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[Drama 2023] My Gold, My Jade - 금이야, 옥이야 - Mon to Fri 8:30 - 9:00 KST


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Good thing is that MR family doesn't like JH much except for MR brother. GS is too nosy keep asking questions about Jandi mom and made Jandi angry and upset. CR stopped MR from giving up shares or something and raised her voice and told MR to leave so CR could talk to Chairman.


Chairman keep mentioning how MR is not their blood. KS making MR laugh in the preview. MR and HS talk. HR looking at MR from distance jealous probably.


Episode 18 Preview

Su-ji is on the verge of being lied to because of Kang San who accidentally picked up a wooden bead in the yard.
Meanwhile, even Chanran opposes the meeting between Mirae and Juhyeok, and finally Kyucheol confesses to Chanran that he wants to spend the rest of his days together...

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Jandi will find out that JP is MR nephew tomorrow haha. I hope MR will be able to ease things between them.


So JH approached CR outside. CR ended up giving up cause of MR happiness and gave MR permission with JH. KS made MR laugh.


SJ tried to get KS out of the room to not expose her but CR came in. Chairman told him to sit down. While KS was oblivious SJ tried to stop but KS let it out that thoose wooden balls was given by MR and not SJ. CR saying SJ lied? Chairman looks chocked/surprised.


HR will start being jealous and mean in the preview.


Episode 19 Preview
Joo-hyeok greets Doo-ho, who has a new job at his aunt Kyu-seon's bakery.
However, he feels suspicious of Doo-ho somewhere. Meanwhile, Jan-di learns something hard to believe from Jun-pyo, whom she met at an art academy...

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I love how KS expose  her lie  on accident lol. He already helping MR on accident lol.


Also  that stupid   son being rude to the baker in the preview  he ha some nerve  when he is the one hiding the fact he is using MR.

Edit: So KS will be on good  terms with  the baker which could be MR dad and  the other  guy will be on bad terms lol

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HR is being jealous and rude. Jandi found out where KS works from JP when they got into an argument infront of MR. KS was at the art academy. Jandi goes to confront her father and is not happy and make a scene. When leaving she shove JP out of the way. HR being unpleasant about why MR works here when she is from a rich family. MR ends up saying she was adopted and makes HR feel bad. JH being a jerk towards Baker. Baker ends up going to back of the store. MR is in the bakery with JH. They don't run into each other yet. MR found out from CR that KS told Chairman and MR smiles. CR really likes KS. CR makes SJ apologize to MR. Chairman is shaking his head. KS is talking to Jandi. Jandi is crying heavily. I think KS either quit or is going to quit cause of the whole situation. 

Chairman looking at the wooden balls MR made for him. Chairman is talking to GC on the phone and GC apologizing to Chairman ep ends.


SJ talking nonsense about Jandi infront of the family. MR looking uncomfortable. MR talking with Jandi. Jandi made her decision about something in preview.


20 previews

Joo Hyuk decides to stay in Korea. Gyu-cheol works behind the scenes to ensure that Joo-hyeok has no place to set foot at Hwang Dong Food headquarters.
Meanwhile, Gyu-sun finds out that Du-ho was homeless at the bakery...



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