after watching it half-asleep in the morning haha The two leads are really lovely together. Visually even their facials suit each other beautifully *_*, I'd say a bit more unique compared to the 'conventional korean beauty' which is really nice. I think Jin Kang and Moo Young were childhood friends, in the same orphanage or some sort but JK was later adopted. I think Jin Kang is the girl in the crayon picture. But not sure where the MY 'missing boy' flyer fits in, maybe he was found then orphaned. Seung-Ah, her character is a bit off putting these days. She's the type of character that doesn't want to be that kind of 'rich girl' but her ex-fiance is still right about her and her class. She is still sheltered, unrealistic and thinks money will be the solution to things. I don't think Seung Ah and Jin Kang's friendship is a very solid one. Seung-Ah basically uses Jin Kang, doesn't apologize for the slap-incident when they meet in her art studio after some time; she just cuts straight and talks about her situation with MY. Also note that she asked Jin Kang to pass on messages to Moo Young; as he mentioned before. She also acts immaturely with her tone after being suspicious of MY and JK showing that she doesn't really value her friendship with JK. Jin Kang is a bit oblivious but still also has some fault, she doesn't speak up enough which is good since MY makes her speak up. Coming onto Jin Kang - she does need to speak up to others around her. She too is playing with Cho Rong's feelings. It's too obvious he genuinely likes her while she is just friendly to him. Similar to what Jing Kang says to Moo Young about toying with ones feelings or being unaware of how someone feels - she needs to realize this too and practice what she says...be clear about what she wants with Cho Rong. While Jin Kang was accusing Moo Young of never even having liked Seung Ah, Moo Young mentions that she knew all along that he was never really sincere about it. Yet Jin Kang didn't really say much to Seung Ah either so she pretty much just stood back and watched, but then not like she could do much about it anyway Jin Kang's brother is probably the most mysterious and kind of scary (?). As others mentioned before, he is very much over-protective of Jin Kang and it looks like he definitely has something to do with Moo Young's and Jin Kang's burn scars. We also haven't been given that much background information on him which I'm thinking means he'll be a big player later on too for the story. I also didn't like how he violently handled Yu-Ri when he asked her questions at her work place, needs to step back and know the line between that. Looks like he's one of those characters that go over when professional and personal mix in together. But it's looking like he'll be some sort of help for Yu-Ri. I hope she finds her way in the end because her character is quite sad.
  11. Was so keen on watching this via live stream but the website decides to lag and not work at all as soon as the drama starts T__T can't wait until its uploaded
  12. OHHHH i just saw this and they are so cute!!!!! She looks so cheery and fun to be around & so far i am liking how the drama adaptation is! I think i like it much more as with the drama they seem to have much more time for a story and it's with real people aha
  13. Live recap by dramamilk if anyone would like to read it https://www.dramamilk.com/my-id-is-gangnam-beauty-kdrama-live-recap-episode-7/
  14. If anyone has a working live stream link I would love to use it too! Thank you! My one is currently not working T_T
  15. I can't wait for tomorrow i'm reading the manhwa to get my fix lol Other than our couple I'm pretty interested to know more about DKS's mother and the reason she left. The scene wear she constantly looks like she needed to spray perfume on herself was interesting
  16. I loved this scene so much too.....she's so adorable. I agree with the posts about Eun...imo she's one of my favs and tbh not sure why people think she's not attractive - she's hot hahaha #girlcrush. I hope we get to know a little more about her. Not sure how I can wait until Friday!! So i'm going to try and read the webtoon. & wow I didn't know TA's actor, YWY was a lot younger than his character. I think he's doing a really good job acting as an older character!!
  17. i watched all 6 episodes from like 1am to 7 am last night LOL anyways i love our main couple, love their chemistry! i really hate SA and kind of tired of it after 6 episodes, people like that choose to act like that x_x i've never watched the actress playing Mi Rae, so glad i got to watch her here. i love how she's portraying MR, like you can feel her awkwardness, feeling of uncomfort, and all her other emotions a lot
  18. Just read about this and so excited! the manhwa is awesome and doh ga young is giving me lee ji eun vibes I hope they'll get someone awesome to portray her if it's not lee ji eun!
  19. I could not log on to soompi last night! anyways i agree with @vangsweetie637 about how kdrama endings are usually rushed. this one did feel rushed and i was not expecting much and even thought at the beach scene it would end with NS just walking behind SB as an 'open ending' lol! I was pouring with tears though! I was so glad they fixed NS3. I love NS3 and SB together. Yes i'm not too sure what'll happen in there future as NS3 is not a human but that's what this genre of sci fi is for ahah (who knows with technology advances anything nothing may be impossible in the future!). It would have been nice to see some interaction between NS and NS3 in a more brotherly way but not enough time! Imo overall a pretty good drama and a happy ending imo!! I've watched SKJ and GSY's dramas when they were just starting out and a couple of others and am loving them even more! I'm really liking these fantasy/sci-fi themed kdramas, when they're done well they turn out pretty nice and enjoyable (like this drama and one of my other favs - circle!)
  20. I'm also feeling like it'll just be a not so good ending !! I was also thinking there would be some good vibes between ns3 and hns/some sort of redemption for him at the end but it doesnt look like it anymore! ns3 looks like he might not survive and hns will blame him partly for not saving his mother! Soo atm it looks like none of our main characters will end well? so bong - loses her robot, hns - still pretty much the same flat 'evil' character with no redemption, ns3 - deactivated ?
  21. i agree! he'll even be worse with regret! it really looks like she's dead! but then when shin got hit he had so much blood but he was in a coma...could she be in a coma too? but it looks like they really killed her off!
  22. omg preview looked like it had another kill switch now that dr. oh is dead??? whos going to help make something to keep him alive??? it can't be just david
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