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[Drama 2023] My Gold, My Jade - 금이야, 옥이야 - Mon to Fri 8:30 - 9:00 KST


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My Gold, My Jade


Apple of My Eye


Network: KBS

Episodes: 120

Genre: romance, drama

Airdate: March 27th to September 15th, 2023

Airtime: 8:30 - 9:00 KST

Director: Choi Ji Yeong 

Writers: Baek Eun Jung, Chae Hye Yeon, Yoo Sang Young


Oficial site:





A work about the delightful and heartbreaking story of a family growing up while raising a child, centering on a single dad Geum Kang San and adopted child Ok Mi Rae who is the apple of his eye. 





Yoo Da Young as Ok Mi Rae 

She is an adopted child into Hwangdong Food Co., Ltd.'s family, as a teacher at an art academy, she is a person who has a strong dream and exudes a lively charm



Seo Jun Young as Geum Kang Sang

He is a person who lives a more passionate life as a single dad by running two jobs from the owner of a side dish shop to a caregiver


Kim Shi Hoo as Dong Joo Hyeok

He is a person who hides a calm coldness behind a courteous and gentle person




Support Cast:


Bae Da Bin as Ok Mi Ra

Kang Eun Tak as Geum Jeong San













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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2023] My Gold, My Jade - 금이야, 옥이야 - Mon to Fri 8:30 - 9:00 KST - Premieres march 27th - Cast: Bae Da Bin, Seo Jun Young, Kang Eun Tak, Kim Shi Hoo

Teaser/trailer out. So ML is a single father to his daughter. It said son earlier. Guess it was a mistranslation. Daughter name is Geum Jan-di and she seems to be a teenager. ML apparently lives with his in-laws so i'm guessing the mother is dead.


I seriously hate that you cant post videos that have an emoji in them...


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Seo Joon-young plays the role of Geum Gangsan, who lives a more passionate life as a 'single daddy', running from the owner of a side dish shop to a nursing care worker in 'It's Gold, It's Jade'. She takes on the role of Ok Mi-rae, who unfolds the story, and performs passionately. Kim Si-eun will appear as Geum Jan-di, the daughter of Geum gangsan and the beginning of the second middle school disease, which is said to be scarier than her compatible mama, and will bring her vitality to her play.

In this regard, Seo Jun-young, Yoon Da-young, and Kim Si-eun gathered together under a warm pink diary background and showed happy expressions. Between . Geum gangsan (Seo Jun-young) and Mi-rae Ok (Da-young Yoon), Geum Jan-di (Kim Si-eun), who stands in the middle, hugs the two tightly with both arms, giving off a family-like atmosphere, and the three of them smile overflowing with warmth.

The production team said, “We added 2D character stickers in the ‘3-member poster’ that is being released for the first time to differentiate it from the existing daily dramas. In addition, we focused on how Geum Gangsan and Mirae Ok get along with each other, centered on Jandi Geumgang,” he said. different,” he said.

First broadcast at 8:30 pm on March 27. (Photo courtesy of Monster Union)

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** Gosh there are so many colorful characters here.   I’m curious how the writer will mesh them together.  

‘금이야 옥이야’  as  ‘apple of my eye’ meaning ‘my precious one’   
ie ‘My little granddaughter is the apple of my eye’


Also I found some character names had other meanings
금강산/Geum Kang Sang
금 is gold and 금강 is diamond.
금강산(Mount Kumgang/ Diamond Mountain) is an actual mountain which is located in North Korea.

옥미래/ Ok Mi Rae
옥, jade and 미래, future (so a good future??)

금잔디/ Geum Jan Di
금, gold 잔디, grass


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I did not recap everything. Just interesting parts.


KS deliver side dishes. Also gave flyer of his missing wife. Jandi was looking around so no one see her. She was putting on makeup. KS grabs her from behind. KS scolds her and confiscate her makeup. Since Jandi wants to audition for girlgroup KS dance in the middle of the street embarass Jandi. 

MR Grandpa ignores her and SIL talks down to her. Jandi mom and brother treat her well but the brother is controlled by his wife.

Mirae goes to the art studio to look for job i think. Mirae suffer from Claustrophobia. She tried to take elevator but had to step out fast.

KS sees they found someone dead and runs toward the place. It was false alarm since it was a man.

JP(Junpyo FL nephew) says mean words to Jandi about her not having a mother. FL SIL sees it and hates Jandi. Jandi and her Grandma sits in school with JP and his mother. She makes snide remarks and also insult about her not having a mother. Jandi Grandma grabs her hair. KS intervene but Grandma doesnt notice and drag his hair episode ends. No preview in the broadcast.


In the preview Jandi tries to help but Grandpa pulls her away. I will hate both him and SIL. 


2 previews
Kangsan blames Jandi for behaving unruly, and her Jandi takes out her anger on her family. Kangsan is uneasy because the appearance of such a lawn overlaps with her ship owner.
Meanwhile, Hwang Dong Food chairman Man-seok makes a mistake at a new product demonstration and ends up getting sick from his family...



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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Current Drama 2023] My Gold, My Jade - 금이야, 옥이야 - Mon to Fri 8:30 - 9:00 KST - Premieres march 27th - Cast: Bae Da Bin, Seo Jun Young, Kang Eun Tak, Kim Shi Hoo

@dramaninja Neither the Grandpa, FL SIL, FL Nephew possibly. I'll give him a chance since hes a kid. It was funny how Kangsan embarassed Jandi in the street haha. I really like this actor. He's good at expressing his feelings. Also looking forward to see how Jandi and Mirae relationship will develop. Cause they will be pretty close from the posters and also the intro. Since in the intro it's both Jandi and Mirae together painting. It's sad having this Grandpa after we had such an amazing Grandpa in TLIYE :( 

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@dramaninja Trying hard to not hate on a kid. I don't see Grandpa caring much. I think he would rather have her out of the family. But her brother and mother will object. But the problem is that ML is married technically. So i don't see how they will be able to start a romance until he is divorced. I honestly think she is dead. I don't see how they will start a romance otherwise.

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